Saying Yes


Say yes to Love.
Say yes to You.

Ego wishes to distract,
not wanting you to 
grow and bloom,
but do you not hear 
spring calling,
say yes to Love,
say yes to You.

Your soul has planted 
many seeds 
that come to life 
when timing is right,
nurture All that is 
within you,
say yes to Love,
say yes to You.

Patience is a gentle 
some things take time 
to unfold,
with compassion for 
your journey,
say yes to Love,
say yes to You.

Cultivate these seeds 
with tenderness,
tend to them with 
loving care,
there is new growth
in every moment,
saying yes to Love 
is saying yes to You.

May Love Be the spring 
you long for,
as you breathe in 
hope and Truth,
You Are growing,
ever creating,
Love says yes, 
forever with You!

Here With Love


When a problem arises 
to meet you,
when you are not sure
what to do,
take a breath,
create space,
in this pause,
Here is Love.

Ego wishes to build 
upon friction,
when you bump into 
what may not feel
release this grip,
return to wonder,
may you sense an answer,
Here with Love.

Time and space are 
part of life,
know Love will work 
with what is Here,
fill your heart
with pure intention,
and Be aligned,
Here with Love.

Be patient with life 
as you take each step
do know,
in each breath,
Peace gifts you gently,
Here You Are,
always Here
with Love.

Your Purpose, Ignited


Get excited with Love,
embrace your passion
with Love,
may Love be the passion
that fuels what you 
wish to Be.

And as you make 
your wish,
with Love,
Be All You Are,
blessed by heaven
You Are This,
Love in This Moment,
with Eyes of Love,
able to See.

Is this not your 
purpose, love,
in every moment, 
Here is Love,
it does not need 
an introduction,
or a grand production 
to Be Love.

Play and laugh,
with Love,
dive deep and 
with Love,
Love is in every 
as you understand,
with Love.

Love ignites,
my Love,
rise up wholly 
as Love,
Love is the spark 
that burns eternal,
You Are This Light – 
divinely Love!



Rise up with Love.

You look up to the 
you look up at 
the stars,
the moon and sun 
shine for you,
though at times Light 
seems so far.

You have this pull 
within you,
it cannot be 
Love is the essence of 
your True Nature,
say yes to This
and rise.

As human you are 
not perfect,
perfection is a 
as a Whole, complete
celebrate this wondrous 

For every thought 
that bubbles up,
trying to keep you
as Love, there is 
no stopping you,
Love comforts 
and surrounds.

Look up in prayer 
and wonder,
what might you see 
beyond the sky,
Here You Are  –
Love’s invitation,
say yes and 
forever rise!

No Doubt


Never doubt your Light,
you are the moon,
the sun, 
you are needed,
the Light of One
shines through you,

Be you as human,
embrace it all,
and know that Love 
and Peace flow
when you need a 
different perspective,
turn your mind over 
to the Whole of You.

Say yes to receiving,
lifting, flying,
this is your soul 
wishing to rejoice,
your Light is needed,
sense your expansion,
as you share 
your Love,
your Voice.

You know This Truth,
your place in 
This Web,
see you as Love 
sees You always,
with trust in Self
and knowing in 
your heart,
Be You as Light,
shining Love today!

Here For You


As wholly Love,
welcome your self 
wherever You Are
you never are 
your breath,
your heart beats 
Here for you,
though your True Essence
extends beyond 
this view.

So settle in wherever 
your feet go,
Love joins you on 
whatever path you
when a road gets rocky,
Love helps with what 
is next,
might you need
or maybe need 
to rest.

Take time today to
pause and reflect,
sink into This Moment,
no past or future yet,
Here You Are,
Love shines brightly 
Be You,
know Love so cherishes

Eternal, Always


Love never fades.

Memories may come
and go,
the body grows and 
then recedes,
hearts that share in
love’s connections,
remind that Love 
never fades.

Stories told bring 
tears and laughter,
do you not sense more 
than you see,
All you Love are 
gathered closely,
always Love 
never fades.

Shared life journeys 
are Love’s blessings,
generations pass these
Love’s bonds are 
so strong, connected,
ensuring Love 
never fades.

A hug, a kiss
does last forever,
infused with Love 
it never ends,
a goodbye is not
that in Truth –
Love is Eternal,

Your Light


Be the Light to 
see the Light.

In the dark when
day is through,
moon glows,
stars shine,
and so do you,
you trust the sun 
will greet you shortly,
Be the Light to 
see the Light.

Is not hope a 
moment lapsed,
your belief,
your knowing
fills in the gaps,
Here is Peace,
a new day dawning – 
Be the Light to 
see the Light.

No matter a struggle 
in the day,
the earthly life
may send a challenge 
your way,
but All together,
remember This –
Be-ing Light 
is living the 

Your Light illuminates
the dark,
a smile, a laugh
can light this spark,
with fellow Lights,
Be Love’s day dawning,
Be-ing Love’s Light,
shine bright 
your Light!

Together, Love


You flow with Love 
and Be-ings around you,
you do no-thing 
on your own,
you are with your guides,
angels and loved ones,
as you never have 
left Home. 

But are there not 
soul groups among
walking together in
your life,
you know,
you sense this 
eternal connection,
All of You sharing 
the same Light.

There is no-thing 
you cannot do,
no-thing can take
this Peace away,
when you look to
Fellow Lights,
do not troubled thoughts
then slip away.

This may be family,
loving partners,
friends or an instant
connection made,
truly, you are All 
follow Love to
find This, today.

Wrap your self 
with Love, dear one,
it is a sacred layer 
to wear,
no matter what may
come before you,
Love is with you,



Be You


Be You.

You may ask,
what might that 
are you not full
of possibility,
make your mark,
be seen and heard,
Be Love’s creation,
Be You.

You may color 
within the lines,
you may resist 
what others define,
look with compassion
in the mirror,
see with acceptance,
Be You.

You may run and dance
upon your path,
some days quiet reflection
is where you are at,
step to the beat of 
your soul’s music,
always in tune,
Be You.

Reframe the thoughts 
within your mind,
thank them for helping 
in space and time,
follow where your passion
leads you – 
upon this ride,
Be You.

Loved ones and angels
see you Here,
your Light,
your spark shines bright,
my dear,
arise, align to your
own Truth,
Be your magnificence,
Be You!