Love leads the way,
believe it,
trust This,
your loved ones 
share the path 
with you,
yes memories are 
never forgotten,
but new ones appear 
each day anew.

Your eternal bond 
is that, forever,
even when you 
may not sense 
it here,
your human veil is
strong and questioning,
but your soul knows 
that Love is Here.

Grief is part of the 
human process,
but your souls understand
Love’s Gifts,
time and space 
are no match 
for True Love,
as Love continues 
beyond all of this.

Love beckons now,
as your life has 
is not your purpose 
to know This Truth?
Take Love’s hand,
hold on so dearly,
Eternal Love is 
forever with you!

Always Home


You Are Home 
with Love.

You may ask,
how did I get 
Your body may
not seem to fit.
You may question
your surroundings,
but You Are Home
with Love.

The body temple 
is temporary,
sometimes it plays,
sometimes not so
but You Are always
your Light shining,
You Are Home 
with Love.

As you experience 
greater awareness,
look with compassion 
on ways of the world,
may you be comforted 
with Peace,
as You Are Home 
with Love.

Sense Love’s soothing arms
around you,
never lost and 
never alone,
precious child,
see what We see – 
You Are always Home
with Love.

A Constant Creator


Things may return
“back to normal”,
but what does normal 
really mean?
As you are constantly 
what do your experiences 
in life bring?

Might You as Love 
be an alchemist,
with Faith and Trust 
prime ingredients,
sprinkle some Gratitude
in this soup,
so you may see your
Truth in All of This.

Yes, there are times 
when you need to 
catch your breath 
and get back on track,
but know that Love 
has never wavered,
and with Love’s Strength
you come roaring back.

As you are a constant
what does Love wish to 
create today?
Ask Love and then 
receive the answer,
Love eternally shows 
you the way!

Simply, Love


Love simply Is.
Receive This 
and know 
This Truth –
Peace is where 
you see,
know and believe
This Love 
is You.

You may take a 
forgiving journey,
this is a noble 
and sacred path,
but know 
you have done 
nothing wrong,
so free your self 
of all of that.

Love simply Is.
There is no-thing 
that you must do,
open your heart,
Love dwells Here now,
receive and believe 
Love is loving you!


A Gift of Gratitude


How does Gratitude 
feel today?

A warming cup,
the song of birds,
welcoming in the 
sun at dawn,
thanking body 
for its teamwork,
invite Gratitude 
in today.

A nice clean slate,
begin This moment,
sharing Love within,
may inclusion 
end separation,
Gratitude helps 
to pave the way.

How might Gratitude
help you create,
it is powerful in 
its scope,
what might you wish 
to transform, transmute – 
Gratitude is Here 
to show the way.

How does Gratitude
feel today?
Tune into this 
healing balm,
mix Love’s patience 
and compassion
with Gratitude – 
Love’s Gift today.


Love’s Strength


Is there not a shift 
in your perspective,
sensing the expanse 
that surrender brings,
this is not giving in
as ego would like 
for you to believe.

When you set up 
winners or losers,
are there not sides 
separated and drawn,
there must be struggle 
to determine,
what is right or
who is wrong.

There is always another 
that invites you 
to shift and see,
leave the fighting 
to the ego,
as you surrender 
to Love,
to Peace.

This does not mean
you do not care –
no, dear it is the 
when you look with
the Eyes of Love,
your healing heart
flows to All of This.

The you that thinks 
you are alone
may feel there is 
not much you can do,
Love’s Power flows 
throughout your Be-ing,
surrender to Love’s 
Strength in You.




Practice Presence,
Be This now,
in this moment,
throughout your day,
let your noticing 
bring you Here,
as you observe 
what comes your 

Noticing is neutral,
without judgment,
it is the observer
perspective of You,
ego may bring up
what Eyes of Love,
can now gaze upon,
to Love all of you.

Be This Presence,
and as Loving Light,
may you notice 
Here is Peace,
holding space for
your beautiful self,
is how Love 
Loves You,



What does Love 
ask of you?
Only to answer 
with your heart.

When you join in 
this loving space,
you join as the Truth
of Who You Are.

Join with your 
sisters and your 
You Are a collective 

Look beyond what 
separates you,
may Love,
draw all near.

You ask Love 
where are you now?
When you need Love 
more than ever.

My dears,
I Am your 
beautiful heart
that beats the rhythm
of forever.

What does Love 
ask of you?
You know the answer 
within your soul.

Be as Love,
precious One,
You Are Beloved 
and Loved so.

A Loving Alignment


As the rain is beautifully 
is not Love’s flow 
clearing too,
what edges might need
loving smoothing,
what no longer 
aligns with you?

As you shift with 
growth much like 
the early shoots
that arise in spring,
you may feel tender,
but You Are Strength,
a creative force,
letting your heart

Life may bring to 
the surface,
what you may choose 
or what you might 
choosing Love is 
the simple answer
in a complex world 
of opposing things.

Love is the clearing,
gentle flow,
that is accessible 
always to you,
the sun and blue sky 
are always Here,
even as dark clouds 
obscure your view.

On a brand new day 
You Are the Light 
you seek to find,
arise from Love’s 
gentle clearing,
forever Loved,
eternally aligned!

A Deeper Peace


Realign with your 
when you need to 
come back Home,
you may sense scattered
parts of you,
but in your wholeness
you are not alone.

Honor your feelings 
as they surface,
but check the origin 
from where they come,
if there is strife 
or disconnection,
remember chaos is 
what ego loves.

Look with your eyes 
that have Vision,
thank the ego for 
what is here,
there is no-thing 
that Love can’t handle,
to see,
to heal with loving 

Though roads may sometimes 
become rocky,
Love helps you find 
the flow to glide,
dive deep into more 
peaceful waters,
You Are Peace
and Love inside!