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And as your human selves
may work out
how to live together
on earth,
are not your souls
interlocked for purposes
that may be hard
to see at first,
when there are challenges
do you not grow,
are there not choices
that you make,
no choice is right
or wrong,
does it not help
you choose
which road that you
may take?

You are here to experience
to live it fully,
to stretch and grow,
you co-exist with
others who are playing
their own roles here
as well,
when you limit taking
things so personally
as an affront to
who you think you are,
if All Are Love
at the soul level,
are you not all linked
with the Arms of Love?

Your souls already
your human selves
see so many differences
and there is much
across the land,
remember you are
experiencing duality,
though in your hearts
you beat as One,
feel your human emotion,
but extend an
extra step to see –
your heart can extend
Love to a fellow soul,
even as human,
you may disagree.

You Are One
with Who You Are –
the Light of God,
the Divine Spark,
You All Are Light,
Love Is Who You Are.

Healing Is Here

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Healing is here.
In the comfort
of angels,
in the heart
that may feel
with Love and
words spoken,
healing is here.

Healing brings together
what separates you,
when you are brought
with Love,
is it not the Love
that unites you,
healing is here.

When you feel
you are separated,
from loved ones,
from You,
does Love not
bring you together,
healing is here.

Let Love gently
surround you,
let Love fill your
beautiful heart,
You Are Whole
in This Presence,
healing is here.

Healing is here –
in the comfort
of angels,
in the heart
that knows Love,
You Are One
in Love’s perfection,
healing is Here.


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Stretch yourself.
Is this not how
you have grown
from there to
Now can you let
unfoldment happen,
not focusing on
the here to
there –
might you look
with curious wonder
upon experiences
that come your way,
stretch yourself,
discover You,

Be open.
Be surprised.
Be delighted
when growth occurs –
yes, sometimes it
triggers fears,
when expectation
then appears,
marvel at this
magical journey,
did you think you
would be here –
stretch and grow,
let Love take you
beyond your fear.

Stretch yourself,
choose Love,
it is Who You Are,
as you build your
loving muscles,
is it not Love
that takes you far,
you may be able
to see your journey
in the linear world
you live,
but as Eternal
Love and Light,
is it not Love that
you can give?

Stretch yourself
with Love,
no matter what direction
you take,
Love is omnipresent,
let it be in every
decision you make,
let each step be one
that walks with Love,
you cannot Be anything
You Are creation,
You Are Love.