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A new day dawns.

Is this not a symbol
of a new start,
but as you are You
even as you sleep,
your human side
may look at another day,
but your soul is always
Here to stay,
it matters not where
you wake up from,
you are as constant
as the shining sun –
shining on even as
you think it is night,
across the earth,
is Sun not shining

At any moment
can you not begin,
to create anew
or like a snake,
shed your skin,
do you not emerge
feeling shiny,
feeling new,
when you learn the
Truth of You –
a True You dawns
at any moment
of any day,
when you realize
You Are Loved
in every way.

A new day dawns
and may you see it,
feel it,
Know –
You Are Loved
beyond measure
and as you let
this True Love flow,
spread it far and wide,
live your truth,
do not hide,
your shining Light
much like the sun,
can reach out and touch
as You Are Loved,
so You Are Love,
be it your morning
or your night –
shine on,
Beautiful Soul,
Beautiful Light.

Listen With Your Heart

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Listen with your heart.

Yes, ears are amazing
in their structure,
what fantastic receivers
they can be,
to hear the ocean’s roaring
or the faint hum of a
you can hear another
or take in the harmonies
of a song you hold dear,
but where do you
the frequencies that
come to you,
can you experience
what you hear,
by opening up another
by listening with
your heart?

Can you not hear
even more clearly,
when you turn up
the Love,
is there not a richness
in conversation,
when there is nothing else
you are thinking of –
when you give your
full attention
to hear and feel
what is being said,
get out of your head
and really listen
with your heart.

What you hear may
sound different,
when you have this
different intent,
do not birds singing
sound more beautiful,
when you can feel
their message sent,
even as thunder
rolls out summer,
does not the sound
vibrate all through you –
in the present,
in the moment,
are you not listening
with your heart?

You have countless ways
to receive
what speaks or beckons
to You –
tune into Love,
receive and share it,
as you listen with your heart.

The Vessel

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The human body
has certain needs,
food and water,
exercise and rest,
but can not Spirit
provide the fuel
that goes beyond
what you think
can occur,
when you are in sync,
with what Lights up
your soul,
do you not feel
your energy
expand and grow?

This energy could
light up a house,
does your body not house
your Spiritual Force,
what ripples do you wish
to lovingly send out,
might each one be infused
with the Energy of Love?

Be in touch,
in tune,
with what Lights
you up,
this Current of Love
is for you to share,
Be-ing Love is not something
you can pretend,
Be You with what makes
your heart sing –
is that not the perfect
to serve Love and Spirit,
food every day for your
is what Love is for You –
you spread Love
when you experience
the Love in You.

You Are the conduit,
You Are the vessel,
so that Love
can flow through You.
All That Is –
Is Love
and You Are That.

Be a Light
for Love
and shine!