Of Love and Hope


In the turmoil of 
nature’s power,
or during transitions 
of seasonal change,
what gets uprooted,
what draws your 
as you look with eyes
not the same.

Get to your changeless 
Point of Be-ing,
the very foundation 
of What Is You,
from this anchor you
experience Love’s balance,
share This Strength to 
help others get through.

In collective times 
of unease, unrest,
may you return to 
what your soul knows,
sense This Peace that 
passes all understanding,
share This Light 
of Truth, 
of Love,
of Hope!

Knowing Stillness


May Love be your 
filling you with 
every breath,
look at the beauty 
that surrounds you,
You Are This 
and All of That.

There is a stillness 
in this knowing,
allowing angst
to fall away,
This is You
as your 
True Nature,
allow nature to 
show the way.

May your Essence 
of Love remind,
Here is Peace 
always in You,
may this calm 
and comfort be
your guiding Lights,
this whole day 

A Loving Pause


There is a pause 
between the seasons,
as the earth catches 
her breath,
in this space of 
you may wonder 
what will happen 

In this pause 
do not the trees
appear to know 
this is enough,
majestically they 
provided shelter
to help cool
everything off.

The birds begin 
their travels,
different sounds are 
in the air,
insects that sang 
summer’s hum,
now make way for 
crickets everywhere.

Might you pause 
between your spaces,
when you move from 
this to that,
notice with Gratitude 
what you are leaving 
and embrace what 
happens next.

Take a cue from 
Mother Nature,
transitional phases
are a natural way,
to embrace change 
and with wonder,
what might you 
experience today?

May you pause with 
no expectation,
follow your breath
to sense This Truth,
in This Moment of 
your perfection,
behold all possibility 
of You!



Be flexible,
you are flow.

Upon the earth 
you may dig in
with heels so stuck 
into the ground,
what do you resist
that calls your name – 
Be flexible,
you are flow.

Starts and stops,
this ebb and flow
may lure you into 
wondering why,
you need not know 
all of the details – 
Be flexible,
you are flow.

Be Love’s connection
in the mundane,
every experience 
to Love is the same,
listen to Love’s whispers
that remind – 
Be flexible,
you are flow.

Be as breeze dancing 
with the trees,
flow gently as a 
mountain stream,
each moment is Love’s
opportunity –
You as Flow.

This Joy


You get glimpses
of Love’s perfection,
loved ones invite you 
to peek and see,
your soul knows 
of this – you feel it,
This your Home 
of Eternity.

You seek This Joy,
journeying inward,
but look around,
it is Here with you,
butterflies remind you
with their dance,
trees shelter as 
their leaves speak
to you.

There is magic 
that glows and 
Love’s vibration
seeks to have fun,
may the Joy that
is innately you,
join with nature 
and others as 

Your True Nature


You have a natural way 
to reset,
to return to balance,
return to Peace,
let your breath be 
your director,
surrender wholly to
This State of Peace.

With intention,
redirect your focus,
if something knocks 
you out of sync,
your True Nature is 
steady, stable,
connected to Love,
forever linked.

With your breath 
you realign
to what vibrates at 
the core of You,
let your heart,
with its natural rhythm,
sing Love’s Eternal 
song to you!

Being Helpful


Be rooted,
Be you grounded,
as you extend your
hand of Love,
take good care
of your self
to Be Strength below
as You Are above.

Ask the angels,
always with you,
to assist you 
when you believe,
in another who has
lost their footing,
remind them 
All have the Strength
of Tree.

All of You 
All of This,
Be the remembrance 
for one who may 
not see,
soul to soul,
All do remember,
Be helpful,
Be Strength 
and as This Love,

So Close


do you hear it?
Love is whispering 
through the trees,
you and your loved ones
are connected,
much like tree’s branches
to the leaves.

Your perceived purposes 
may be different,
but you come from 
the same Source,
may you sense All Life’s
never separated 
and so close.

On walks,
in dreams,
when creating,
may you sense Love
is always Here,
your beloved 
is a part of 
all you hold 
so close,
so dear.

Breathe the air
and know what 
breathes you 
is the same 
beyond time and 
Love knows no 
perceived boundaries,
your beloved is 
so close,




The opening of 
a wondrous gift
that you always 
knew was there.

And in This present 
do you not realize 

In life,
yes moments unfold,
but This sweet moment 
is forever 

Is not unfolding 
the gentle awareness
that You Are 
whole and complete,
my dear.

you are constant 
beautifully opening 
to This Truth.

Unfolding is 
the miracle,
of you 


The Nature of Love


Be grounded to the 
earth you walk on,
though your roots
go beyond this plane,
like ancient trees that 
imbue wisdom,
is not your vibration 
one and the same?

Your reach to sky 
is infinite,
you are limitless 
this way,
do you not look with 
knowing at birds 
that soar effortlessly 
in amazing ways?

You may breathe in 
the air of earth,
but You Are breathed by
what you may not see,
Be One with nature 
that speaks to you,
your Nature of Love 
is You,
flowing and free!