A Common Connection

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Let Love be the
common language
that all aspects of
you understands,
does Love not smooth
out any disruption,
does Love not connect
any perceived
loose ends?

You may think you
have many hats
you wear,
but are not all
your experience
of Love,
Love is the foundation
of all expression,
even when a part
of you feels
stuck in the mud.

Let Love flow throughout
your experiences,
let Love be the common
connecting thread,
Love is the super-
conducting platform,
that helps you untangle
all of the wiring in
your head.

Integration is a
simple surrender,
allowing Love to do
what Love does best,
with Gratitude,
Joy and wonder,
answer Love’s
with a resounding

Let Go to You

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Let go –
to You.

You hang on to
your identity,
your beliefs that
you have woven
though amazing,
this is not your
truest nature,
why not
let go –
to You.

You need not
reach for the
or depend on
another to
show you what
to do,
why not open
the curtain that
may hide you
and joyously
let go –
to You.

Yes, Faith may
help you with
your willingness
to open up
to your greater
all that you seek
is hiding in plain sight,
with eyes wide open,
let go –
to You.

You may wish
to Trust before
you try this,
but You Are already
what your soul knows –
your heart,
your soul,
Love always holds you,
and with
let go –
to You!

The Little Self That Could

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You do not need
to convince
your self
of any thing,
for is it not
your self
who pushes back
on so many things?

From your perspective
of Higher Self,
yes, you see that
this is True,
your self has created
many stories,
to convince itself
that they are true.

So instead of trying
says the little self
that could,
would you,
could you
Love me anyway,
no matter what I
think I should?

Please remember,
little self,
you are All This
that I see,
We are in This Love
I Am You
You Are Me.

Let Us play and
dance together,
let Us dry each
other’s tears,
let Us hug when
we need comfort,
let Us choose Love
over imagined fear.

Little self,
I honor you,
for all experiences
We get to do,
you help Us grow
to Be This Truth,
You Are Love
I Am You!

Letting Love

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Let Love comfort you
and keep you warm,
Love refills your tank
when you feel tired
and worn.

Are you not a surfer
on the Waves of Love,
allowing Love to lift you
with heavenly hands
from above.

Yes, you may experience
both ebb and flow,
do contrasts not help
you in discovering
what you know.

Are there not times
when an end to
something brings,
new growth to you
that makes your
grateful heart sing?

Let Love be the
joyful song you
choose to sing,
Love is Everywhere
You Are
and in Everything!


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You need not wait
until you are “ready”,
is ready not a
snapshot in place
and time –
and as a creator
are you not always
though you think
this is in your

You need not lead
with your thinking
tune into the wisdom
of your heart,
a different picture
is created Here,
as You create you –
a glorious,
work of Art.

Allow Courage to take
you by the hand,
let Faith unfold
your wings to fly,
with Strength,
sense the power that
is fueled by Love,
as Joy,
dance freely into
your Light.

An Invitation

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What will you choose,
in this moment

You may view choice
as a struggle,
but it need not
always be,
does not struggle
let you grapple,
until you realize
You Are Free?

And each release
when you realize,
that You Are Love
all along,
does your soul
not dance with
as it sings out
your True
Love Song?

What will you choose,
in this moment

You may look fear
in the face,
thinking fear has
taken hold,
but is it not
an invitation
to shine loving Light,
on your thoughts
of old?

Choosing Love in
this moment,
is the only Truth
there is,
even if you forget
to choose,
You Are always
All of This.

Peace is always
in this moment,
call on Love to
show you how,
accept this dance
with your soul,
in this loving moment,

This Experience

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grow –
yes, these are what
you may experience
in life,
but is it not Life
that is experiencing

And as Life
goes beyond
what you perceive
as a beginning
or an end,
do you not continue
to absorb,
learn, evolve
and grow?

Yes, this is an
amazing journey,
as human and soul
you are experiencing
but You Are This
beyond This experience,
Be-ing Joy
in perfect bliss.

grow –
Be This Experience
of Love,
creating ripples
in time and space,
as Life experiences You,
This loving moment
in the perfect place.