All of This

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With intention,
there is connection,
do you not feel
so very strong,
do you not realize,
in every moment,
that Love has been
all along.

Your human awareness
longs for connection,
but does not your
soul already know –
you are part of this
Force of Love,
and Love always knows
where to go.

A single prayer,
a gathering close,
Love finds a way
through thick or
with intention
and Love in your heart,
direct This Love
throughout and

Bear no strings
or outcomes thought,
All That You Are
is All Love Is,
feel it deeply,
your soul sings out,
This Love You Are
All of This.

Heart Song

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What rises up
within you
that makes you
want to push
or defend,
what strikes a chord
that no longer
reflects the place
you are in.

The more attuned
you are,
the more you notice
the sharper notes,
but as all notes
make up the
Scale of Life,
might you dig
deeper into what
you notice most?

Might all of these
Songs of Life
help you to develop
your own tune,
when you harmonize
with Love,
does not Joy
fill up the room?

There are sharp and
flat notes
that are needed to make
up a scale,
find a key that resonates,
but know there are
others you can experience
as well.

At your core you are
an instrument
that is able to play
many songs,
and when you join
with others,
as an orchestra,
is not a Joy to
play along?

Keep tuning and
keep experimenting
to find what resonates
within you,
and remember there are
infinite notes that
can combine to play
a beautiful tune.

Explore the songs in
your heart
that speak the Truth
of Who You Are,
and experience all of
the limitless ways
to sing with Love
as the Love You Are!


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Create anew.

When a path
that feels familiar,
takes you down
a road in fear,
know you have
the Power within you
to create new.

Like switching out
old clothes that
no longer express
Who You Are,
might you match
your outside with
your inside,
and create anew.

You may need to
acknowledge awareness
of the old
as it meets the
with Gratitude
and Love
may you move forward
as you create anew.

Will not the familiar
look quite different,
when you see with
the Eyes of Love,
remember You
and with Love always
create anew
with the Power of Love.


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What is the energy
behind compassion,
yes, it is all about
but does compassion
not go beyond
with nothing to compare
below or above?

Is not compassion
experienced with eyes
that see the Truth
of Who You Are –
all fellow travelers
on this journey,
not one who is separate
near or far.

It may be fleeting,
it may be a mantra,
compassion appears
in many ways,
compassion is able to
break down walls,
that are put up
so someone may
feel safe.

Compassion is not pity,
it sees the Truth
that your soul knows,
when you see with
the Eyes of Love,
do you not help
compassion flow?

Get to know compassion
and as you experience
Love’s powerful tool,
as you gift others
with compassion,
might you direct it
also to you?

With Love expressed
as compassion,
do you not experience
this Gift of Love,
connecting you with
Love to All,
knowing the Truth,
that All Are One.

Bright Light

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When you see a
bright Light
in others,
is this not because
of your own Light
as well,
does not your soul navigate
you to many mirrors
that will tell
the Truth of what
is your very Essence,
are you not shining
for all to see,
you are a Bright Light
believe this Truth
and shine brightly.

Your human story
may throw you curves,
you may feel you
you have lost your shine,
but your soul
burns ever brightly,
not constrained by
space or time –
so dust off what
no longer serves you,
and as you tap
into the Truth,
you need not see
the Light outside,
all of your brightness
shines in You.

Be the Light
that burns so
see what Light
attracts to you,
You Are a Beautiful Light,
shine brightly with
the Love
That is You!


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You need not wait
for something to
are you not continually
unfolding from
and as You Are Love,
does not each
moment contain,
all the Love that innately
flows through You?

It is human
to be impatient,
but is that not
when an expectation
is sought,
know Peace when
you move to your
letting your heart
speak to you
instead of thoughts.

You may feel an urge
to resolve
what is swirling,
from the past,
present, future
not yet here,
but have Faith
in Love’s perfect
is Love not in
this moment now
and oh so clear?

Do not wait for
something to happen,
Be the Love right now
That Is You,
from this moment
to the next,
the magic of Love
is in every breath,
you unfold with Love
in every moment,
Beautiful You!


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Healing is Love
Love Is.

You may think
something is broken,
you may wish
to sometimes fix,
is this not always
a request for Love,
healing is Love.

Does Love not go
where it is needed,
like oil you put
on squeaky parts,
when parts work
as the Whole –
healing is Love.

Have faith that Love
is where it is
might you raise
it up
inside of you,
does Love not
ripple out
in all directions –
healing is Love.

And when you see
Love’s completeness,
knowing that
All Is truly Well,
what you thought
was broken
is Whole –
healing is Love.

Be Love,
as You Are
a beautiful child
of the Divine.
Love Heals,
Love Is Whole,
Love Is.