A Loving Connection

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As constant as
the shining sun,
rays shining down
on everyone,
it matters not
where you come from,
are All not

Does Light not find
a way
to filter through
a cloudy sky
or night-time, too,
can not sun’s Light
light up the moon,
no matter the phase,
does it not flow
through you,
the sun,
the moon,
the stars
and You –
are All not

Is not your Light within
what connects you to
anything you see,
any experience you
if you fee disconnect,
can you tune into You
and find common ground
in the Light you sense
around you?

You can connect with
or beloved pet,
or the flowers that bloom,
the birds feeding their
are you not a part
of that, too –
from the air that you
to the morning sun
that breaks through,
you are connected
to All
and All connects
through you, too.

As constant as
the shining sun,
rays shining down
on All as One,
does not the Light
of Love abound,
are you not All
and All Is You,
connected in Love,
in Light,
as One –
You Are
always connected.

A Canopy of Love

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Like taking shelter
near the trees,
as you take cover
under the leaves,
when the summer rain
are you not also
covered by
a Canopy of Love,
is there not respite
from any storm,
when you need a break
or to feel the calm,
like a tree, sturdy
and tall,
does Love not provide
grounding and Strength
through it all?

The Tree of Love
provides you
with some refuge,
or a place to rest
or maybe regroup,
when you need to
reset or recharge,
can Love not connect you
to the stars,
that twinkle over Tree –
does not Love’s energy
flow through you,
showing you Nature’s

When you need to center
and calm,
be near or visualize
Nature’s healing balm,
find your place where
Peace flows in,
under a tree,
near a river,
on a mountain
or field of green,
can you find shelter
in this Love,
that surrounds you now,
all around and
from within?

Let Love’s breeze
flow through you,
and like a summer’s
morning dew,
Love can clear out
what you no longer need,
letting Peace return
to You –
standing tall
and fully grounded,
below and above –
and as majestic as
a Tree of Love.


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A new day dawns.

Is this not a symbol
of a new start,
but as you are You
even as you sleep,
your human side
may look at another day,
but your soul is always
Here to stay,
it matters not where
you wake up from,
you are as constant
as the shining sun –
shining on even as
you think it is night,
across the earth,
is Sun not shining

At any moment
can you not begin,
to create anew
or like a snake,
shed your skin,
do you not emerge
feeling shiny,
feeling new,
when you learn the
Truth of You –
a True You dawns
at any moment
of any day,
when you realize
You Are Loved
in every way.

A new day dawns
and may you see it,
feel it,
Know –
You Are Loved
beyond measure
and as you let
this True Love flow,
spread it far and wide,
live your truth,
do not hide,
your shining Light
much like the sun,
can reach out and touch
as You Are Loved,
so You Are Love,
be it your morning
or your night –
shine on,
Beautiful Soul,
Beautiful Light.

Listen With Your Heart

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Listen with your heart.

Yes, ears are amazing
in their structure,
what fantastic receivers
they can be,
to hear the ocean’s roaring
or the faint hum of a
you can hear another
or take in the harmonies
of a song you hold dear,
but where do you
the frequencies that
come to you,
can you experience
what you hear,
by opening up another
by listening with
your heart?

Can you not hear
even more clearly,
when you turn up
the Love,
is there not a richness
in conversation,
when there is nothing else
you are thinking of –
when you give your
full attention
to hear and feel
what is being said,
get out of your head
and really listen
with your heart.

What you hear may
sound different,
when you have this
different intent,
do not birds singing
sound more beautiful,
when you can feel
their message sent,
even as thunder
rolls out summer,
does not the sound
vibrate all through you –
in the present,
in the moment,
are you not listening
with your heart?

You have countless ways
to receive
what speaks or beckons
to You –
tune into Love,
receive and share it,
as you listen with your heart.


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With rain,
with sun,
with tender care,
do not flowers bloom
from abundant buds,
is this not a season
when flowers shine,
even in night
under moon’s full glow,
when petals drop,
do not more fill in,
a cycle of life
as flower blooms again.

And when the growing season
is done,
some flowers sleep tight,
some return to where
they came from,
does not Nature show you
what is Life –
eternal growth,
be it day or night?

Celebrate all blooms
in your life,
walk upon soil
that brings forth life,
beyond the earth,
is there still not life,
shining brightly
as the moon in the night?

Expand your view
on what is Life,
life is Eternal,
life belongs to life –
let Nature’s cycles
show you life lives on,
bloom with Joy,
as you are kissed
by the sun.

Return to You

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Where do you wish
to go today?

If you need a break,
where would you
go play,
if only in your
can you not visualize
a place,
that makes you smile,
that is a calming space,
does not your body
to where you go
in your mind,
when you wish to sense
what peaceful place
do you wish to find?

And how do you feel
when you are in
your peaceful place –
what is it about
a beach,
a mountain tall,
a forest’s calming space,
what is peaceful about
a creek,
or an ocean’s rhythmic
that helps you center
where you are,
feeling comfort all

Is it not when you are
with You –
be it physically there
or in your mind,
do you not have the
of all of nature
within You,
is it not You
that resonates
with the beauty
of All That Is –
when you are unclear
of Who You Are,
do you not find You
even in the stars?

What draws your attention
when you seek to
find Peace,
come back to you,
return to nature,
find beauty in any
the beauty that you
is all around
and within you now –
You Are Here,
You Are Present,
You Are Peace
and You Are Love.

The Colors of Love

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The bright blue sky
is big enough
for the sun,
as well as for
the clouds
that fill up,
so that rain
can come falling down,
is there not a cycle
to releasing
what builds up
to then let go,
are not drops of rain,
part of the cycle, too,
and when the sun
comes out,
might a rainbow
link the two?

The bright blue sky
is always there
behind the clouds,
and when nighttime
is sky not a palette
for the stars?

Is not the space
you call a sky
always there
through day or night,
much like You,
your Soul,
your Essence,
always You
in the dark or Light –
can you not fill
your sky
with the brightest
of Lights,
even as sometimes
there are clouds,
that filter the Light,
but is not the sky
so beautiful
before and after
a storm,
when the air is crisp
and clear,
when sometimes a
rainbow forms?

Are not the colors
of a rainbow
always there,
even if you cannot see,
does it not sometimes
take rain
to bring them out,
to see all of their
as Love is your essence,
are not these colors
always within You –
as you know Light
as you know rain,
does not Love know
what to do –
move with the cycles
that beat with the
Rhythm of Life.
You Are sun.
You Are the stars.
You Are morning,
You Are night.

The bright beautiful
Sky of Love
is the canvas
for You to Be.
Be Light.
Be Love.
Be every color.
Be Free.