Love’s Forever Moment

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Is Love not the master
of time?

You cannot be
too late,
too early,
for Love to
offer what Love
in the present,
Love reminds you,
Love is part of

You may touch
memories of past
or wonder what next
the future brings,
no matter the timeline
you may imagine,
Love exists
and in all things.

The you, you may
is with you now,
as You Are whole,
embrace and Love
all parts of you
Love always knows.

Though Love is always
you can extend Love
forward and past,
does not time then
as Eternal Love
forever lasts?

Let time be your
forever moment,
as you navigate
your limitless self,
return all parts to
your Holy wholeness,
Love Is Here
All Is Well.

Love Is Forgiveness

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Love Is Forgiveness.

Is not Love where
forgiveness lives?

What do you keep
inside of you,
that with the forgiveness
of Love
may be released, too,
is not forgiveness
the realization –
there is nothing
to be healed
in You?

Embrace Love
with the arms of
experience the Wholeness
of One who is
give freely of
Who You Are
in your perfection,
see the Face of Love
in every reflection
that you forgive.

A Holy Moment

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No matter the
or what you
push against,
does Love not
meet you in
This Moment,
inviting you to
All of This.

You may think
things are repeating,
might you see
another way,
Love is persistent
in its Calling,
Love always walks
with you each day.

Answer with your
open heart,
that opens up
any closed door,
when you see shadows
that need more Light,
your Love, your heart
shines even more.

You Are the answer
to Love’s invitation,
You Are the Light
you wish to see,
your brother reminds
you of your holiness,
I Am You
You Are Me.

Each moment is one
of opportunity,
to accept Love
where you are,
this Holy Moment
is your soul singing,
You Are Love
and Loved You Are!

Everywhere, Here

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What do you
bump up against,
what might you
doubt or
with awareness
may you see
with Vision,
giving you Sight
to look beneath
layers here.

It matters not
the how or why,
as much as what
comes up to be
is not fear a
fear of not
being worthy
of this Eternal,
unconditional Love?

Dear Child of Love,
you would not exist
without This Love
that breathes
through you,
you need no walls
or defenses,
Love resides in
every part of

Let Love embrace
any fears you have,
let Love dissolve
your defenses, too,
You Are Home
where there is Love,
and Love is Everywhere,
Here with You!


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Lest not you judge
for in doing so,
are you not judging

Might you have
for all mirrors
held up to you,
so you may
and Love?

Instead of putting up
walls of defenses,
in vulnerability
is there not Strength,
might you see you
with the Eyes of Love,
are you not One
with what you

Love is your
creative force,
there is no need
to wait and see,
choose Love in
every moment,
Love will show you
how to Be.

There is Strength
in your surrender,
trust grows on the
Wings of Faith,
knowing Love
is your super power,
You Are forever Love
and Loved,


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Share your Light
by turning your
Light up,
let your Love
help you to see,
the Light in
all brothers and
sisters you see,
are you not always
by This Light?

Shine your Light,
embrace the magnificence
of Who You Are,
This Light is not a
secret tool,
it resonates and
shines in All
of You,
is it not This Light
that solves the
mystery of you?

Be This Light,
darkness simply
in Light
cannot be,
when you see
This Light
in another,
is it not All of You
that are set free?

Share This Light,
shine your Light,
Be All the Light
You Are –
eternal, always,
You Are a bright
and shining star!

Always, Simply Love

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Move your perspective
to One of Love,
do not all differences
might you let go
of comparison,
there is no need
for judgement,

Do not judgments out
reflect judgment in –
is not forgiveness
simply the Truth
of Love,
with no comparisons
to mark progress
are You not always,
simply Love?

Know the Love
of One is
Who You Are,
you may resist
this powerful,
simple Truth,
no matter where
you are in space or
the Love of One
resides eternally
in you.