Get Lost

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Lose yourself.

Let time disappear
from your internal clock,
when you are immersed
in what you Love,
do not day-to-day thoughts
also disappear,
does not the losing
of one’s self
not help the
Authentic You

And you have not
really “lost”
a thing,
is it not that
your True Self
can be found,
might you enjoy
this game of
hide and seek,
when you can delight
in the discovery of –
losing your self
to find your
Essence of Love?

So think not of
stripping away,
though parts of you
may take a break –
are you not building
your creative muscle,
when Authentic You
comes out to play?
Let Love give you
the feedback,
letting you know you are
in the flow,
when you turn your
thinking off,
surrender to it
and let go.

Lose yourself,
though you are
never lost in
any way,
we use this familiar phrase
to help you unhook
from what you think
“should” be –
if clocks had no numbers,
if a day had no
start or end,
if you left the linear behind,
what might you play,
where would you
jump in?

Lose yourself,
to find the
Authentic You –
full of Joy,
embracing Peace,
sharing your Love
with Gratitude.

A Fountain of Love

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Does not the Well of Love
run deeper
than even the depths
of the sea,
as vast as the ocean is,
is not this well Eternity?
You cannot run out
of Love,
as it continually creates,
can you turn the well
into an endless fountain,
as you let Love

Love is flexible,
Love is malleable,
Love can take on
any form,
you can find Love
in the smallest space
or everywhere you look
is Love not there?
When you activate
your intention
to see Love throughout
your day,
you will not run out
of Love,
is not Love always
ready to play?

This Well of Love
is overflowing,
but your cup
need never run dry,
call upon the depths
of Love
when you are thirsty,
needing comfort day
or night,
you yourself
can be the fountain,
letting Love flow
always through You –
be an Oasis of Love
for another,
so they can sense
they are Love, too.

You need not dive
to the depths
of this well,
Love is at your
fingertips –
Love will meet you,
Love Is with you,
play in the endless
sparkling Fountain
of Love.


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With rain,
with sun,
with tender care,
do not flowers bloom
from abundant buds,
is this not a season
when flowers shine,
even in night
under moon’s full glow,
when petals drop,
do not more fill in,
a cycle of life
as flower blooms again.

And when the growing season
is done,
some flowers sleep tight,
some return to where
they came from,
does not Nature show you
what is Life –
eternal growth,
be it day or night?

Celebrate all blooms
in your life,
walk upon soil
that brings forth life,
beyond the earth,
is there still not life,
shining brightly
as the moon in the night?

Expand your view
on what is Life,
life is Eternal,
life belongs to life –
let Nature’s cycles
show you life lives on,
bloom with Joy,
as you are kissed
by the sun.

Dance of Life

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There is a rhythm
in life,
know when to push,
when to be still,
there is movement,
there is quiet,
interactions that may
test your will,
life is a dance,
you learn the steps,
you create anew,
you change the tune,
and do you not learn
with every move
across the room?

Some moves are choreographed,
others are impromptu,
you may have many
different partners,
you may dance a solo, too,
what is the music that
you follow,
to feel the rhythm
in your soul,
what moves you to
take a chance,
what can lead you
to let go?

Listen to your inner music
that plays a song
that sets you free,
some tunes make
you feel like dancing,
sometimes still is what
you wish to Be,
your rhythm may some days
beat loudly,
some days you only need
to sense the pulse,
but your soul is always
with the song you need
to hear the most.

Let Love lead your dance,
even as you know
the dance may change,
you are partners in
this life,
but through Eternity
you dance again,
do not be afraid to learn
a new move
or try a different song,
the rhythm is always Love,
the beat is where your
soul belongs.

Let your heart
beat the rhythm
of your Dance with
full of Grace,
You Are beautiful,
You Are Love and
You Are Light.


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Remember to laugh.
At something else
or even yourself,
what tickles you
that you cannot hold in,
is there not release,
do you not let go –
when you laugh
and play?

You need not feel
a certain way,
might you feel many
throughout your day,
but even if you have
to schedule time,
to stop what you are “doing”,
can you then find
a way,
to play,
to laugh,

Make time to really laugh,
not only smile
at a joke,
can you lose yourself
for a moment
or two –
yes, crying can
give you release,
and does not crying often
lead to laughter, too?

What to do when humanness
gets the best of you,
play with a child,
call a friend,
tell your pet
how you are feeling, too,
find the space within
that is wanting to –

It need not take long,
though you may find
once you start to laugh,
you lose track
of time –
in this moment,
can you think back
to a goofy place
and time,
let your smile
show you the way –
to laugh,
let go,
and play!

A Morning Song

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When morning comes
on a brand new day,
you have all you need
to start the day,
as birds begin to sing
their morning songs,
you can either listen
or sing along,
let their morning song
resonate with you,
Love is everywhere
like the morning dew,
there is no morning
that will start without you,
let break of dawn
sing its morning song
to you.

You may not hear
Love’s morning song,
but in your heart,
is where the notes
you can breathe in
the song you carry there,
breathing out,
affirming you are here,
you have the Rhythm of Love
in your heart,
no matter when your
morning starts.

And will not Love
give you what you need,
as you ask,
what might you wish
to bring,
to add to the morning song,
as you hum or sing
your song,
let others hear you,
might they sing along,
does not Love rise like
the sun at dawn?

When morning comes
on this brand new day,
you have all you need
to start the day.
You Are Peace
that fills you up,
You Are Strength
when you need a lift up,
let Joy remind you
to dance,
with Courage might you
take a chance,
let Gratitude spend the day
with you,
with Humility, let Love
show you what to do,
start with your
Morning Song of Love –
let it last the whole day
through –
singing, “You Are Love
and Love Is You.”
Love Is Everywhere
and so are You.

A Miracle of Flight

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When you feel heavy,
tethered to the ground,
when the gravity
of the earth
weighs you down,
how light must a
butterfly be,
to flit and fly
almost joyfully,
does butterfly
not draw your
eyes near,
to join in its dance
here and there,
through the air?

And Butterfly has
a purpose
as it flies,
from flower to flower,
though its path
may seem erratic
to passersby,
but might its purpose
also be,
to remind you of
what can be –
to be Light,
to be free,
like Butterfly?

Yes, Butterfly has a
story to be told,
of change,
of transformation
to behold,
but does not Butterfly’s dance
in the flowers
give you the chance,
to soar on wings,
to fly with Joy,
to feel free?

Let the miracle
of Butterfly
help you to see,
who you think
is gone,
is in another phase
of their life
you may not see,
but when Butterfly appears,
is it not because
they are near,
wishing to remind you
All Is Well
as they fly free?

Does Butterfly
not remind you
that you are, too,
as free as Butterfly
appears to you –
though you feel
that you are here,
with your loved one
over there –
might Butterfly remind you
that All exist
in The Everywhere?

As caterpillar may not know,
that butterfly wings
are what will grow –
have Faith,
let Love
show you the
Miracle of Flight,
let Butterfly
turn up your Light.
Fly Free,
with Love,
fly free.