All of This

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You may wish to
find more balance,
in the state
of duality
that life is –
the pendulum’s
can be far-reaching,
swinging this way
and then that,
with balance
may come Peace,
but as You Are Peace
at your core,
even when you feel
“out of balance”,
can you not
find Peace
behind any door?

You may feel
the range of emotions,
is this not why
you are in this life,
but underneath
the sensitive layers,
is not your soul
with delight,
what brings you Peace,
what fills you with Joy,
is it not Love
that makes your
soul sing,
and when you touch
your innate Essence,
does this not help
to balance

Be a Moment of Joy,
feel the balance
of inner Peace,
no matter your
you are the keeper
of All of This –
go here in meditation,
find this space
in what you Love,
you can be doing,
while you are Be-ing,
are you not
a magnificent
Expression of Love?

Call on the Peace
that resides within you,
welcome in Joy
when you need a lift –
Love is with you,
always within You,
You Are One
with All of This.

Magnificent Light

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Step into your
and feel the
Power of Love,
you need not fear
or hold back,
this powerful force
within you,
it is not destructive
in its energy,
does it not lift hearts
to find a way,
is not the Power of Love
what you feel when
comes out to play?

Is there not a focus
with this excitement,
does not Love get
your attention
so you will believe,
that what you dream
or wish to dream of,
will then align
with Love’s Strength,
there is a gathering of
loving energy
that organically builds
within you –
and when you align
with Love,
is there not anything
you cannot do?

There is no need to
be wary of this power,
it fuels the energy
you may need,
when this power
comes from Love,
are you not strong enough
to simply Be?
To Be of service,
to Be Love,
to Be Strength
in your Humility –
is it not the Magic
of Love,
that helps you Be
all that you
can Be?

Be powerful
with Love.
Be a force
that shines
so bright.
Let Love show you,
let Love guide you,
shine your loving,
beautiful Light!

All In, Love

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Let Love.
Be Love.
With Strength
and Courage,
Be brave.
With compassion
in your heart,
find a multitude of ways
to Be loving

Surprise yourself,
surprise someone –
do something different
just for fun,
give Love away,
knowing there is more
to come,
with no strings attached,
no story to be told.

Let Love.
Be Love.
With Joy
in your heart,
Be bold.
Stretch outside
of your comfort zone,
knowing with Love
you are always Home,
make someone’s day,
let Love find a way,
to share the Light
in you
with someone new

Let Love.
Be Love.
With Humility,
receive Love.
With Gratitude
in your heart,
Be a Light
with a loving spark,
brighten any room
you may walk in,
Be Love right now,
with no beginning
or end.

Let Love.
Be Love.
With Love
Be All in.
All Is Well
with Love –
let the magic
in You,

Celebrating You

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Celebrate You.
And when you see
a fellow explorer
in life,
can you celebrate them,

Is not a mirror image
of you
held up for you to
is not everyone
a teacher,
a student,
it matters
not much
which you see,
what fills you with
what may get
under your skin,
is it not All You,
so let the party
begin –
let the Love flow,
let the Gratitude
and celebrate
All of You.

In this loving
is it not easier to
let judgement
and drama go –
yes, stories in life
bring opportunities
for growth,
but lest you get
too serious,
that you forget
how to dance,
why not get the
party started
as you let Love
give you the chance,
to wipe your human
slate clean
and let Joy come
center stage –
O beautiful human
and soul,
shine bright
and Celebrate You!

A Call to Love

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When you connect
with Love,
the Truth of
Who You Are,
do not Strength and
step forward to
welcome you,
they are always
by your side,
you need not beckon
them to
come through,
are they not hand-in-hand
with Love,
as You Are, too?

Is there not Joy
when you release
the bonds of fear,
are you not set free,
from beliefs that
cloud your view,
is not Joy always ready
to dance,
to play,
to sing,
when you find your voice,
can you not find Joy
in everything?

And with Gratitude
in your heart,
for each experience
big or small,
are you not grateful
to find Love
woven in
throughout it All,
some may be a gift,
sometimes the gift
is You,
when you discover
your true nature –
You Are the Love
that Loves You.

Let Peace lead you
to stillness,
let stillness
lead to Peace,
are you not Peace
when you feel
your innate essences
helping you fly free,
call on One
or call on All –
they answer always
to a Call to Love,
you have the power,
can you feel it,
You Are always,

Be-ing You

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As you step into
will it not feel like
a deja vu –
are you not already
where you need
to Be –
Be-ing You?

As you drop the illusion
of who you think
you are,
as you emerge
clearing the dust
from your lens,
are you not always
before any beginning
and beyond end,
are you not always –
Be-ing You?

You need not create
a better you,
one waits patiently
for you,
as you let go of
what tends to hide,
who is always with you
tell fear and doubt
to please step aside,
there is no stopping –
Be-ing You.

Let your Light
so brightly shine,
find the spark
that glows at
all times,
Be the Light that shines
so you may always see –
Be-ing You,
Be-ing Free.

To Laugh

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Remember to laugh,
make time stand still,
is laughter not an
instant way
to surrender at will?
When laughter’s tickle
begins to get
your attention,
can you succumb,
give in to it,
let laughter build,
reminding you,
to take a break
and have some fun?

There is laughter
among good friends,
telling a story
or two –
then there is laughter
that surprises you,
making you laugh
at something you
might do,
when you can laugh
at yourself,
without judgement
or scorn,
is laughter not
so very freeing,
allowing Joy to
come forth?

Yes, laughter
can turn to tears,
tears can melt
into a laugh,
when you release
any emotion,
is there not healing
in that?
Do not fear
what you feel,
let it bubble up
and come out –
so you may Love
All of You,
be it inside
or out!

Remember to laugh,
you do not forget how,
you need not ask
for permission,
you can succumb
to it now,
does not visualizing
give you a lift,
as do the corners of
your mouth,
thinking of times
you did this –
whether small
or slapping your knees,
you can laugh as loud
as you please,
let laughter come,
dissolve into some –
as you remember to laugh.