Is not patience
a state
of be-ing
present in
the moment?

No, it is
not standing still
or even waiting
for an expectation
or outcome to happen.

You cannot help
but move forward
in the linear world
you are in –
but as you are
there is a motion
to evolution,
to change
that will always happen
and do you
not wish for
patience when
there is somewhere
or some state
you would rather be?

But is there not
an innate state
of unfolding,
of evolving,
that provides you
with opportunities
to continue to grow?

Is this not like
a bulb that
lies dormant in
the ground –
until the right conditions
come together
and to signal –
yes, now is the time –
there are nutrients
and light,
the environment
is ready
to support
the change,
the growth
of this bulb.

And this bulb
does not need
patience –
it knows how
to respond
when the right
conditions are present –
does it not
excel at
being a bulb?

Until it is not –
as it unfurls
and unfolds –
is it not
transformed into
another beautiful state
of be-ing?

Is patience
not a reminder
to be present
in each moment –
open to signals
and to signs,
that the right conditions
are present,
coming together,
to signal –
yes, now is the time –
each moment of now
is the perfect
moment to Be.

And like the bulb,
do you not possess
an innate state
of unfolding
and evolving,
always providing you
with opportunities
to grow?

Let Patience
remind you
that All Is Well.

You Are always
in the perfect state
of Now.

You Are Love.
You Are Perfect.

Voice of Love



It is hard
to trust
the inner voice
that sometimes
is almost
a whisper –
so soft it
can barely be heard.

Do you not
often seek
from others –
so quick to trust
another’s voice
when yours may be
so hard to hear?

And is it so soft
because there is
so much noisy
that it cannot be heard –
or is it because
your listening ears,
your mind,
has shut the door
to the inner you,
with the inner voice?

And if not given
the chance
to flex this muscle,
to build up strength
of the inner voice –
might you be
missing the
very Truth
you are straining
to hear?

And if you do not
fine tune your ears
to pick up the signal
of the inner voice –
might you be
drowning out
what could be
music to your ears?

Is it not time
to reclaim your power
that you always possess –
and trust within
what you seek without –
does your inner voice
not speak the Truth
that resides
within your heart?

And yes, your voice
may not resonate
with some around you –
but as You Are guided
by your inner voice,
your Higher Self –
when you speak with
the Truth of Love –
do you not send out
Frequencies of Love,
for those who wish to hear
with no strings attached?

And if others pick up
the Frequency of Love –
might it not resonate
with their inner self,
as their inner voice
may be whispering
this familiar
Message of Love?

And as you trust
your inner voice,
do you not turn
up the volume
and listen with ears
that are ready to receive
the Love,
the Guidance,
that has been within
You all along?

Are you not
ready to hear
and Be
the Truth of
Who You Are?

Listen to the beautiful
Frequency of Love –
and Be That
Which You Are.

You Are
the Voice
of Love.

Element of Love



A fish is equipped
to pull oxygen
out of water –
allowing it to
live in a different
element of earth.
And is fish not
at home in
the water –
gliding through water
in a most graceful way?

But if fish
finds itself
out of water
on a bank –
it does not have
the ability
to maneuver –
and is that not
where the phrase
“like a fish out of water”
came to be?

And do you not say
when someone is
doing what they love –
“she is really in her element” –
is that not
like the fish
when it slips back
into the water –
able to breathe
and to glide
once again?

Can you learn
a lesson from fish –
finding what element
you thrive in,
a place where
effortlessly you glide,
in a most graceful way,
breathing in what sustains you,
as your surroundings
all support you –
no longer swimming upstream
or struggling to find
where you can be
in the flow?

Yes, and you can sense
when you are
“in your element” –
as you feel
the grace and ease
of the energy
around you –
and do you not
have all the elements
you need within?

When your energy
is connected to this
Flow of Love –
are you not lifted up,
and fully supported –
able to swim in the
Stream of All That Is?

With grace,
with ease.
May you live,
and Be
an Element of Love.

May Love Heal



Sit with Love.
Be with Love.
Come from Love.

And as Love
draws in your
your Courage,
to rise above
your fears,
your doubts,
your worries –
when you get
glimpses of what
stepping into your power
feels like –
as you find
your Voice,
your Truth,
your Peace –
does not Love
hold you
in gentle arms,
allowing whatever
needs to come up
for healing
to show itself
so all of you
may come to Know
All Love?

Do you not feel
the Strength
and Courage
that comes with Love –
with Who You Are?

Do you know
that you are
the one
shining light
on what is
asking for healing,
ready for healing –
is it not your own
Strength and Courage
that with Love –
holds arms outstretched
already embracing you
so you may Know
the Love That You Are?

Sit with Love.
Be with Love.
Come from Love.

May Love heal
any parts of you
that are feeling separate,
as you embrace
All of You –
letting the healing balm
of Love help you
to feel the Wholeness
of the Love That You Are.

You Are the Strength.
You Are the Courage.
You Are the Love
That Is
All That Is.

With Strength,
with Courage,
with the Voice of Truth –
Be Love.
Find Peace.

A Space For Love



It is human nature
to question,
to be skeptical,
to be wary,
of new information
that comes your way.
Do you not take
of the past
in order to make
sense of the new?

But when you look back
at the past,
were not these
formed in a time,
a place,
based on knowledge
that made sense
at that time?

And when these very
begin to get questioned,
is it not uncomfortable
for you to question
the basic rules
you used to follow
in order to make sense of
what is around you?

And may we point out
that “following” an order
of tenets that
are “around” you –
does that not foster
actions and reactions
that are made
while on automatic pilot –
as your questioning
mind has gone to sleep?

And yes,
as you peel back
layer upon layer
of beliefs that
no longer serve you –
as you look at
the world around you –
are you not wishing
the world reflected
more of the Love
that you are feeling
in your heart?

As uncomfortable
as it is,
to create a space
for change to happen,
making you look objectively,
questioning more
of what is around you –
can you go within
to open your heart,
to shine your light,
wishing to experience
Divine Love
as it may be expressed
in all you see –
do you see now
that the change
you wish to see
begins with you?

And as the
are being called into question –
is it not a perfect time
to be guided by
the Truth
of Who You Are?

Lead with Love.
Question everything.

And when you
get to the space
where Love Is
the answer to
every question
you ask –
there is Peace
in that space.

Create and Be
a Space for Love –
and shine your Light.

Remember Love



Who doesn’t want,
to be loved?

And are there
not many ways
and manipulations
that you may
go through
in order to
receive the love
you wish to attract?

And does this
form of love
that is desired
not come from
a place of lack –
of something missing?

And as we remind
you of the
Love That You Are –
that You Are
so very Loved
at all times,
as You Are Love –
are there not
times when you may feel
less than loving
whilst living in this
world of duality?

Do you not sometimes
to “make” another
more loving,
more caring,
more compassionate?

But as your soul’s purpose
here on earth
is to Love
and to Be
the Love That You Are –
can you turn up
your light
to be a beacon of Light,
of Love,
of Hope –
standing up in the darkness
so that others may see –
this is what Love
looks like.

Be fierce with this Love
by leading the charge,
to shine light on the darkness –
and how best to shine?
Be the Light That You Are.
Be the Love That You Are.

You need not defend
the Truth of Love –
as there is no opposite
to Love.

Be That Which You Are.
Let Love guide
each action you take.
Be the voice.
Be the action.
Be the model
for Love.

Be a reminder to all
that Love resides
in Every One of You.

May the Love That You Are
remind another
that they are
so very loved.

Be loving.
Be caring.
Be compassionate.

Be a Reminder of Love
and remember
Who You Are.

Upgrade To Love



Upgrade available.

Do you not see
these prompts
on your technology –
inviting you,
encouraging you,
requesting you
to upgrade,
changes that are
available to enhance
the performance
of an operating system?

And are there
not many instances
that occur throughout
your day that are
opportunities to
and tinker with your
operating system –
the driver of your
experience here
on earth?

And as no operating system
is without bugs
that need fixes,
updates –
you are used to
needing to perform
periodic maintenance,
are you not?

But are there not times
when your operating system
is ready for
a major upgrade
that is ready to be installed,
needing you to reboot –
as you take all of the
knowledge that you
have absorbed –
and are now ready
to integrate it fully?

Or has your current
operating system
gone through
a major event
that has jumbled up
the coding and function –
and is in need
of a clean re-install
to refresh and renew –
so you may operate
in a smoother way?

Upgrade available.

Do you not at times
hesitate to
press this button
to make the choice,
to move ahead,
as you are used to
and are comfortable with
the current operating system
of you –
that you are familiar with,
knowing all of the
functions – even it
some do not operate
as well anymore?

But are you not
pleasantly surprised –
even giddy –
when you make the choice
to upgrade,
reboot –
and see the changes
that make things easier –
are there not
new functions
that make you wonder
how you ever lived
with them?

You know in your heart
when an upgrade is available.
You know within
when there are choices to make.
The support is there
always inside of you.

Download the Software of Love
from Spirit –
but remember as
You Are
All That Is –
an upgrade to Love
is always available.

Operate the System of Love
That You Are.
with Love.

Catalyst For Love



“Therein lies the rub.”
“He rubbed me the wrong way.”

And does not friction –
when two parts meet,
not feeling smooth
or congruent –
get your attention?

Do you not
take notice
when opposites collide,
when feathers are ruffled,
when some situation
or someone,
raises ire within you,
causing a reaction
to the friction
that is the catalyst
to make you look?

And there is no need
to judge the reaction –
for did it not
bring up for you
to notice –
a place where
ego and soul
can meet?

Is not the friction,
the rub,
the reaction –
the experience
and the opportunity
to learn and
to love?

Are there not
parts of the ego
that ask –
“If I do this –
will you love me still?”

And as your soul
only knows Love –
can only Be
unconditional love –
that soothes
and smooths
and heals
the friction,
the rub,
the reaction –
can you not
feel Gratitude
for all experiences
that provide a place
for ego and soul
to meet
so you can experience
the Love
of All That Is?

Your soul
Knows only

Know Love.
Be Love.
and heal with Love.

Be a Catalyst
for Love.

Garden of Your Soul



A spindly bush
has limbs
and branches
that begin
to grow haphazardly,
with some
limbs not getting
enough light
so it may grow
and flourish.

And do you not
with gentle care
look at the bush
with an objective eye
and with love
begin to prune
away what no longer
serves the bush –
cutting away the
limbs that do not
bring nourishment
or add to the health
of this plant –
letting the limbs
be absorbed back to
the earth?

And is it not
amazing to see
when growth returns
to the place you cut –
is there not usually
a multitude of
fresh new starts,
that emerge from
a single limb,
filling out the bush
as it flourishes and grows?

And do you not
with gentle love,
look within
with an objective eye –
and with Love
begin to prune away
what no longer
serves your spirit –
letting what does not
bring nourishment
and light
to your soul
fall away to be
absorbed back to
the earth?

And is it not
amazing to see
new growth begin
where now there is
room and space
for Love and Light
to nourish the growth
and to see what
shape it takes?

Tend to the
Garden of your Soul
with loving hands
as you pull away
what you may have
outgrown –
as you make room
for what Love continues
to create within You.

Flourish in the
Love That You Are.

Don’t Wait – Create



Don’t wait
for others to lead.
Step into your power,
turn up your light –
let the Light of Love
show you the way.

How to?
What should?
Which way?
Turn your questions
inward –
let the Light of Love
show you the way.

Retrain yourself,
break open a new way –
do not wait for
the answers,
you may not ask
the right questions –
let the Light of Love
show you the way.

Your mind will want
to figure it all out.
But you may not be aware
of all that is possible.
Are you ready to Be
all Possibilities of You?
Let the Light of Love
show you the way.

You want to fit in,
you want to do things
But is there not
a new paradigm
that is focused
on creating?
Let the Light of Love
show you the way.

As you create
something new –
what do you add to
the pot,
as you are mixing it up?
Try a new recipe
and as you move forward –
let the Light of Love
show you the way.

Don’t wait
for others to lead.
Check in with
the guidance
that is there
when you listen,
as you turn up
the Light and Love
That You Are.

Let the Light of All Love
show You the way.