Love is your anchor,
it is your touchstone,
Love grounds you 
if you feel adrift,
the world around you
may seem chaotic,
but Love as Peace 
is your innate Gift.

Yes, you as human 
may bounce on waves,
as these experiences 
roll on through,
but You as Soul 
have an inner guidance,
that re-adjusts 
and re-calibrates

Your ego wishes for you
to stay small,
turning up its noise 
to drown Love out,
but at your center 
Love is not deterred,
its power is stronger 
than any fear or doubt.

What feels upside down
will turn right side up,
hand over any tumult
to Love’s healing grace,
You Are centered
always connected,
forever Loved 
and cherished, 
dear one,

This Bridge of Love


It only takes 
a second 
to remember.
Your remembrance 
makes time stand 
completely still.
In this moment
might you sense 
loved ones so close,
together forever,
are you not all
following your 
souls’ wills?

Is this remembrance 
not an expansion 
of Who You Are,
yes, there are memories 
that make you smile 
as you think of them,
but as you remember You
as wholly soul –
Here your loved ones 
are with you and 
you with them.

Take a moment,
a quiet pause,
your heart 
is waiting,
this Bridge of Love 
is Here always,
ready for you,
greet and hug all 
who you Love,
this moment together – 
is infinite,
eternal and always,
forever with You!

Walking With Love


You may walk a 
different road
from where you
with eyes open,
are you not able
to see more Light?
With purpose in your 
step are you not 
by This Truth that 
now has given you 
new sight?

At times you may 
only be aware of 
your own footsteps,
yes, there are shifts 
that peel away what 
you thought you knew,
yet no space can now 
contain what you 
are sensing,
Love is not lost,
All who you Love 
are always with you.

Allow your journey
to unfold with 
perfect timing,
with Grace,
listen to your heart
that knows This Truth,
your loved ones,
draw so close
to whisper softly,
we are walking 
this road together,
always with you!

Imagine Love


Imagine Love.
What will Love 
create today?

Set your imagination 
do not stay tethered 
to your brain,
you as soul are 
eternally creating,
might you free your 
thoughts from always
thinking the same?

Imagination is not 
is it not the soup 
of creative flow,
when you release your 
rules of limits,
what are the places 
you may go?

Is there not Joy 
in possibility,
yes, all the details 
will get worked out,
but in the play of 
is this not how 
inspiration comes 

Be inspired.
Be creative.
This is a State 
of Be-ing beyond
outcomes made,
follow imagination 
from inside-out,
what will You 
as Love create 

A Prayer of Peace


Serve with care
your prayers 
of Peace, 
prayers of healing,
prayers of Love,
does not One Prayer 
service the All,
as Love is what 
All are made of?

You may wish for 
certain outcomes,
struggles to end,
disasters to cease,
meet your brothers
and sisters in prayer,
holding space,
souls knowing Peace.

Be of service 
to Love now,
pause a moment,
join with Me,
Love’s True Reality
are these sacred 
souls uniting,
Be-ing Peace.

Be Forgiveness


Be forgiveness,
Be Love’s song,
join the first 
rays of sun
that welcome in
the dawn,
with no judgment 
of who receives,
do not sun’s rays
shine unconditionally?

Be forgiveness,
Be Love’s hope,
Be a messenger of 
for one who may 
not know,
join birdsong as 
they sing for all,
what tugs at your
as you answer 
Love’s call?

Be forgiveness,
Be Love to you,
join in as Love 
celebrates All 
of You,
create this moment 
with no strings 
You as Love 
are a perfect 

Be forgiveness,
simple and True,
release the bonds
that keep You 
from you,
with clarity,
with heart open wide,
You Are a Ray of Love,
expressing Love’s 
pure Light!



Let Love lift
you up.

Love extends its 
forever hand,
when you are in need,
to hope again,
always with you,
is Love’s Truth,
let Love lift
you up.

In simple moments 
of the day,
let Love take the pain,
the struggle away,
in your heart 
Love is always 
with you,
let Love lift
you up.

Your path may
be different
than before,
your timeless purpose 
is at your core,
loved beyond measure 
you always are,
let Love lift 
you up.

You are a part of
an eternal bond,
what you thought 
was lost,
is forever found,
take this hand 
so familiar to you,
let Love lift 
you up.

Look in the mirror,
who looks back 
at you,
loved ones are forever
loving you,
join together in purpose
as Love’s eternal Light,
Love lifts 
you up!

Holy You


Let the winds of change 
swirl all around you,
what is rearranged 
for you to see?
Might you look with 
new eyes viewing,
what might you see 
now differently?

Ego perceptions come 
with foreboding,
using fear to keep 
you small,
might you identify 
the programming 
that runs beneath 
it all?

Your I Am presence
is eternal,
available always 
to you,
with awareness call out
with Eyes of Love 
can you now see

Let the Holy Love 
of Source,
surround with care 
the Whole of You,
from this perspective
sense Love’s Peace,
your I Am presence 
is Holy You!

Your Spark of Love


Your Spark of Love 
connects Everything 
to you,
you are a part 
of All of This,
this circle of Love 
flows eternally 
through you,
build your awareness 
to sense this bliss.

Set your intentions
with a broader focus,
ask and receive 
within your soul,
the story details 
may not match this,
but know your soul
with Gratitude unfolds.

You Are as One 
with your Team,
your helpers,
your Spark of Love 
burns forever bright,
sense Love’s power 
lifting you up, 
dear one,
We see You,
fellow Beautiful Light!

In the Quiet


In the dawn before 
break of morning,
in the pause before 
dark grows light,
you accept that 
sun is rising,
in its own timing 
morn replaces 

No matter the pause 
or phase of life,
your eternal Light  
is much like the sun,
it rises, reaches through 
any darkness,
a familiar beacon 
when you are in need
of one.

Like fireflies or 
moon glow shining,
Light surprises when 
you need it most,
receive the gifts 
of others shining 
their Lights for you – 
a gathering of souls.

In the quiet of 
any morning,
before the noise 
of break of day,
Beloveds all whisper
to you gently,
All Is Well,
we will Light 
the way!


Photo: David Gipson