Allowing Peace


There is Peace 
no matter what 
appears to swirl
around you,
with an intention 
to find it,
does it not lead you
back to You?

Does not acceptance,
yes allowance,
help you to navigate
your way,
there are times you 
rail against it,
but Peace shows you
a smoother way.

As you release 
perceived control,
may you,
with Peace,
enjoy the ride,
you always have 
choices to make,
but let your soul,
with Love,

Here is Peace,
always with you,
it is the eye
of any storm,
at your center,
Love centers you,
in this allowance,
may you soar!



What rises up 
within you,
what wishes to 
be heard,
honor all emotions
so Love may 
witness unspoken

In your mind 
you need not 
figure out
all questions you
may have,
Love accepts,
allows and 
Love is beyond 
all good or 

Love creates space 
for exploration,
in this world 
you experience,
now look with Love
beyond your 
set yourself free 
so you may 

Dance with Love’s
blessed forgiveness,
may this flow bring 
Grace and ease,
Love holds out its hand,
accept it,
hand to heart,
Here is Love’s 

A Vision Clear


Love what you see.

What comes up 
for your inspection,
when past thoughts 
come up to heal,
look at all without 
judgment –
Love what you see.

Your critical eye has
years of practice,
do you not practice 
on your self?
Invite Love to blend 
with your vision –
Love what you see.

As human,
you weave a 
unique story,
as soul you use 
thread made of 
find what glitters 
in you,
in others – 
Love what you see.

Lay down fear with
all its judgment,
may you rest 
in knowing This,
you need not fix 
what is not broken,
dear one,
Love what you see.

A Joyful Flow


Does flow not
flourish in the
in the spaces
yet to Be,
flow is the movement,
carrying you,
to All possibility.

Flow is at your
very core,
and when you let it
out to play,
does it not dance
and sing along,
what Joy,
what Peace
will be revealed

Flow can also help
clear out,
what you resist,
what may block
remember blocks are
only pockets
of what is asking
for forgiveness too.

Join with Flow
throughout your day,
Trust helps create
this playful stage,
set expectation
to the side,
may Joy with Love
flow with you

A Willing Release


Is there not growth 
in transformation,
when you unhook 
from what you think,
be aware of your 
own labels,
that may be limiting 
what you see.

The Universe creates 
within you,
to express how vast
All Is,
the human mind may 
have a hard time,
understanding You Are 
All of This.

With Joy,
with flow,
may you begin
to integrate 
perceived parts 
of you,
integration is the 
All Love is the 
Whole of You.

Let Love help with 
what might you 
willingly release,
Love is Here 
with You always,
as Peace.




As butterfly
lights upon 
as wings of 
bird catch 
perfect air,
might you release
into Love’s flow – 
Be-ing effortless.

Give up,
let go 
of constant 
you are part 
of Love’s eternal
discard the paddle,
turn it over,

see what 
may be 
allow breath
to open with 
gentle ease,
your Light shines 
in This Truth
of Oneness,
Be You well,

Forever Flowing


Let Love be the boat 
you glide on
over sometimes rocky 
may you feel the 
Strength of Love,
helping you navigate 
with ease.

Be open, receive
Love and support,
coming from old
and new alike,
sometimes a change 
may shake things up,
providing new ways 
to see Love’s Light.

Look with Love 
upon the horizon,
You Are as infinite 
as what you see,
You Are cherished as
Love experiencing life,
forever flowing with
Love and Peace!

Releasing to Love


Relax and breathe 
into Love.

You may resist this 
as your ego 
wishes for you to 
stayed stirred up,
there are times when 
life’s rollercoaster
makes you say,
that is enough.

You have tools at 
your fingertips,
for you to use 
with ease,
you find balance when 
you invite Love 
to remind,
yes, Here is Peace.

Extend compassion 
for your journey
and all who join you 
on this path,
are you not all 
seeking the same thing,
though you may sometimes 
feel attacked. 

Be aware of your 
Dear One,
there is no-thing
to defend,
ego wishes for a 
Love gently reminds 
to go within.

Relax and breathe 
into Love,
what might you remember
in this release,
Be the Peace 
that you are seeking,
within This Truth 
is Grace and ease.


All You Need


Be Strength.

This is not a call 
to brace yourself,
this is Awareness 
that flows within,
your alignment with 
your True Nature,
provides the Courage
needed to begin again.

You need not know 
all that is before you,
As Love, you know 
how to create,
may you receive 
and mold what unfolds
into something 
that invigorates.

Strength brings with it 
a trusted knowing,
you innately have 
all that you need,
what of service may
you extend,
what of your soul’s purpose
wishes to Be?

May Strength and Courage 
be your companions,
as you walk upon a 
path so new,
may you see All 
that is familiar,
All of Love is near
and always with you!

This Presence


Release time 
to find perspective,
return to this Presence 
do you not find 
your Self 
when you step away 
from questions 
why or how?

You need not force
to fit into a mold
that you think 
might be best,
Be your Self 
in any moment,
let Love take care
of the rest.

Befriend and Love
your human self,
doing the best that 
it can do,
let your Whole Self
take the wheel,
Love is Here 
always with You!