A Comfort Place

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Where is your comfort place?
You may find it
where you lie
on a bed so firm
yet soft,
pillows, blankets
add to the comfort
when you are lovingly
tucked in.

There is comfort
in the food
that helps you
feel safe,
makes you feel warm –
bringing up
treasured memories
of food that was
made with Love.

You find comfort
in the presence
of friends or family
who love you so,
there are those
who you trust,
when you can be You
and can let go.

Is it not the giving
and receiving
of love that takes you
to your comfort place,
it can be a physical experience,
but is not Love
in your heart,
not just your mind –
can you bathe
in the Love
that wraps you up
and keeps you warm –
is there not comfort
in Love,
can you let Love
comfort you?

There is Love
all around you,
you are wrapped in
the arms of Love –
as it is Love
that breathes You,
when you open up
your heart –
can you feel the warmth
spread over you
like a favorite
bowl of soup,
as You Are Love,
can you accept comfort
from You?

Let Love be your comfort,
may you find comfort
in Love –
you may need physical
to help soothe
the body that
works so hard,
but does not Love
soothe the soul
and as it resonates
with Love –
is Love not your comfort place,
as you trust, allow
and then let go?

Find the comfort
in the space
where Love finds you –
There You Are!

Always wrapped
in the loving
Arms of Love.

Kaleidoscope of Love

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Take a chance.
Try it on.
You can always
choose again.
At the beginning
or throughout the day,
can you try
something new,
or look at the same thing
in a different way,
can you set the intention
to see all with
the Eyes of Love?

Might your perspective
of what you see
change like a
when you set your filter
to look upon all
with the Eyes of Love?

What patterns will emerge,
what amazing colors
will appear,
will not Love
rise to the surface,
when you look with
the Eyes of Love?

What may have seemed
now infused with
Light and Love,
is it not an opportunity
for you to see
its Light
reflected back to you –
does not all
appear as new,
when you look with
the Eyes of Love?

In the present,
in this moment,
can you turn up
your Light,
your Love –
do you not see
with your heart,
when you look with
the Eyes of Love?

Is not any moment magical,
when Love lights the way –
might you bring color
to all that you see,
set your filter to experience,
may Love show you the way –
is there not clarity
in what you see,
looking with
the Eyes of Love?

May you see so
clearly now
as you look through
the Eyes of Love.