A Circle of Love


May Love’s circle 
be unbroken,
may you feel 
complete and whole,
All of You are 
forever, together,
you know This Truth
within your soul.

Sense the magic that
Love brings you,
a sparkling radiance
that you recognize,
does Love not send a kiss
from an angel,
filling you with the Light 
of a starry sky.

Hope and healing 
are here for you
dear one,
though as soul 
You are Whole,
may you sense 
Love’s Joy in knowing,
All You Love 
are Here eternally!

Trust in Love


Trust in Love.

Yes the world has 
ups and downs,
fluctuations spin
you around,
but at your center,
breathe Peace in
and Trust in Love.

In life you may
have some regrets,
anticipation may
bring in dread,
your eternal present 
is free and clear –
Here You 
Trust in Love.

The outside has not
what you need,
but beauty arises
from one single 
Be new growth,
shine your Light,
share your Truth –
Trust in Love.

Love’s Answer


Answer with Love.

When ego raises its
so loud you cannot
listen with your
beautiful heart –
and answer 
with Love.

When you hear 
another calling,
fearing that there
is no more,
respond as Love’s 
well-spring flowing –
forever, eternal,
answer with Love.

As a collective 
in this world,
You Are as One – 
All of This
is You,
Be the clarity 
you wish to find,
your heart hears
the answer 
with Love.

Make a choice, 
may This be 
when you hear 
a cry for Love,
your soul knows 
the perfect answer,
give and receive 
This Gift,
answering with Love.



Fill your cup,
let it runneth 
yes Love says 
begin with you,
when What You Are
is what you give,
Love’s cycle flows 
to replenish you.

Take a cue from 
nature’s harmony,
tree roots feed its 
new-growth leaves,
when buds burst
into flowers,
is there not Joy 
for butterflies 
and bees.

Be in Love’s flow,
it will sustain you,
ground yourself and
with Love breathe,
nature is one bridge 
for you to sense
your eternal bond 
to All of This!

Carry On


You may mull decisions
or replay scenarios 
in your mind,
keep your forward 
momentum going,
where Love leads,
carry on.

Absorb what you 
may learn from 
but also experience 
what you know,
Love is Light and 
You Are shining,
where Light leads,
carry on.

Your pace may vary 
as you walk along,
you may pause,
but you are not stuck,
sense Love’s invitation 
your response is sacred,
carry on. 

Sense the lightness 
in your Be-ing,
you need not carry 
any burden great,
Love lifts you up,
go with This Flow,
in Peace,
with Gratitude,
carry on.

All Possibility


Be flexible,
Be open to Love’s
you have a Team 
that is always Here
and part of this Team 
is your soul.

You need not delineate 
each being,
in this spiritual soup
all work as One,
and when work turns
into play,
can you not sense 
flow has begun!

Allow your heart 
to lead you fully,
trust in what next 
might there be,
with all possibility 
Here You Are,
so loved
and free!

Love, Arising


Love arises in you.

You are used to 
looking elsewhere,
this could not be 
found in me!
Nurture your self,
so tender, precious,
Love arises in you.

Yes in spring you 
love the greening,
the hope and wonder
of new growth,
This is You,
expanding always,
as Love arises 
in you.

Love cannot help 
but awaken
what may lie dormant 
until timing is right,
your soul trusts in 
Divine timing,
Love forever arises 
in you.

Hope is not a 
far-off prayer,
it is an intention 
to open your eyes,
with Gratitude 
for what you see,
be in awe of Love
arising in you.

Be Love’s wonder,
Here You Are,
marvel at what 
you know is True –
Love is Everywhere
You Are,
precious child,
Love is Home
in You!

Your Lightness of Being


At any time,
in any place,
Love is Home 
with you,
when you need 
to clear out 
with your intention,
Love knows what 
to do.

Create space,
question beliefs,
are there things 
that are a “must,”
release gently 
what you hold 
relish this moment,
not next or what 

As you spring clean,
begin with you,
let your energy 
out to play,
may Love’s Light 
burn off the fog,
your inherent lightness
leads the way!

Being Gratitude


Be and flow 
and work 
and grow with 
Gratitude today.

Gratitude is a 
but do not limit it
to what goes 
your way.

Here is Peace
where Gratitude
Gratitude’s vibration
helps you align.

Be at Home 
with Gratitude,
it helps you return 
Here anytime.

Need a change 
or help to shift,
breathe in the 
wonder of Gratitude.

As Love’s miracle,
your shining Light
glows with the fuel
from Gratitude!

No Doubt


Love is eternal –
and dear one,
so are You,
All you Love are 
always here,
This Love is present
before and after, too.

Time does not exist
as Love,
your places, spaces
are not part of This,
do you now realize 
Love endures,
Love is beyond what 
this world is.

So have no doubt
beloveds gather,
indeed You Are 
with them Here,
an aspect of you 
lives this story,
but the soul of You 
is with all so dear.

The experiences of 
in life may break 
your heart in two,
but Your Heart 
that is eternal
knows your loved ones 
are with You.

Honor your body 
with its emotions,
but your soul knows 
This Eternal Truth – 
there is no-thing that 
can separate,
all who you Love
are forever with You!