In the Quiet


In the dawn before 
break of morning,
in the pause before 
dark grows light,
you accept that 
sun is rising,
in its own timing 
morn replaces 

No matter the pause 
or phase of life,
your eternal Light  
is much like the sun,
it rises, reaches through 
any darkness,
a familiar beacon 
when you are in need
of one.

Like fireflies or 
moon glow shining,
Light surprises when 
you need it most,
receive the gifts 
of others shining 
their Lights for you – 
a gathering of souls.

In the quiet of 
any morning,
before the noise 
of break of day,
Beloveds all whisper
to you gently,
All Is Well,
we will Light 
the way!


Photo: David Gipson

Your Heart Song


May Love be the  
song you hear
from your heart.

Does it not join 
with melodious 
bird song,
that invites you 
to this day,
may you join 
with the melody 
of your heart.

Do trees not gently 
sway with branches 
that are One with 
a cleansing breeze,
may you dance 
with the rhythm 
of your heart.

Does not the sky with 
sun and clouds 
create a kaleidoscope 
of art,
may you create 
with the rainbow colors
of your heart.

May you add to this
fine day,
Love’s vibration that 
creates from You,
may Love play 
your unique song,
from your loving,
amazing heart!



Is Love not the 
of your soul?

Food for the body 
is needed here,
Love is part of this 
as you prepare,
there is much Love 
baked and stirred,
as you create dishes
with care.

And beyond food
what do you create,
for nourishment of 
your soul’s palate 
Any moment or 
can be simmered in 
the soup of Love 
you make.

Allow your soul to 
show you how,
to create, 
to nourish,
with Love now,
it may be a solitary 
or connecting with 
one or more,

Love is the nourishment 
of You,
mind, body, soul is 
where Love flows 
may you be nourished 
with loving care,
receiving all gifts 
Love has for You!

This Field


Like a field of 
that emerge from 
similar seeds,
are not your brothers 
and your sisters,
extensions of One 
creating continuously?

You observe behavior 
as your mind 
wishes to separate 
and categorize,
but does your heart
not wish to connect,
recognizing Love 
with your soul’s eyes?

Observe and marvel 
at the layers, colors,
that make up 
this field you see,
but remember you 
All are aspects of 
One Love emerging 
from one seed!

Rise and Shine


Rise and shine
your Light today,
let the birds sing
songs for you,
be it sun or rain
the sky reminds,
you are as loved
as the sky is blue.

Earth’s beauty may touch 
your soul today,
as your heart sings 
a song of Gratitude,
Be You in the flow 
of Love today,
receive this Love 
that reflects back to 

Rise and shine 
your Light today,
rejoice with the angels 
that sing above,
as you give and receive 
Love’s song in your 
know you are Love’s gift –
precious Child of Love!



Spring reminds that 
life returns,
in each branch of 
new growth green,
buds are bursting,
ready to bloom,
is this not Love 
unfolding in everything?

This is life’s timing upon 
the earth,
but as your soul is an
eternal Be-ing,
does not quiet reflection 
like winter’s stillness,
bring forth inspiration 
like the bursting spring?

Life may look different 
each and every day,
beloveds you miss,
when they feel far away,
but might you behold
as spring lovingly reminds,
Life is Eternal,
beyond place and time.

Your soul rejoices with you
this time of year,
possibilities are endless
with spring in the air,
let the seasons remind you,
what your soul always knows –
Love is with you,
together, always,
behold Love’s beauty 
as you grow!

Melting Time


Time may feel cumulative,
like puddles of rain 
that form in pools,
does not the earth 
absorb the rain,
does not time 
melt away in You?

As time is a linear 
that has no matter 
or substance to touch,
is it not part of 
conscious dreaming,
that disappears when 
you fully wake up?

Are not your lucid states
when time melts away,
when you are connected 
to your Light of Love,
as human you balance 
multiple perceptions,
as soul you know Love 
is All you are made of.

Yes, time is needed 
in your earthly state,
but do not be a 
prisoner of time,
time pushes, pulls,
it thinks it is in charge,
but only if you allow 
it to rule your mind.

Play with time, 
see it disappear,
when you have awareness
of Who You Are as Now,
wave the magic wand 
of Gratitude,
in this Eternal Moment,
You Are perfect, 

Nurturing Growth


Soak up the possibility
of spring. 
Do you not reflect 
the magic of spring’s 

Does not the Essence 
of spring’s vibration,
wake up a greater 
awareness of your
your soul is always 
with you, dear one,
but does not spring 
invite you to unfold?

Do you not marvel 
at new growth,
seeing brighter green 
on tips of trees,
your eyes from winter 
feel freshly opened,
as new blossoms 
dance with greening

Spring brings contrast 
to stark winter,
though every season 
has its role,
whatever season you 
may experience,
does not transition 
help you to grow?

What comes up for 
you to notice,
see the beauty 
of All of You,
you have the power 
of Forgiveness,
unconditional Love 
begins with You.

Be gentle with 
new growth,
tend to your blooms
with loving care,
marvel at your soul’s 
eternal promise,
I grow with you,
forever Everywhere!

True Vision


Vision – 
is to see with 
the Eyes of Love.

Yes, this is easier 
when looking at the
greening spread 
of spring,
or when a day 
is flowing and 
you are not 
in need of a 

But on the days 
that tax you,
when you feel 
you have given 
your all,
might you surrender 
with Faith to Love,
to see with Vision 
that cuts through 
the fog.

And in this sweet surrender,
know you are surrounded
with loving care,
let angels,
and loved ones,
bring sweet comfort 
to nerves frayed 
and bare.

Keep looking with your
True Vision,
in Gratitude may you 
see so clear,
in every moment, 
Love is with you,
as the Truth of You,
Love is always Here!

A Season of Love


What rises up before
bringing to you the 
comfort of hope?
It may be small shoots 
of plant growth,
or early-bloom trees
you behold.

Yes, the seasons put on 
a show,
when transition is in 
the air,
what rises up to 
remind you,
new life,
new growth
is Everywhere.

No matter the time 
of year,
you are timeless,
you are Life,
You Are an Eternal 
season of spring,
with possibility giving 
you new sight.

Love eternally 
rises up within you,
welcome Love each 
and every day,
let each day dawning
wash over you with 
You Are Love’s 
holy creation,