Your Purpose, Ignited


Get excited with Love,
embrace your passion
with Love,
may Love be the passion
that fuels what you 
wish to Be.

And as you make 
your wish,
with Love,
Be All You Are,
blessed by heaven
You Are This,
Love in This Moment,
with Eyes of Love,
able to See.

Is this not your 
purpose, love,
in every moment, 
Here is Love,
it does not need 
an introduction,
or a grand production 
to Be Love.

Play and laugh,
with Love,
dive deep and 
with Love,
Love is in every 
as you understand,
with Love.

Love ignites,
my Love,
rise up wholly 
as Love,
Love is the spark 
that burns eternal,
You Are This Light – 
divinely Love!

No Doubt


Never doubt your Light,
you are the moon,
the sun, 
you are needed,
the Light of One
shines through you,

Be you as human,
embrace it all,
and know that Love 
and Peace flow
when you need a 
different perspective,
turn your mind over 
to the Whole of You.

Say yes to receiving,
lifting, flying,
this is your soul 
wishing to rejoice,
your Light is needed,
sense your expansion,
as you share 
your Love,
your Voice.

You know This Truth,
your place in 
This Web,
see you as Love 
sees You always,
with trust in Self
and knowing in 
your heart,
Be You as Light,
shining Love today!

Believing Joy

20181223 XPicture

12/26/22   from – 12/23/18

Believe in Joy.

Does not a child
in any moment,
find where Joy
loves to play?
Is there not,
within You,
a loving Force
that finds a way,
to let Joy bubble
up to see,
what might delight you
or laugh uproariously –
can you give in
to your true Essence,
and let Joy
come out to

It need not be
from your surroundings,
it may make no
to your adult mind,
but what tickles
your fancy,
what makes you laugh
every time,
Joy may be an
appreciative gesture,
a perfect cup
of your favorite tea,
is it not when your
is full of wonder –
that you allow Joy
with you to Be?

Believe in Joy,
even on days
when it is hard
to sense,
be open to the
that Joy is with you
in any moment,
and when your heart
is full
as the moon that
shines above,
with Gratitude,
invite Joy to play,
with delight
and wonder,
Joy is Love.

A Glorious Day


Be Love this day,
your soul says, 
yes, this day and 
all the rest,
time gives you space 
to fill, divinely,
though your spirit within 
is now, not next.

Look for the Light,
it brightens for you,
Peace is never far
You Are Love’s vibratory 
say yes to Love,
this moment, today.

May your heart
receive This Blessing,
this day is Love’s 
experience of You,
behold Love’s Light 
and as Love’s glory,
rejoice this Eternal Love 
in you!

The Alchemy of Gratitude


Reshape your reality 
with the power of 
it responds immediately 
when called upon,
this loving Gift 
is always Here for 

There is much in the 
earthly life,
that makes it hard 
to sit with Peace,
does not Gratitude 
bring you to your 
returning you gently 
to ease.

Gratitude is a super 
it is your alchemist 
shift Here when you 
wish to return,
to Joy,
as Peace,
with Love,

This Gift


Be grateful for your 
Strength and Courage,
have they not been 
with you through all,
they have held your hand
through darkness,
sometimes helping to 
erect a wall.

Now with eyes that 
see more clearly,
you see the Light 
was always there,
you thought you needed
some protection,
Strength and Courage 
helped with care.

You have always had 
this power,
it is within you 
Love and Joy are 
always with you,
as you now walk 
so fearlessly.

Bathe in This Light 
of pure awareness,
receive This Gift that 
blesses you,
You Are Love’s gift 
as your True Be-ing,
Love’s holy Light 
shines within you!

Love’s Experience


With tools of Joy 
and Gratitude,
allowing curiosity
to lead the way,
might you ponder 
this present moment,
throughout your experience
of the day.

Yes, this world is 
but You as timeless
are ever-present Here,
may This experience
begin to merge,
may you sense All 
who are so near.

Angels, guides and 
loved ones, too
are part of your 
may the Joy of this 
bring you Peace 
and confidence.

Set expectation 
to the side,
marvel at what 
you may sense,
trust and believe 
in your soul,
who joins with Love
in each experience!

With Care


You need not carry 
your past burdens,
thank them softly,
let them go,
You Are eternally 
this present moment,
sense the lightness
of your soul.

In linear terms 
your past has 
brought you 
to this place on 
earth’s timeline,
as you awaken to 
your Self,
may your Light now 
wholly shine.

Gather up all parts 
of you,
Love helps create 
this warm embrace,
as you reconnect 
with you,
may Joy bring a smile
to your face.

May Love be what 
you carry,
may This Light 
show you the way,
receive Love’s Blessings
wholly offered
with care and comfort
for you, always!

Your Compassionate Light


Be a beacon of 
true awareness,
hand in hand with 
those you Love,
may compassion 
be your language,
speak it here as 
you know it above.

A connecting vessel,
you walk this earth,
but your knowing is
from All That Is,
as you resonate with
your soul’s passion,
your purpose flows 
from All of This.

As This Joy bubbles up 
you need not wait –
do share it now,
is not the timing 
that you wish for
Divinely led,
taking care of how.

Your Light shines
as you peel the layers,
are you not seeing You
as Love’s bright Light,
forgiveness, compassion 
are your super powers,
spread your wings of Love
and may you fly high!



You may be uncomfortable 
with quiet,
needing to hear or 
make some noise,
you may perceive quiet
as boring,
needing some action
to see joy.

Look beyond all 
action taken,
yes, express yourself 
in full,
but may it Be 
derived from what 
loves to bubble up
in you – joyful.

Let Love Be your 
leading cause,
the world offers you 
many effects,
when you step away 
from usual reactions,
might you tap into 
what may happen next?

Tapping into the 
stillness of your soul
does not mean you 
do not live,
you live fully to 
your potential,
when you connect 
with All of This.

Embody the fullness 
of your expression,
it may be quiet 
or it may be loud,
may it Be what is 
created within You,
True to your Self,
expressing inside out!