Silver Lining

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A perfect storm
may gather slowly
or it may come
on very fast,
thunder and lightening
may dance together,
for a moment or
longer last.

And when the rain
comes pouring down,
does this release
not pave the way,
for bringing life
to what is thirsty
and to clear out
what may be
in the way?

A calm, blue sky
is oh so beautiful,
but do not clouds
add to your view,
do you not marvel
at the endless possibilities,
that the limitless sky
brings to you?

Each moment has a
and as you look
at the sky above,
be it clear or
be it stormy,
in every moment,
is there not Love?

Look for the silver lining
in any cloud
that you may see –
gather All You Are
around you,
as You Are Love,
yes, You Are Free!


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And Lo,
There Is Peace.

In the moon phase,
in a cloud raised,
in a sparkle on
lake so calm,
in the precious eyes
of a baby,
and Lo,
There Is Peace.

With your loved ones,
Here Everafter,
where there is no
time or space,
no-thing between you,
always connected,
and Lo,
There Is Peace.

At morning dawning,
all possibilities
are with you as a
warm cup you
at twilight soothing,
know All Is Well,
and Lo,
Here Is Peace.

Come Inside

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Step outside
to come inside.

Are there not times
when time stands still,
when in a moment
you look up
and feel you could
reach up to touch the

So close you are
to mother earth,
do you not feel
her in each step,
does not this
beautiful sense
of belonging,
satisfy your longing
to Be?

Step outside
to come inside,
a flower,
or blade of grass –
each one precious
as it adds
to the Whole
of what you see.

All of You
is in every seed,
every bloom
or leafy tree,
as earth is breathing,
creating life,
are you not part
of her every breath?

Step outside
to come inside,
look at life
from inside out,
Be the beautiful creation
That You Are,
Love surrounds you
as the sky surrounds
all of the shining stars!


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Be a spark of Light,
see the Light
when it is dark,
see Love that dwells
in another,
even when this may
be hard.

Be like star,
the sun,
the moon,
always there
even when day
is through,
do you not
emanate Love,
when you shine
the Light in You?

Do not think
you are not
or that your Light
is not enough –
one spark of Light
is all that is needed
for someone when
life feels very rough.

You may not know
who you may touch,
or you may know
who you choose
to see,
when the choice is
made with Love,
does Love,
does Light
not set you free?

Shine your Light
for you,
shine your Light
for Me
and when Lights
gather together,
is this not a
sight to see?

A Spark of Light
is all that is needed
to pierce the darkness
with its glow,
sun, stars and
are your companions,
You Are a beautiful Light
to behold!


20190807 XPicture


Be Awareness.
Be Love.

When you need grounding,
Be aware
of the mighty roots
beneath your feet,
and like the trunk
of the sturdy tree,
Be Awareness,
Be Love.

When you need assurance,
Be aware
of Love that flows
Love is Here,
always with thee,
Be Awareness,
Be Love.

Beyond space and time,
Be aware
of the Love That Is You
for Eternity,
feel Love’s embrace
that surrounds you
Be Awareness,
Be Love.

You are loved
beyond measure,
Be aware
of Love’s limitless-ness,
open your arms,
your heart and
Be –
Be Awareness,
You Are Love.

Nature’s Beauty

20190803 XPicture


Love does not mind
to remind you,
Love Is Here,
along with Peace,
let nature’s palette
paint you a picture,
take in the beauty
that you see.

Late summer flowers,
dusty rose or purple,
butterflies or bees
with their constant hum,
for some the ocean
beats the rhythm
of your heart
as you feel as One.

The patch of blue
as dark clouds recede,
a rainbow appears,
saying All Is Well,
does not nature’s beauty
help you believe,
Love stirs your heart
from this endless well.

When you need grounding,
a return to ease,
when you wish to feel
the beauty that dwells
in you,
let nature be your mirror
to help you see,
what you find beautiful
is the beauty
within You.


20190802 XPicture


know that Love
is in the still,
when you stop
to catch your breath,
is this not when
you sense
your loving will?

Yes, you love
the forward momentum
when you see what
Love creates,
now also relax
into Love’s rhythm,
and let your vessel

Like water flowing
in a river,
there are sections
that build up speed,
then a pool begins
to form,
allowing the water
to gather and be.

As you are fluid
like the water,
might you be aware
of what you need,
and know Love always
flows within you,
it is not about the
time or speed.

So relax,
when your body
tells you to –
enjoy a time of
as your soul
aligns perfectly
with you.