Forever Found

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Return to Love.

As life takes you
on a journey,
some steps planned,
some are a surprise,
are you not always
on a path of
to see anew
with fresh,
loving eyes?

With this awareness
do you not see
a cycle,
two steps out
then walking always
back to you,
this Dance of Life
is often full
of surprises,
but do they not all
lead to a
Return to You?

You may at times,
think you have lost
your way,
but with Love are
you not
Forever Found,
go within to
your heart
to hear its rhythm,
Love is always
and will always Be
your favorite song.

Be brave,
Be strong,
Be courageous –
embrace All
that life has to
when there are times
that you think you
are separate,
know Love is in
every moment
that you live.

And when you know
Who You Are,
do you not sense this –
you have never lost
or part of You,
no matter what
path you walk,
do you not discover,
a Return to Love
is always a
Return to You.

A Moment of Love

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In this moment,
Here Is Love.

It is yours
to claim,
as choosing Love
is a perfectly
natural thing –
you may wonder
about the past,
or what the future
may possibly bring –
what if you knew,
that in this moment,
you have access
to Everything?

The healing Power
of Love,
knows no limits
of space or time,
and as a Be-ing of
might you let Love
take your mind
to another
moment of You,
that you wish to
bathe in Love,
might you let Love
transmute the energy
of beliefs that you
think of?

In this moment,
Here Is Love,
You Are limitless,
in this moment
are you not
with all that may
have happened
or all that you
wish to Be –
Be it All,
in this moment,
choosing Love
that sets you free.

All That You Are
is Love expressed
so you may find –
Here Is Love
when you wish to
claim it,
Love Is Everywhere,
and All Divine.

With Ease

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It need not be hard,
sometimes is struggle
not what you know,
is it not familiar,
is there not comfort,
in working hard
to make things so.

Might you lean
into a different
one that is lined
with Grace and Ease,
making choices based
on trust,
not what you demand,
asking “pretty please.”

Life has an ebb
and flow,
it will unfold
no matter what,
does not another door
when it appears
that one has shut.

With allowance
and acceptance,
as you follow
your soul’s pull,
might you line
each path of your
with the Light of
Love to see
you through.

Take the path of
least resistance,
but do not doubt
your power within,
when Love combines
with Joy,
is that not when
miracles begin?

There is flow
when Love is
might you join in
with Ease and Grace,
set your intention
for Love,
unfolding You from
this loving space.


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You may think
is multi-layered,
are there not
many layers
to you?
Yet always at
your core,
You Are
is this not
your true
State of Be-ing
through and

With thought,
and prayerfulness,
when You Are One
with the Truth
of All of This,
do you not feel
the embrace
of Love,
when you know
that You Are

In this State
there is no
you need not
work at all
to be Here –
with Joy,
feeling Peace,
is it not relieving,
to Be at Home
with yourself
and Loved so

This Place of Love
is not a destination,
might Awareness
remind you,
what you know –
with Gratitude
might you Trust
in You,
dear one,
You Are Awareness,
You Are Love
and You Are Loved, so!


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Claim your innate
it is the Power of
let Love help you
truly see,
you are all
that you
dream of.

Welcome each
that helps you
to seek this
You Are Love,
You Are Peace,
and it All
resides in You.

See Love in all
you do,
notice Love in
others, too,
are they not simply
a mirror,
that is placed
in front of you?

With clarity might
you see
the roles you play
so you may know,
You Are Love
and so very Loved,
claim this Truth
as it is so.

Claim your innate
it is the Power
of Love –
claim it so
you may
live it,
choose Love in
every possibility.


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Does it not make
sense to retrain
your brain,
so it can experience
what is in
your heart,
as you create
from the
there may be patterns
you may need
to learn about.

What does your brain
tell you,
you cannot do,
what limitations,
does it place
upon you –
know that these
are wonderful
to rethink,
to retrain,
to see all
soul working
in harmony
with your brain.

Know that your
is Here
and always
get your brain
on board,
by diving in
to what thoughts
and beliefs,
you think are
true –
your Truth
is in your heart
and your soul
knows what to do.

Integrate all parts
of Who You Are,
retrain your thoughts,
so that they match
your heart,
as you are an aspect
of the Whole,
You Are a blessed
Divine soul,
create from this
this Truth,
from the Love
That Is You.

With Gratitude
for every part,
integrate All
That You Are –
express the
of the Love
That Is You!


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Trust spirit.
Trust you.

You may be
the last to
see it,
as you doubt
this can be true,
but your heart
knows the Truth
behind it –
trust spirit,
trust you.

You are spirit
while in your body,
you are spirit
when life is
Love abounds
before and after –
trust spirit,
trust you.

Let spirit guide
gently reminding
you to treat
you with loving
let Love surround you
with loving comfort –
trust spirit,
trust love.

Be patient,
knowing there is
is Love not the
in all you do,
in any moment,
Here Is Love –
trust Love
Love Is You.

All That Is

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Let Love lift you
beyond your story,
Let Love be
what always
what is at the
of All That Is –
All That Is,
Is Love.

You may wrap
in tangles,
searching for
the how
and why,
but what is constant,
what remains –
All That Is,
Is Love.

Love is the foundation
of your Be-ing,
Love is the sky
that you reach for,
You Are All of that
and in-between –
All That Is,
Is Love.

Let Love be the
Eternal answer,
to the questions
that you seek,
in every step
upon your journey –
All That Is
All That You Are,
is always,


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The still,
small voice
within you,
is with you
even when
you may not
might you quiet
the distractions
that may be
to your ears,
but your soul
is with you
patiently communicating
with you,
might you tune in
to your soul
to sense,
to feel,
rather than

Serving spirit,
serving Love,
is this not also
serving You –
you are spirit
within your
though as human
there is much
to do,
with Gratitude
might you connect
with your heart
that beats as
and with Humility
might you realize,
You Are an expression
of Divine Love.

That still,
small voice
within you,
why not
turn it up
to see,
what adventures
might await you,
it is This Love
that sets you

Circle of Love

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You are in the
of a Circle of
when you feel
you are on
the outside,
is this not
when you judge?

Sometimes it is
easier to extend
giving out
than to receive,
but does it not
begin within,
as you accept
and believe?

Your inner critic,
when turned loose,
can cause havoc
and stir up doubt,
but even that
part of you
knows inside,
what Love is all
about –
like the child,
who is testing,
to make sure
You are there,
might you surround
your inner child
with hugs,
and Love
and tender care?

When you center,
when you balance,
do you not see
with new eyes –
Love is your center,
Love is your purpose,
and there are endless
loving ways,
to show Love,
to Be Love,
but might you
begin with
you –
surround you
with your Circle of
holding close,
the Magnificent You!