The sun is always here,
is it not perspective 
that is the change,
facing towards it
or away at night,
sun remains always 
the same.

Perspective makes the 
seasons change,
light filters in with 
different hues,
you, your Self
remains the same,
even as you see
with varying views.

Love is always Here,
be aware of any filters
that you use,
at the core of 
all you perceive,
is Source,
This Love 
that forever 
Loves you!

A Sense of Strength


Sense your Strength.

The ego is strong,
but True Strength 
does not come from 
stories told,
it needs no struggle 
to appear,
though when you 
need it,
Strength is Here.

Is Strength not linked 
to acceptance,
there is no-thing 
that can keep you 
Strength is Love 
in every moment,
Strength is your foundation
steady and sound.

Strength need not 
but draw from Lion’s 
majestic poise and 
presence Here,
let Strength be a 
guiding force,
coming from your
passion and not 
from fear.

Sense This Strength – 
it is what becomes 
You Are Strength 
from a billion Lights,
be lifted up in this
powerful vibration,
Strength reminds you – 
You Are Divine!

A Cycle of Love


Love is a flow 
like an endless
an eternal Source 
with no beginning, 
no end,
at any point 
in time
you have access 
to it,
though your eternal Self
bathes in this flow 
again and again.

River runs through
the earth as
part of a cycle,
rain pours from the sky 
to refill, refresh,
water then returns 
as its form changes,
to its Source to 
repeat again.

You need not wait 
for your form 
to change,
You Are This Source
it is what breathes you,
dip your toes,
your fingers,
all of you in it,
Love is ever-present 
and always available 
in you.

Bring your self 
to this loving river,
as your Self 
is wholly of this 
you are All aspects 
of this Love, eternal,
an infinite Cycle 
of Love,
complete and Holy 



The flowing water 
that creates river,
it does not think about 
where it goes,
there may be places 
where it’s redirected,
but water carries on 
with the flow.

Water and rock 
make up this river,
rock does not impede 
or stop water’s flow,
is there not beauty
that is created,
where water flows,
where it needs 
to go.

There are no judgments 
made or comparisons
rock and water are 
when friction gives way
to this flow,
is there not creation 
in space and time?

You may resist 
even your resistance, 
but is this not 
opportunity for you,
to sculpt, create 
a new path forming,
where friction and 
surrender wishes 
to take you.

You are of water,
wholly and Holy,
with unlimited Strength
that flows always 
in you,
tap into your eternal 
Life Force,
Love’s constant flow 
is the Love 
in You.


20200904 XPicture


Earth sends wind
to stir your soul,
moonbeams beckon
this way to grow,
Be the transition
you sense in the
Love is the
answer –
why not me?

Feel your Strength
and innate Courage,
they love to dance
together as One,
look beyond
the open doors,
instead of resisting –
why not toward it run?

Toss aside the
ties that bind
you –
they know not
who you are,
You Are wholly
Love’s creation,
sparkling brightly
as the stars.

Step with purpose
and with passion,
fueled by energies
shine your Light,
beloved Dear One,
in You,
the Universe
does believe!


20200821 XPicture


Fly free, butterfly,
do you not marvel
at your wings?
You have had them
all along,
only waiting for
perfect timing.

Yes there is wonder
and delight
at the transformation
of caterpillar to
flight –
at times you may
feel you are in
but sometimes change
occurs out of

Awaken, awaken,
from your rest,
unfurl your wings,
have you tried them
out yet?
May Love lift you
reminding you to soar,
fly free on wings
of your limitlessness!

Your Love Song

20200711 XPicture


Let Love’s sweet song
flow freely from you,
do not hold back
or think too much,
you are the
the harmony,
the accompaniment
that you have come
to trust.

You Are Love’s
that wishes to
you hear it in
the leaves as
Wind plays Tree,
your heart opens
with Wood Thrush’s
Nature is alive,
singing so

Be every note
to your Love Song,
it is written
lovingly for you,
receive it with
Love and Gratitude,
sing it wholly with
your heart,
this sacred
Song of You!

Love’s Wonder

20200620 XPicture


The world is
your oyster,
what do you
wish to experience
or do?
You may feel
you may crave
All of This
All of You.

As the ebb
and flow
of tide,
what is the
you are the
each grain of
that sloughs off
to show you

Even as you
yes, ever-moving,
You Are safe
within Love’s Flow,
Love is constant,
always with you,
as you navigate
and open doors.

As you walk along
life’s shoreline,
water or sand,
which one is
You are both,
creating together,
You Are Love’s
shiny and new!


20200619 XPicture


You may awaken
like morning dew,
weighing heavily
upon you,
notice its beauty,
see every drop,
what does each one
wish to tell you?

You may repel,
you may absorb,
you are a student
of what passes
through you,
as a body,
you are learning,
as soul you are
Who Are You?

Live all experiences
that you find,
as many also
are finding you,
you need not
maybe accept
what are you
to view?

There is magic in
the morning
as glistening dew
that once was gray,
begins to shimmer
and shine,
as morning sun
lights up
the day.

As body,
honor your
Love all that
flows through
as soul –
You Are Peace,
this Light
of Love
always shines
in You!