Wings of Love

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A bird glides
in the air –
does it not
look like magic,
do you not long
to do the same –
to feel as if
floating on the air,
able to turn and soar,
into whatever direction
you wish to fly,
does not flying
give you a sense
of freedom –
is it of movement,
or the freedom
to move effortlessly
where you wish
to go?

But is there not
more that goes on,
with currents that lift
this winged marvel,
does bird not know
how to flow
with the air,
letting it lift,
as bird makes
only slight adjustments
to continue gliding –
until it is time
to use wings
that help bird
continue to fly?

And though you do not
have wings that fly,
do you not sense
a flow that guides you –
are there not times
when you can glide,
as the Flow of Love
lifts you up –
then are there not times
when you need
to reposition,
to make adjustments,
to find this flow?

Can you not visualize flying
like the bird –
with wings outstretched,
or by your side –
do you not have
beautiful Wings of Love
ready to lift you,
to help you fly?

You believe
that wings are magic,
do you not watch
birds and butterflies,
they know how to
catch the current,
when to use their wings,
and when to glide.

There is a Flow of Love
that surrounds you,
ready to lift you,
to help you glide –
when you are
ready to spread your
Wings of Love,
will Love not lift you,
so you may fly?

Can you flow in
the Current of Love,
it may feel effortless,
it may be hard –
but you have
all you need,
to navigate,
to be a part of
this unseen flow –
can you not adjust,
letting love reposition you,
to glide in this
Stream of Love?

Spread your
Wings of Love –
can you not sense
the Power That
You Are –
the Power that
helps you to let go,
to feel the Strength
within you take
You to where
You Are One
with Love?

Flow with Love.
Glide with Love.
Fly with Love.

A World of One

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You may ask,
why does it take
hardship and pain
for help to come,
or why does
an event of nature
open up more
giving hearts –
than when life
circumstances deal
an equally
devastating blow?

Do not forces of nature
strip away
beliefs and judgement –
do you not think,
if this could happen there,
could it not happen
anywhere –
when the cause
of a situation
is not judged
to be anyone’s “fault”,
are there not
more helpful hands
that are willing to
look past
predetermined thoughts?

With calamities of nature,
in the chaos,
in the strife,
in the vulnerability
that follows,
is there not help
that rushes in?
Why does it take
a stripping down
to one’s core,
to what is left –
for many others
to reach out,
to pick you up,
to lend a hand?

Even when a storm
is not raging,
when there are
peaceful skies above –
is there not a
fellow being
who at their core
is simply Love –
is there not help
that is needed,
a helping hand,
a supportive hug?

Can you see
who is hurting,
checking on what
might they need –
it may be material,
it may be understanding,
to look at Them
and past
what you see,
do not wait
for nature’s forces
to help you see
you All Are One –
can you be a
Force of Love,
for any neighbor
that you have,
on this World of One?

There is Strength
in vulnerability,
is this not when Courage
can shine through,
with Love can you help
your fellow being
That Is You –
you may look different,
you may not share
the same beliefs
and have different views,
but at your core –
do you not realize
you are he
and she is You?

Reach out.
Send Love.
Be Love.
Be You.

See You in All.
Help You.
With Love.

Simply Love

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There are pages written
about Divine Love,
as language tries
to capture
this Sacred Space –
would it not
take an infinite
number of words,
would words be able
to express
the Love
in your heart?

Is that not why
there are pictures drawn,
or paint that
spreads across
canvas blank,
all to tell a story,
to bring to life,
to touch a heart –
to interpret Love?

Do not the sky,
the sun,
the clouds,
the night-time stars,
paint a picture
for you to see –
do you not gaze up
with a heart of Love
to see the wonder,
the beauty that shines
down on you
and surrounding you
with the Magic of Love?

Yes, there
myriad ways
to express Love –
do they not reflect
what is felt
within the heart –
it is human nature
to try to
“get it right” –
can you relax
in the knowing
that Love Is There –
even if you cannot
explain it,
draw or paint it,
to see its Light?

Can Love not express
itself –
in fact,
are you not a perfect
Conduit of Love –
does Love not reside
within your heart,
even as you try
to write Love down,
is it not enough
to simply Be Love?

Yes, there are ways
to spark this Love,
that help to remind you
Who You Are,
but you need not create
What Love Is –
is not a perfect creation
of Love, You?

You Are the beauty
that you seek.
You Are the magnificence
that you wish to capture.
As human, you will always
try to paint this picture –
as Spirit You Are always
the perfect expression
of Love.

Be Love.
Express Love.
Be You to
Know Love.
Simply Love.
Simply You.

Ripples of Love

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A healing journey
can be a unique
that you may
go through,
feeling on your own,
but in this healing,
is there not
a collective experience
that happens,
that is shared,
as there are layers
to healing –
are there not layers
that a collective experience
may wish to heal?

Is there not
layer upon layer
of history,
of stories –
the experiences
of lifetimes
that have played a role –
is not your
one-person play
playing out
on a stage,
that has seen
many roles?

Is it not this shared,
connected experience
that can feel
when Ripples of Love
help loosen the hold
of pain,
of suffering,
that old wounds
can bring –
is Love not the way
for collective healing
to begin?

As you are part
of a collective Whole,
no matter your story –
is healing not
for your soul?
As your soul
is timeless,
is this not a
perfect time
to heal –
what you heal today,
is that not felt
by All –
will not the “you”
thank You

Yes, use the story
to see what
comes up
to be healed,
but the story
is not
the star of
this play –
You Are
a shining star
that as Love
can change the world –
as You heal you,
does not the Whole
feel this, too?

You need not change
the actors,
or change the script
that has been written,
you only need to Be
Who You Are –
as you evolve and grow,
will not the story
around you
reflect what is felt
by the collective Whole?

Yes, healing for One
is healing for All.
May Love guide you
on your healing journey –
let your Ripples of Love
move through many layers –
may the Love That You Are
shine for All.

See it.
Feel it,
so you may heal it.
Love will always
show you
the way.

Love heals.

Riding Waves

20170827 XPicture


There is a rhythm
to energy.

Are not waves of
like the waves
on the ocean –
the water gathers,
building up
to a peak,
making its way
to the shore,
extending out
to the sand –
soaking in,
picking up,
then returning back
to the ocean again,
to wait for
the next wave
to begin.

Do you not sense
the rhythm
to waves of growth –
can growth not come in
with the power
of the biggest wave
threatening to crash
over you,
but do you not
ride this wave,
to see where you go,
soaking up what
is there
for you to see,
for you to know –
like the water
on the sand,
is there not an
exchange that takes place –
you absorb what
you need,
discard what
does not fit –
then like the wave,
return to calmer waters
once again?

Are there not times
when the waves
are big –
when forces unseen
combine to bring
waves of learning,
waves of growth –
do you not wish to be
in quiet waters –
still moving,
still growing,
but gently flowing
in a peaceful place?

You may be surprised
when you are in
rocky water,
or when the waves
look too big to ride,
but have you not learned
to paddle faster,
to reach the crest,
to enjoy the ride?

There is a rhythm
to energy,
there is an ebb and flow
that you feel in life –
you can ride the waves –
are you not the water,
when you reach the shore,
are you not the sand?

Can you let the
Energy of Love
carry you to
new adventures –
can you go with
the flow,
the rhythm,
that Love beats –
can you Trust
that you will learn,
to ride the waves,
can you have Faith
that you will always
return to Peace?

Keep moving,
keep growing –
be it fast or slow.
Sense the rhythm.
Let it take you.

Be Strength,
Be Courage.
Enjoy the ride.
Find your Joy
on the Waves of Love.

Bending Time

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Bending time.

There are times
when time can stretch
in front of you,
in a line,
to a far-off place –
that it takes time
to go from here
to there.

But are there not times
when time rushes by
in a blur,
when there almost
is no time –
does this not happen
when you are
not aware of
or notice time?

Can you not call upon
your memories,
yes, memories are one way
to bend time –
you can imagine,
you can visualize
what has happened
in times before –
re-creating events
that you cherish –
can you not
feel these memories
at almost any time?

Yes, a linear world
of time
is what you experience
here on earth,
but do you not also
have the means
to be on the
of Eternal Love –
is Love not the power,
the Force
that allows you
to experience
bending time?

Can you imagine time
now in circular form –
you need not travel
on the outside,
to get from here to there –
might you go
to any place,
any spot on this sphere –
might you see
with no beginning,
and also with no end –
might you know that
what you thought
was lost,
now is found again?

What is the Force
that transcends time,
what flows on this
eternal sphere,
what is the frequency
that moves beyond
what you see –
is it not Love Everlasting
that is able to
bend time?

And with no time
but with Eternal Love,
are not your loved ones
here with you –
as you share in this
loving space,
when you remove the
constraints of time,
are you not
always together,
always present
in this Sphere of Love?

There is no time
like the present,
in the now,
in this loving space.
The eternal Gift of Love
needs no time
to always Be.

You Are timeless.
You Are Love.
You Are Complete.
You Are Whole.

Bend time.
Form a circle.
Flow in the Eternal
Sphere of Love.

Crossroad of Love

20170825 XPicture



There is a balance
where you meet
all parts of you
crossing through,
is it not in
this intersection,
that you begin
to understand?

Yes, you are here,
you are there –
do you not meet
in every experience
that you have,
in every thought
that you think,
you are creating
an experience
that helps you
to be the balance,
to bring together
heart and mind –
to integrate.

You are Whole
at your core,
but does not separation
usher in the
fearful “what ifs”
and the “yeah, buts”,
yes, the human experience
is rife with
why do you feel
when you wish
to feel safe
and to feel
at Home?

When you feel
both sides of you –
and ego-driven,
might there be
an intersection
of the two –

Does not an
infinity sign
cross over
to continue
on its path –
is not Life
an interesting
as you experience
your journey,
on the path
of everlasting,
Eternal Love?

Can your Higher Self
the petulant child
ego can be –
is it not the
perfect opportunity
to experience
Unconditional Love –
when the loving arms
of You
can hold the
fearful side
who thinks that
you are separate
and alone –
are you not Home
when you are
wrapped in the
Arms of Love?

Love is not separate,
it does not hide,
you do not
need to earn
this Love,
it does not come
from somewhere else
or somewhere that
you need to find.
This Love Is You –
can you meet You
at the Crossroad
of your heart
as you welcome
the child in you
that is reaching out
for Love?

See All of You.
Every part.
And let Love
put you back together
for your mind –
for in your heart
you always know
You Are One
and You Are Whole.

Love Is
at the balance,
the intersection
of Who You Are.
With eyes to see
and heart to feel,
Be the Truth
of Who You Are.

You Are Love.
You Are Loved.
So very, very Loved.

Step Out, Look Within

20170824 XPicture


Are there not times
when you feel
closed in,
when the walls
that you face,
block the view
outside –
is it not good
to see a different view,
to change the scenery
of what you see

Might what you see
change how you look
at what is familiar –
have you stopped
seeing what is there –
does it not take
a fresh look,
to see beyond
what you expect
to see?

Might you step outside
to step in the grass,
or to feel the dirt
beneath your feet –
what are the leaves
are they still
or do they dance
to a breeze that blows
or is stagnant
in the heat?

When you look above
what is the color
of the sky,
what images do the
show you today –
there is movement,
something changing
all the time
outside –
how do you
wish to move
or wish to go

You are limited
by your body –
you can only do
so many things,
but are you not
expansive energy
beyond your body,
beyond your mind –
can you open up
the doors
of the vessel
you are in –
to bring out
the Force of Love
that wants to play
and to explore?

You may feel
you may think
there are things
you cannot do –
but “doing”
is not the only
way to achieve
a certain goal.

When the goal
is to feel Love,
to feel the Peace
you know is there –
might you add Joy
to what you wish for,
who would not
wish to find Joy

In the presence
of your Be-ing,
can you not
Be with Love
and Peace –
is there not Joy
in the stopping
to smell the roses,
when you wish
to Be at One –
take time
to Be
with what feeds
your very Soul.

Be expansive.
Be curious.
See what
surrounds you
in a different light.
Turn up your Light.
There Is Love.
There Is Peace.
There Is Joy.
There Is You.

A Dance of Love

201700823 XPicture


When day turned night
and night turned day,
when moon eclipsed
the sun one day,
though only minutes
did it take,
did it not grab
the attention,
and wonder
of a collective
consciousness –
that for a moment
were united in
a unified perspective
of where all stood
on the earth
as the moon
and the sun
played out their
cosmic dance
for so many
to see?

There are events
that bring people
be it celestial in nature,
or a reaction to
a calamity,
or destructive force –
do you not
come together
when you step outside
of who you think
you are?

You ask,
why does it take
an event,
a wonder,
a rarity,
that may not
happen again
for hundreds of years,
to unite those who
look up at the sky
but do not the
sun and moon
dance every day –
do you not stand
upon the earth
and look up
at the sky
at least one time
every day?

Is it not a moment
when you understand
there are things
greater than you –
yes, you are an
individual standing
upon the earth,
but are you not part
of the celestial dance, too?

Does not a collective
help you to see
that there is
so much more
that unites you all –
what is the great Uniter,
that all can share –
is not a celestial dance
dancing to Love?

Is it not Love
that can bring Light
to dark,
is it not Love
that makes you
marvel at the moon,
is it not Love
that brings You
to the earth,
is it not Love
that lives eternally on?

There need not be
a wonder,
to change your perspective.
You Are the wonder
that you seek.
May you dance with
the wonder of Love,
that you share with
and everyone
that you see?

Be the Light
that unites
and amazes.
Be the Love
that you cannot help
but Be.

Dance to the
Power of Love
that aligns
You All to
the Love
and the Light
That You Are.

Going Up

20170822 XPicture


An elevator
can take you up
to different floors
where you can look
at the street below –
does not your
change the way,
change the view
that you see?

When at the level
of a crowded street,
are you not
in the midst of
the hustle and bustle
of everyday life –
it is easy to be
by what you
see and hear
in the noisiness
and din,
as energies collide –
when it gets too
do you not
look for quiet space?

The elevator rises,
taking you to another
floor –
when you look out
the window,
seeing the busy street
more removed from
the crowded street,
do you not experience
a different view –
do you not understand
what is going on
without being jostled
or in a reactive mode?

Take the elevator higher,
now look out
from high above –
is what is happening
on the street
not as important
as you look out,
seeing what lies
beyond the street,
as you have changed
your perspective,
your view –
are you now
able to listen
to the quiet
of this space?

Yes, your mind
will want to fill in
with noise that it
is used to hearing –
does not your ego
crave the chaotic
hustle and bustle
of the street?

But as you are
as multi-dimensional
as a building with
many floors –
might you visit,
might you change,
the floor that you
are standing on –
to get a different
from the many
venues that you
have access to,
that you live on?

Does an elevator
not help you to shift,
what you focus on,
what you can see –
can you not shift
your perspective
at any place,
at any time?

You need not leave
the building,
you are part of
every floor –
you are the roof,
the sky above,
there is no place
you cannot Be –
a shift occurs,
for you to experience
All of You –
and as You Are One
with All That Is –
there is no limit
to You.

Be on the street,
experience it all,
but when you need
a different view,
to find some quiet,
to feel the Peace,
you have the means
to take you there.

All you need
resides in You.
Take a ride up
on the elevator
to the many floors
of your consciousness.

There Is Peace.
There Is Love.
There Is You.