Be As You Are

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Be As You Are.

You may wish to change
a thing or two,
you may have intentions
that are ready to go
through one door
and out another,
but are you not before
and ever-after,
You, evermore?
Be As You Are.

If there is more
that you want,
can it be more Love
that you wish for –
there is no limit
to Love Divine,
Love Is You
on every day of
a year,
might you celebrate You –
is it not You that
creates something new?
Be As You Are.

Let Love inspire you,
let Love remind you,
that you are always
in the Flow of Love –
when you find yourself
searching for
and Strength,
you need not wait
for a new year
to come your way –
there are limitless ways
to shine your Light.
Be As You Are.

Light up
the way
for You to shine.
Love every step
as you walk with Love.
As you close one door
and walk though another –
Be Love.
Be Light.
Be As You Are.

A Space of Love

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In the space
between here
and there,
do you not fill
the space,
are you not everywhere?
You may leave a locale,
you may have not yet
you have made more
you look ahead at
what will come –
does not this
“in-between” space
give you a chance
to simply Be,
do you not realize in-between
is always Where You Are?

In the space
between here
and there,
is it not Love
that is Everywhere –
do you not squeeze out
as you fill it with
so much thought,
might you sometimes
be afraid
to see what lies

But as Love Is Everywhere,
in this moment
and the next,
can you make a space
for Love,
can you sit with it
a bit –
can you welcome Love
to Be
with you now
within this space,
as you become aware
Love is always

You place a space
as where you are
or where you have been –
Love is Who You Are,
love is always within,
might you expand
the space
in your heart
to remind you –
You Are Love here,
You Are Love Everywhere.

No matter where you have been,
where you are going
or in-between –
Be You.
Be Aware.
Be Love.

Your Song of Love

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“Face the music.”

Is this not a phrase
to confront
head on
what may be
is it not human
to repress,
to suppress
face to face,
or experiences
that may feel
less than loving –
when you feel a pit
in your stomach,
is not this
a perfect gauge
for ego-driven scripts
that play out in this
School of Life?

Before wading into waters
with defensiveness
to back you up,
instead of charging in
with armor on,
might you see
if opening up to You,
when facing the music,
might you feel it, too –
what may happen
if a love song
is playing softly
within your heart,
does not any experience
change its tune
when Love is in the
that you sing along to?

There will be prickly exchanges
in this Play of Life,
there will be scenes
that do not feel good –
is that not how
you find your way,
as you listen with
your heart
to the soft harmonic notes
of the Song of Love?

Is there no need to face the music
when You Are a Chorus of Love,
do you not change the energy
when you sing your Love Song –
what feels right within
your heart,
might another sing along,
when you invite each other in
to hear the Music of Love?

Be the music
that begins
in your heart.
Sing out
your Song
of Love.

A State of Love

20171228 XPicture


Does not all healing happen
from the inside out?

Does not a scrape
or cut you have
begin to heal
beneath the skin –
is it not the outer layer,
visible to your eye,
that closes,
that heals last?

And might there be hurt,
pain you cannot see,
that lies beneath the surface –
does not your body,
your emotions,
give you clues
or hints,
that there may be
that has come up
to heal?

And though your body
may be appear to be dense,
holding on to what
it has experienced,
can you visualize your body
like a sieve,
taking in what it needs,
releasing what no longer
serves –
as you breathe,
as you are spirit
and so much more
than what you see,
are you not constantly
with the Vibration of Love –
might healing happen
even though
you may not see
the outer scrape or cut
that is asking
for Love?

And with each breath
of this powerful Life Force,
are you not You
as you breathe in,
are you not You
as you breathe out,
no-thing needs to be stuck,
you need not keep
what is not Love –
can you let go
of what does not vibrate
with the healing
Power of Love?

Healing need not mean,
there is something broken,
something wrong –
is not healing when you
are clear
and back to your original
State of Love?
Your body is a barometer,
to let you know
when maintenance
is due –
but as you clear
out the layers,
you are still
always You.

Take in.
Let go.
Stay in the
Flow of Love.

Love Knows.
Love Heals.
Love Is All.
Love Is You.

Begin Today

20171227 XPicture


Start now.
Begin today.

You are a creative
magnificent force,
when you get out
of your own way,
can you step into
the magic
that electrifies
your soul,
from the smallest
to the biggest –
which thought
might you wish
to manifest,
be it a perfect cup of tea,
a walk outside
or just to breathe,
or creating space
for inner Joy
to think where
it wants to play –
start now.
Begin today.

Each of you
has a magnificent force
of Love that flows
through you,
is that not where
the energy lies,
what ignites the spark
inside of You,
what do you love,
what makes you play,
what makes time
slip away,
even with a task
or a list of chores,
can you find Love
in all that, too –
can you feel momentum
as you listen to
your heart –
start now.
Begin today.

Can you tap into
the Flow
and sense what brings
a smile to you,
what gesture,
what word,
puts you in sync
with your heart,
what action might
you take,
to Be Love
in your own way –
start now.
Begin today.

You Are a creative
Magnificent Force,
as you create from
Who You Are.
Shine your Light
with all you see.
Start now.
Begin today.

Walk With Love

Traveling early today. Please enjoy this message from a year ago!



You walk along
a darkened path
with a flashlight
in your hand –
the small beam
of light cuts
through the darkness,
enough that you can see
where your next step
may be,
as you cautiously
follow the light.
And do you not think,
“This would be easier
if I only had more light?”

So on your next trek
through the darkened path –
you now carry a
bigger light
and now you can see
further along
and around the path –
you are walking with
greater ease,
no longer worried
that you may take
a misstep or
to lose your way.

And with this bigger light –
you are now able
to see others
walking around you –
carrying their
beaming lights –
and you see that
if all shine their lights
do the beams not combine
to illuminate more
of the path
that you are all
walking along?
And yet – do you not all think,
“This would be easier
if we only had more light?”

And then – at the break of dawn,
does not a greater light appear –
the sun arises on a new day,
bringing light so all may see –
illumining what is
always there –
be it dark or light?

And do you not realize
you can spend your time
hoping and waiting
for more light to come
to shine the way
so you may see,
but do you not have
within You,
all the Light you need?

And when you shine
your Light of Love –
illuminating exactly
where You Are –
is this not the perfect
place to Be?

And is not the Light
you shine,
the perfect Light
to show the way –
as you walk with
greater ease,
knowing you will
not lose your way?

And with each of You
shining your Lights of Love –
are you not already
connected by the Light
that flows through All?
The Light and Love
of All That Is,
is all you need
to walk along
any path that comes
your way.

There Is Light.
There Is Love.
There You Are.

Walk on
with Light.
Walk on.


20171225 XPicture


Do you see
One Light
that shines
through You,
that shines
through All,
can you believe
that You Are Light?

Do you feel
One Love
that flows
through You,
that flows
through All,
can you believe
that You Are Love?

Do you know
One Light,
One Love,
for One,
for All,
do you hear
your soul rejoicing –
can you believe
that You Are That?

Believe Light.
Believe Love.
Rejoice in the
Knowing that
You Are Love.

All That Is
Is Love
and You Are That.


Keeping the Light

20171224 XPicture


Keep the Light burning.

Does not watching fire
draw you in,
be it a single candle
or fireplace that glows,
does not the smallest
flicker of Light
light up the dark,
does not seeing Light
bring you to Hope?
Keep the Light burning.

And even when
shadows fall,
are shadows not seen
because a Light shines,
can you Be a Light
that shines upon All –
to brighten a room,
or to be like
a sunbeam
that Lights the way,
everyone has a Light,
some are bright
some may be dim,
can you keep
the Light burning?

Even on the darkest day,
the Light from the moon
or stars may light your way –
candles lit in a row,
or glowing lights on a tree,
a single candle that is lit
for a loved one you
no longer can see –
do you not sense the warmth,
the comfort,
from these Lights of Love,
are you not reassured
by the Hope of Love?
Keep the Light burning.

The Light of Love
is eternal,
there cannot be darkness
with a Light so bright,
when you feel the spark
of Love in your heart,
can you fan its flame,
can you radiate Love,
as You Are Love –
Be the Light burning.

Be Hope.
Be Peace.
Be Love.
Be Light.
Keep shining your
Light of Love.

I Am Love

20171223 XPicture


When surroundings
around you change,
do you not look
for familiar things,
yes, there is comfort
in what you know,
what you have experienced,
what you have done
but as each day is
as is each moment
that has come before,
what connects you
to All That Is now –
is it not You
who always Is
I Am?

Whether child that is
ready to play
or grow-up who
plans the day,
is not the “you”
who cherishes the memories,
not also You
who has seen it all
and always Is Love?

Yes, in this life
you have played many
you can fill in –
“I did this”
or “I used to be that,”
but is it not You
who sees the progression
as it plays out, everyday –
some lessons are amazing,
some experiences help you
to navigate
a different scenario,
a different way –
these memories could fill up
many pages in a book,
but is it not all
to help you remember
that at your center –
You Are Love?

You Are the Peace
that you may wish for,
it is at your very core,
the Joy you felt as
a child,
is ready to sing and dance
and roar,
Strength and Courage
are close allies
for have you not
called upon each one,
when you think
that you are separate,
does not Love show you –
You Belong?

No matter your surroundings,
traditions the same
or routines that change,
is not the constant,
is not the Truth,
that You Are
always, always, Love?

Who Are You –
you may ask everyday.
With Peace and Joy
may you answer –
I Am Love

Here With Love

20171222 XPicture


Be here.

In the quiet,
in the noise,
Be the Love.
Be the Light.
Be grateful
for what comes today,
be it a single smile,
or the gift of
a magical day,
what brings Magic
to any moment
in so many ways –
is it not
when You Are Here
with Love?

Be here.
Be Love.
Be with You
as daylight dawns,
be a listening ear
to one who needs
to be heard,
be one who sees
the Love,
the magic
in the eyes of everyone,
can you see You
looking back at you,
when You Are Here
with Love?

Be here.
Is there not Love
anywhere you go,
when you look
with the Eyes of Love,
are you not shown
that Love Is Love
in all shapes
and forms –
it is the glow of
the stars,
it is the Light
of day,
it is what radiates
from you
in a magical way,
when You Are Here
with Love.

Be here.
Be You.
You Are Here
with Love.
In the quiet.
In the noise.
Be Light.
Be Love.