The Comfort of Peace


You need not wait 
for Peace.
Peace is with you,

Who You Are 
beyond this world,
and may be hard 
to see with 
human eyes,
You Are the 
Eternal Light 
that shines so 
You Are Love’s 
sweet blessing 
always Here,

you may feel 
a distance 
from your center,
yes, you travel 
off in many ways,
but you are never 
far from this 
True Knowing,
Love is Here 
with Peace,
to comfort,

You may wish 
to bring to your 
human awareness,
peaceful things to 
help you remind,
but as True Peace
is your soulful 
re-member Peace 
to help you balance 
and re-align.

You know this familiar 
vibration of Peace,
there is no need to 
think it has left you,
you need not wait 
for all around you 
to align,
Peace wrapped in 
is always, 
in You.

Holy, Whole


Love heals.

Love heals as 
there is no-thing
to be healed.

Love carries with it
One vibration,
that resonates 
with infinite 
notes –
You Are in harmony
with Love’s Song,
Love knows this

Is not forgiveness 
Love’s super power,
but not as a wrong
turned into right –
Love exists Here 
all along,
with no-thing 
to forgive,
All is holy,

Shower yourself 
with Love’s forgiveness,
see your perfection 
in Love’s healing Truth,
Love sees You 
as You Are,
Holy One,
magnificent You!

I Love You


Give All to Me,
Love says gently,
when ire rises and 
you cannot see,
I love you through 
all of your layers,
join Me to find 
where is the Peace.

There will be times 
in the world of chaos,
when you feel shaken 
to your core,
but my dear your 
core is stable,
a place for respite,
a calmer shore.

No matter a story 
that is played out,
with actors, yes, that
you wish to change,
re-member Love is 
what unites you,
even as your ego 
wishes to place blame.

Do not fight the emotion
that rises up,
but do not stop with 
ego’s justified air,
keep diving deep to 
your True Source,
is there not a different 
perspective there?

Beyond perception,
beyond defenses,
beyond beliefs
that wish to be right,
Here is the Peace 
beyond the story,
Here is the Love 
that has no need 
to fight.

Give All to Me,
Love says with arms
that soothe and 
enfold All of You,
I Am strong enough 
to hold this space,
You Are so Loved
I Love You!

Home, Always


Let Love carry 
you Home.

Home may feel like 
where you were born,
where you have lived.
Addresses, pictures,
memories remind you
where physically you
have been.

These are familiar roads
that you have traveled 
time and again,
are there not indelible 
paths formed,
where experiences began
or came to an end.

You may long for 
a long-lost home,
or you may attempt 
to run far away,
might you welcome 
all experience with 
accepting, allowing 
what returns home 
to stay.

Let Love carry you
Love’s arms are able 
to hold all for you,
does Love not transform
what you need 
to Light the way 
back Home to You?

At times you may need
to adjust and calibrate 
to your North Star –
You Are eternally at Home
in the Universe,
Home always 
as the Love 
You Are!

Dear Child, With Love


Look at things 
in a different way,
with fresh new eyes,
what may go 
or stay?

It is good to question 
pre-programmed thoughts,
they do not define you,
though they may tie you 
in knots.

Accept opportunities
though your ego 
pushes back,
in fear of judgment 
or showing you 
where you lack.

“I keep you safe!”
ego cries with 
great alarm,
“I am the only thing 
that keeps you safe
from harm!”

Tenderly show ego,
this inner self who 
asks for Love,
You know the Truth 
is within,
not only above.

Dear child,
You Are Loved 
beyond the words 
that you wish to hear,
All of Love 
supports you 
and is always Here.

Thank you, 
for working so hard 
on our behalf,
come take My hand,
see Our Wholeness, 
with no lack.

There is no need 
to fight or struggle 
to Be This Truth,
Love is Who We Are,
You Are Loved 
I Love You!

Love’s Healing Grace


The world may seem
to be a ball of confusion,
your human eyes strive 
to make sense,
are your ears not pounding
from many cries for
are you not looking for 
when it will end?

You may scoff at the
simple solution,
the ruby slippers 
had it right all 
release your judgments,
see the Heart of Love,
that beats in Everyone,
beyond any place –
yes, Home.

The Home where Love 
dwells has no
windows or doors,
it matters not the
time of day 
or year,
Home exists always in 
your heart and soul,
beyond ego’s reign,
do you not meet Me

Shine your Light 
to all brothers and 
yes, today may be a 
good time to start,
but do not let time
dictate what is so 
beautifully time-less,
you being a Beacon 
of Light that pours 
from your heart.

Judge not what rises 
to your sight for 
healing grace,
extend your eternal, 
loving hands of Love,
hold yourself,
your brothers and sisters
in Love’s embrace,
behold the Amazing Grace 
and power of Love!

This Loving Hug


Might you feel
this loving hug,
held so gently 
in the Arms of Love.

You may miss holding,
feeling close,
let Love surround 
as forever arms enfold.

Might you extend 
what you experience 
Love is to be shared 
be it far or near.

No matter the distance 
you think may 
separate you,
Love knows no 
and is always 
with you.

Pass on today 
this loving hug,
Here is always

So Loved


You Are Loved.

When steel gray clouds
block out the 
you may forget
that Light is 
may fellow Lights
help you remember –
You Are Loved.

The body may at times 
feel foreign to you,
my dear, this is not 
your True Home,
is not its purpose 
to help you discover –
You Are Loved.

Dive deep beyond 
your thinking thoughts,
your heart beats 
as This Truth,
have Faith in You,
a Divine Being –
You Are Loved.

what Love has 
for you,
fellow Lights as One
help show the way,
you are precious 
and beloved,
You Are One 
with Light,
as You Are Love!

A Leap of Faith


Love finds a way
to get a message to you,
do you not sense it
within your heart,
answers received,
to questions you are 
what next to do
or how to start.

There is Divine timing 
to much unfoldment,
as human it is sometimes 
hard to wait,
at times the quiet 
of gentle healing 
needs to happen,
before the next 

You like to plan 
and process what 
steps look like,
might you expand 
to all possibility –
when you take a 
leap of faith, yes,
we will catch you,
Love gives you wings
to soar as you 
are set free!

There is no end to this
eternal process,
be open to transformation
of your human plans,
your loved ones are 
with you upon this 
accept and take their 
lovingly helpful hands.