The Pond



A frog in a pond,
sits on a lily pad –
and what if he
wants to get
from here to there –
to cross the pond,
or move to
get a different

Does frog not
begin to hop
from one pad to the next –
at each stop,
does he look to see
where the next pad
may be –
his next landing point
on his Journey to There –
does he wait for
the ripples of water
to move the pads
to where he thinks
they should be?

Or does frog begin
to hop to the
next pad near
and to one after that;
does he look up then
and see where
they have led him?

Are there not an
infinite number of ways
to get from here
to there or
wherever you wish
to journey in this
experience of life?

Have you not
experienced times
when you looked up
and wondered,
“How did I get to
this spot here?”
Have you not been
following the lily pads
as they appear –
taking you on a Journey?

And if you wish
to change direction,
are there not ripples
that you create
that will help to mark
a new direction
that you wish to follow?

And on your
Pond of Possibility –
can you enjoy watching
the path unfold –
as there is no right
or wrong way to turn?

And as frog must feel
content at times
to sit and look around
at the beauty and the
peacefulness of a pond –
might you pause
to reflect and enjoy
being exactly
Where You Are?

Are you not
Where You Are –
right now?

As You Are Love
in every moment –
may you feel the
Peace of be-ing
Where You Are –
in the Pond of Possibility
of You.

Gift of Love



Receive the Gift of Love.

And who would
not wish to
receive the Gift of Love?
But is it not easier,
more proper,
more expected,
to give a gift?

Is there not a
common phrase –
that it is “better”
to give than
to receive?

And yes,
as you shine
your Light of Love
extending Love,
reaching out
with Love,
do you see that
Love does not travel
only one way?

As Love is an energy,
a vibration,
that flows through you –
are you not an instrument,
a conduit,
for Love?

As the Source of Love,
the Divine –
breathes life into you –
are you not quick
to send Love out
upon its way?

And as You Are
the very essence of Love –
and Love cannot
be measured –
there is no shortage of Love
that can be shared.

But is there not magic
in the acceptance,
in the receiving
of the Gift of Love
from All That Is?

Is it not your
human awareness
that labels Love
a “gift” –
as your soul knows
you cannot Be
anything but Love.

Gift your self
with the knowing,
and receiving,
and accepting
of the Love That You Are.

Receive the Gift of Love
That You Are.

Love Is You
and You Are Love.

Be Gifted.
Be Love.

New Beginnings



Be surprised.
Delight in new beginnings.
Can the birth of
a new year
a birth in
the story of you?

Can you peel back
the layers of
the stories
you have gathered
over the years as
you have tried on
many clothes
to match your
belief that identify
your persona
of who you think
you are –
are you not weighted down
with things you
no longer need?

And in this sorting
out of layers,
yes – please keep
what makes you joyful,
but are there not
some layers
that keep you
from being seen –
that are hiding
the beautiful
shining light
that can no longer
be contained?

Is not every moment
that you express
the beautiful
Love That You Are –
a new moment,
a new beginning,
with the lightness
of your be-ing –
no longer hindered
or held back
by layers that
may have served you –
but that you now
no longer need?

And as you explore
this new chapter of You –
try things on,
see how they fit,
but more importantly –
how do they make you feel?
Are you able to be free
to play or jump with Joy –
do your layers
let the Love of You
shine through?
Delight in the Joy
of Who You Are.

Play in the
Light and Love
of You.

And as You Are Joy
and You Are Love –
Be the brightest
Light of Love
that you can Be.

dear Light –

First blog post

I have received inspired messages since the fall of 2015. By spring of 2016, the writings and messages began to expand into flowing prose and poetry that appeared to be Universal messages for all. Whenever I sat to receive, the messages always were there. This has happened almost daily and I have been encouraged by those who read these messages to share them with a wider audience.

This “You Are Love Now” blog will begin with the messages that were written beginning January 1, 2017. I will post them in the order they came in to the present time; then will continue to post them on the days they are received.

I hope you enjoy and resonate with these loving messages!