The Language of Love

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There is a universal language,
one that you need
not only speak of,
you are made up
of this vibration,
do you not communicate
with the Language of Love?
You know this Essence
before your birth,
yes, it continues
when this earth
you leave,
at your core,
it is what you are
made of,
are you not all
native speakers
of the Language of Love?

As a baby
you are fluent
in Love,
you draw in strangers
even on the street,
pure Love is like
a magnet,
like drawing in bees
to something sweet,
when Love is unconditional,
is it not freeing
to all who give,
and when you receive
pure Love,
does it not expand Love
in the life you live?

Be a reminder
for another,
of the native Language
that All know of –
can you all not speak
from your heart,
your Essence,
for is not your Essence
Eternal Love?

In your eyes,
through your heart,
find a thousand ways
to communicate,
infuse your words,
with what is in
your soul –
All understand
the innate
Language of Love.


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Be the one,
who looks for Love
just for fun,
even if you are
not in the mood
for this,
now find it
in yourself,
it is hard
to miss –
is it not a
lighter vibe,
can you not
feel it rise up
when you let go
and feel a smile
are you not
in the Flow of Love,
as Love’s mirror?

Is Love
not in any moment
you may choose,
better yet,
can you be open
and let Love
choose you?
You need not be
so serious,
Love can be deep
or be frivolous,
you know
when you are
in Love’s flow,
are not time and space
the first to go?
Yes, Be One
with the Love
That Is You.

Be the One,
who shines Light
on everyone,
do you not shine
to see your Light –
shining back
to You?

Be One
with Love.
See the Truth
of Who You Are.
reflecting –
like a star.
Star light,
star bright –
You Are.

Let Love Heal

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Let Love heal.

Does not the body
begin to heal
when a cut or
on the skin appears,
there may be pain
that signals
all come here –
surround this site
and begin to heal.

And is not Love
the greatest Healing Balm,
if you cry out in pain,
are you not asking Love
to come,
when you are in need
of some
is it not Love
that lifts you up,
surrounding you
with healing Love?

Let Love heal –
be it your body,
or soul,
do not all work
under the umbrella
of the Whole –
sometimes it may be pain
that helps direct
Love’s healing flow,
let Love show you,
let Love guide you,
yes, Love knows where
to go.

Trust Love to care for
and comfort wounds
that wish to be
seen –
let Love in,
let Love guide,
let Love heal.

A Healing Quilt

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Love can mend
any tear,
Love can fill an
empty space,
it matters not
the why
or where –
Love Is There.

Love creates,
Love is the thread
that stitches
the pieces together
Love is healing,
bringing comfort –
Love Is There.

Wrap yourself
in Love’s healing
feel the assurance
that All Is Well,
in the quiet,
in the still –
Love Is always,
always There.

Focus on Love

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Focus on Love.

Keep your eyes
on the prize,
that is your
always ready
to bubble up,
a continues flow
that never ends,
when you think
you have run dry,
can you not call
it up,
once again,
you can always
be bathed
in it –
when you focus
on Love.

Hope may spring
and is it not Love
that lets this
is it not your
Fountain of Love
that new life
into you
will breathe,
you may have many
life brings to you
what you may need,
but when Love
gets your attention,
with new eyes
do you not see,
a greater reality,
the Truth of
Who You Are –
and does that not
all become clear
when you focus
on Love?

When what you see
becomes murky,
lacking color,
not as sharp,
when you feel
you are scattered
in every direction
than what is yours –
you can always sharpen
the focus,
by tuning into
your loving heart,
is life not a beautiful
when you focus
on Love?

See Love in
everything you
You see all
colors of the
when you focus
on Love.


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Find a room that
is safe and warm,
where Love is the
comfort worn,
like a soft blanket
you can wrap around,
in the quiet,
Love is the only sound,
where is this room
you may ask,
it resides in the heart
of You and Me.

Who Are You
and what do you know
of Love?
I Am You
and all that you
dream of –
you can meet Love
in any room you
wish to be,
by loving You,
may you Love All
that you see,
nurture this space
where you can truly
Be –
You, feeling loved,
Be-ing Free.

Find a room
where you invite others
share this space
where Love is what’s
do not worry if it
Love always knows exactly
where to go,
there is no limit
to what Love can
connect you to.

Any space with Love
is safe and warm,
build on
to any dwelling
you live in,
your heart,
your breath,
is what Love builds here,
but Love lives on
be it Here
or be it There –
in the quiet,
listen softly to
its Truth –
Love is All
There Is
and Love Is You.

The Glow of Love

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Are you not made
of perpetual motion,
as you change,
as you evolve,
take in what experiences
give you,
let go of what
no longer serves,
there is no need to
hold on to what
brings fear in
or what beliefs
you think you are
You Are a creator
pure and simple,
as you let Love
be the catalyst
for All That Is.

Let love flush
all remnants
of fear out,
see yourself
bathed in the
Glow of Love,
be grateful for
what has brought
you here,
let doubt and worry
take a backseat
with fear,
know there is no
to have them
take up residence

Your body, mind
and soul
are resilient,
given time to heal,
are there not changes
that you see,
let the Life Force
flow through you,
you need not know
all what to “do”,
can you accept
the Love that
wishes you to
Be Free?

Let Gratitude help
you resonate
with Love’s beauty,
as You Are Beautiful,
this is not hard
to do –
invite Love to wash
over you,
bathing you in its
Loving Glow,
accept and receive
that Love Is Here
and Love Is You.