Winds of Love

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In the world of duality,
you may forget,
indeed not see,
“you” may see this,
“they” may see that,
do not emotions flow
from any spat,
when there is friction,
can you look beyond
the story –
where there is no “right”
or “wrong”,
beneath the story
is where Love prevails,
how do you get the
wind back into
your sails?

Might you need to
turn your boat,
adjust your course,
to see where the
Flow of Love
can lift you up,
your body lets you know
what feels good,
what does not feel
let the Winds of Love
show you the way,
might you ask Love
to show you
the best course to sail
each and every day?

There are times when
the seas
are too rough to sail,
you may need patience,
waiting for Winds of Love
to prevail,
but even when you float,
is there not a Current of Love
that holds you up,
are you not always connected
to the Flow of Love?

When you lose track,
when you get off course,
the Winds of Love
always have your back,
tune in –
set your course
for Love.
Sail on,
riding with the
Winds of Love.

The Greatest Truth

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Yes, the human story
is rife with emotion,
and doubt,
but when you see
your innate beauty,
does not Love
help you work
it out?
Might you let your
heart guide you,
when your reactions
come from fear,
are there not so
many layers,
that make it hard
to see things clear?

When you wish to
be defensive,
what do you “need”
to defend –
take a look at your
go inside
and look within,
see what is cause,
what is effect,
does not your judgement
help you to see –
the human takes a
separating the “you”
from the “me.”

Is not the drama
there to give you
to find Love –
when you sort out
your feelings,
what is the truth
you are in search of,
each person sees
through their own
from beliefs
they think are true,
but is not the greatest Truth
of all –
That You Are Love
and Love Is You?

If you can see yourself
from the Love,
from Source,
from the Divine,
when you believe
That You Are That,
does not your body
know you are fine?
Receive this healing Light,
that is already yours
to see,
it surrounds you,
it is within You –
You Are The Light
that you wish to Be.

Stand tall.
Sense your power.
You are fueled
by the Source of Love.
Be You.
Be Light.
Love heals All
with the Power of Love.

And There Is Love

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And There Is Love.

Be it departures
or arrivals
at any moment
in the Cycle of Life,
with ease
or with friction,
can you feel it –
There Is Love.

With Joy,
yes, it is easy
to sense the Love
that is all around,
when there is pain,
is it not the absence
of what you think
is no longer found,
but is not an
ache in the heart
because Love beats
there so strong,
no matter what goes on
around you –
always within you,
There Is Love.

Love connects every relationship,
be it stormy
or at peace,
when you peel away
the layers,
what is at the
center of your heart,
is that not where you
it is not “me”,
it is not “you” –
at the center of your
you are always together –
and There Is Love.

Rise above the story
to see what matters
at your core,
as human,
you have choices
and often wish
that you had more –
recognize the Love
that binds you
to those around you
and those not physically
by your side –
Love connects
You All,
Love Is Eternal –
and always, always,
There Is Love.

A Song of Love

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Where is Love,
is it not
When you cannot sing,
are there not
others there?
Lifting you up,
surrounding you
with care –
can you not hear
the constant
Song of Love?

Will not the beat
of angel wings,
beat the rhythm,
so your heart
may sing,
a chorus of Love
will lift you up
when you need
are you not held
in the Arms of Love?

Where is Love,
is it not
When you look,
do you not find
it Here –
let Love comfort,
let Love fill you up,
listen and feel
the angels’
Song of Love.

A Balance of Love

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and spirit –
do not all
work together,
does not all
that you experience
affect each part
that adds up
to One,
do not All
work better
when you are
able to integrate,
does not each
part of You,
learn things
a bit differently –
but when they
all can come
is that not when
you can clearly see?

and spirit –
each has a unique
of you,
each one responds
to stimulus
that lights up
of the Whole of You,
what might weave
them together,
to connect all
disparate dots,
is it not Love
that All have in
is it not Love
that connects you
to Source?

and spirit –
each one needs
to be fed,
to be nurtured –
when all have
a common goal,
is that not when
balance can occur,
pay attention
to All parts of you
and Love All parts
is Love not the
that holds you
so you can Be,
an Expression of Love
with One Voice,
is that not where
you find Peace,
when you experience
the integration,
the perfect
Balance of Love?

and spirit.
All for One
and One for All.
All Love.
One Love.
Woven together
in the Balance
of Love.

The Power of Love

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When you open
up your heart,
think loving thoughts,
showing how much
you care,
when you hold someone
within your prayer,
does not the
Light of Love
connect you there,
yes, that Light
can be seen
from “above” –
there is no barrier
to the Power of Love.

And as Love
can heal across
all realms,
might you let Love
work its magic here,
are there not some
who would love to feel,
the Grace of Love
and its ability to heal,
you need not wait
another moment to
set your intention
to the Power of Love.

Love is not yours
to give
or take away,
but does not sharing Love
create a loving space,
to allow a Spark of Love
to ignite,
so one can see this
bright Light,
that burns within,
that powers every
One of Us –
is there nothing brighter
than the Power of Love?

Can you Be the
brightest Light
you can be,
so a flickering Light
can remember
and see,
their Light burns strong
from within,
bringing hope,
letting healing begin,
what can heal,
what connects everyone –
is it not the Eternal
Power of Love?

With intention,
with prayer,
surround your loved ones,
Here or There –
Let Love do
what it knows,
there is no limit
to the Power of Love.


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Is Love not a
healing balm,
do you not look
for Love
when you think
Love has “gone”,
is there not Joy
when you find
they are in your
heart all along,
for is that not where
Love sings its song,
your loved ones are
with you,
is there no stronger
bond –
and there is no end
to Love.

With a thought,
a prayer,
can you not meet
your loved ones there –
they are more than
a memory,
for as Love cannot die,
their Essence of Love
is part of You, too,
much like the sun
in the sky,
you may not always
see it,
but you know the
Light is there,
you cannot extinguish
this loving Light –
and there is no end
to Love.

Yes, you miss their
physical presence,
you would love to
have them back
in this physical form,
with what you know
back intact,
but is there not also
a familiar knowing
that beats within
your heart,
is not the Love
still here,
even when you think
you are apart,
does not their spirit
live on,
finding ways to say,
“I’m here!”
Your loved ones are
always with you –
as there is no end
to Love.

Love heals.
Love holds
the Everlasting Light
of Love.
From now
until forever –
there is no end
to Love.