Here For You


As wholly Love,
welcome your self 
wherever You Are
you never are 
your breath,
your heart beats 
Here for you,
though your True Essence
extends beyond 
this view.

So settle in wherever 
your feet go,
Love joins you on 
whatever path you
when a road gets rocky,
Love helps with what 
is next,
might you need
or maybe need 
to rest.

Take time today to
pause and reflect,
sink into This Moment,
no past or future yet,
Here You Are,
Love shines brightly 
Be You,
know Love so cherishes

Softly, Peace

12/30/22   From – 12/27/20

Let your soul 
remind you where 
are the depths 
of your Peace,
when you release
your surface thoughts,
is there not a stillness

You need not 
travel far
or go to great 
to experience 
this – 
your soul remembers 
what you forgot, 
Here You Are,
All of This.

If you need a 
let your imagination 
you may travel 
to the stars 
so vast,
you may dive deep 
to the ocean floor.

But all of the 
exists completely 
in the Soul of You,
for beyond imagination,
is the Truth 
of the eternal You.

You need not 
but know your soul 
contains All of Truth,
Here is the Peace 
that passes all
nestled so softly
in the Soul of You!

Eternally Home


Here I Am,
Love says 
I am always 
with you, 
you can imagine 
One or many,
One Love,
are always near.

Love may show up
as a stranger,
helping another 
who is lost,
Love is the generosity
of family,
who help no matter 
what the cost.

As human you may 
question your
but never worry 
about this, dear,
you cannot spend time 
away from Love,
as timeless, 
Love is forever 

Here We Are,
with you always,
know your purpose 
as Love is True,
breathe in Love,
welcome Home,
sense Love’s
eternal Home
in You!

Love’s Place of Comfort


Listen to your heart
beat softly,
you are where you 
need to be,
your breath grounds you
to your Source,
peeling back ego’s layers,
Love helps you see.

Ego likes to make 
you doubt,
keeping you off-center
as you second-guess,
drop to your center,
Love resides Here,
as human,
you are beautifully 
doing your best. 

In the world of 
people walk their 
journeys that are 
theirs to see,
there are many 
where you share
a path,
then let another 
fly free.

May Love guide you 
with reassurance,
there is no-thing you 
can get wrong,
you may not know 
the bigger picture,
but know that no one
is ever alone. 

Return to this place 
of comfort,
breathe easily,
let Love be Here 
for you,
in Love’s hands 
you are held and 
All you Love 
are Home with Love,


Eternal, Always


Love never fades.

Memories may come
and go,
the body grows and 
then recedes,
hearts that share in
love’s connections,
remind that Love 
never fades.

Stories told bring 
tears and laughter,
do you not sense more 
than you see,
All you Love are 
gathered closely,
always Love 
never fades.

Shared life journeys 
are Love’s blessings,
generations pass these
Love’s bonds are 
so strong, connected,
ensuring Love 
never fades.

A hug, a kiss
does last forever,
infused with Love 
it never ends,
a goodbye is not
that in Truth –
Love is Eternal,

Believing Joy

20181223 XPicture

12/26/22   from – 12/23/18

Believe in Joy.

Does not a child
in any moment,
find where Joy
loves to play?
Is there not,
within You,
a loving Force
that finds a way,
to let Joy bubble
up to see,
what might delight you
or laugh uproariously –
can you give in
to your true Essence,
and let Joy
come out to

It need not be
from your surroundings,
it may make no
to your adult mind,
but what tickles
your fancy,
what makes you laugh
every time,
Joy may be an
appreciative gesture,
a perfect cup
of your favorite tea,
is it not when your
is full of wonder –
that you allow Joy
with you to Be?

Believe in Joy,
even on days
when it is hard
to sense,
be open to the
that Joy is with you
in any moment,
and when your heart
is full
as the moon that
shines above,
with Gratitude,
invite Joy to play,
with delight
and wonder,
Joy is Love.

A Glorious Day


Be Love this day,
your soul says, 
yes, this day and 
all the rest,
time gives you space 
to fill, divinely,
though your spirit within 
is now, not next.

Look for the Light,
it brightens for you,
Peace is never far
You Are Love’s vibratory 
say yes to Love,
this moment, today.

May your heart
receive This Blessing,
this day is Love’s 
experience of You,
behold Love’s Light 
and as Love’s glory,
rejoice this Eternal Love 
in you!

Your Light


Be the Light to 
see the Light.

In the dark when
day is through,
moon glows,
stars shine,
and so do you,
you trust the sun 
will greet you shortly,
Be the Light to 
see the Light.

Is not hope a 
moment lapsed,
your belief,
your knowing
fills in the gaps,
Here is Peace,
a new day dawning – 
Be the Light to 
see the Light.

No matter a struggle 
in the day,
the earthly life
may send a challenge 
your way,
but All together,
remember This –
Be-ing Light 
is living the 

Your Light illuminates
the dark,
a smile, a laugh
can light this spark,
with fellow Lights,
Be Love’s day dawning,
Be-ing Love’s Light,
shine bright 
your Light!

Love, Eternal, Here


Feel the Love 
in memories past,
sense the magic of
what is presently made,
laughter brings you 
to This Moment,
be it recalling or 
creating new today.

Yes, there are times 
when past and present 
as in anniversaries 
or holidays,
you remember the 
memories past,
but You as spirit 
experience another 

All you Love flow 
through you now,
You Are together and
are never apart,
you as human know 
there may be change,
but You as Soul are 
Everywhere they are.

Love blends together 
experiences made,
celebrate with All 
you Love so dear,
Love is the language 
of Eternity,
always in This Moment,
All you Love 
are Here!

Love’s Peace


Let Love’s Peace 
in this now moment,
be the calm through 
any storm,
You Are This as
your True Be-ing,
keeping you so 
safe and warm.

Sense the magic 
of this now moment,
Love is the gift 
that forever gives,
you nee no-thing else 
as You Are blessed 
as One with 
All of This.

Peace be with you,
precious child,
know that Love 
is with you Here,
your Gratitude 
is you returning
the Love that
forever surrounds
you, dear!