Beyond Earth and Sky


Be pulled along,
Beloved One,
be it with faery 
or star-dust,
you have existed 
before this life
and will continue 
beyond ashes to dust.

Believe in your 
that ripples out 
some are drawn to 
join you Here,
connecting soul to 
person, pet
or tree.

Love’s vibration 
is not contained 
to what you see 
before your eyes,
you may feel a 
small part of 
All That Is,
but You Are 
All of This 
beyond earth 
and sky.

You Are Love’s flow 
guiding gently,
answer This call of 
Who You Are,
You Are Home,
precious child,
bathed in Love’s Light,
shining as Love’s star!

This Gift


Look beyond
your perceived
what might you 
extend to then 
is a means to 
what you are ready
to transform and 

When you share Love
with no strings,
do you not free 
yourself as well,
this Flow of Love
is what you seek,
you hold the key,
you cannot fail.

Dive to the core 
of your eternal 
here find the way,
your Truth and 
as a powerful vessel
of Love,
where do you wish 
for Love to go?

Hold in your heart 
All who you wish
to receive Love’s
blessing and then 
know, too,
This Gift of Love 
you so tenderly 
always finds its way
back Home to You!



Be anchored in Love.

Whatever life may 
bring you,
as you question 
there is no question 
Who You Are –
wholly anchored 
in Love.

Usual ways may
be uncertain,
be not uncertain of 
Who You Are,
be willing to try 
something new –
securely anchored 
in Love.

Your own judgments
may arise,
so you may release 
and create anew,
in your willingness,
sense your Strength –
always anchored 
in Love.

Remove your coat of 
perceived defenses,
you need not defend
the Truth of You,
see your Self with 
your soul’s eyes – 
safely anchored 
in Love.

Yes, life’s journey 
comes with questions,
but your answer 
is eternally clear,
You Are whole,
and cherished – 
forever anchored 
as Love.


Forever You


We Are You 
You Are Us.
With Faith,
as Spirit,
then trust.

Welcome Home,
you have never 
you sit with us
at Love’s table,
All of You 
All of This.

This Peace may 
surprise you,
these glimpses of 
your soul,
my dear you are
so treasured,
One with Love,
You Are Whole.

Join Love,
it is simple,
there is nothing 
you need do – 
Eternal Love 
Forever You!

Be Gentle, You


Take care of you,
precious child,
do not invite guilt
when you do,
life is not what 
you produce,
Love breathes you life,
this spark of You.

Ego may shake its
judging finger,
when it thinks you 
could do more,
never satisfied, ego
makes up stories 
that you have heard

When ego interrupts 
your sleep,
trying to sneak in 
thoughts of woe,
might you call out 
these old stories,
seeing them anew
with what you know.

Might your soul 
see a new chance 
for you to bring 
the old to Light,
clearing out need not
wait for spring,
through darkness,
You Are Eternal Light.

Take care of you,
be gentle, child,
begin with You 
to see This Truth,
your forgiveness 
frees your soul,
to show you,
Love is You!


From the Heart


When someone speaks 
from the heart,
do not both your 
souls arise,
words are not needed 
to speak Love’s language,
communication is of 
Love’s Light.

Yes, you are a 
loving vessel,
but as This Love 
you are not a
Love lifts you in 
every experience,
Love speaks to and 
through you as 

Be experience,
Be Love’s blessing,
communicate with 
fellow souls,
You Are One 
in this together,
never separate,
sacred and whole!

A Return to You


Find Peace
in a joyous 
return to

You know this 
familiar feeling,
when Light returns 
to lighten you,
calm and patience 
say hello,
as you rejoice in
this return to

It is not based 
upon the external,
though, yes,
that may help
as well,
but which comes first,
external or intention,
to lovingly return 
to You.

Begin within,
when disruption
blame and judgment 
have no power Here,
what do you learn,
what needs released,
so you may peacefully
return to You.

Planetary shifts 
may shift your 
realign to what is 
always True,
with compassion,
as Grace freely 
Be Peace in this 
loving return 
to You.

This Eternal


You are connection 
as a drop of water 
in an ocean vast,
this drop never loses 
its Essence,
it is Home as ocean
or drop as its past.

You need not die 
to Be this awareness,
death is but another 
open door,
as You Are eternal,
always, forever,
you are always with 
who you are missing

No-thing can keep 
Love from connecting,
indeed, This Bond 
is forever, True,
rise above your 
perception of time,
in This Eternal,
loved ones are always 
with you.

Hearts together cannot 
be separate,
Love beats as One 
in this Eternal Truth,
open your heart,
Love is Here,
so present,
together, connected
and forever with you.

Choosing You

When a problem arises,
do you not sometimes
stomp and fret,
is not frustration
when perceived control
slips beyond your
human grasp.
What to do when
Peace eludes you,
when solutions are not
coming fast,
might you realize
your reaction is focusing
on what never lasts.
When emotions have
moved through you,
might you shift to
truly see,
the root of angst,
of your frustration
may not be what
it seems to be.
Ask your Higher Self,
ask spirit,
to help you see
with a clearer lens,
what self-judgment may
need clearing,
so you may breathe
with Peace again.
These situations,
perceived problems,
are not for you
to beat up you,
are they not loving
for you to choose Love
in all things you.
With compassion,
with gentle soothing,
receive what Love
wishes you to know,
in your humanness
or your True Nature,
you are adored
You Are Loved, so!

Be, You


Be Love with 
not with

Your focus has 
but include All 
in your Vision.

You Are connected 
to All Light,
join with your
and not your 

You are part of 
your Team,
working together 
as One sacred 

Be Home in
your heart
with Love,
all you seek below
is You, above.

You Are Love’s 
blessing through
and through,
precious child,
Be glorious You!