A Miracle of Love

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What appears distant
comes into view,
what once was closed
is now open to you,
when you give your heart
permission to believe,
are you not surrounded
by the Miracle of Love?

You need not know
every why or how,
let Love guide you
to the magic of Now,
when you feel your
connecting you to an
eternal space,
is this not where
your heart resides
Let yourself believe,
let Love show you how –
to open your heart
to the Miracle of Love.

All are connected,
though you might not
be aware,
your loved ones are
with you,
beyond space and time,
is it not your heart
that is the bridge
from here to there –
though with Love,
you All reside together
you may believe,
you may sense
that you really know,
and beyond knowing,
is the Truth
that You Are

Let yourself believe.
Let Love show you how.
Open your heart,
You Are a Miracle of Love.

In Your Heart

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Speak the Love
in your heart,
tell those you Love
how you feel,
Love is also in
the actions
that you take,
loving things you do
throughout the day,
when your focus
becomes askew,
let Love bring
into focus
what is important
to you.

Share the Love
in your heart,
might you let someone
you are a call away,
when you give,
does it not come back
to you,
Love grows stronger
when it is flowing
through You,
can you extend
a loving hand,
is not Love a bridge
helping All to stand?

Be the Love
in your heart,
is not Love the perfect
place to start,
let Love be in any task
you have today,
let Love help you
find some time
to play,
find ways to connect
with the Love
That You Are,
You are always Home
within the Love
in your heart.


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What comes to Light
is asking for healing,
it may be one
or countless more,
emotions run high,
there is much anguish
as a society
opens once closed

Though you rise
and fall
when in these
choppy waters,
can you turn up
the Light
that is always
in You,
can you be an anchor
in calmer water,
can you find balance
in the Strength
that is You?

You need not turn away
though sometimes you wish
to find a place
to hide –
when hurt and pain
is this not a searching,
for Love to show
another side?

You will see so many
in the tangled web
of Life –
and though the answers
may take some time,
can you not instantly
turn up the Love
and Light?

Be a Light
when the world is
yes, you may feel
this pain as well,
but as Love knows
no boundaries,
add Love and Light
in your story
to tell,
you may not be able
to change the story,
its ending may not
be clear to see,
but as Love is
can you Be a bright
in a stormy sea?

Be a beacon.
Anchor with Strength.
Love knows where
it is needed,
go within
and shine
your Light!

In the Service of Love

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Be of service, today.

Lend a hand,
lend an ear,
have no agenda,
see what comes up
to show you –
how can you Be
of service today?

You may serve
the needs of another,
you may even
serve you,
is not Be-ing
of service,
asking Love,
what would Love do –
can you not Be
as you are doing,
when Love is
lovingly showing you,
how can you Be
of service today?

With Humility,
with a humble heart,
with no strings attached,
or expectations parked,
can you Be
with Gratitude,
a Servant of Love
by Be-ing You –
when you serve Love,
are you not serving You –
Be of service today.

It may be to look
in someone’s eyes,
to see their soul,
beyond their mind,
you may follow a nudge,
hear your inner voice,
when given options,
what would be Love’s
when you give Love
the go-ahead to lead,
are you not Be-ing in
the Service
of Love?

With Gratitude
and Humility,
let Love flow between
these parts of you
to see,
do you not serve Love
when you simply Be –
Be-ing Love,


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There is purpose
in any and all things,
when the purpose
Is Love.

Whatever the work
you do,
or situation you
find yourself in,
might it not
be purposeful,
when the purpose
Is Love?

And in any relationship –
it may be smooth,
or get under your skin,
you need not change
the other person,
but might it help you
to find the purpose
of Love?

And though you
may not know why,
(yes, you have questions
in all you do) –
might any question
have an answer,
when the purpose
Is Love?

Whether you do things
on purpose,
or react to what
life can give,
can you let Love
guide you back
to center,
as you find
your purpose
Is Love?

Be purposeful,
Be present,
Be at Peace
with Who You Are.
Let your heart
tune into your
your Soul’s purpose
Is Love.

Finding Space

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Finding space.

What is between
the detailed story,
what is left
when you
look for You,
what is All
no matter where
you turn,
when you go within,
is there not
always Love?

Yes, Love can fit
in many spaces,
but can you hear it
in between
the noise,
when you open
to allow more room,
is that not when you find
all space is filled
with Love?

Love is in every breath
you breathe,
and Love is in between
every breath,
what you think is
is an invitation
for you to see,
All is filled
within the Space of Love.

You need not find
any empty spaces,
when you stop looking,
will you then not see –
Love Is Everywhere
and nowhere
at once –
Love is,
You Are
through Eternity.

All Is Well

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Receive the Light,
from the moon,
from the sun.
Be the Light,
Be a beacon
when darkness comes.
It only takes
a sliver
to remember
Who You Are –
there is hope
in Light,
reminding you
Love is never

Receive Love’s glow,
from loved ones
you hold dear,
Be Love’s promise,
to yourself
when you need
to hear –
All Is Well,
find Peace
when you know,
you are surrounded
with Love and Light,
You Are Love
and You Are Loved so.

is there not
a constant state
of flow,
find yourself
in any moment –
Be Love,
Be Light,
and you will