A New Perspective


You are always,
forever connected,
with loved ones near
and those not “here,”
Love’s eternal bonds
cannot be broken,
in this world or beyond,
Love is Everywhere.

In this life’s story,
there may be friction,
but might your soul 
be ready to help,
turn over your troubles,
open up your heart,
Love knows how to shift
energy so well.

Begin with you,
begin within,
allow your story to
write something new,
and when you need 
a new perspective,
your soul,
All Love,
is Here for you!

Believe and Trust


You are worthy 
of receiving,
might there be 
old walls you put
in place,
you may not have 
trusted to open up 
your heart,
your sacred space.

Open wide these doors 
trust always begins
with you,
within the safety of 
your soul,
why not re-acquaint 
your self with You.

Giving is a superpower,
others are grateful 
for what you do,
might you realize 
that in your giving,
you are wishing to 
give to you.

Open to Love’s 
as you gratefully
receive loving gifts,
Love is Here 
to show you how 
beautiful You Are,
as All of This.

In Love’s infinite cycle,
giving and receiving 
combine as Truth,
sense your wholeness,
no-thing is missing,
believe and Trust
This Love as You!

At Peace


You need not have 
but you need not 
sell yourself short,
Be at Peace with you
this moment,
let go of thoughts
of less or more.

May the driving force 
of you,
be one that is wholly
fueled by Love,
you may wish to 
compare, to measure,
if so, check what your
heart is full of.

May Love’s Joy be 
your exuberance,
bringing in wonder 
to all you do,
Be-ing Peace is 
never boring,
it is the perfect state
to express You!



Sit with your emotions,
let them bubble up 
with no judgment,
with compassion,
might you accept,
allow and Be.

The conglomeration of
life’s experiences 
help to shape what 
you believe,
beyond the cause
and effect reactions,
is there not another 
Truth to see?

This is not a request 
to repress,
but simply one made
wholly from Love,
releasing shame 
or guilt exposes you
to what You Are 
made of.

Is not forgiveness
allowing Truth 
to remind you of 
Love’s one rule –
You Are Loved
beyond all measure,
This Love is You!


A New Perspective


Those you Love 
never leave you,
they find ways 
to make this known,
You as soul rejoice 
in wonder,
you as human 
miss them so.

Grief may feel like 
a wet blanket,
heavy and cumbersome
to bear,
how do you integrate 
parts of you that have you
searching everywhere.

As you discover there 
is so much going on
beyond what you 
can see,
might you open to 
new perspectives,
that help you see
life differently.

Your loved ones,
angels and guides 
are with you every 
single step,
may the blanket of grief 
be something 
that you allow,

May you sense the 
forward momentum
that Love invites you
to share,
beyond life’s changes 
You Are changeless,
Love is Here and 

Accept Love’s invitation
to dance and flow 
with Love’s song 
in your heart,
Be at Peace 
knowing you are with 
all you Love,
never apart!



Trust in Love.

This is not a place 
to go to,
it is more a 
State of Mind,
in this allowance
and acceptance,
sense This Peace,
Trust in Love.

Be Here in this 
present moment,
you need do nothing 
but Be Love Here,
You Are this vibration
say yes and forever
Trust in Love.

Release all outcomes,
let go of friction,
allow your breath
to show the way,
let nature show you 
growth and promise,
You Are This as you
Trust in Love.

You Are part of 
a Holy Present,
your Light shines,
forever guiding you,
walking with you,
Love is by your side,
Beloved are you,
Trusting in Love.

Here, Forever


Here is Love,
forever beating
through your heart,
singing with your
when life brings sorrow
to your doorstep,
invite it in so it
may feel Loved so.

Let Love soothe 
every emotion,
you need not figure
it all out,
know that Love 
is Here, forever,
release all worry 
and any doubt.

As the sun rises up
to greet you,
may you feel Love’s Light
shining through,
may the blessings 
from loved ones 
and angels,
remind that they 
are forever with you!

A Peaceful Rest


Does not the body show
what it needs,
do you sometimes push
beyond this line,
your mind thinks 
it has control,
but is there not 
a wiser and knowing

Might you check in 
with what feels right,
this is not a perception
of right or wrong,
but tune into where Love
is playing all the notes
you need to sing 
Love’s song.

Know when to push
and when to rest,
this ebb and flow 
is part of life,
there is less resistance
when you integrate
your body and mind 
with your soul’s Light.

Sense the sacredness 
in each moment,
pause now and then
to sense This Peace,
with Gratitude,
breathe in This Love,
ask what you need
and then receive.

Your body and mind 
will be grateful,
as you let go of 
control not real,
Love in its infinite
wisdom knows 
where to go and 
what to heal.

Rest and relax 
when this is 
Peace and ease will
let you know,
you need not struggle 
to walk through life,
surrender to Love 
and as This,

Discovering Trust

3/01/23 from  3/01/22

As you trust Love,
trust in your soul,
are you not building 
trust in you?
Your ego mind 
may put up 
but is not the journey
discovering Trust
as you?

Trust is not fulfilling 
all expectations,
it is the flow 
that helps you to 
You Are purpose 
and with Love,
are you not open 
to all possibility?

Trust is authentically 
in This Moment
as Love that is you,
be confident in 
This belief – 
Trust is knowing 
Love believes in 

Your trust evolves 
in this human space,
but You as soul 
knows what is True,
accept, receive 
Love’s eternal promise – 
Behold, dear child,
All Love is You!