The Kindness of Faith


When you hear 
discordant chatter,
you may lose faith 
in humankind,
but are there  not 
many examples,
of helpful exchanges,
loving and kind.

You need not put 
your faith in 
human behavior 
that displays ego’s 
but at the core 
of every human,
is a Light you may
or may not see.

Might you set aside 
expectation for everything
to make sense,
remember, your own 
belief system may diverge
from family or friends.

But faith in Love,
in Light that looks 
beyond the stories 
woven here,
might This Faith 
create safe harbor
for others to believe 
Love is Everywhere. 

Let your Faith express
in kindness,
let your Light help
you to see,
there may be struggle
upon the earth,
but Love is Here 
for all humanity!


An Intentional Surrender


In human life 
there is intention,
does this not help
your focus here,
you may ask how 
does this work,
as trying,
struggling may 
invite fear.

Might you contemplate 
as a focal point 
for you,
as you trust 
into surrender,
with intention,
accept This You.

You are not an 
island alone,
You Are the sea
that is Everywhere,
as you surrender 
to this vastness,
intention helps you
to see your journey,

It may feel paradoxical 
to Be the drop,
the ocean,
at the same time,
but dear,
This Is the Journey 
of Love,
both experiencing 
and Being in this life.

May your intention
be your willingness,
to unite with Love,
your Team,
You Are All of This 
as Love expressing 
as You,
so beautifully. 


Knowing Forgiveness


Know forgiveness 
and fully live.

In this life what do 
you cling to,
what feels heavy,
an unseen weight,
what judgments do 
you give life to – 
know forgiveness 
and fully live.

These may be external 
but as human all
are internally held,
what is ready to be 
know forgiveness 
and fully live.

Who do you see 
in the mirror,
might you gaze 
with loving eyes,
Love’s healing power 
is you remembering,
knowing forgiveness 
to fully live.

You need no justification,
no-thing to score 
or to add up,
This Moment now 
is perfect timing,
know forgiveness 
and fully live.

Unconditional Love 
is All of This,
You as soul 
know this well,
breathe in This Truth,
say yes to 
knowing forgiveness –
You Are fully Love!

Beloved, Connected


Is Love not the path 
of least resistance,
though ego likes 
to push back,
as you discern these 
differing perspectives,
here is the choice 
of this or that.

Move to your heart,
seek out your center,
Here in its simplicity 
is your Truth,
when you drop your 
judgments, Here Love
lights the way 
always for you.

You are not lacking,
you have not failed,
ego has stories to keep
you small,
You Are One Love 
within your heart,
beloved, connected
to it All.

Sit with Love,
breathe in this 
your angels and 
loved ones 
do agree,
rejoice with us,
step lightly as 
the Truth of Love 
always sets you free!

A Marvelous Mystery


You marvel at the 
mystery of nature 
as it shows,
what acceptance, allowance 
looks like,
moving deeper into 
its flow.

Be amazed at all 
the color autumn 
turned up for all
to see,
now the branches 
show each twist
and bend,
the core of elegant

Now that you can see
more clearly the 
ancient mountains 
that you love,
when the leaves obscured
your view,
were they still not present 
from sights above?

You are nature,
you are mystery,
may you marvel 
at Who You Are,
You Are creation 
of Source expressing 
from dust to stars!

Say Yes


Say yes to Love.

Your heart may break,
you wonder how
to fill a space that has 
emptied out,
sense your wholeness,
complete You Are – 
say yes to You,
say yes to Love.

This may be a new 
sensation to feel,
who might you be 
if not climbing uphill,
you are the peak 
you have been
searching for – 
say yes to You,
say yes to Love.

Loved ones, 
your angels and 
your guides,
remind they are 
with you upon 
this ride,
open a door,
prop windows wide –
say yes to You,
say yes to Love.

Why not throw caution 
to the wind,
step into This Flow,
begin again,
your connected spark 
always Lights the way,
say yes to You,
say yes to Love.

May you remember 
Joy and Peace,
Here with you always 
is Grace and ease,
let Love remind you,
beloved one,
Love says yes to You,
precious child of Love.

Being Human


Be aware of comparisons,
yes in the world 
there is much of 
check in with what 
makes you take notice,
what self judgment
do you pair it with.

Might you notice 
and extend arms to 
embrace with Peace,
when you accept, allow
for someone else,
are you not accepting you
with Grace and ease.

Comparisons need a 
place to start,
why not be open 
to how you see you,
may your loving heart
embrace yourself,
not needing others 
to define you.

Whilst in this world
you can use judgment,
to sense what cries out
in you,
may Love reassure
your human perspective,
to remind you are 
the perfect You!

Love’s Purpose


Love invites you 
to walk your
as you journey 
upon this earth,
purpose is varied 
and multi-layered,
it does not exist to 
define your worth.

Expand your perspective
upon Love’s Purpose,
are you not This 
one and the same,
your every breath
is purposeful,
where does Love 
lead you upon 
this day?

You cannot separate
your purpose
from All of Love 
that freely flows 
in your openness, 
Love’s purpose is 
This manifestation 
of You!


The Whole of You


What snags you,
what catches your
is not the Whole
of You
helping throughout
your life?

You may not be aware
of all your soul 
can do,
but there is no separation
of the Essence of You.

Do not view choices 
as right or wrong,
this journey,
your path,
takes a view 
that is long.

Be flexible,
Be open,
let go of perceived
angels, guides,
loved ones help you –
All Are One 
with your soul.

With Comfort


Comfort your self today.

Let Love smooth your
weary edges,
when seasonal changes
affect you,
be gentle with you,
dear one,
comfort your self today.

What feels heavy that 
you hold,
Love helps you to 
carry this,
you comfort others now
take a breath and 
comfort your self today.

With compassion for all
the very best that 
they can,
know you, too, need
comfort your self today. 

See your Self in 
the Light of others,
All Are Here to 
experience Truth,
with the gentleness 
of Love, so tender,
comfort your self today.