Strong and Centered


At the core of 
any dis-comfort,
is this not where 
fear lives?
You may call it 
different names,
describing where 
ego likes to live.

Fear separates 
into “us or them,”
“they or we” are lines 
that are drawn,
fear and ego breed 
am I not right 
if you are wrong?

These are the layers 
of the story,
yes this world gives 
you much to think 
but on your journey
to find Peace,
might you travel 
within than search

As all is energy,
you may feel swayed
and tossed around,
bring your attention 
back to your center,
your Foundation of Love
is sturdy and sound.

Join with Love 
at your center,
you are merged as 
One bright Light,
Here at Home is your 
You Are One with 
All fellow Lights.

From this perspective 
of Unity,
Love is the foundation 
you stand upon,
Be at Peace 
in your wholeness,
strong and centered,
All as One!

From Friction to Freedom


Do not take friction 
it may be showing you 
another way to 
an experience 
may be smooth 
or rough,
if something doesn’t fit,
what else might 
there be?

In life’s experiences 
you are quick to 
why is this happening 
to me,
does this not bring up 
old paradigms,
are not punishment and guilt
asking to be freed?

In any moment 
ask Love to unwind,
any past beliefs 
that are tied 
in knots,
you need not analyze 
the how or why –
only now remember 
what you forgot.

Let Love remind beyond
cause and effect,
your Wholeness is 
Eternal and already 
when friction finds you
in this earthly life,
readjust and remember
Love is You,
my dear!

Love’s Voice


When you listen,
what does your 
soul say?
Why not let your
soul speak

Allow your soul 
to Be your Voice,
speaking from Love 
or ego,
it is a choice.

Give creative freedom
to your soul,
be inspired 
and amazed 
at what your soul 

You need not do 
a thing or try,
getting out of the way,
frees up your wings
to fly.

Shift your focus,
your intent,
your soul is Here,
eternally present.

This still, small voice
may be quiet to 
but as you integrate,
you find Who You Are.

Ask your soul,
come join me 
We Are walking
Love’s path,

The Smile of Your Heart


Smile from your heart,
smile at others,
but also smile for 
what brings relief
to release and smile,
inviting Peace 
and happiness 
to flow through?

Is there not an 
a letting go,
of what you may 
be holding on,
with Love,
hand over what 
is troubling you,
Love transforms,
so energy may
move along. 

In this surrender 
and release,
allow this lighter 
energy to inspire 
give in to the 
smile of your heart,
in the mirror 
see your soul,
smiling back at you.

In the human experience,
there are tools that 
ways to help you connect 
to the Truth of You,
do not dismiss 
the power of 
your smile,
your heart and soul
through the smile 
of You!




Sense your clarity
with your soul,
this may be a 
moment to moment 
Love resides in 
This Present,
what of Love 
do you wish 
to ask?

Does your path
not get murky,
when you look ahead 
too far,
ego takes past 
to make up 
is not clarity
your present power?

Take the hand 
of your soul,
loved ones and 
guides join you 
as well,
with clarity,
walk with Love,
your path unfolds
All Is Well!

Your Truth


Untie the knots 
of your story,
smooth these out 
with tender care,
bring to Light 
what asks for Love,
loosen, relax
and clear the air.

It matters not the 
how or why,
what within you 
wishes to know
that Love is Here 
in every moment,
with every breath 
you are loved so.

Ego may wish to 
invent stories,
but they are not 
the truth of you,
your Truth is Love,
bring All to Love 
to see this through.

a recurring story,
that simply asks 
to trust and know,
Love responds always,
dear Child of Love,
You Are Loved so!



Peace may be a 
foreign feeling
to the human side 
of you,
do you not wait for
“what is next,”
ready to defend 
or protect you?

You may think 
you are not 
to have Peace 
with Grace 
fill you,
but we remind 
this is your Essence,
your natural state,
your soul as 

Your ego waits 
outside this door,
“you may need me,”
it implores,
but as you choose Love
in each moment,
is Peace not what 
you have been 
looking for?

Peace is your soul’s
blessed with ease,
accept what is 
your birthright,
Peace becomes you 
and sets you free!

Being Present


Being present 
is the present 
that Love 
eternally gives.

As human –
you focus on 
the future
predicted by 
the past you
have lived.

Your  soul –
exists now 
as the Eternal,
beyond all space 
and time.

This Now – 
is All moments 
that you choose 
with Love 
in mind.

Being present 
is releasing 
what you recall
or may predict.

Being Love 
is You, 
this blessed moment 
is Love’s gift!

All Love’s Lights


Rise above 
where you can see 
with eyes of Love’s
perspective Here,
is not your heart 
Here at Home,
rest in This Peace 
with angels near.

You can Be 
Love’s perspective,
even as human 
you do walk,
might you empower 
your state of mind,
tuning into Love’s 
peaceful thoughts.

This is not a call 
to detach,
it is a return to 
your True Self,
is not a mind
with soul
that knows
All Love
be a perfect 
conduit to help?

Beneath all versions 
of a story,
is a cry for Love 
and to be seen,
with Eyes of Love
see All Love’s Lights –
This Light is You,
shining in All Beings!