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When you ask,
are you not ready
to receive,
opening up to
this may come through
as something you
but are you not often
at what you get,
is there not delight
in the process of,
seeing the beauty
of the Miracle of Love?

Does not Love
at times unfold
with Grace,
when you open up
to receive
in a loving space,
making room
can help you to
clearing out thoughts
that make it harder
to believe –
yes, You Are
One with
All That Is –
with Grace and
are you not
unfolding to
All of This?

With Gratitude,
keep looking
for the bread crumbs,
that show you
to evolve,
to grow,
and to have fun,
yes, there are times,
when growth will
make you stretch,
but with Faith
and Trust,
are you not ready
for what happens

Let Love
open up all
of You,
unfolding perfectly,
with Grace,
and Gratitude.

Seeing You

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There are many ways
to travel,
there are many horizons
to seek,
may you find what propels
your forward motion,
what helps you
to believe,
that You Are a
sacred aspect
of the Love that you
wish to see –
continue experiencing
upon your journey,
but All the Love
you seek,
dwells in thee.

You need not give
away your power,
when it is Love
that fuels your
sense your Strength
in Who You Are,
beyond beliefs,
a story told,
Be One with what
breathes you,
find your Self
as part of All,
your Truth is
always recognizable,
when you see You
for Who You Are.

See You
as the Love
you seek,
meet You
at any horizon
you cross.
Be You
as the Love
You Are –
You Are One
with All of Us.

Love’s Adventure

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Let Love be the rudder
of the boat
you are on,
no matter where
the current takes
can you not make
adjustments along
the way?
The waters may be
or there may be
in your path,
but with Love as
your navigation,
will it not guide
you around
any of that?

There is a flow,
there is a rhythm
to your life
that leads the way,
do you not often
find you fight it,
closing your eyes
or turning away –
but as a boat
flows with the water,
can you not
go with this loving
knowing with Love
as your rudder,
you can make adjustments
as you go?

Yes, the waters
are sometimes choppy,
but sometimes it
is peacefully still,
the deeper you venture,
can you not find
this Peace at will?
Is there not
that you have
Everything you need –
with Love as your compass
and rudder,
might you have Faith
that Love will lead?

Let Love be the rudder
of the boat
you are on.
Be Love’s adventure.
Be Love’s Light.
Let Love guide you,
always Home.