With Ease

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Be flexible.
Might you be
malleable enough
so that Love
may find a way
to help you
move with
and glide with

Do you not adjust
to your physical
are you not able
to walk on land,
then in the water
might you float
or propel yourself
with your hands?

You make adjustments
based on where your
body may be,
might you tune into
your soul
and make adjustments

Let Love be the ocean
that you swim in,
Love is the air that
you breathe,
is Love not where
you sense Eternity,
do you not feel
the Flow of Love
when there is Grace
and Ease –
why not get comfortable
with Peace,
knowing Love is
where you can
simply Be.

Be flexible,
let Love show you
all ways –
you have infinite choices
to make,
might you choose
with Love,
step away from right
or wrong,
are they not markers
to continue on,
step into the the
Flow of Love,
that always
flows through You!

Showing Up

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Be Love, today.

Yes, a more direct line
might be –
show up, today.

And might showing up
be the perfect place
to start,
but what do you show up
to share,
might you share
what is in your

Might you shine with
what begs to play,
this Light in you
that lights the way,
Be Light,
Be Love,
in a playful way,
show up, today.

Do not be afraid
to play
and might you be loving
in what you say,
tell someone
that you think
they are fabulous,

Does not the energy
lighten up,
when expectation
you release,
other than showing up
with Love,
is all not possible,
are you not free?

Be Free to
Be You
and what is the
first thing you
might do?
Show up as
Who You Are –
Being Love,
Being Courageous,
Being You.

Where Gratitude Lives

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When day begins
to fall asleep,
as you look out at
the darkening blue sky,
what are the spaces
between the branches
of budding trees,
is this not where
Gratitude lives?

As Spring wakes up
to put on its show,
with the waves of green
you have come to know
so well,
does the Universe
not feel so close,
so real,
is this not where
Gratitude lives?

A new day dawns,
a gift to All,
what will you see
between the spaces
of thought –
as you sense
all space is
filled with Love,
breathe in
where Gratitude lives!


20190427 XPicture



When the days
begin to fill
with what is
happening in
your world,
when you feel
you may have
lost your Light –

It may be music,
it may be a tone,
for you to know
you are not alone,
your loved ones
are always with you,
You All are Home,
let Love invite you
to remember.

You have the key
within your heart,
expand a memory,
that is the start,
as you sense Love
you know you
are never apart,
does Love not remind
you to remember?

You are both human
and soul,
trust what your soul
already knows,
you are always
connected to Love,
with Light,
as All Is Love,
remember, dear,
Love Is You.


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Love is present
wherever You are.

There are days
when you may
feel closer,
sensing Source
in All That Is,
there are times
when separation
rears its head
as you compare
all of this.

Of course, it helps
to find the balance
and does not Love
help you to see,
Love will always
come to meet you –
Love is present
wherever You are.

You may think that
this awareness
only happens when
in a certain state,
you may wonder
how you recognize
this –
with the so-called mistakes
that you think you make.

But Love is Here,
always flowing,
even if your knowing
Love is near,
never far –
Love is present
wherever You are.

So why not open up
your heart,
so you may feel closer
to All of This,
Love exists within you
even if it is hard
to sense this bliss.

You need not go out
to find Love,
it is not a distant star,
the Light of Love
shines brightly within
Love is present
wherever You are!

This Dance of Love

20190425 XPicture


When you have an
when you light up
with an “aha”,
is this not your
soul delighting
in this Dance of Love?

Might you let Love
be your dance partner,
as you glide
throughout this life,
yes, there are steps
that need more
but is not the point
simply to delight
in the movement,
in the creation,
as what is new
has been here
all along,
and when you wish
for a new experience,
might you play
a different song?

Be curious,
Be open,
to the next step
you may take,
yes, there are many
and new ones
that you make,
you are always
and sometimes
what you already
do not things
fall into place,
when you surrender
to Love’s Flow?

Connect the dots,
but do remember,
you are always
a part of Love’s web,
sometimes a direction
draws your attention,
but then something else
calls to you instead,
know Love exists
in All directions,
it is not always
where you go –
it is the Dance of Love
that matters,
does Love not lead you
to what You know?

Delight in Love’s Dance,
you are partners
for eternity,
with Joy
and Gratitude,
take Love’s hand,
let Love dance you
with Grace and

Always, Here

20190424 XPicture


You may visualize
as the conduit
between you
All That Is –
and there is
Truth within
this image,
as you try to
imagine this.

But, dear one,
there is no
here or there,
so there cannot
be an in-between,
there is no space
you need to fill,
or distance that
you need to travel
to Be.

Yes, it is Love
that is your
Love is Here
with you
right now,
You Are an
aspect of
believe this
even if you
know not how.

And soul to soul
does Love not
connect you
to your loved ones
you hold dear –
even if not in
the physical,
are they not always
close as
You Are Here?

You can think of
as a conduit,
but it is truly
Who You Are –
feel with your heart,
breathe in this Truth –
Love Is Here
Love Is You.