True Colors

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What are your true colors?

As life may take you
on the spectrum,
you may be a different
on a different day,
do not all colors
with Love shine
so bright,
as at your core
you shine with
One white Light.

Are you not true
as the Authentic
experience may have
colored the filters
you look through,
but your True Self
shines brightly
and does not change,
even as your surroundings
appear to not
stay the same.

Know there is One Light
that eternally shines
through you,
yes, life’s prism
may create all
different hues,
sense the balance
of what your foundation
is made of,
your True Colors
express the perfection
of You as Love!


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Is this not the aspect
of you
meeting you?

Is not the continuum
of space and time
so you can meet,
combine –
yes, there are parts
that may not sync
with you,
but are All not
a mirror for you
to look through?

accept this challenge
to Be Love,
look beyond
what you see
to know what you
are made of,
see with your heart
and not the story
of each of you,
the connected web
of All of You.

invites you to
embrace you,
accept and allow
Love to flow through
in Holy Oneness
is this not a
Place of Peace,
the One of You
exists in All –


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Unravel your judgements
one by one,
do they not originate
and wrap around

With Love,
might you gently
loosen and trace
beliefs that you
believe are

Are there not
openings here,
space that need
not be filled
with what is
not real or

Truth stands on
its own,
not needing propped up
as Home
is the Love
that originates
as You.

With awareness,
beware of judgment,
but does this not
light the way
for you?

With Gratitude
for all
that comes up
for Love –
Here Is Love,
loving You!

Know to Remember

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Remember with your

As human,
you learn,
think and analyze,
following the questions
how or why,
does Love not allow
you to pass this by –
as you remember
with your heart.

Do you not figure life
upside down,
needing numbers to
add up nice and
beyond understanding
is where knowing abounds,
when you remember
with your heart.

You cannot forget
what you already
when you loosen beliefs
that hinder flow,
Here You Are,
always complete
and fully Whole,
as you behold Love,
knowing with
your heart.

Eternally, Peace

20200512 XPicture


A shift in awareness
puts in perspective
what you see,
there are scenarios
playing out before you,
but Here Is Peace,

The Peace that passes
all understanding,
is not Peace knowing
All Is Well,
is Peace not always
an option,
beyond a state of mind
that you know so well.

Remember Peace is not
of this world,
though Peace is Here
as you are, too,
Peace does not depend
on certain outcomes,
Peace is still and deep
as a reflecting pool.

Be the Peace that
flows within you,
ask your soul to
show you how,
in the stillness,
as Love Eternal,
Here Is Peace,
as You Are,

Loving All of You

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You can reframe your
might you reframe
images of the past,
some are wonderfully
happy memories,
some you wish to
look right past.

Time and space may
tell a story,
but as you are author
of this tale,
might you add Love
to birth new color
and with loving awareness,
know All Is Well.

Reclaim all past
unite All of You
right now,
you only exist in
this loving moment,
let go of judgement,

Woven throughout your
connection to memories,
is the Love You Are,
you may have searched,
you also found it,
as your remembrance
has come in waves.

Bless each memory,
in picture or paper,
with Gratitude
for All of You,
unconditional Love
is your True Nature,
embrace and know
This Love
Is You.