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When rain and fog
come in to stay,
do you not look
for the sun
in any way,
one glimpse of Light,
one shining beam,
does that not brighten
a cloudy day,
are you not grateful
for the sun that shines,
even more when sunlight
seems to go away?

But of course the sun
is always there –
if it is day,
the sun is shining
somewhere –
might rain need to
cleanse and wash away
what has been building up,
getting in the way –
after a rain
and when fog clears,
does not the sun sparkle
on the leaves
and even in the air,
do you not welcome
with open arms,
blue sky again,
and Light of Sun?

Have Faith your face
will again
be kissed by
the sun,
when Light is dim,
can you turn up
your shining Light some?
Be a beacon of Light,
let your Light glow,
let it cut through
the fog
and the rain that
comes and goes,
your Light is steady
and strong as the
sun that always shines
through any rain,
denseness of fog,
through Eternity,
Light always shines.

When it is hard
to see Light
with your eyes –
go to your heart
to let the Spark
of Love and Light rise.
You shine always
like the sun that
forever shines –
You Are Love Eternal
beyond space
and beyond time.

Growing Trust




Is it not a delicious
to see baby birds
from hatchlings grow
into adolescents,
out with their parents
now with wings that
let them go
in the open
to explore,
to fly,
as they navigate
their world –
does not their world
as they learn
to trust?

Can you look back
from where you are –
has not trust
played a part
where you are
trust opens up
the next door,
the great unknown
that you may fear –
but every moment
you are in,
did not exist
a second before,
are you not perpetually
stepping through
what you think
you do not know?

You have trust
in your breath,
and when breath ends,
do you not live on,
can you find comfort
in the trust,
that As Love,
You will carry on,
when you live from
your center,
as your awareness
of You grows,
can you expand
your world,
your trust,
as the baby birds do
as they grow?

Trust in Love,
let it bring you
and Trust
keep you moving on.
Trusting in Love,
means having trust
in You.
You Are a Gift,
as You Are Love.

The Glow of Love

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Are you not made
of perpetual motion,
as you change,
as you evolve,
take in what experiences
give you,
let go of what
no longer serves,
there is no need to
hold on to what
brings fear in
or what beliefs
you think you are
You Are a creator
pure and simple,
as you let Love
be the catalyst
for All That Is.

Let love flush
all remnants
of fear out,
see yourself
bathed in the
Glow of Love,
be grateful for
what has brought
you here,
let doubt and worry
take a backseat
with fear,
know there is no
to have them
take up residence

Your body, mind
and soul
are resilient,
given time to heal,
are there not changes
that you see,
let the Life Force
flow through you,
you need not know
all what to “do”,
can you accept
the Love that
wishes you to
Be Free?

Let Gratitude help
you resonate
with Love’s beauty,
as You Are Beautiful,
this is not hard
to do –
invite Love to wash
over you,
bathing you in its
Loving Glow,
accept and receive
that Love Is Here
and Love Is You.