A Return to You


Find Peace
in a joyous 
return to

You know this 
familiar feeling,
when Light returns 
to lighten you,
calm and patience 
say hello,
as you rejoice in
this return to

It is not based 
upon the external,
though, yes,
that may help
as well,
but which comes first,
external or intention,
to lovingly return 
to You.

Begin within,
when disruption
blame and judgment 
have no power Here,
what do you learn,
what needs released,
so you may peacefully
return to You.

Planetary shifts 
may shift your 
realign to what is 
always True,
with compassion,
as Grace freely 
Be Peace in this 
loving return 
to You.

A Driving Force


You are so familiar 
with your body,
might you now See
with the Eyes of Love?

memories combine
making you run 
on auto-pilot at
your True Awareness 
comes and goes,
handing over the wheel
may suit you fine.

The body wants 
the story,
the script,
of what next it 
is to do,
even reactions 
are pre-programmed,
based on beliefs 
you believe are 

There are times when
cleaning house is 
valid to clear some 
of this out,
but is not a simpler 
solution to shift
and See Love 
within, without?

Love this body 
it communicates 
and experiences 
with you,
but do not give it
all your power,
Love is the driving 
Force of You.

Let Love Be your 
guiding pilot,
yes, your body is 
along for this ride,
may Love fuel your
course with Forgiveness,
with Joy and Peace 
forever by your

Your True Nature


Are you not drawn
to the beat,
to the magic of bird
and butterfly wings,
they catch your eye 
and lift your spirits
when you see a sign 
one of them brings.

Nature provides a 
collective palette 
for hope,
for wonder
to appear,
do you not rejoice 
when you hear owl,
or marvel at the
gracefulness of deer?

Does Love not resonate 
with All,
may you extend your 
self to it,
see your Self in a 
favorite tree,
extending its branches 
to All of This.

Experiencing as One
is your True Nature,
may nature assist 
when you wish to 
you are soaring 
with your heart,
as free as bird 
and butterfly!



When there are choices 
to be made,
you may assume one 
is wrong or right,
might different paths 
create experiences 
that usher in the 
same bright Light.

Do not put pressure 
on yourself,
be aware of constriction
when fear says –
what if you make the 
wrong choice,
my dear,
You Are beyond 
all of the details.

With Love as your 
with your heart 
as guiding Light,
as human you do 
your very best,
now release the judgment 
of what is “more right.”

In this world 
your future self
has all the means 
to make things work,
put your trust 
in You, my dear,
what is your Truth 
as plans unfurl?

In this moment 
find the Joy
that lights all paths 
that you may choose,
let Joy’s Light be 
your companion,
reminding all paths 
lead Home to You!

Love’s Eternal Song


Does not a song 
last forever,
as notes are played 
or even hummed,
do you not bring 
it back to life,
when you are inspired 
to sing along.

As music resides 
within your heart,
with its vibration a 
part of you,
is it not surprising 
that a song,
is often how loved ones
communicate with you.

So flow with Love’s 
Eternal Song,
sing along and know 
this magical Truth,
lose yourself  in the 
vibration of music,
and find All you Love
singing with you.

As energy is never-ending,
may you resonate 
with song,
open your heart to 
Love’s vibration,
loved ones rejoice 
and sing along!


20191228 XPicture

12/26/21 from 12/28/19

Be You
in this moment,
You are Love
in this moment
let Joy,
let Peace,
bubble up inside,
though you may
sometimes wonder

Does your innate
sometimes raise
you up,
do you not surprise
yourself with
Joy, Peace
and Strength
are your companions,
as they reside
as the Love
in You.

Do not judge you,
in this moment,
You Are your
brother and
sister, too,
all experiencing
how to navigate
a path,
yes, that always leads
back to you.

With Joy,
with Peace,
may you discard
what may obstruct
this loving Truth,
with Strength
and Gratitude
may you accept,
that You Are Blessed,
as Love Is You.

O Beautiful Light


May you be filled
with joyous Light,
be it a crisp, 
clear day,
or starry night,
may you know 
you are never 
dear child – 
You Are always 

Memories may linger 
from moments past,
let go of judgments 
that need not last,
your heart holds 
All Love that you know,
loved ones and angels 
are part of this flow.

Enjoy traditions that 
speak to you,
even as you create 
each moment anew,
between, beyond
steps of the day,
is not the wellspring 
of Love showing 
you the way?

Create this day,
O Beautiful Light,
shine as the sun
or starry night,
eternally connected,
sense, know 
This Truth – 
All Holy Love 
forever flows 
through You!

A Sprinkle of Wonder


The world may distract 
seasonal events come 
and go,
at times your mind 
is full of detail,
seemingly disrupting 
your Love’s flow.

My dear,
there is no-thing
that can prevent 
This Love to flow 
through you,
why not add the 
wonder of Love 
to every list,
in all you do?

In this world Love 
can be do-ing,
even as Be-ing may 
bring you Peace,
Be Love in this 
and let all judgment
be released.

Add Love to every 
task or detail 
you are attending 
even when the mind 
is distracted,
Love flows through 
the Whole of You.

Let your heart guide 
and remind you,
all experiences flow
through You,
with your soul 
in joyful expression,
sprinkle Love 
in all you do!



In joyful exaltation,
does not your soul 
love to connect.

Soul to soul,
expressing wonder,
reminding you
what you at times

Does not time stand
still to honor
what fills up any 
empty space.

To bear witness to 
Love’s expression, 
is it not a wonder 
to see such Grace?

Soak up the Joy
of your soul,
as you release
what you need not 

You are free,
you are exalted,
You as Soul 
are Love Everywhere!

Beautiful Light


Behold your Light!
does it hold,
beyond words 
or thoughts 
the Language 
of Love is what 
you know.

When Love speaks
through your soul,
you need not analyze
what you hear,
Love’s experience 
in This vibration
is understood by all
who are near.

Shine your Light!
Your gifts of Love 
are wholly received,
your soul is strong
and well,
no matter what 
the body may have
you believe.

Here is Home
precious Light,
Love sees you always
as you shine,
Here eternally
is your Essence,
you are so loved,
beautiful Light!