Rest and Release


Peel off the layers
one by one,
with Gratitude,
thank every one,
it matters not why 
they are there,
look upon them now 
with loving care.

What defenses do you 
think you need,
protection goes with 
the ego’s creed,
release the armor
you built when young,
has it not obscured 
your view of You 
as One?

Be gentle,
Be kind,
with you my dear,
you need do no-thing – 
Love is always Here,
rest and release into 
Love’s sweet arms,
dear child,
see You as 
the Love You Are!



Breathe in comfort
from Love now,
Love sits with you and
holds your hand,
may you sense
your Truth, Beloved,
your heart,
your soul says 
yes I can.

Look at beliefs that
stir and grate,
ego knows how to 
distract you,
watch with Love,
see your own story,
the One who is watching 
is the Eternal You.

Ask Love not to 
solve the ego,
join with Love that
is wholly You,
your Faith builds 
a bridge to knowing
Love is Here 
at Home
with You!



You are empowered,
You Are Strength,
old wounds need not 
hurt you anymore,
with Gratitude for 
life’s journey,
set victimhood 
outside the door.

Life goes up and 
then back down,
this rollercoaster ride
can make you doubt,
but inherent within
your soul,
is a deep knowing of 
what You Are about.

Thank your angels, 
loved ones too,
you have always been 
part of a Team,
you delight when 
paths you cross 
are so much more 
than what they seem.

You may have thought 
you were alone,
but is it not now 
so clear to you –
you are needed 
in Love’s web,
your heart,
your Strength,
your Team
and You!


A Circle of Love


May Love’s circle 
be unbroken,
may you feel 
complete and whole,
All of You are 
forever, together,
you know This Truth
within your soul.

Sense the magic that
Love brings you,
a sparkling radiance
that you recognize,
does Love not send a kiss
from an angel,
filling you with the Light 
of a starry sky.

Hope and healing 
are here for you
dear one,
though as soul 
You are Whole,
may you sense 
Love’s Joy in knowing,
All You Love 
are Here eternally!

This Love Story


May Love wrap you 
in its comfort,
soak up wholly 
its gift to you,
sense the Lightness 
of your Be-ing,
as you release what is
no longer true.

Ego’s guilt may tell 
a story
to keep you tethered 
to the past,
beliefs become your 
but with an open heart,
guilt cannot last.

This moment now is 
You, creating,
with All you love 
who so Love you,
yes you are part of 
This Love Story,
that is never-ending,
Eternal and True.

Say yes to This Gift 
of Love,
it is for you,
embrace it Here,
step into your Light,
so brilliant,
as you shine with Love,


Finding Kindness


In your search, 
find kindness 

Begin with you,
let judgment rest,
in human terms,
you are doing your
you may be looking 
high and low –
return to You,
find kindness Here.

Release the weight 
of your critical eye,
soften the lens,
let go of asking why,
the self you walk with
responds to kindness
and compassion 

Without a word 
This ripples out,
others may benefit,
not know what it’s 
Be a beacon 
as you shine 
your Light,
your search is over,
finding kindness 

Forever Together


Sense the Gratitude
your loved ones 
send you,
for Love in life 
and where they are,
so close there is 
no distance between,
Love is as strong 
as the Light of stars.

Though your heart 
at times feels broken,
and so full of Love 
you feel it may burst,
there is no less of Love,
it continues to grow,
as forever Love endures.

Your souls know of 
Love’s sweet promise,
This can never,
ever end,
Love walks with you
as you grieve,
your souls rejoice – 
forever together,

Your Beautiful Heart


Say yes to Love that
flows through your
does this not make sense 
now to do,
in the past you thought 
you needed protection,
in This Moment now,
you are safe as You.

As core beliefs build 
your identity,
what can you release 
to see what is True –
You Are more than 
what you think,
answer Love’s invitation
to see the Whole of You.

From this empowered,
peaceful presence,
extend, expand to 
see another’s truth,
as you embrace their 
soul with yours,
is this not You embracing

Is not relationship
a chance
to meet you and 
all of your parts,
how do you follow 
Love’s lead, dear,
might you begin within
your beautiful heart.

Here is wholeness,
Here is Love,
it is an experience 
beyond your mind,
Love imbues you with 
Strength and Courage,
be amazed and open 
at what you may find!

Safe Harbor


Love is your 
this is where your
Strength resides,
Here is where the 
magic happens,
You Are healed 
and whole inside.

Yes life takes you 
on a journey,
with a body that 
talks to you,
tend to it with 
from Source that wholly
breathes you.

Release ego’s blaming
that keep you constricted
and small,
Here is Love,
your safe harbor,
Be your Self,
connected to All.

With this freedom
may you sense
your wholeness that 
never was apart,
Here You Are,
precious child,
Home and safe as
the Love You Are!

Seeing Clearly


Ego is good at 
pointing fingers,
where victimhood 
and blame persist,
might you recognize
this movie,
and change the channel
to step away from this.

Awareness brings 
Love’s Light to 
see more clearly,
you may not like 
what you see,
but with a balanced,
neutral focus,
might you see what 
wishes to be free.

Love All of You,
without the judgment
that ego wants you
to use,
with loving arms,
gather the parts 
that you think are 
separate from You.

May you see clearly
through Love’s eyes
that are forever with
you Here,
Be in this fresh 
new moment,
flowing free and 
Loved so dear!