Everywhere, Everything

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Does Love not fly
on eagle’s wings,
is Love not every note
that a songbird sings –
white tail of deer
or flock of turkeys
is Love not in the
Nature of

Is Love not ever-present
on a busy day,
do you not see the
Joy of Love,
when children play,
what brings you to
a moment,
when kind eyes of a stranger
say –
I see you,
you see me,
Love is Everywhere,

Does Love not paint
the sky,
to make you notice
that dawn has come,
does twilight not
let you feel
Gratitude when
day is done,
Love is a cycle,
you always travel
on angel wings –
Love is at the Heart
of Everywhere
and in Everything.

One of You

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Be kind to
your self,
have compassion
for This One
of You,
might you project
This Love to all,
following Love’s nudging
only to realize Love Is
always Here
with you.

Be True to
your Self,
Here is Peace
in This One
of You,
might you welcome
your self Home,
wrapped in Love
and never alone,
does not One Love
help you to see
the Truth of You?

Follow kindness
and compassion
to the heart
of You,
Here Is Peace
when you discover
the One of You,
when your self
needs reminding of
the Love You Are,
let your Self
bring you back Home
to Who You Are.

A Gift of Gratitude

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Yes, give thanks,
but receive thanks,
do not miracles abound
when in the cycle
of Gratitude?

Are you not in the
present moment,
does not acceptance
Light the way,
when you give thanks
for any blessing
that touches and
opens your heart,
each day?

May each blessing
shower you
with the Gift of Gratitude –
You Are Loved,
You Are a blessing,
receive and rejoice
in sweet Gratitude.

A Walk With Love

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A walk with Love
is a walk with
let go of changing
what is around you,
might you travel

Yes, in this life,
you all leave footprints,
but might you find
the commonality,
all are searching
for Love,
and Love is always
with thee.

A walk with Love
is a walk with
does not the realization
That You Are Love,
allow you to
peacefully Be?

Walk your path
with Love,
Love walks with every
step of You,
You Are guided,
You Are Loved,
Peace resides in
the heart of You.


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How vast is Love?

It may be hard
for you to picture,
your eyes are limited
with what they see,
is it not a feeling,
as Love is present,
in thee.

Is Love not wider
than the oceans,
beyond the sky
that is everywhere,
Love draws the lines
between constellations,
how many Universes
are out there?

Yet, Love is also in
each drop of water,
from stormy cloud
to a tender tear,
every cell of you
contains All of Love,
Love permeates all
that you call Here.

All That Love Is
All That You Are,
you need not understand
all that this may mean,
Love is a feeling,
an awareness,
knowing –
Love connects You
to All
and truly Everything.

Love, Joy, Peace

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You look for Love.
You look for Joy.
You look for Peace.

You may have looked
in every corner,
every season
or holiday,
there are certainly
that may help you
feel this way.

And yes, there are times
you may not feel loving,
far from joyful
or peaceful, yet –
you know deep down
that they exist,
though you may
temporarily forget.

Until a flicker of
maybe when you look
at a starry sky,
or see a tree in its
majestic glory,
or see Love’s glow
in another’s eyes.

Are they not Here
within your heart,
waiting oh so patiently,
in this loving moment,
welcome Home,
for You Are Love,
and Joy
and Peace.

A Sacred Breath

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Is not each
sacred breath
imbued with Trust
and Gratitude?

Might you draw in
the Miracle of Creation,
then release and expand
the limitless You?

The breath is the
heartbeat of the Universe,
helping you keep
the rhythm of Love’s
Eternal Song,
you cannot help
but know this vibration
and with each breath
do you not sing along?

May Gratitude
open your heart,
may Trust remind you
how to sing,
may you sense Peace
in every breath you take,
and in Love may you
always believe.

A Love Bath

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When you see the Love
in You
in every face that
you see,
do you not honor
the Source of Love,
that like a fountain,
flows effortlessly?

When all barriers
are removed,
like a dam
that has been
set free,
let Love wash over
loving each cell

Inside out
or outside in,
Love has no beginning,
Love has no end,
rejoice –
Love heals throughout,

Every One

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What do you choose
to notice today?

In the world of
there are choices that
you make,
from the perception of
you may expect a
give and take.

And while this makes
sense in your
is there not another
view –
might each exchange
that you experience
be embedded with
the Love of You?

You may not notice
a change or
in your sister or
brother you see,
yet the Light you see
in All,
is reflected from
the Light
in thee.

Do not seek Light
to make a change,
for the Light is
already Here –
indeed, the Light
of Love is constant,
and you see it when
you are aware.

Might you choose
to see the Light
in Every One
The Light of One
shines in All –
You Are This Light,

Fiercely Loving

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Release all tension
that may build up,
let go of beliefs
that you need
to fight,
dive deeper still
into your true nature,
are you not fueled
by your amazing

You can be fierce
in your intentions,
with a heart that is
guided by the Light,
and at the same time
have patient knowing
that Love transcends
all space and time.

In this perfect moment
let Love release you
from expectation
or impatience,
Be with Love now,
a loving warrior,
fiercely loving
All of This.