Divinely Open


Constriction may be like
a familiar blanket,
one you think gives 
you formation,
a familiar structure,
with specific edges,
all for the purpose 
to keep you safe.

What could you possibly 
hide from,
you are All of the 
your reach is through 
there are no secrets 
in the Face of Love.

With this awareness,
when you sense closing,
when constriction begins 
to shut all doors,
remember You Are 
Love does not run out,
there is always more.

You are wrapped divinely 
in Love’s sweet arms,
able to extend and
shine your Light,
as you are part of 
this loving flow,
this requires no thinking,
no wrong or right.

Let constriction be 
a reminder,
what is asking now 
to be set free – 
open all doors to 
Who You Are,
safe and at Home,

The Rhythm of Love


Find your rhythm,
your vibration,
that connects you 
to your Peace,
this flow lifts you,
moves you forward,
there is no struggle 
with grace and ease.

Do not despair if 
there are moments,
when you bump up 
into walls,
you may need to 
find another way 
to circumvent a 

Tune into your higher 
that is always by 
your side,
is it not ego that 
often chooses 
the most rocky 
and bumpy ride.

But underneath all 
of the noise,
Love hums a beat,
a familiar tune,
join in with this 
loving rhythm,
that is ready to 
accompany you.

Let the wellspring 
of Love lift you,
as you move within 
Love’s sweet flow,
join with the beat 
of Love’s vibration,
you are in harmony
with your soul!

Forever Bridge

For 6/01/21 – Here is a message from 2019


Is not your heart
a bridge,
to those you hold
with emotion,
with Love,
do you not draw
them near,
there is truly
no separation,
though in your life
you sense this
might you build
a bridge
with your loving heart,
letting love lead
you across?

With Love you are
always connected,
yet your five senses
may question this,
life around you looks
oh so different,
and there is so much
that you miss –
but your heart
knows the Love
that has no beginning
and thus no end –
is it not Love
that draws you close,
and with Love
do you not meet

Love is the bridge
that connects your
precious ones
to you,
there is no need
to cross any chasm,
that you think may
separate you,
you are always together,
feel with your heart
that this is True,
through emotion
and with Love,
are they not One
with You?

Once you are aware
of this Forever Bridge,
do you not delight
to see –
the bridge is always
in your heart,
together, yes,
you will always

The Light


You Are the Light.

Streaming through clouds 
or rain,
or a beautiful spring day 
from beginning to end,
like the sun’s rays that
find a way – 
You Are the Light.

You may not know 
where your Light goes,
does it not touch 
another’s soul,
Be a beacon
also for you – 
You Are the Light.

When you are frustrated 
with cause and effect,
or events that have not 
happened yet,
in this present 
You Are Love’s gift – 
You Are the Light.

When you are lost 
or feel alone,
Love’s Light is 
with you – now,
at Home,
as your Light shines,
Love sees you, dear – 
You Are the Light.

Your spark is Love’s 
eternal Strength,
Courage helps you 
to find your way,
see Love’s Light shine 
brightly in you – 
You Are forever
Love’s shining Light.

Eternally, Forever


How long is forever?
Forever is eternally, 
Love is the barometer 
for this,
does Love not show 
you how?

Some memories may 
get fuzzy,
your physical life 
may change,
but Love shared 
within the heart,
is always Here and 
is always the same.

Soar with Love to 
the moon and back,
let infinity show you
you are always together
with those you Love,
Forever is eternally, 

Together, Home


Be you on a great adventure,
no matter where your feet
may roam,
there is no step you take 
without me,
We Are Love and 
Love Is Home.

In solitude your breath
reminds you,
you are breathed 
by the unseen,
We share this Life Force
that is eternal,
beyond this life – 
Love is infinity.

Embrace the Hope 
that burns eternal,
within our souls 
that dance as One,
let Love give you 
the Strength you need
to walk your journey,
be it clouds or sun.

Discover You as life unfolds,
but may you always,
eternally know,
Love beats the rhythm
of your heart singing –
We Are Home.



You may wrap yourself 
in worry,
in life this is a 
common theme,
do you not wear this 
like a blanket,
a protective layer 
from everything?

Anticipation is the 
that may spark fear 
of what may come,
outcomes add on
to this dream 
where dread comes

Precious child,
You Are so Loved,
in This moment of time
and the next,
yes, in linear form 
life’s journey may 
have you reeling
from cause, effect.

Take Love’s hand
even if for a moment,
sense the caress of
angel wings,
You Are Loved,
and supported,
no matter what 
this life may 

Your soul walks 
with you every step,
may you know 
without a doubt,
You Are Love’s Light,
eternally shining,
and Loved
in All moments, 



Spring reminds that 
life returns,
in each branch of 
new growth green,
buds are bursting,
ready to bloom,
is this not Love 
unfolding in everything?

This is life’s timing upon 
the earth,
but as your soul is an
eternal Be-ing,
does not quiet reflection 
like winter’s stillness,
bring forth inspiration 
like the bursting spring?

Life may look different 
each and every day,
beloveds you miss,
when they feel far away,
but might you behold
as spring lovingly reminds,
Life is Eternal,
beyond place and time.

Your soul rejoices with you
this time of year,
possibilities are endless
with spring in the air,
let the seasons remind you,
what your soul always knows –
Love is with you,
together, always,
behold Love’s beauty 
as you grow!

Always Here


Love is always Here.

In life, experiences
may vary,
some things flow smoothly,
sometimes they don’t,
always know within 
your heart – 
Love is always Here.

Responsibility may feel 
only if you think 
you are alone,
you are surrounded,
lifted gently – 
Love is always Here.

You judge by outcomes,
have expectations,
know throughout it all,
dear, here is Truth,
you cannot Be without 
Love flowing – 
Love is always Here.

Let Love comfort when 
you are hurting,
Love knows always 
where to go,
give and receive as 
Love’s sweet blessing – 
Love is always, 
with you,

This Breath


breathe in 
Love’s collective 
what inspires you 
on this new day,
hope may keep 
you moving forward,
Courage reminds,
you know the way.

Strength flows upon 
Love’s eternal power,
each small step 
completes the whole,
All of Love holds
humanity in 
the Arms of Love,
as they gently 

Release constriction,
fear has no power,
breathe in Love’s 
rarified air,
you are Love’s flow 
in each moment,
breathe in,
Love is Everywhere!