Love’s Tenderness


Receive Love’s tenderness,
Love assures they 
have not gone,
your loved one is 
always with you,
in times of struggle,
other times in fun.

May you experience 
in linear time 
and eternally,
may you sense 
your loved one 
with you,
you walking on earth,
them flying free.

awaken to their 
yes they are always 
in your heart,
you may sense beyond 
your vision,
their shining Light
of a thousand stars.

The human heart 
may feel in tatters,
but You Are Strength
at your core,
your tender heart 
hears this call,
and rises up,
ready to soar.

Believe the knowing 
in your heart,
beyond wishful thinking 
is This Truth –
your loved ones are 
always by your side,
eternally Here,
forever with you!

Your Evolution


What beliefs 
do you hold 
do they make up 
your identify,
check into what 
has you resisting,
turning from another 
way to see.

You are fluid,
constantly creating,
be open to what 
flows your way,
your soul loves 
this part of the 
when you are open,
willing to play. 

You are eternally 
choices may change 
based on your Truth,
Be compassionate,
Be kind,
Be generous with these
to the human you.

You need not dig 
your heels into 
what you believe 
is set in stone,
Be amazed,
Be in wonder,
Be authentic,
in your Truth 
of Home!

Being Helpful


Be rooted,
Be you grounded,
as you extend your
hand of Love,
take good care
of your self
to Be Strength below
as You Are above.

Ask the angels,
always with you,
to assist you 
when you believe,
in another who has
lost their footing,
remind them 
All have the Strength
of Tree.

All of You 
All of This,
Be the remembrance 
for one who may 
not see,
soul to soul,
All do remember,
Be helpful,
Be Strength 
and as This Love,

Knowing Peace


Find Peace where 
you least expect it,
let your expectations
Peace may surprise you 
with its ordinary 
ways to let you 

Does Peace not love
to fill the moments,
when time stands
when resistance 
when you need not 
is This not then where
Peace begins?

May Peace accompany you 
in the moments
that are between what 
you focus on,
when your focus is 
on acceptance,
does Peace not enfold
you in its arms?

Peace is not an 
it lives not behind 
nor in front of
Peace is now,
Peace is eternal,
Love knows This Peace
and dear,
Love is You!

Recognizing You


You are a multi-dimensional 

Is not the You who
recognizes You,
at any time
of your life,
is This not due 
to the Awareness 
of You?

And do not others 
draw near,
wishing to connect
as fellow Lights,
is there not so much 
that moves beyond 
what is seen here?

May you be comforted,
the You that Love 
so loves to observe,
is eternal,
experiencing All 
that life unfurls.

Tune into This 
expanded Self,
let your brain take 
a well-deserved rest,
All is Well
with your soul,
the One who always sees
Love’s Light 
in You!

One and the Same


You need but a moment 
to settle into 
Love’s Peace.

You Are part 
of This vibration,
it flows through you,
with ease.

Make a choice,
you need not push away,
what is not serving

Simply choose 
Love’s flow 
that eternally ripples 
through you.

Behold this precious 
Here You Are!
Love exclaims.

Rejoice in
This moment,
as You,
are One and the 

So Close


do you hear it?
Love is whispering 
through the trees,
you and your loved ones
are connected,
much like tree’s branches
to the leaves.

Your perceived purposes 
may be different,
but you come from 
the same Source,
may you sense All Life’s
never separated 
and so close.

On walks,
in dreams,
when creating,
may you sense Love
is always Here,
your beloved 
is a part of 
all you hold 
so close,
so dear.

Breathe the air
and know what 
breathes you 
is the same 
beyond time and 
Love knows no 
perceived boundaries,
your beloved is 
so close,

Forever Here


Let Love Be 
the power that 
lifts you,
reminding you 
that you have 
your soul soars in
This remembrance,
Love is a part 
of Everything.

Before your first breath 
Love sustains you,
after your last breath 
Love is Here,
may you celebrate 
the wonder of 
your Eternal Nature,

This force moves with
your every breath,
it is the solace 
that you seek,
when you need Strength,
Courage or Joy,
Love responds with 
what you may need.

With Love,
dispel what ego 
tells you,
Love is the Truth 
of You, my dear,
listen to Love’s Peace,
calm and soothing,
always loving,
forever Here!

Love’s Foundation


May Love Be your 
the base you build 
securely on,
may each layer 
of your life,
be reassured 
to carry on.

You Are rooted 
in this Truth,
may you sense
This rising Peace,
there are no hoops
you must jump through,
may you walk with 
Grace and ease.

May each step 
upon your journey,
unfold with the timing
that it needs,
you may not know 
the how or why,
but with Love’s Grace 
may you receive.

May your roots give 
you steady comfort,
as you reach above 
the stars,
Love is Here through 
every experience,
to remind you 
Who You Are!