Flow Into You

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Flow into You.

Like a creek gently
or the current in a river
rolling through,
with no beginning
and no ending,
much like All Love
that flows through You.

Oceans need not search
for water droplets,
is it not water
that makes the
is water not in every
ripple created,
like All of Love that
flows through You.

Return dear child
to where you come
you need not go
somewhere to know,
yes, Love is always
to Be with Love,
flow into You.

And Trust

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Trust the spirit
that dwells within
is This not the
that connects you
All you Love
and Love comes back
to you,
this Force,
this Flow,
is always what
breathes you,
have Faith
and with will,
may Love see
you through –
All Is Well,
Love Is Here
with you,
breathe with Love
and Gratitude. . .

and Trust.

In the Quiet

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Traveling yet again. . . from December 2017


In the stillness.
Before you wake
at break of day,
before you know
if work or weekend
or what events
you have planned
that day.
In the quiet,
in the moments,
before your mind
becomes fully engaged –
is this not
a moment of magic,
when you are You
and not you at all?

Do you not sense
that you have been conversing,
visiting others,
visiting You –
your dreams may take you
on a journey,
you are not always clear
if they are true,
but when a whisper,
when a feeling,
when a knowing,
lets you know –
in the quiet,
in the stillness –
does not a loved one
say hello?

When you sit
in the stillness,
when you quiet
your active mind,
can you strip
away the layers
that may cover up
Who You Are –
as you sit with
your loving heart,
are you not joined
by those you love –
this Love Is You,
this Love Is All –
always connected
in this Space of Love.

In the quiet,
in the spaces
between night and day
and day and night –
does Love not exist
in everything
and in between
all that you see?

Love is in between
the snowflakes,
that fall so peacefully
on a winter’s day,
Love is in a favorite song –
in the first notes
and when the music
fades aways.
Are you not left
with the feeling
that warms your heart
and comforts you –
Love Is everything You Are,
Love Is everything you do.

In the quiet,
in the stillness,
You Are Love
as Love Is You.


20191228 XPicture


Be You
in this moment,
You are Love
in this moment
let Joy,
let Peace,
bubble up inside,
though you may
sometimes wonder

Does your innate
sometimes raise
you up,
do you not surprise
yourself with
Joy, Peace
and Strength
are your companions,
as they reside
as the Love
in You.

Do not judge you,
in this moment,
You Are your
brother and
sister, too,
all experiencing
how to navigate
a path,
yes, that always leads
back to you.

With Joy,
with Peace,
may you discard
what may obstruct
this loving Truth,
with Strength
and Gratitude
may you accept,
that You Are Blessed,
as Love Is You.


20191227 XPicture


Mix it up,
try something new,
might you cultivate
what is new in you?

Are you not a creative
with help and assistance
at every turn,
is not each experience
here for you,
to bring a new perspective
for you to learn?

Move forward with Hope
and Ease,
with an assuredness
that brings you Peace,
are you not able to adjust
and find,
that you are in the right place
at the perfect time?

Look with wonder at what
the day brings to you,
there is no need to struggle,
when you let Love flow through you.

Mix it up,
see you
in a different Light,
accept, allow
and sense your perfection
and your loving might!


20171225 XPicture

On the road again! Here is a post from December 2017. . .


Do you see
One Light
that shines
through You,
that shines
through All,
can you believe
that You Are Light?

Do you feel
One Love
that flows
through You,
that flows
through All,
can you believe
that You Are Love?

Do you know
One Light,
One Love,
for One,
for All,
do you hear
your soul rejoicing –
can you believe
that You Are That?

Believe Light.
Believe Love.
Rejoice in the
Knowing that
You Are Love.

All That Is
Is Love
and You Are That.



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Awaken All –
see your Light
is Love not Here
each Blessed day,
This Love,
This Light
rises up inside
all steps
along the way.

You need not journey
far to find
this treasure,
You Are the Gift
of Light
shining through,
within This Light,
You Are Loved
beyond measure,
Divine Love
shines through You!


20191224 XPicture


You may at times
feel deep in slumber,
when dark of night
touches light of day,
but is this not
when Love’s Light
burns brighter,
to walk with you
and show you
the way.

Awaken ye
who knows This Light,
it burns eternally
inside of You,
full of Hope,
with Grace and Ease,
does this Faith in Love
not stir within You?

Wake up, wake up
from your deep slumber,
walk with purpose among
these loving rays,
Love surrounds you
and holds you gently,
O Child of Love,
You Are Loved,

All of This

20191223 XPicture


Be Light as moon
above you glowing,
spread Light as rays
from the sun,
see Light within
your brother growing,
know Light as you
and your sister
Are One.

There may not be
a single instance
in this life
that unites you All,
you may share a moment
on your timeline,
you may sing together
to a favorite song.

But Light and Love
have you connected,
this goes beyond
familial ties,
acknowledge This Light
in All you See,
let your heart open
to This Truth inside.

Be Light,
it is your truest
you need not search
for this perfect gift,
see your reflection
wherever you are looking,
your Home resides
in All of This.

Home With Love

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Be Home with Love.

You may express it
in a place,
a holiday,
or song you sing,
with people gathering,
a quiet moment,
or in the Joy a
beloved pet brings.

Feel the Love that
spilleth over,
do you not wonder
from whence it comes –
this Eternal Fountain
flows across forever,
you cannot Be anywhere
Home with Love.

Rejoice in This Moment,
wherever you are,
it matters not the
space and time,
sing out Love’s Glory
within your heart,
All are with you,
Home with Love.