The Whole of You

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Embrace and be with the
whatever it may throw your
Love it,
pamper it,
thank it,
for all that it does
for you each day.

You may observe it
from your consciousness,
but sometimes it
draws you in,
your body has lessons
for you,
so pay attention
to this earthly friend.

There is no need to fight
what has come up
to be healed,
accept all that your
body brings,
what you notice
and what you feel.

Surround the body
with Love,
it is a creation of part
of You –
You Are whole,
You Are complete,
Love permeates
the Whole of You.


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Seeking clarity.

When leaves drop
and air turns colder,
are you not better able
to see
beloved mountains,
a clear crisp horizon,
where a red-orange sun
rises beautifully.

All that you are able
to see now,
has been Here truly
at all times,
does not the shedding of
autumn layers,
remind you of the clarity
beyond your mind?

What might you shed
to expose the Clarity
of You,
when you let go of
what may hide you,
does not your magnificence
come shining through?

Be clear,
Be You,
Be beautiful,
Be the Love
you cannot help
but Be –
embrace the Love
That You Are,
always at your core
is clarity.

A Glorious Light

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Look for the Light
when there is darkness,
it will not be hard
to see,
follow the Light,
it knows the way,
it will lead you back
to Thee.

Take a step back
from the human story,
let Light shine the
Truth of Who You Are,
let Love hold you
in Her glory,
beloved Child of Love
is Who You Are.

Release all burdens,
you are not heavy,
Light knows how to
flow through you,
ask Love to soothe you
with your loving heart,
let Light transform
what you wish it to.

You Are the Light,
lighting up the darkness,
is this not so
you may know,
precious Child of Love,
I See your Glory,
as a Light of Love,
You Are Loved, so.

With Love

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Be lifted,
with Love.
Find Peace,
with Love.
When chaos,
Be still,
with Love.

Yes, in life
you are analyzing,
sorting through
the clutter of
your mind,
in the stillness,
you return to Love
beyond space and time.

Be clear,
with Love.
Be centered,
with Love.
Let Love show you
sweet clarity,
know All That Is True –
is simply,

A Loving Miracle

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Open up with each breath,
open up to Love,
Love resides in every
that you think you are
made of –
beyond the body
do you not reside
Here –
soaring high,
flying free,
beyond this very
breath of air.

Open up to miracles,
though they may be
not what you think,
you are a living miracle,
when awakened,
you believe,
does not a miracle
when you are present
with Love Here,
this can be every loving
that you love this
body dear.

Open up to Love
and Be with Love
the whole day through,
You Are each breath
and in-between,
Love Is the
Miracle of You.


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What naturally flows
out from you,
when your innocence
comes shining through,
when you set aside
stories and beliefs,
does not this simplicity
give you some relief?

And when you wish
judgement to be set aside,
might you begin with
what you judge inside?
As you accept and
heal what comes up
in you,
is this not allowing your
Beautiful Light
to come shining through?

You cannot Be anything
other than Who You Are,
a blessed Child of Love,
a shining star,
let this Love flow
from you when
you believe,
let Love open your eyes
so you may truly see!

Whole and Complete

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Is healing not the
the understanding,
the accepting,
that You Are Love?

And yes, the body
has its own timeline
for healing,
a band-aid fix
or surgery coming,
may make you doubt
that there is healing,
but Beloved One,
you are perfectly
in the Eyes of Love.

In the dichotomy
of duality,
you may perceive healing
in different ways,
but do you not understand
as a return to the

You Are Wholeness
the sum of your
but there is no puzzle
to reassemble,
you are truly never

Whole and complete
as the Love You Are,
is your truest
State of Be-ing,
You Are a healing,
creative force,
let Love clearly
help you see:

Wholly Love
Is You,
Holy Love,
You Are Whole,
You Are Love,
perfectly healed
in All Ways.