A Song of Love

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Where is Love,
is it not
When you cannot sing,
are there not
others there?
Lifting you up,
surrounding you
with care –
can you not hear
the constant
Song of Love?

Will not the beat
of angel wings,
beat the rhythm,
so your heart
may sing,
a chorus of Love
will lift you up
when you need
are you not held
in the Arms of Love?

Where is Love,
is it not
When you look,
do you not find
it Here –
let Love comfort,
let Love fill you up,
listen and feel
the angels’
Song of Love.

Walking With Love

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Just beyond
this moment
there is a step
that you begin
to take,
it can be full
of possibility,
the embodiment
of Love,
or you may view it
as the great unknown,
fearing being outside
your comfort zone,
the choice is yours
to step with Love,
embracing that which
you do not know,
or to step
more tentatively,
letting fear tell
you to
take it slow.

Is not each step
in this place of
full of possibility
that you do not
know –
for once you know,
do you not dream
of the next step,
as you are destined
to create,
as ever-evolving
as You Are –
can you bless
what exists beyond,
taking each next step
with Love?

Just beyond
this moment
Love is waiting
to be seen,
to be experienced,
to express,
in familiar ways
or sights unseen –
let Love show you,
let Love guide you,
in this moment
to the next.
Be with Love.
See with Love.
You walk with Love
in every step.

Embrace the
as the perfect
moment for
You Know Love.
You Are Love.
In every moment,
You Are Home.

A Breath of Love

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Arise with Love.
Shine with Love.
Simply Be
a breath of Love

It need not be
you need not
move a mountain,
Be a breath
of Love.

As One Breath
leads to another
and another,
filled with Love –
Be a Light
shining bright,
no need to
change another’s
or solve a problem,
or to be right –
can you simply
Be a breath
of Love,

And in that breath,
is that not where
You Are,
when you feel heavy,
or unsure
of what to do,
or feel,
or say,
can you Be
a breath of Love,

Arise with Love.
Shine with Love.
Simply Be
a Breath of Love,