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I am traveling early for work  – here is a message from April 2016.



A current of water
flowing over rocks.

You see this in a stream,
a creek,
a branch
of water.

Rocks of all shapes and sizes
lie in its path
threatening to disrupt its direction
its path
its flow.

But the water continues on.
It finds each crack,
each crevice,
each opening.
Its energy, its current
finding its way,
the rocks.

You cannot separate
the water and the rocks
from this stream.
Are they not what make this stream
a joy to experience?
The steady sound of movement of energy
that is a joy to hear.
The wonder of seeing water
rushing, shooting, swirling
around and between these rocks.

And you are asking, “Am I the water or the rock?”
And yes – You Are both.

You are the current of water,
flowing with energy.
It does not matter what lies ahead of you.
You continue to be water,
and water flows.

You are the rock,
with time almost standing still,
the water gently, slowly,
smoothing the sharp edges;
polishing, sculpting, a part of this dance.

Be the water.
Step into the flow, the energy,
the current of Life itself.

Be the rock.
Let the water
flow over you,
changing ever so gently.

Both are needed to make up
a stream,
a creek,
a branch of water
that is glorious to behold.

You Are Glorious.
You Are Beautiful.
You Are All That Is.

The Wonder of Love

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Does not a bird
use its wings
to experience air
so it may fly
from here to there –
have you not seen
a hawk suspended
as if held by a cord,
so perfectly does hawk
feel the current
it cannot see,
does it not look
like magic
when birds defy

This unseen air you breathe,
is all around you –
you know it’s there,
you may feel it
as a breeze
when it rustles
through your hair,
you do not think
much about it,
you cannot see it
that is true,
but here on earth
are you not grateful
for the air
that surrounds you?

Are you not surrounded
by forces
that you do not see
and may not know,
yes, science helps to
what cause this
or makes that so,
but is there not wonder
when you are in nature,
when forces come together
and co-exist –
like a hawk soaring
on air,
or the sound of a warming
that rustles through
the leaves?

In this wonder,
in this awe,
does your heart not
stir with Love,
you need not have
all of the answers,
you need not see
all that you know –
do you not know
in your heart,
that you are supported
by All That Is,
much like the birds,
the majestic hawk,
held up by what
you cannot see?

Open your heart,
feel the Gratitude,
for the wonders
big or small,
are you not a Miracle
of Nature,
by the very air you
breathe –
as Love is Who You Are,
are you not surrounded
by Love,
do you not sense when
Love expands,
when you feel the
rustle of Love?

With Gratitude,
with wonder,
feel and Be
the Presence of Love.
Always present.
Always surrounded.
You Are always,
always Love.

Be Loving With You

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Be gentle.
Be loving
with you.

Like a leaf
reaching up
to catch a drop
of rain,
will it not hold
what it needs,
letting the rest
roll off,
to be soaked up
by another leaf,
maybe the roots,
the ground –
can you relax
in the knowing
that you need not
take in everything?
Be gentle.
Be loving
with you.

Like a daffodil
that springs up early,
always when more
snow may be
on the way,
but does this early
sign of Light,
not give hope
to still-dark days,
when it freezes,
when the snow falls
nesting in the
green of life –
can you find comfort
in the knowing
that All Is Well,
seasons will change?
Be gentle.
Be loving
with You.

Do your best
in any circumstance,
any situation
that comes your way,
you often are your
harshest critic,
now can you give
yourself a break?
Let the rain
run off you now,
let the sun melt
any snow,
rejoice when blue sky
gives you hope
and the springtime bulbs
begin to grow,
can you feel Love
in the knowing
that You Are Loved
no matter the season
you are in?
Be gentle.
Be Loving
with You.

The Nature of Love

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A stand of trees
in the forest,
do they not share
the nutrients
from the soil
of mother earth,
do not their roots
soak up the water,
running deep or
raining down
from the skies above,
do not the sun’s rays
bring life to each tree
in the forest,
can you not look
at a single tree
and see the forest
that is so alive?

Do you not receive
the same gifts
from mother earth,
does she not connect you
to the trees,
do you not walk upon
the soil,
that gives you nutrients
through food,
is your thirst not quenched
by rivers of water,
does not the sun
bring warming Light,
can you look at yourself
in a mirror
and see all of humanity?

Do you not sense
the support of nature,
are you not part
of nature, too,
does it not help
when you are standing
with others,
who are also
part of You,
as you are all
part of something greater,
can you expand
your once-limited view,
though you may be a
single tree in the forest,
are you not the
forest, too?

Are you not in the soil
that nurtures you,
are you not the water
that is raining down,
are you not the air
that breathes you,
are you not as bright
as the shining sun,
you are strong
as a sturdy tree
that bends when
the wind is so strong,
both individually
and together,
can you celebrate
that You Are One?

You never stand alone.
You Are connected
above and below.
What is Here
is also There.
Yes, always connected
by the Nature of Love.


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Do you not know calm
after a storm?

Like a snow globe
when you shake it,
you can change
the scene you are in,
but when all settles down,
do you not enjoy
the calm?
Sometimes it is you
that shakes things up,
like an Etch-a-Sketch
you clear,
so that you may
start again,
beginning from a
place of calm.

When there is tumult,
when there is change,
on a larger scale
around you –
it may be hard
to find your center,
to find the calm
and sense the Peace,
but you need not be
the winds blowing,
the snow flying,
the globe that shakes.

Might you be the ground
for all to settle down,
can you visualize the snow
no longer flying around,
does not all become quiet
when the storm
has moved along,
do you not find Peace
when grounded in
this State of Calm?

Be centered in your heart,
when things shake up,
you can return.
Be grounded in the earth,
nature can show you
what to do.
There is an ebb and flow
to life,
but at your center
do you not find –
There Is Love.
There Is Light.
There Is Peace
and There Is Calm.

Winds of Change

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Winds of Change.

There are systems,
jet streams,
that can bring either
warm or cold air,
does not an arctic blast
originate far away
from where you may
reside –
but in a “cold snap”
or experiencing a heat wave,
do these not often
come in
on winds of change?

Can you be a part
of winds of change,
change that may expand
or melt the heart,
what if waves of Love
were to trickle in,
picking up steam
as more join in,
as Love is energy,
can energy not grow,
expanding as this
loving Flow
spreads far and wide,
to reach any heart,
no matter where you
may reside –
can you set sail
on these Winds of Change?

You need not change
another’s view,
are you not spreading Love
to turn on a Light,
there are myriad perspectives,
many points of view,
can you trust that
the heart
knows what to do –
you need not speak
the same language
or hear the same words,
do you not connect
with a loving heart?
Is it not heart to heart
that continues the Flow,
do not hearts fan
the Winds of Change?

Might you raise your vibration
with a grateful heart,
might you share Love,
might you receive,
there is magic when you
enter this Flow of Love –
when you lift to be in
these Winds of Change.
Is it not Love that lifts you,
are you not ready to fly –
can you add your loving heart
to this Wave of Love?

Share the Love
that is in
your heart.
Be a wave of Love
on the Winds of Change.

Diving Into Love

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When you wish
to dive deeper,
into the vast
Sea of Knowledge,
is it not as extraordinary
as if you were diving
down deep into the ocean –
are you not amazed
and delighted
by what you see
and find upon
this journey,
some parts are familiar,
some entirely new
from your perspective
as an observer
of this Journey of Life.

And when it gets
too dark to see,
do you not turn on
your Light,
do not colors appear brighter
when you shine your Light
against the darkness,
on your Journey
in this Sea of Life,
do not some things
come forward
for you to see?

And do you not find
that you are the same
whether diving deep
down into this sea,
or rising to the surface
to catch a glimpse
of the blue sky,
the clouds,
the sun that shines
down upon you,
are you not aware
that You exist
in the deep, vast ocean,
are You not the
ray of sunshine
that you feel
upon your face?

You Are You,
no matter your Journey.
You Are a part of everything
of All that you see.
And as You Are a part
of All That Is,
do you not transcend any
person, place or thing?

Continue to explore
upon your Journey.
You see that all roads
lead you back to You.
When you see You
in every drop
of the ocean,
when You Are
the sunbeam
that Lights the way,
do you not catch up
to your exploration
and find the answer
has always been –

And as You Are Love
and the Light That Shines –
Welcome Love,
Welcome You,
Welcome Home.