Is there not
a stage of “in-between”
when you move
from one thing
to the next.
Yes, there is
a part of
letting go
of where you were
as you transition
to create
something new –
and in that unfoldment
are there not moments
of uncomfortableness,
the in-between
of creation happening?

And is not
transition unsettling,
as you are used
to the “old”
and not yet
sure of the “new?”

And as with the
concept of Time –
you can look
at the past,
the future not yet here,
as you visualize
what you think
will be,
should be,
as you are
not yet on the
other side of change,
is that not where
uncomfortableness lives?

Is not expectation –
what you think
an outcome
should be –
while it is a motivating force
to help you move forward
with any transition,
if the end result
is not yet in place,
is that not
the in-between space
that can make you feel
out of place?

As you stir things up,
as you deconstruct
to create anew,
yes, there is uncomfortableness
in the in-between,
but as you transition
from here to there,
from old to new –
can you let it unfold,
can you be
right where you are –
the perfect place
to Be?

Is not every moment
a moment from
here to there?

Some change occurs
in the blink of an eye,
some change happens
over time.
Can you be present
Where You Are –
are you not always
if you look back
or ahead at what might be?


Be patient.
Be present.
Be in the
perfect place
of Where You Are.
Be here.
Be there.
Be Everywhere.
And through it all –
Be Love.


20170401 XPicture


Time is a
linear concept
that you use
to get through
the linear world
that you live in,
work in,
play in.
And yes,
time helps you
to be at
a certain place
at a certain time.

But does not
the concept of time
hover over
your shoulder –
perhaps does time
get more attention
than it deserves?

With time,
you are able
to look back
in time,
to a perceived
beginning –
or to look ahead
to what may be,
what is on the
how long will
something last,
when will it end?

Does time not
dwell in the
concept of
a beginning
and end –
is not time
a marker for what
starts and stops,
what moves along
the timeline
of your life?

But as You Are
more than this
human existence –
as You Are Spirit
with an everlasting
soul –
are there not times
when the concept
of time
disappears from
your view?

When you are in
a moment of peace
and tranquility –
is that not a time
when the concept of time
has no place –
or when you are
lost in a project
that brings you Joy –
is that not
a beautiful and peaceful
place to Be?

Might you imagine
when there is no time
tugging at your awareness,
giving you reminders –
is that not a sign
that you are
in the flow,
be-ing in the moment –
is not time a reminder
of your humanness –
with a perceived beginning
and a supposed end?

But as you have
time standing still –
as you are aware
that You Are more
than what can be
measured in time –
might you acknowledge
that there is
a part of You
that transcends time?

Yes, use time
to organize and structure
your time on earth –
but make time (smile)
to be in the timeless state
of the Love That You Are –
the Place of Peace
where time stands still –
where all you know
is That You Are

You Are timeless.
You Are limitless.
In every moment,
You Are Love.