When in winter 
and sun is rising
with warming rays 
that melt the snow,
there is ice that 
resists sun,
it takes much longer 
for it to thaw.

But at its core 
ice is still water,
the same as pools 
that you now see,
yes, this thick ice 
is in need of warming 
and much more Light 
does it not need?

Ice, snow and rain
have much in common,
yes, they are affected 
by a seasonal change,
as all are cycles
might you see them all,
when winter’s cold 
returns again.

You relish the sun 
with warming rays,
even more when the air 
is cold and raw,
might you Be this
warming Light,
extending rays of Compassion
to help the thaw.

Might you see All faces 
in a pool of water,
so still,
so deep,
Be One as an infinite 
extension of Light,
lighting the way for 
All to see.

Love’s Master Garden


Let Love cultivate 
the growth in you.

Like a master gardener 
who knows the soil
is the foundation for 
what may grow,
what do you surround 
your roots with,
what other seeds 
do you wish to sow?

Let Love surround you
with the rich nourishment
that creates all possibility,
let Peace provide you
with sweet patience,
that you may need 
for perfect timing.

Let Love cultivate 
the growth in you,
you are quite more 
than a single bloom,
you are continually 
through every season,
with every phase of 
the moon.

Love is a co-creative 
you, angels, guides
and loved ones, too,
beloved gardeners
are you not all,
with Love and Compassion
as most important tools.

Let Love cultivate 
the growth in you,
in Love’s Master Garden
you are never alone,
behold the beauty 
infinitely unfolding,
in Love’s eternal garden,
you are always Home!

A Quiet Peace


Let winter’s snow 
fall gently
and remind you 
of quiet Peace.

Yes, each snowflake 
is unique,
are they not a marvel
close to see?

But snowflakes 
gather together,
creating a sparkling 
blanket that 
absorbing noise,
covering sharp edges,
reminding you to 
take things slow.

Let the magic of 
winter’s snow,
bring you to the 
wonder of Joy,
you each bring your
to the Whole of 

Softly, Peace


Let your soul 
remind you where 
are the depths 
of your Peace,
when you release
your surface thoughts,
is there not a stillness

You need not 
travel far
or go to great 
to experience 
this – 
your soul remembers 
what you forgot, 
Here You Are,
All of This.

If you need a 
let your imagination 
you may travel 
to the stars 
so vast,
you may dive deep 
to the ocean floor.

But all of the 
exists completely 
in the Soul of You,
for beyond imagination,
is the Truth 
of the eternal You.

You need not 
but know your soul 
contains All of Truth,
Here is the Peace 
that passes all
nestled so softly
in the Soul of You!



Shine bright 
your Light!

You may ask,
where is the Light?
Days grow short 
and long is the 
sometimes what you 
may perceive as 
is a crying out
for Light.

Believe in your 
eternal Light,
you have all you 
need to keep it
may the Love Light 
that always sustains
add to your fellow,
connected Lights.

Are you not like a 
string of holiday 
with no end or 
break in sight,
wrapping Love around 
all who need to 
believe in
or remember
their Light.

Shine bright 
your Light,
bask in its
be it day or 
as seasons change 
may you always Be
a forever beacon
of Eternal Light!

An Invitation


You Are Courage,
You Are Light,
you may be used 
to putting up a 

Yes, ego’s reaction 
is to keep you safe,
but is there not 
another way,
to get through the day?

As a seed through 
is buried deep in 
the snow,
does it not trust 
that sun and rain 
will invite it to grow?

Your soul carries 
this invitation,
beckoning you at this
present time –
come play with me,
beloved child,
your purpose is Love,
the same as mine.

Your Light is the sun,
your tears are rain,
your soul is the 
for you to bloom 
once again.

Precious Child,
you are watched over 
by the stars,
the Universe sees 
this Truth,
of the Love You Are!

A Season of Change


Enter a season of

With the night 
getting longer,
might you not see
how bright is 
your Light?

Might your trust 
grow deep within you,
flowing in where fears 
are released,
your sacred Light shines
in every corner 
of your mind that 
holds onto these.

You need not stand 
upon false foundations,
your True stability 
is forged from the 
Strength of Love,
do not layers dissolve 
in Love’s presence,
as you become below
What You Are above.

Behold a Season of 
but dear, do not fear
what feels unknown,
always with you,
with certainty and 
Love is beside you
walking you Home.

A Sacred Exchange


You are like the living,
breathing ocean,
waves that roll upon 
the shore,
there is an exchange of 
sand and water,
then wave returns to 
home once more.

You are porous,
as form yes,
but so much 
you are energy 
does not ocean 
create the shore?

You are a living,
breathing vessel,
but so much more
than earthly shell,
Divine Source flows
always through you,
as this sacred exchange,
know All Is Well.



Does not nature beckon 
is there not beauty in
branches with no leaves,
do they not lovingly expose,
the strength and flexibility
of majestic trees.

There is transition in 
the air,
is this not a time 
for you to clear,
to follow nature’s lead 
and strip down to 
your essence bare.

There is beauty in
might you truly see
your inherent Strength,
you are resilient,
flexible and strong,
able to bend but 
never break.

What you do not need
may fall away,
but never do you lose 
this universal Truth –
Love at your center 
is your Essence,
rooted and branching
as Love’s majestic You!




The sun is always here,
is it not perspective 
that is the change,
facing towards it
or away at night,
sun remains always 
the same.

Perspective makes the 
seasons change,
light filters in with 
different hues,
you, your Self
remains the same,
even as you see
with varying views.

Love is always Here,
be aware of any filters
that you use,
at the core of 
all you perceive,
is Source,
This Love 
that forever 
Loves you!