A Season of Rest

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You are the dark sky
with dawning Light,
you are the stars
that twinkle bright,
you are the fullness
of the moon,
or when it fades
to allow more room.

In this Season of
might you shine your own Light
where Light has not
been yet,
are you not illuminated
by the Light of Love,
is Light not a perception
that you already
know of?

Be still,
Be Love,
Be Peace,
let the darkened quiet
allow this space
for You to Be,
Be Gratitude,
as your blessed Light
shines bright,
Be Who You Are,
infinitely One
with day or night.

A New Day

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Let Love create
this day,
let it unfold
all around
Be the blessing
of Love,
that also creates
each moment
of you.

You need not wait
until spring for
this growth,
are not seeds
the promise of
Love germinates
with every breath,
Love is the answer
to every wish.

Let Love create
this moment,
may you feel
wrapped in
Love’s embrace,
let your heart
spread the seeds
of Love,
as you create
from this loving

Flow Into You

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Flow into You.

Like a creek gently
or the current in a river
rolling through,
with no beginning
and no ending,
much like All Love
that flows through You.

Oceans need not search
for water droplets,
is it not water
that makes the
is water not in every
ripple created,
like All of Love that
flows through You.

Return dear child
to where you come
you need not go
somewhere to know,
yes, Love is always
to Be with Love,
flow into You.

Eternal Light

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Look beyond the fog,
the clouds,
the shortness of the
does not the sun remain,
still shining,
helping to lovingly
Light the way?

There may be times
when Love feels obscured,
by the denseness
that life can sometimes
but Love is always
never gone
and part of

See with the vision
of your heart,
does Light not illuminate
the view?
Do not colors appear
more vibrant,
as you open up
to the Greater You?

All Love you have
ever felt,
will feel,
is in This Moment
All who you Love
are with you,
this is what Love
is all about.

With Faith and Trust,
let the Light of Love
show you what is
True –
All are part of this
Eternal Light,
the Light of Love
always shines
in You.

This Light

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You Are the Light.

Do you not shine
in dark of winter,
are you not dawn’s rays
as the sun comes
do you not warm a
seed in the promise
of spring,
are you not a candle glowing,
that reminds
All Are Home?

Yes, You Are
This Light –
burning by day,
ever-glowing at night,
join sun,
the moon,
and all the stars –
Be seen,
Be You,
Divine Light,
You Are.


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Love is full,
indeed You Are
no matter where
the Light is
are you not
to behold?

There is no dark side
of the moon,
as your Light shines
eternally inside,
You Are Light,
like sun by day
and moon at

Sense the Wholeness
of You,
does Peace not reside
with you Here,
Whole and Complete
You always are –
Beautiful Light that
and loved so dear.

Everywhere, Everything

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Does Love not fly
on eagle’s wings,
is Love not every note
that a songbird sings –
white tail of deer
or flock of turkeys
is Love not in the
Nature of

Is Love not ever-present
on a busy day,
do you not see the
Joy of Love,
when children play,
what brings you to
a moment,
when kind eyes of a stranger
say –
I see you,
you see me,
Love is Everywhere,

Does Love not paint
the sky,
to make you notice
that dawn has come,
does twilight not
let you feel
Gratitude when
day is done,
Love is a cycle,
you always travel
on angel wings –
Love is at the Heart
of Everywhere
and in Everything.