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Share your Light
by turning your
Light up,
let your Love
help you to see,
the Light in
all brothers and
sisters you see,
are you not always
by This Light?

Shine your Light,
embrace the magnificence
of Who You Are,
This Light is not a
secret tool,
it resonates and
shines in All
of You,
is it not This Light
that solves the
mystery of you?

Be This Light,
darkness simply
in Light
cannot be,
when you see
This Light
in another,
is it not All of You
that are set free?

Share This Light,
shine your Light,
Be All the Light
You Are –
eternal, always,
You Are a bright
and shining star!

Always, Simply Love

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Move your perspective
to One of Love,
do not all differences
might you let go
of comparison,
there is no need
for judgement,

Do not judgments out
reflect judgment in –
is not forgiveness
simply the Truth
of Love,
with no comparisons
to mark progress
are You not always,
simply Love?

Know the Love
of One is
Who You Are,
you may resist
this powerful,
simple Truth,
no matter where
you are in space or
the Love of One
resides eternally
in you.

Wholly Love

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Be transparent –
to you,
look beyond any filters
that you use to
see through,
you may wade through
forgotten shadows
that only wish to see
the Light,
let Love be your only
giving you the most
perfect sight.

Be compassionate –
to you,
in your dismantling
of layered walls,
might you Love all
parts of You?

Might you realize
You Are Whole,
beneath any stories
you thought were true,
You Are Wholly,
Holy Love,
You Are complete
as Love Is You!

Love’s Invitation

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Like a flock of birds
that together,
know where to go,
might you follow
Love’s gentle lead,
inviting you to
go with Love’s flow.

Might it feel a solitary
one you must embark
but no, dear one,
it is full of opportunities
to reach out and
touch someone.

Does Love’s true magic
not grow stronger
when it is shared with
who you meet,
your brothers and sisters
are also waiting,
though yes, some
are fast asleep.

But pay no mind to
where they slumber,
did you not need a
wake-up call,
might you share Love
with your sister and
for is not the Whole
made up of All?

Let Love be the
when words or
minds may not
All are fluent in the
Language of Love,
speak with your heart,
as Love Is You!

Love’s Spiral

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Picture a timeline
as a spiral,
does time not wrap
around you now,
and with a new
might you observe differently,

You can re-visit,
but no-thing remains
the same,
remember Love is Everlasting,
is it not Love that
always remains?

As you walk upon
your journey,
yes, footprints
you leave,
but each step is
a new one,
even if the next step
you cannot see.

Yet, Love flows throughout
the spiral,
that wraps around you,
Love allows any vantage
that you may choose to
look through.

So look without
or within,
is not Love always
with You, Here,
Love is your center,
your Universe,
yes, You Are Love,
O Precious Dear.

Love and Comfort

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Receive Love,
be surrounded
with Love,
you really cannot
but Love.

Wrap yourself
in Love’s sweet
it is your normal
state of Be-ing,
sense the whispers
of Love and comfort,
you are safe
and You Are Loved.

Rejoice with Love,
be lifted with Love,
drop your resistance
to this Truth –
Love is what you
are made of.

Open your heart,
let Love pour in
and bubble up
from deep within,
Here You Are,
Love’s precious friend,
receiving Love,


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Swim in the depths
of your emotion,
experience the wholly
flow of You,
at times you may feel
lost within this ocean,
but is not each wave
supporting you?

You may float on top
or dive below,
to be with the quiet
of your soul,
are you not always able
to take a breath,
to center and return
to this moment’s flow?

There is healing
in these waters,
what may arise
within you to heal?
You are always supported
in the Ocean of Love,
one drop,
one wave,
You Are All
you see.

Be at Peace
in the depths
of your emotion,
see the Light that
filters from above,
with Strength
and Gratitude,
do you not see
that you are
always cradled
in the Arms of Love.