True Awareness


Be aware of your 
is it in future 
not yet here?
Or is recirculating past 
wishing to be heard
loud and clear?

As human experiencing
linear time,
these perceptions feel 
so very strong,
This Present moment
is not of time,
it is the Truth 
of where You belong.

You may feel tossed 
and turned about,
when you use time
to get your bearings,
may you sense Love’s 
Peace and Strength,
when you come Home 
to your True Awareness.

This awareness is with
you now,
forever, eternal
is This Peace,
Be Love’s experience,
return to your center
and trust what unfolds

Play with surrender,
release your grip,
you need not hold on
so very tight,
expand your awareness 
to how Love sees you – 
wholly enveloped in 
Love’s beautiful Light!

All You Need


Sense Love’s Light 
that flows within, 
no matter how 
difficult the day,
when the unknown
or fear disrupts,
Love shows you always
another way.

There is no-thing you 
cannot solve,
invite Strength and Courage
to be near,
when you do not feel
your whole Self,
know angels and loved ones
are always near.

You Are the Strength 
of Love expressed,
with Courage present 
may you sense Peace,
turn your face to the
Light of Love,
may Love surround you
with Grace and ease!


A Loving Purpose


You may not know 
all of the answers 
to the “why’s” you 
wish to know,
might you trust in 
spirit’s guidance,
gently reminding you 
to let go.

It may not be 
a clear picture 
that you see with 
human eyes,
sometimes an experience 
is working on
something else
deep inside.

Trust in sacred 
embrace the lessons
that arise,
continue to let go
of what may be 
covering up your

Go to your heart 
and not your head
for the next steps 
that await you,
may spirit gently 
a life-long purpose 
is to Love you.

Love’s Innocence


Believe in your 
embrace what you are
made of,
believe and know
this Truth,
the Essence of You
is wholly Love.

Ego wishes to keep
making up rules 
that are not true,
there is no-thing
that you can do 
that would keep Love
away from you.

O Child of Love,
be like the child,
that is open to 
Joy and wonder,
with Love may you
discover a miracle
that forgiveness 
may uncover.

You Are Love’s innocence,
You Are This Truth,
let go of what 
may weigh on you,
your True Essence 
is light and free,
Love’s innocence flows
always through You!

A Miracle of Love


Believe this Truth – 
a miracle of Love 
is You.

Feel it,
sense it,
accept it,
know it – 
You Are Here 
as Love flows 

If you could see
your bright Light
you would not 
question this 
Eternal Truth.

Accept your self 
with no condition,
this is how angels
always see you.

You look for miracles 
to believe,
look no further 
for Love’s Truth.

Accept This Love with 
your whole heart,
Love’s miracle is 
wholly You!

To Spirit


Give of your heart 
to spirit,
this is a natural state
to Be,
does not This Love 
flow back and forth,
a perfect dance 
performed elegantly.

You think you meet 
between two worlds,
but boundaries do not
exist, my dear,
spirit is Everywhere 
at once,
you need not search 
as Love is Here.

Simply open up 
your heart,
to hear the angels 
that sing to you,
give of your heart 
to spirit,
and return Home 
to the Truth 
of You!

The Strength of Peace


Breathe in Strength,
it is your True Nature,
there is no-thing 
you need to win,
may Strength remind 
there is no struggle,
when you realize 
Peace is within.

Strength taps into 
your Life Force,
that bubbles up 
when you realize,
it is the ego that 
makes you feel
you need to fight 
to stay alive.

Life is beyond 
beginning or end,
your Strength,
your Truth 
shares this with
sense your soul 
within human life
and know Life
is always the
Eternal You.

May you embrace 
your Strength
as you navigate 
around obstacles
with ease,
Love walks with you upon
your human journey,
as your soul reminds
yes, Here is Peace.

Loving You


Love loves you.

Soak this up 
when you most
need it,
you need never 
feel alone,
part of Love’s web,
your eternal Light,
reminds you always,
You Are Home.

You need not go 
far to find it,
Love reflects You 
back to you,
return to this 
eternal Truth,
Love is always 
loving you.

Let not the world 
cloud Who You Are,
does not the world
so need your Light,
shine on with absolute
always, forever,
Love loves you!

Love’s Soft Strength


As thoughts get 
loud or out 
of sync,
the softness of 
Love soothes 

Breathe Love in 
and make a shift,
ask soul,
ask spirit to 
help with this.

There may be 
problems still
to solve,
but your soul’s 
perspective helps 
you sort through 
it all.

Set aside the noise,
find the stillness
get quiet so Love 
is what you can 

Tune in to You,
where softness 
is your Strength,
allow breath 
with Peace,
breathe you, 



May you align 
with the flow
of your soul.

You may think 
easier said than done,
as ego fights the
concept of One,
may you align 
with the flow 
of your soul.

Letting go,
letting loose,
might feel precarious 
to you,
may you trust 
in the flow 
of your soul.

Discernment paves 
the way of knowing,
your awareness evolves 
and is ever-growing,
may you know 
within the flow
of your soul.

Watch for breadcrumbs,
see the signs,
your soul is with 
loved ones and guides,
your Team is You 
forever flowing 
with your soul.

Trust and have Faith
there is no wrong or right,
Be the experience 
of Be-ing Divine,
You Are One 
as you forever flow
with your soul.