One and the Same


You need but a moment 
to settle into 
Love’s Peace.

You Are part 
of This vibration,
it flows through you,
with ease.

Make a choice,
you need not push away,
what is not serving

Simply choose 
Love’s flow 
that eternally ripples 
through you.

Behold this precious 
Here You Are!
Love exclaims.

Rejoice in
This moment,
as You,
are One and the 

Forever Here


Let Love Be 
the power that 
lifts you,
reminding you 
that you have 
your soul soars in
This remembrance,
Love is a part 
of Everything.

Before your first breath 
Love sustains you,
after your last breath 
Love is Here,
may you celebrate 
the wonder of 
your Eternal Nature,

This force moves with
your every breath,
it is the solace 
that you seek,
when you need Strength,
Courage or Joy,
Love responds with 
what you may need.

With Love,
dispel what ego 
tells you,
Love is the Truth 
of You, my dear,
listen to Love’s Peace,
calm and soothing,
always loving,
forever Here!

With Love, Your Soul


When you ask your soul
what would be helpful,
to contemplate today,
might you invite a 
State of Being,
that gives permission 
for joyful play.

Might you see 
your own Light 
reminding you of 
Who You Are,
egoic threads that 
feel constrictive
cannot hide the Light
of your shining star.

You need not solve 
all of the problems
that your mind wishes 
you to believe,
take the hand your 
soul extends,
together might you 
feel lighter and free.

See your self with 
your soul’s eyes,
with gentle kindness,
compassion, too,
may Love,
your soul 
lovingly remind,
You Are so Loved,
this perfect You!

A Promise


Let the promise 
of spirit remind 
you are not alone.

May this Joy 
within your heart,
help you remember 
You Are Home.

Feel this comfort,
sense This Peace,
be reassured 
each and every day.

Love is with you,
in you,
as you – 
exploring with you
in all ways.

May Love lift you
when you need it,
trust Love is always
so near.

Joy is
Who You Are,
Love’s sweet promise 
is forever Here!

Your Song


Sing your song.

It may not be 
set to music,
it is your unique 
way to Be,
share it with 
all those around you – 
sing your song.

Does it not express
the Love that bubbles 
up when your Light 
reaches out,
be like the birds
who sing at daybreak –
sing your song.

This is an energetic 
flow that cannot help
but flow from you,
what brings you Joy,
what resonates with you –
sing your song.

The world needs your
so many wish to 
sing along,
Love’s chorus sings 
with the angels,
sharing your 
love song.

The Joy of Love


Dance with 
the Joy
of Love.

Take Love’s hand,
it beckons to you,
accept Love’s 
gentle touch. 
Faith has brought you 
to this moment,
with wings to fly
now may you

May you soar 
with the angels,
it is time for you
to shine,
glorious is this 
that moves beyond 
all space and time.

With your heart
may you join,
in Love’s celebration 
of you,
let your mind rest,
precious One,
your heart leads you 
to the Truth of You.

May wonder and Joy 
lead you today,
rejoice in knowing 
this simple Truth – 
as you Trust in 
Love so deeply,
you unfold Love’s 
Joy in you!

A Joyful Flow


Does flow not
flourish in the
in the spaces
yet to Be,
flow is the movement,
carrying you,
to All possibility.

Flow is at your
very core,
and when you let it
out to play,
does it not dance
and sing along,
what Joy,
what Peace
will be revealed

Flow can also help
clear out,
what you resist,
what may block
remember blocks are
only pockets
of what is asking
for forgiveness too.

Join with Flow
throughout your day,
Trust helps create
this playful stage,
set expectation
to the side,
may Joy with Love
flow with you

This Light of Joy


Let Joy be the 
to all of your 
it is not about 
but where 
You Are Now,

Your perceptions
may get clouded,
swayed by what 
you may believe,
ask Joy to clear 
out this filter,
so you,
with Joy,
can truly see.

Joy is Love
forever dancing,
may you sense 
Joy’s lightness now,
open your heart 
and trust 
that Love will answer 
all of your questions

May the smile 
upon your lips,
usher in Joy
throughout this 
take Love’s hand 
as your dance 
may joyful Light 
show you the way!

The Rhythm of Love


Does not your heart
know the rhythm
of the Eternal beat
of Love,
As You Are infinitely 
are you not below 
as you are above?

Walk in rhythm,
believe and trust,
take in signs 
along the way,
those in spirit,
in tandem with you,
are part of your 

May instinct guide you,
intuition speaks,
listen with your heart,
your soul,
may earth’s ancient,
grounding rhythm,
help you align,
trust and then 

Part of Love’s Team,
may you walk 
of your place 
in All That Is,
follow your heart,
guided so gently,
in Joy and wonder,
You Are All of This!

One With Love


Here I Am,
your soul says
and This is True 
for the Whole of
the perceived walls
you think you see,
dissolve when you blend
into the One of You.

As you clear out,
releasing what has 
weighed you down 
upon your way,
cleansing is simply 
returning to Who You Are,

This Presence 
is not elusive,
you need not jump 
through hoops 
to see,
your soul,
connected to 
the angels,
wishes for you 
to know Joy,
Love and Peace.

Here I Am,
This is Love’s 
let this knowing 
fill all space,
align with This 
throughout your Being,
being One with Love
is Love’s experience,