Welcome Home


You are connected 
to all around you,
the wind, the trees,
they speak to you,
do you not sense your
place of belonging,
All of Love is 
Home to You.

You may have changed 
external layers,
searching for inner 
Peace and Truth,
but once you discard 
protective armor,
do you not find 
the authentic you?

May this Path of 
reveal what Love 
already knows,
You Are Love itself 
We See You and 
Welcome Home!

Saying Yes


Say yes to Love.
Say yes to You.

Ego wishes to distract,
not wanting you to 
grow and bloom,
but do you not hear 
spring calling,
say yes to Love,
say yes to You.

Your soul has planted 
many seeds 
that come to life 
when timing is right,
nurture All that is 
within you,
say yes to Love,
say yes to You.

Patience is a gentle 
some things take time 
to unfold,
with compassion for 
your journey,
say yes to Love,
say yes to You.

Cultivate these seeds 
with tenderness,
tend to them with 
loving care,
there is new growth
in every moment,
saying yes to Love 
is saying yes to You.

May Love Be the spring 
you long for,
as you breathe in 
hope and Truth,
You Are growing,
ever creating,
Love says yes, 
forever with You!

Walking With Peace


Let Love reassure,
is that not what 
you wish to feel,
that no matter life’s 
You Are Loved,
All is Well.

There is an ebb
and flow to life,
much like the seasons
always change,
ride the waves that 
life presents,
but know your Peace
remains the same.

Trust in Love’s 
it may come in
many forms,
know your place 
is One with Source,
always safe,
forever Home.

Breathe in Love’s 
calm healing balm,
You Are This,
know This Truth –
Love’s reassurance
holds your hand,
walking with Peace,
This Love and You. 

Softly, Peace

12/30/22   From – 12/27/20

Let your soul 
remind you where 
are the depths 
of your Peace,
when you release
your surface thoughts,
is there not a stillness

You need not 
travel far
or go to great 
to experience 
this – 
your soul remembers 
what you forgot, 
Here You Are,
All of This.

If you need a 
let your imagination 
you may travel 
to the stars 
so vast,
you may dive deep 
to the ocean floor.

But all of the 
exists completely 
in the Soul of You,
for beyond imagination,
is the Truth 
of the eternal You.

You need not 
but know your soul 
contains All of Truth,
Here is the Peace 
that passes all
nestled so softly
in the Soul of You!

All of This


Do you not flow
with Love,
much like the sun 
and its sun rays,
a drop of sun warms
you in winter,
though sun itself
seems far away.

You may live near 
the ocean,
or far inland to 
not see it,
but its tides are 
tied to the moon
and earth and you
are part of This.

You cannot help 
but be connected,
All is moving,
flowing through,
a drop of water from
another hemisphere
falls as rain,
hydrating you.

The Flow of Love 
is vast, eternal,
it exists beyond 
earth and sky,
your human self 
tries to see this,
but your soul knows,
never asking why.

Love is This Web,
see with the Eyes 
of your soul,
expand your view 
to include All,
see Light in Everything
and know!



Be flexible.

Will this state
of mind not help
you to flow 
with Love so 
well –
be like a tree 
in a strong wind,
Be flexible.

Things in life 
may need to 
you wish to prepare
for come what 
yes, make a plan 
then carry this note – 
Be flexible.

Could you have 
chartered your
adventure Here,
in the past this 
was not clear,
All possibility you 
may not yet know –
Be flexible.

Is this not a question
of trust,
you can go ahead 
and list what you
but savor the journey,
bend with the winds
of change –
Be-ing fearless
and flexible!

Every One


Listen to the trees
that speak,
you are surrounded 
by the sky,
every step you take 
upon the earth,
sends out a rhythm 
far and wide.

You share this space 
with Every One,
sense This Truth
within your soul,
you are in communication 
with all sentient 
above and below.

You belong and 
you are needed,
yes, this world 
is very vast,
but as a created,
Divine expression,
You Are the fabric 
that forever lasts.

In this quilt lovingly 
stitched together,
yes, your stories 
tell a tale,
but may the golden thread
that weaves you,
remind always that 
All is Well.

Be as One with what 
surrounds you,
Here is more than 
what you see,
the rhythms of the 
love to dance with you,

Love’s Elegant System


Give Gratitude 
to cells in your
they are working 
on your behalf,
as a “cell” in the 
what might you give
then sense it coming back.

Yes, your biology 
can teach you 
where does anything
begin or end,
as life is cyclical 
in its nature,
systems work together 

You see your Light 
as separate in 
this world,
but your Light 
cannot Be alone,
it is the life-force 
of All That Is,
you as one expression 
are always part of 
the Whole.

Give Gratitude to All 
expressions of One Love,
You are All manifesting
as One,
explore, rejoice 
in your own 
and know your Light 
forever shines 
at Home.

A Marvelous Mystery


You marvel at the 
mystery of nature 
as it shows,
what acceptance, allowance 
looks like,
moving deeper into 
its flow.

Be amazed at all 
the color autumn 
turned up for all
to see,
now the branches 
show each twist
and bend,
the core of elegant

Now that you can see
more clearly the 
ancient mountains 
that you love,
when the leaves obscured
your view,
were they still not present 
from sights above?

You are nature,
you are mystery,
may you marvel 
at Who You Are,
You Are creation 
of Source expressing 
from dust to stars!

Wherever You Are


Love meets you 
wherever you are,
you may set a place 
and time,
but forever Love 
is with you,
you are never 
left behind.

Walk with Love 
in familiar places,
a favorite season
brings you Here,
Love always meets you
in your heart,
when you wish Love 
to be near.

You need not ask 
for Love to join you,
Love is always, 
forever Here,
Love is with you 
wherever you are,
Love cherishes you,