Love’s Promise

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Revel in the lushness
of your soul,
is there not a sense
of Peace here
to behold?

As the promise
of spring
returns all to green,
is your soul not
unfolding for you
to see?

You may not always
understand the “why”,
but do you not evolve
Everywhere and

Each season of life
can bring perspective
might you see it
through Love’s filter
you can look through?

Embrace the journey,
be it bright or gray,
You Are the Source
of Light
that lights the way.

Turn up your Light
for others to see
as day grows long,
You Are your soul,
singing sweetly,
Love’s precious song!


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A sunny day,
a rainy day,
a clear day,
a foggy day,
no matter how
a day appears,
is it not part of
what you create?

Is not a day
one of rebirth,
following the slumber
of your mind,
do you not arise
as pure potential,
in this dream
of space and time?

You need not
or walk,
or run very fast –
it is not a place
that is the goal,
a day awaits
for you to embrace,
your experience
as an eternal soul.

A day,
an hour,
this moment
now –
are you not a
creative spark?
In this place,
this time,
expanding beyond
your mind,
arise as the
Love You Are!


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Open up all of the
open doors to let
air in,
let the outside
be the inside,
project the beauty
you are within.

At times you may
close up,
as you reflect,
ponder and mull,
but as a part of
are you not a vibration
of the Whole?

The sliver of the moon
has the perfect light
for you to see,
you are the dawning
from the night,
you are the sun
before the beams
you see.

Be present in
This Life,
meet the morning
air – it breathes
through you,
You Are Love’s
precious gift,
step into this day
as the dawning
of You!

A Sweet Return

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Does transformation
not happen when,
caterpillar lies still
in a cocoon,
wrapped lovingly
safe as time goes by,
awaiting wings
so she may fly.

You may look at
cocoon and judge
its form,
but it keeps caterpillar
safe and warm,
and as growth is
a never-ending force,
might stillness bring forth
what is needed most?

Gather within
all parts of you,
see your perfect
come shining through,
you are caterpillar
and butterfly,
You Are transformation
be you still
or when you fly.

You Are One
as Love
in all stages
of You,
transformation is
your sweet return
to the Whole
of You.

A Time of Transformation

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Clear out the clutter
that builds up
over time,
clear out the cobwebs
that take up space
in your mind.

There is transformation
in this time of
seasonal change,
with many things
tossed upside down,
is there not an urge
to rearrange?

This need not be
perceived as
though ego loves
to keep a score,
might you find
comfort in
as your mind
wishes to know

Always beneath
what you may see,
Love is the soil
you stand upon,
rich in its life-giving
are you not nurtured
as you grow strong?

Many seeds are
being planted,
others are pushing
through the dirt,
Love is the water
and Light of sun,
Love is each petal
that unfurls.

Be You in this time
of transformation,
the Heart of You
knows Here is Peace,
Love is the constant
unchanging Force,
embrace this flow,
know You Are Free!

A New Day

20200413 XPicture


As storms cleanse
the sky,
does life not bare
the soul,
does not the
pouring rain
invite the flowers
to grow?

A single ray of
through a window
is it not of
the Whole,
Light always
with you,

You are the calm
before and after
the storm,
may new growth
as a new earth
sheds layers

With Love and
may you tend to
this Garden
may you nurture
every blessing
of the Love
in You!