This Choice


Love chooses you.
Might you unconditionally
choose Love?

In the moments 
of life,
you may not realize 
there is choice,
as human choice abounds,
as soul you simply
are Joy.

With the chance 
to choose again,
rise above the 
ego’s voice,
Here is clarity,
Here is Love,
ego often balks at 
This Choice.

Be This Love 
as You Are Loved,
say yes to This 
that is flowing through,
Here is your natural 
State of Be-ing,
make the choice 
Love makes for you!

Smiling With Love


Invite Love in 
to your everyday,
when ego thinks 
it has center stage,
you know this when 
prickly parts come out,
you wish to send 
little ego away.

Let Love’s Light in 
to lighten you,
ego is so serious
in its task,
Love helps you sense
what is Real and True,
in your dream state,
did you forget to laugh?

Thank ego for reminders
that it brings,
you have a choice 
from which eyes to see,
Love is with you Here,
so patient, infinite,
smile with Love now –
Here You Are,
so free!



Your heart is a poem
Love has written,
you sense this wholly 
in your soul,
Love invites you 
to experience,
you know this,
feel this,
in your bones.

All you Love 
are in wonder 
with you,
experience never ends
when here is done,
might you explore 
your journeys together,
are not all paths 
the experience of One?

Unwrap your Joy
that is gifted to you,
there is no need 
to apologize,
loved ones are Here
sharing, rejoicing,
forever connected to 
your beautiful Light!

With Awe


Love is like a 
cleansing rain,
washing away
what may mask
may this clear the slate
of story,
as you create and 
begin anew.

Approach each task 
today with wonder,
invite a fresh perspective 
lighten the weight 
of ego’s presence,
let Love freshen 
and clear the air.

Now invite Love to 
bring droplets
of inspiration you 
may choose,
when your mind and 
soul with body unite,
a new path may appear 
to you. 

Continue to be amazed,
Be in this moment 
of Love, of awe,
when you clear 
your mind of 
your heart and soul 
sing with Love’s call!

Threads of Love


Be Strength,
Be Courage,
Be at Home 
in your confidence,
spirit is Here 
to assist and 
help you,
is this not a 
forever dance?

You assist and help
here as well,
souls always connected
seek each other out,
This Tapestry of Love 
is forever growing,
these Threads of Love 
are what it’s all about.

You are needed,
you have purpose,
your heart beats 
to its own drum,
but All Love’s Rhythm
joins together,
to remind All are 
creating as One.

Be Gratitude,
with Humility,
these Essences flow
with Grace and ease,
your breath has 
All that you need,
breathing Love as Joy,
returns you to Peace!

A Song of Love


Sense the Song of Love –
it is the music
of your soul,
with infinite ways 
to express it,
find your groove,
be brave,
let go.

Share the music 
of your heart,
know you are 
always, dear,
your loved ones
so love This beat,
angels listen,
drawing near.

This Harmony of Love
weaves an intricate
web so strong,
delight in Love’s elegance,
inviting you to play along.

Hear always your 
Song of Love,
it is the frequency 
of Truth,
Love rejoices in 
your expression,
create and share
this Song of You!

Where You Are


Buckle up upon 
Love’s journey,
take Love’s hand,
enjoy the ride,
You Are All 
universes together,
All of This
is You, inside.

There may be bumps
upon this journey,
but as you grow,
evolve, you see,
some situations that 
you experience,
turn into gifts 
to be received.

Find comfort in 
your discomfort,
is this not Love 
helping you shift,
you are creating,
eternally evolving,
trust in Love,
in All of This.

Take Love’s hand,
leading you joyously,
wrapped in Love’s 
infinite flow,
You Are perfect 
Where You Are,
forever Home,
eternally Loved so!

A Freeing Allowance


Sometimes you need 
a little help,
it need not be hard 
to simply ask,
reach out to friends,
family, to spirit,
when you are perplexed
by any task.

Asking is opening 
to receiving,
imagine a door being
opened wide,
when you accept 
sometimes not knowing,
All that You know 
appears from inside.

Letting go of expected
is a first step in 
releasing control,
there may be a 
resolution greater
than the one that 
ego thinks it knows. 

Much angst or worry 
comes from not knowing,
try reframing this with
excitement, glee,
when you let go of 
and flow with Love,
are you not free?

Be at Peace with open
let Love unfold what 
may come next,
You as soul are part 
of this process,
Trust in Love,
in You, 
and say yes!

Your Purpose, Ignited


Get excited with Love,
embrace your passion
with Love,
may Love be the passion
that fuels what you 
wish to Be.

And as you make 
your wish,
with Love,
Be All You Are,
blessed by heaven
You Are This,
Love in This Moment,
with Eyes of Love,
able to See.

Is this not your 
purpose, love,
in every moment, 
Here is Love,
it does not need 
an introduction,
or a grand production 
to Be Love.

Play and laugh,
with Love,
dive deep and 
with Love,
Love is in every 
as you understand,
with Love.

Love ignites,
my Love,
rise up wholly 
as Love,
Love is the spark 
that burns eternal,
You Are This Light – 
divinely Love!