Love Sees You


You are part of 
Love’s flow,
life can hide what 
your soul knows,
trust in You,
beloved one,
Love sees you.

Ego manufactures
worry and doubt,
making you question 
what you are about,
in your breath as you
walk each step,
precious child,
Love sees you.

You may wish for 
more control,
the world is tumultuous,
this you know,
Peace is Here
within your heart,
in all moments,
Love sees you.

There is no-thing 
that you must prove,
be gentle,
embrace this 
aspect of You,
Love has never 
left you, dear one – 
Love sees you.

Remember, Beloved


Come full circle 
with realization,
you have been Home
all along,
all parts of you
that you thought 
were separate,
are complete and wholly 
where you belong.

No matter the age 
or circumstance,
You as Soul 
are always there,
you can visit these 
parts of you,
but remember Beloved,
You Are always Here.

No one is left behind 
as you cannot Be 
anywhere else, 
you see,
You as Soul are 
the master of your
and beyond the story
You Are forever free!

Generate Love


Generate Love.

You are a master 
what do you wish 
today to share,
what fuel will you 
use to create 
hope, compassion
and tender care.

Love is the driving 
let your soul 
lead the way,
you as human 
know Love is 
may Love help you
always with what
to say.

Love is the spark
that ignites you,
Love is the Light 
you wish to see,
generate Love in 
every experience,
Love is your soul’s fuel
through Eternity!

A Body Blessing


When the body seems 
to turn against you,
it is not personal,
it is what bodies do,
surround this vessel 
with loving kindness,
it is working hard,
send Gratitude.

You need not analyze 
or solve
the complex riddle 
that body brings,
thank the body for 
this journey,
has it not taught you
so many things.

You feel more Peace
when body is peaceful,
but as this is not always
the case,
provide what body needs
this moment,
and in This Moment,
Peace shows the way.

Your body is strong 
in its connection
to you as you 
experience life,
with Gratitude,
send blessings to it,
surround and reassure
with your beautiful Light!

A Family of One


Healing for One
healing for All.

You help your 
brother and sister,
look to their soul,
what do they need,
is it not the same 
that you are asking – 
to be at Peace,
to be set free.

Dear ones,
you All are wholly
Love is the release 
of the burdens you 
you need not carry 
what feels so heavy,
as Love fills you up,
no-thing else is there.

Join hand to hand,
and heart to heart,
your souls love 
this song you sing,
when one falters,
another is lifting,
helping each other 
no matter what life

This Family of One
on earth can be 
a challenge,
but with Love see 
what is shining 
share the healing
balm of Love,
receive this Grace 
that returns to

With Care


You need not carry 
your past burdens,
thank them softly,
let them go,
You Are eternally 
this present moment,
sense the lightness
of your soul.

In linear terms 
your past has 
brought you 
to this place on 
earth’s timeline,
as you awaken to 
your Self,
may your Light now 
wholly shine.

Gather up all parts 
of you,
Love helps create 
this warm embrace,
as you reconnect 
with you,
may Joy bring a smile
to your face.

May Love be what 
you carry,
may This Light 
show you the way,
receive Love’s Blessings
wholly offered
with care and comfort
for you, always!

Love is Here


Breathe in the Peace,
breathe in the calm,
you are always where 
you belong,
angels surround you,
whisper to you,
Love is Here,
Beloved one.

Yes the world has
sharpened edges,
at times this cuts 
you to the quick,
receive Love’s soothing
balm that heals you,
Love is Here,
Beloved one.

You need not prove 
a thing to nestle 
in the arms of 
Love so True,
sense the Blessing
of Love Divine,
Love is Here,
Beloved one.

Your breath is Peace,
your heart is calm,
you need not search,
dear, look no more,
Here is Home,
your Light is shining,
Love sees you wholly,
Beloved One!

Tender and True


Embrace your seemingly 
separate parts,
hold them with Love,
tender and true,
draw in One Breath
that realigns and 
reassures This Love 
is You.

Reflect upon your 
judgments made,
ego homes in 
to pick apart,
thank ego for bringing 
up for you,
what wishes to remember 
Who You Are.

Release the burdens 
that you hold,
might you then sense 
what Love can see,
in This Light of 
your sweet Essence,
You as Love,
with Grace,
fly free!

Your Compassionate Light


Be a beacon of 
true awareness,
hand in hand with 
those you Love,
may compassion 
be your language,
speak it here as 
you know it above.

A connecting vessel,
you walk this earth,
but your knowing is
from All That Is,
as you resonate with
your soul’s passion,
your purpose flows 
from All of This.

As This Joy bubbles up 
you need not wait –
do share it now,
is not the timing 
that you wish for
Divinely led,
taking care of how.

Your Light shines
as you peel the layers,
are you not seeing You
as Love’s bright Light,
forgiveness, compassion 
are your super powers,
spread your wings of Love
and may you fly high!

A Loving Answer


Don’t be afraid 
to feel,
honor your journey
upon this sphere.

Feelings may direct
you to your beliefs,
that affect your sight
and what you hear.

You may resist asking
tough questions of 
your self, 
fearing change.

Love is the answer to
any and all questions,
replacing guilt,
clearing out blame.

Love is Here with 
you, beloved,
helping you to 
know This Truth.

and know 
this journey,
is you embracing 
All of You!