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Let Gratitude
be your superpower,
does Gratitude not
teach you how
to fly?
Does Gratitude
not open doors
that you may have
thought were closed,
with Gratitude,
can you not touch
the sky?

And while Gratitude
lifts you up,
might Joy not
be far behind,
are they not the
perfect companions,
to lighten up your

Yes, this life can
be serious,
but Gratitude
can help with this –
you may start with
something small,
then be grateful
for it All.

You Are Eternal,
You Are Gratitude,
You Are Joy,
You Are Love.
Get to know your
superpowers –
This is what
You are made of!


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Look beyond any
or vessel you reside
let go of time or space
you think defines,
the lines you
have drawn in.

You are fluid,
all space and
in between,
you are the very
air you breathe,
no-thing can ever
contain you –
You Are Love
You Are Free!

Set your intentions,
be a creative force,
but do not limit
what you can do,
All of This
is your playground,
All of Love
joyfully flows
through You.

This cannot be measured
as big or small,
a beginning or end
need not matter, too,
You Are All
You Are One,
celebrate the
Eternal Love
of You!


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Be You
in this moment,
You are Love
in this moment
let Joy,
let Peace,
bubble up inside,
though you may
sometimes wonder

Does your innate
sometimes raise
you up,
do you not surprise
yourself with
Joy, Peace
and Strength
are your companions,
as they reside
as the Love
in You.

Do not judge you,
in this moment,
You Are your
brother and
sister, too,
all experiencing
how to navigate
a path,
yes, that always leads
back to you.

With Joy,
with Peace,
may you discard
what may obstruct
this loving Truth,
with Strength
and Gratitude
may you accept,
that You Are Blessed,
as Love Is You.


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On the road again! Here is a post from December 2017. . .


Do you see
One Light
that shines
through You,
that shines
through All,
can you believe
that You Are Light?

Do you feel
One Love
that flows
through You,
that flows
through All,
can you believe
that You Are Love?

Do you know
One Light,
One Love,
for One,
for All,
do you hear
your soul rejoicing –
can you believe
that You Are That?

Believe Light.
Believe Love.
Rejoice in the
Knowing that
You Are Love.

All That Is
Is Love
and You Are That.


Love, Joy, Peace

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You look for Love.
You look for Joy.
You look for Peace.

You may have looked
in every corner,
every season
or holiday,
there are certainly
that may help you
feel this way.

And yes, there are times
you may not feel loving,
far from joyful
or peaceful, yet –
you know deep down
that they exist,
though you may
temporarily forget.

Until a flicker of
maybe when you look
at a starry sky,
or see a tree in its
majestic glory,
or see Love’s glow
in another’s eyes.

Are they not Here
within your heart,
waiting oh so patiently,
in this loving moment,
welcome Home,
for You Are Love,
and Joy
and Peace.

Seek, Accept, Be

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Seek Love,
ask Love,
and from this
point of view,
you may realize
that where you are
is always somewhere
outside of you.

Accept Love,
choose Love,
and as Love
appears as a
choice to you,
do you not get
to Celebrate Love
when you say
to You?

Be Love,
know Love,
let everything else
slip away.
Rejoice as you remember,
Here Is Love,

Your Song

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Let go of your
and relax into
do you not recognize
this vibration,
the soothing Power
of Love’s hum?

Yes, as human you have
but is that not
so you may choose,
to sing harmony
with Love’s melody,
that continually plays
in the Heart of You.

Ask Love to guide you
know there is no right
or wrong,
the notes may differ
each time you sing them,
but Here with perfect pitch,
is your Love Song.