A Loving Garden

20180518 XPicture


Wildflower seeds that fall,
some may take hold,
maybe not all,
depending on sunlight
and rain,
you may need to plant
more seeds again,
are you not surprised
at what comes up,
what takes root,
what begins to spread –
once planted,
do not flowers know
what they need
to flourish and grow?

Is intention
not like planning
what seeds or plants
to put in,
at the beginning of spring
when new ideas
are pouring in,
you may have a vision
of what you would like
to see –
you prepare the space,
the dirt,
where your garden may be,
then you plant
and you water,
but do you not also
let go –
to see what thrives,
what flourishes,
as you watch your
garden grow?

There is a balance between
and what you would like
to see,
can you bring the two
in this loving Space of
Possibility –
with intention,
may you align
with what resonates
with Love
and let Love be
your guide,
as you plant the garden
you dream of?

Focus your intention,
then let the seeds go
where they will grow.
With Love,
nourish your garden,
with Joy,
watch your garden grow.


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Fruit growing on a tree,
be it apple, peach or pear,
is it not a miracle
to behold,
when you see the branches
from these woody starts
fruit grows,
beginning as shoots,
then buds
to blooms –
opening magically in
the sun,
when you look at
an apple, peach or pear,
would you think
it could come from there?

Does not the miracle
of a fruit tree,
help you to see
you never know,
what may be the result
of miraculous growth,
at any stage you
may not see,
what the end result
may be –
and even what you think
may be the end,
will not the seeds
grow again,
into another tree,
more blooms to sprout,
as the shining sun
kisses ripening fruit?

Fruit growing on a tree,
does not this miracle
help you to see,
with patience,
nurturing and care,
the tree will grow
with fruit to bear,
thriving in the dirt,
with rain and sun,
Tree does not do this
all alone,
does not the miracle
of fruit occur,
when the conditions are
ripe for growth?

Be patient.
Be nurturing.
Be caring.
Be Love.
Hold the miraculous
space for growth.
Be the dirt,
the rain,
the sun –
see what Love
can become.
Each step of growth
contains the
Miracle of Love.

A Mighty Tree

20180513 XPicture


A tree standing
in the forest
is still a majestic,
beautiful tree,
but does it not thrive,
is it not protected
by the trees
and plants
it is near,
does not a forest,
does not nature
work together
as a community,
a canopy of leaves
over the dirt,
the ground beneath?

Might the tree bring
shade to others
that cannot weather
too much sun,
might its leaves
hold precious water
so that it and others
can drink some,
there are a multitude
of interactions,
between trees standing
side by side,
is not a collection of trees,
a forest,
teeming with purpose
and with life?

You Are as majestic
as the tree,
standing straight and tall,
sometimes you wish
to be solitary,
sometimes you wish
the support of all,
know that just like
a forest,
you have an integral
role to play,
being You,
part of All,
wholly Light
in every way.

Be you the shade,
or the shaded,
stretch your branches
far and wide –
ask for help
when you need it,
take turns giving
and receiving Light,
your roots are connected,
always together
with the Source of
All That Is –
stand tall,
beam of Light,
with the Strength
and Peace
of Love.

This Moment

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Can you learn from
a season,
from a month,
maybe a day,
from an hour
to a minute,
to this moment
with you now,
can you be patient,
taking care
of what you need
at present time –
can you be with
each moment,
as each one
might you be patient
with what unfolds
before you?

Might you miss
what is in front
of you,
if you are focused
too far ahead,
speculation is
very human,
as you work it out
within your head,
might you take note
from beloved pets
whose presence
brings you to
their moment now
and is not this
present moment,
the perfect time
to see,
to watch
your unfoldment –
unfolding in this perfect
Moment of Love?

Yes, the human world
requires planning,
but is it not easy
to get caught,
in every wheel turning
as you struggle
to keep up,
step off the wheel,
take a walk,
soak in the tub,
breathe in the air outside,
the ground,
the water,
the fresh air
can bring you back
to this moment now –
just as seedlings
are unfolding
after waiting patiently,
is not perfect timing
in this present
moment now?

Be present and patient
with unfolding,
marvel at the
Wonder of You.
Every moment
is a blessing,
when you are
filled with Gratitude.
Acknowledge every step
that has brought you
to this one now –
feel the ground,
take a deep breath,
Be Love
in this
moment now.


20180424 XPicture


Widen your horizons
or narrow your scope –
there is Love
in every direction,
there is much that
gives you hope,
is there not Love
in listening stillness,
can you not hear Love
within the noise,
as Love has no opposing
can you not sense Love

Can you slow down
to contemplate,
to reflect upon
the depths of Love,
think of the ocean
to see the mysteries there –
might time slow down
in the silence,
in the stillness
as you go deep,
is there not Love
throughout your
and even when you

And back on top
of the ocean,
might you visualize
traveling on a boat,
is it not exhilarating
to experience all that
you can see –
riding on the waves,
seeing all directions
in 360,
is Love not as vast
as the ocean,
full of infinite possibility?

You can experience Love
that surrounds you,
you can sense Love
deep within your bones,
as you expand
your awareness,
will you not find
is Home?
It matters not
if you go deep or wide,
is it not Love
that you will find –
let Love lead
your adventure,
buckle up
and enjoy the ride!

Tipping Into Love

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Where is the tipping point
for Love?

As human,
do you not experience
ebb and flow,
like the waves that roll
in and out,
like a spring season
that tries to manifest
but returns to cool
even as the greening
do you not long for,
look for
and wait for
the “true” emergence
of spring,
do you not look
and wait for
the Peace
that comes with
the understanding
of Love?

And when you are in
this peaceful bliss,
as you remember
You Are
like the perfect
spring day,
might you realize
that Love is
not an expectant state,
it need not be
with no clouds
or rain,
does not Love
love every season
of life,
is there not Love
in each season
and in between?

Where is the tipping point
for Love?
Do you not fill up
to then spill over,
are you not in
a constant state
of change,
to experience daily
the Truth of
Who You Are,
there is an ebb
and flow
to this rhythm
of Life,
that is all about
and re-discovering You,
much like each season
that cycles through.

There is no true
there is no end.
There is only Love
and Love Is You.

Seeds of Love

20180418 XPicture


A seed waits in
the soil,
waiting patiently
to grow,
with the right mix of
will not this seed
emerge from the dirt,
to grow into a
a bush,
a tree
or whatever produced
this seed?

But is that not
how a seed
it need not be told
what to do –
is there not a knowing,
a remembrance,
is it not returning
to its roots –
has not this seed
come from its origin,
a flower,
or tree,
is it not completely whole,
even as the buried seed?

At every step in the
growth process,
are you not You
at your core,
your human mind
craves understanding,
so experiences you
get to explore,
but do not all teachings
point you to finding
what nourishes you
and helps you to grow,
are these not the perfect
conditions –
that You Are Love
and perfectly Whole?

When you focus
your intention
on this Seed of Love
that is your heart,
does not the casing
that surrounds you
drop away
what you no longer need,
are you not able
then to bloom
as you grow,
as you believe –
that You Are Love
at every stage of growth
and is it not Love
that sets You free?

Love is the seed
within the soil,
Love is the flower
that expands and grows.
Love is each step
of the Journey,
Love is not a destination
where you may go.
Each season or
Cycle of Life
is as precious as
the one before –
Love every step
that you experience
and spread freely
the Seeds of Love.