The Joy of Laughter


Love is laughter.
Love is Joy.

Yes, there are many emotions 
that capture
the spectrum of feeling 
in a human heart,
but does not time 
stand still when 
you melt,
into laughter,
being Joy.

Yes, laughter may be 
followed by your tears,
an opening heart 
opens all channels to
your connections with 
your loved ones,
in precious memories,
Here is Joy.

Let laughter bring you 
to this present,
allow your body to 
remind you –
your heart sings with 
Love Eternal,
it gives permission 
to laugh,
embraced with Joy.

The smallest thing may 
tickle you,
or you may not take 
yourself so seriously,
what bubbles up is 
a form of surrender,
Love is safe,
Love is Joy.

You are fierce,
you are courageous,
and when you relax
may laughter and tears
knowing Love is 
your True Nature,
welcome laughter, 
You Are Joy.

An Infinite Light


You say you wish 
to see the sun,
my dear,
You Are the sun.

You need not wait 
for the fog to lift,
your bright Light shines 
with the Light of One.

There may be times
of introspection,
when you quiet 
and go inside,
at times the season,
weather nudges
you to sit with what 
is on your mind.

The Light of Love 
is ever-present,
its sister and brother 
may be sun and moon,
but you are of this 
infinite force,
you cannot be contained 
in any room. 

You say you wish to
see more Light,
my dear,
you could light up 
the sky,
bask this moment 
in your Light shining,
may it reflect the 
stars so high.

Be a Beacon of Light
with others,
is there not Joy when 
Light is shared,
this Light of Love 
is always with you,
infinitely shining 
Here and Everywhere.

Love’s Possibility


Stretch yourself
beyond your 
see how your soul 
responds with ease,
even when lessons 
appear not to your
might reasons be 
beyond what you 
can see.

Possibility lives in 
always remember 
you are a creative 
be aware when you
are saying “no” –
might saying “yes”
help you reset 
your course?

The ego is quick 
to shut down
what it fears,
the status-quo 
is where its 
comfort is,
allow your soul 
to speak to your
Heart of Joy,
as an infinite Be-ing,
are you not 
All of This?

This need not be 
a call to change 
the world,
though the world 
changes through 
your Vision of Truth,
be all that is possible
with your courageous 
heart – 
the manifestation 
of Love that shines 
eternally through You!

Celebrate You!


Celebrate You, today.

It need not be a 
particular date 
that announces you
or when you found 
your mate,
though this may be
take time any moment,
and celebrate You.

Give yourself a 
pat on the back,
surround yourself 
with loving arms
so vast,
see the Light 
in You,
the brilliance of 
with meaning,
celebrate You.

Let go of accomplishments
or when you came up 
all of these live only 
in a human report,
shred all that wishes 
to keep score,
see your Essence 
so True 
and celebrate You.

And while you are in
a celebratory mood,
why not include 
your sisters and 
brothers, too,
are they not part 
of Love’s Family 
of One,
when you celebrate 
you celebrate You!

A Joyful Collaboration


Let Love fill 
in the lines.

You may be planning,
wishing to go from 
point A to B,
might you ask 
for a lighter touch
to help you draw 
more elegantly.

There are infinite 
yes this may have
you feeling
but is there not 
joyful excitation
when what falls into 
is what you did 
not know?

Trust and release 
to Love’s guiding 
yes this may be a 
life-long question 
you ask,
there may be a 
broader perspective
to any big or 
seemingly menial 

When you work to 
fill in the lines 
of what you are 
trying to create,
tap into this joyful
collaboration –
what do you and 
your Team wish
to make?

With Purpose


Be you present
connecting with stars 
at night,
as your purpose 
Is Love,
how brightly shines
your Light?

You are an integral 
of infinite synapses
you may not see,
might you Trust 
that You Are part 
of a vast web 
of Love’s electricity?

As your vibration 
does this not turn 
up the Light,
your soul already
knows this,
but in your awareness,
is there not joyful 

Your soul knows its
you need only listen 
to your heart for Truth –
You Are part of Love’s 
woven into the 
Essence of You!

A Joyful Creation


What creates from 
Love today?

It matters not 
the size big 
or small,
comparisons here 
do not matter 
at all.

Maybe Love brings 
a smile,
a break in the 
maybe Love 
Lights up brightly,
filling a room.

Love is true inspiration,
Love is You,
Love is Me,
Love is the creative 
that We All make 
with loving glee.

With Love’s Joy 
invite fun,
let some seriousness
do you not sense 
All Is Well,
when you smile 
with your soul?

Create from You,
from Love today,
share Love’s 
joyful ripples,
as you let Love 
out to play!


20200828 XPicture


Relax into Love,
relax into the day,
there is no need
to put up
protective walls
come what may.

With ease and
with Grace,
as Love may you
any thoughts of
are ego’s restrictive

Breathe into this
the Whole of You
says, I can –
I Am Love,
I Am Peace,
behold this Truth –
I Am.

This Dance

20200809 XPicture


Might you accept
Love’s hand before
that invites you
to This Dance,
a Dance of Life,
This Dance of
might you accept
and take a chance?

You may not know
which way to turn,
or what steps next
to take,
is there not wonder
in this learning,
as you allow Love
to show the way?

A new dance you
may learn,
but Love is always
Here with you,
hand in hand
you dance together,
let Love lead,
Love will see you

This Dance of Love
is ever-lasting
and when you find
it hard to move,
let Love lift you
with gentle Grace,
Love will always
carry you.

Trust the music of
This Dance,
its rhythm beats
within your heart,
as you accept
the Hand of Love,
know All Is Well
as the Love You Are!

A Leap of Faith

20200807 XPicture


Do you not at times
feel you are standing
at a precipice
stretching out
in front of you,
a leap of faith
appears to be an
but your body
knows not what
to do.

Yes, there are times
when soaring
is the answer,
but do not dismiss
a single step,
even staying
in place
may be an
in the physical
it may not be
time yet.

Is not a leap of
faith sometimes
what you need,
to return you to
the chasm of
fear or doubt
or worry,
is ego’s way
to separate

Connect the dots
that lead you gently
to the Truth that
lies within your soul,
leap with joyful Trust
into loving arms,
always holding you,
You Are Home!