Experience today.

Set aside your 
your fears,
let worry 
take a break

Let the senses
of your body
take in the beauty
of the earth.

Be warmed by sun,
feel breath of wind,
soak up the wonder 
of spring’s rich growth.

Use the splendor 
of Nature’s Oneness
to embrace This Moment

This is your return
to Home,
You exist in 
This Everywhere.

Here is your Home
where you belong,
This is Peace,
sense it flow through.

You Are This,
beloved child,
This moment 
is Love,
as You!

A Gentle Smile


Be Love today.

Smile at the trees,
whether it be cloudy
or sunny skies with 
add your vibration 
to the Whole –
and Be Love today.

Set aside your list 
of what to do,
yes do them but 
smile inwardly 
at you,
ask gentleness 
to show the way – 
and Be Love today.

Shine your Light,
help another to see,
as you do This 
you see differently,
what you give 
do you not receive,
as Love’s sweet smile,
Be Love today.

The trees,
the sky 
smile back 
at you,
reminding you 
to Be,
not only do,
with a gentle smile,
you know what 
to “do,”
Be You,
Be kind,
Be Love,



You look in awe at
nature flourishing,
lush green covers 
what once was bare,
though trees and bushes 
are always what they are,
with linear time seasons
cycle here.

In life your perception 
of fall or springtime,
may affect how the 
body feels,
yet your True Essence 
is beyond the seasons,
at any moment,
shift to what is Real.

In the human world you
may have preferences,
one season may feel 
more aligned with you,
yet just as tree is Tree 
bare or lush,
within your soul,
are you not always You?

Project This into the
world created,
when You Are spring 
burst with growth 
so True,
Be All of This 
no matter the season,
Love as eternal summer,
forever shines through you!

A Sweet Return


Sensing Love,
gently tears
may flow,
and is this not a 
return to You –
a drop of water 
may think it leaves
its source,
but it always returns
to the ocean blue.

In this release of guilt
are you not wholly
aware of Who You Are,
You Are the vast,
magnificent ocean,
sparkling from the Light
of a million stars!

A drop of water 
from the ocean,
may wish to experience 
the world on its own,
but it cannot help 
but Be as water,
no matter its journey 
or its form.

A drop of dew 
will always glisten
upon a leaf when 
sun says “hi,”
You Are forever 
connected to Love,
as in this world,
earth kisses the sky.

When you experience 
a teary sweet reunion,
with your ever-present soul,
You Are the drop
returning to the ocean,
One with All
and forever Home!



Fill your cup,
let it runneth 
yes Love says 
begin with you,
when What You Are
is what you give,
Love’s cycle flows 
to replenish you.

Take a cue from 
nature’s harmony,
tree roots feed its 
new-growth leaves,
when buds burst
into flowers,
is there not Joy 
for butterflies 
and bees.

Be in Love’s flow,
it will sustain you,
ground yourself and
with Love breathe,
nature is one bridge 
for you to sense
your eternal bond 
to All of This!

Your Home


Your Truth,
your Home,
is your perspective 
as Love.

Make this shift,
then shift again,
awakening to what 
you are made of.

You lose no-thing,
seeing Everything,
your limited part
becomes the Whole.

As One with This,
can you not sense
the expansive nature 
of your soul.

You Are the trees,
the roots, the soil,
the sky above 
that is so blue.

The stars, the moon
know you and send
their shining Lights
that blend with you.

Greet your sisters 
and your brothers,
honoring the uniqueness 
that you see here.

As Love’s perspective,
you are not different,
needing each other 
to release fear.

Be your Self,
Be All of This,
shine your Light 
in All you do.

One with Gratitude 
and compassion,
your Home is
with You!

An Elegant Wonder


Marvel at the color 
that surrounds you,
fresh spring-time green
and sky so blue,
luminescent clouds lit  
with sun through white,
do you wonder what 
created this magnificent

Are you not seeing creation
that flows through you,
if your eyes can see it,
does it not begin with you,
you think inspiration 
comes from what you see,
but is it not an extension
of You, internally?

And though rain and clouds
may dim your sight,
are they not elegant as
muted, cleansing Light,
accept, allow the cycles
of the earth,
is not each moment a chance
for your re-birth?

Be You in each moment 
of your life,
express all colors of rainbow’s
stunning Light,
as You Are each moment 
of what you wish to see,
be amazed at the wonder 
of You, eternally!

Embracing Love


Within the gentle breeze 
of knowing,
might you believe 
This Truth,
This Peace.

This is You,
as moon’s light 
soak up fully,
Love’s Grace 
and ease.

Claim your Self,
the sun arises,
you rise as This 
Eternal Truth.

Your sacred 
I Am presence,
is Love’s full aspect 
of You.

Awaken to This,
Love awaits,
in wonder of 
this day.

Embrace it All,
share the beauty,
Be This Love 
and Be amazed!


Love’s Answer


Love is the wish 
that you ask for,
Love is the answer 
you already received,
it may not look like
what you expected,
Love is omnipresent,
not temporary.

Place your Faith 
in the eternal,
This is You,
through and through,
you need not detach 
from this world
to be aware of Love’s
miracle as You.

Let Love open up 
your heart,
Be bold,
Be fearless 
with This Strength,
with no expectation 
about the outcome,
Be Love’s purpose 
throughout the day.

Fellow souls sense 
your vibration,
your Light joins with 
all fellow Lights,
in This Season of 
growth and promise,
Be Love’s answer,
beautiful Light!


Fearless and Free


Trust in Love.

And You as Love
means you may also
trust in you.

Align with Love 
as your intention,
surrender to This 
eternal flow.

Release the outcomes that
have you constricted,
say yes to Trust so
Peace you may know.

You Are the earth 
below you grounded,
You Are limitless as
sky and stars above.

Sense and align with
your True Nature,
fearless and free,
trusting in Love!