With Care


You need not carry 
your past burdens,
thank them softly,
let them go,
You Are eternally 
this present moment,
sense the lightness
of your soul.

In linear terms 
your past has 
brought you 
to this place on 
earth’s timeline,
as you awaken to 
your Self,
may your Light now 
wholly shine.

Gather up all parts 
of you,
Love helps create 
this warm embrace,
as you reconnect 
with you,
may Joy bring a smile
to your face.

May Love be what 
you carry,
may This Light 
show you the way,
receive Love’s Blessings
wholly offered
with care and comfort
for you, always!

Your Compassionate Light


Be a beacon of 
true awareness,
hand in hand with 
those you Love,
may compassion 
be your language,
speak it here as 
you know it above.

A connecting vessel,
you walk this earth,
but your knowing is
from All That Is,
as you resonate with
your soul’s passion,
your purpose flows 
from All of This.

As This Joy bubbles up 
you need not wait –
do share it now,
is not the timing 
that you wish for
Divinely led,
taking care of how.

Your Light shines
as you peel the layers,
are you not seeing You
as Love’s bright Light,
forgiveness, compassion 
are your super powers,
spread your wings of Love
and may you fly high!



You may be uncomfortable 
with quiet,
needing to hear or 
make some noise,
you may perceive quiet
as boring,
needing some action
to see joy.

Look beyond all 
action taken,
yes, express yourself 
in full,
but may it Be 
derived from what 
loves to bubble up
in you – joyful.

Let Love Be your 
leading cause,
the world offers you 
many effects,
when you step away 
from usual reactions,
might you tap into 
what may happen next?

Tapping into the 
stillness of your soul
does not mean you 
do not live,
you live fully to 
your potential,
when you connect 
with All of This.

Embody the fullness 
of your expression,
it may be quiet 
or it may be loud,
may it Be what is 
created within You,
True to your Self,
expressing inside out!

Be Amazed


In This Moment,
Be amazed,
Be in wonder,
This is You.

Your eternal now 
is Here,
there is no-thing 
that you must do.

May This Presence
flow through all 
and everywhere 
you go today.

This Eternal Moment
is not time,
but time is enriched 
when Love shows 
the way.

Love is This Moment,
You Are Love,
embrace this infinite 
Whole of You.

With This remembrance,
Be amazed,
the Joy you seek 
is your Eternal Truth!

Love’s Spiral


There is a spiral 
to life that shows
different layers
in different scenes,
as your perception 
and awareness build,
do you not see Love
in Everything.

In these moments
of Love connecting,
two can share the 
power of One,
Be it in nature or
with fellow human,
sharing Love’s moment 
is joyful and fun.

What brings you all 
it may be peaceful 
or maybe not,
but Peace and Love 
are a familiar language,
your souls are speaking 
even if you are not.

On your travels 
around Love’s spiral
may you see more 
clearly with ease,
Love is your foundation,
so walk, assured,
Here is always your 
Love and Peace.

This Joy


You get glimpses
of Love’s perfection,
loved ones invite you 
to peek and see,
your soul knows 
of this – you feel it,
This your Home 
of Eternity.

You seek This Joy,
journeying inward,
but look around,
it is Here with you,
butterflies remind you
with their dance,
trees shelter as 
their leaves speak
to you.

There is magic 
that glows and 
Love’s vibration
seeks to have fun,
may the Joy that
is innately you,
join with nature 
and others as 

Joy and Laughter


Do you not feel alive
when you are laughing,
throwing caution to 
the wind,
does not your heart 
open even wider,
giving, receiving,
out and in.

Laughter with Love 
is contagious,
you cannot ignore 
its pull,
it is a simple human 
a sharing of hearts 
that are so full.

Share freely what 
makes you smile,
Be Light and lift 
another soul,
in This Moment of 
Joy and laughter,
All is Well and 
you are loved so!

This Day


Let the day unfold.

Yes, you recognize 
but as you bump into 
linear time,
there is an elegance
to gently, softly,
let the day unfold.

Cardinal joins you 
before daybreak,
announcing possibility 
answer Love’s call 
to bless each moment,
let the day unfold.

May your heart connect
with loved ones,
on this plane and 
with you Here,
share Love’s blessing 
with all souls,
as you let the day

In this Peace 
Love hears your
sense Love’s Grace
that fills you up,
Love spills over 
to touch All hearts,
yes, Joy and Wonder
this day unfolds.

Welcome Home


Welcome to Love’s table,
we are waiting for you 
let us experience 
all of the Love 
that we share.

Does Love not glow 
with a smile,
or a gesture you 
have known,
a memory may 
take you back,
but in This Now,
We Are all Home.

Let Love remind you 
to embrace
what your senses here 
let you know,
and as an eternal,
expanded Be-ing,
may you be delighted 
by Love’s endless flow.

Feel your loved ones 
all around you,
there is no separation 
do you not look in 
the mirror
to see Love looking back
at you, dear.

Love is alive 
in the trees,
the flowers,
the birds,
it is Everywhere,
You, as Love,
are This Experience,
and All you Love 
rejoice with you,


An Invitation


See where your journey 
takes you,
may you feel wonder
upon this ride,
be open to acts 
of kindness,
delight in surprises 
from loved ones,

The world so often 
has stormy weather,
but you as spirit 
shine as the sun,
even the smallest 
acts of compassion,
help to raise the 
Consciousness of One.

Be Love’s gift upon
your journey,
what you give 
do you not receive?
Invite Joy and wonder 
to walk with you 
as you unfold 
so perfectly!