Being, Love


Be in this moment,
be it cold,
quiet with snow,
you are every snowflake
unique as one,
beautiful as whole.

Be the earth 
that soaks up 
so roots may 
receive what they
you know this cycle,
You Are this wonder,
the Universe is You
as you gently breathe.

Be Love in this 
quiet moment,
as Sun greets Moon,
sharing This Light,
All of This 
All of You,
Beings of One,
holy, Divine!

Your True Nature


Are you not drawn
to the beat,
to the magic of bird
and butterfly wings,
they catch your eye 
and lift your spirits
when you see a sign 
one of them brings.

Nature provides a 
collective palette 
for hope,
for wonder
to appear,
do you not rejoice 
when you hear owl,
or marvel at the
gracefulness of deer?

Does Love not resonate 
with All,
may you extend your 
self to it,
see your Self in a 
favorite tree,
extending its branches 
to All of This.

Experiencing as One
is your True Nature,
may nature assist 
when you wish to 
you are soaring 
with your heart,
as free as bird 
and butterfly!

O Beautiful Light


May you be filled
with joyous Light,
be it a crisp, 
clear day,
or starry night,
may you know 
you are never 
dear child – 
You Are always 

Memories may linger 
from moments past,
let go of judgments 
that need not last,
your heart holds 
All Love that you know,
loved ones and angels 
are part of this flow.

Enjoy traditions that 
speak to you,
even as you create 
each moment anew,
between, beyond
steps of the day,
is not the wellspring 
of Love showing 
you the way?

Create this day,
O Beautiful Light,
shine as the sun
or starry night,
eternally connected,
sense, know 
This Truth – 
All Holy Love 
forever flows 
through You!

Accept, Allow


Accept, allow,
Be Peace today.

What do you rise up
to fight back,
what makes you worry 
about what you lack,
what expectations have 
not been met –
accept, allow,
Be Peace today.

Acceptance need not 
mean you quit,
and you may prefer 
that over this,
but as a choice 
always to you – 
accept, allow,
Be Peace today.

When chaotic energy
is in the air,
be as the tree 
full or branches 
does not Tree bend
and dance with 
wind –
accept, allow,
Be Peace today.

In this present 
moment Here,
Here is your Home,
your Truth,
my dear,
as One Mind,
One heart,
might you – 
accept, allow,
Be Peace today.

Beyond Earth and Sky


Be the clouds,
be the breeze
that makes the 
leaves sing in 
the trees,
you are grounded 
in this earth,
with roots connected

You are the sun’s
first morning rays
that cut through 
a misty autumn
as clouds clear 
does not sky blue,
bring Peace and 
clarity to you?

Sense your Light
that connects you,
to this world 
and beyond, too,
there are infinite 
Lights that shine
here on earth 
and beyond time.

Love eternally honors 
as you bless All
who surround you,
as rising sun invites 
the dawn,
beyond earth and sky,
you rise as One.




In a season of 
the harvest,
do you not gather 
and put away,
as light dims you 
may turn inward,
bracing for the 
cooler air.

May the crispness 
of a blue sky,
clear without the 
summer haze,
remind that underneath 
life’s surface,
a brilliant Light shows 
you the way.

Is life not a series 
of cycles,
that invite you 
to see,
any moment is a 
when you are One 
with clarity.

Gather Love’s bounty 
that is within you,
no matter what the 
season is,
your homecoming is
the remembrance,
with clarity,
You Are All 
of This!



Receive the blessings 
that come to you,
do not resist,
open your heart,
let Love rejuvenate 
you gently,
sense Love’s embrace
both near and far.

In loving Grace
you are cherished,
Love invites you
to see this, too,
precious One
turn away from 
especially when you 
direct it at you.

As a cleansing shower 
of rain uplifts
the hardy flowers 
in the fall,
receive Love’s blessings
that wash over you,
beloved dear ones,
One and All.

One Constant


Transition or change
may bring foreboding,
ego does not like 
the unknown,
Love reminds you 
that All is Light,
and you never, ever
walk alone.

With seasonal change,
you may sense wistfulness,
letting go of what you
are used to,
but does not the next 
usher in its beauty,
life is a rhythm of cycles,
as you are, too.

You are a wave 
in the Ocean of Love,
your experiences may 
be an ebb or flow,
as you are never 
separated from Source,
Love is with you 
anywhere you go.

You may be affected 
by earthly cycles,
but One Constant 
is your Truth,
Light and Love 
are your eternal 
the Ocean of Love
wholly flows 
through you!

True Peace


Behold the force of 
mother nature,
at times quite bold 
and then at peace,
this ebb and flow 
is of the world,
the human journey is 
both struggle and ease.

At the center,
at your core,
your soul is the
balance that 
you seek,
yes, it may help 
with external shifts,
but its still waters run 
oh so deep.

No matter what the world
or weather may toss 
about your way,
always flowing deep 
within you,
your eternal soul is 
True Peace, always.

Behold the force 
of Love, incarnate,
tap into the Strength 
of what breathes you,
Here is Peace,
Here is Home,
All is Well,
This Love is You!