The sun is always here,
is it not perspective 
that is the change,
facing towards it
or away at night,
sun remains always 
the same.

Perspective makes the 
seasons change,
light filters in with 
different hues,
you, your Self
remains the same,
even as you see
with varying views.

Love is always Here,
be aware of any filters
that you use,
at the core of 
all you perceive,
is Source,
This Love 
that forever 
Loves you!

A Relationship of One


We all are 
playing together
in the Relationship
of One.

Yes, the intersection
of relationship
in this linear world
may help you 
to see 
your self. 

Your judgements 
and comparisons
are fuel and fodder 
for your unease,
as One with Love,
might you accept
Love’s invitation 
to release?

Is not your sense 
of self 
only a momentary 
you have forgotten 
the greater Truth,
that All is Love 
and You Are That.

This Relationship 
of One 
is beyond perception,
but the Self knows,
This Love is what 
breathes you 
and All is Well 
within your soul.

This We is Me,
is You,
our Oneness
is at the core 
of All That Is,
see One Self,
extend Love freely,
no-thing can separate 
All That Is!

The Whole of You


Be the Whole of You.

Yes, your mind 
is able to break 
down and analyze 
disparate parts of 
but in alignment,
working together,
does not your 
life force come
flowing through?

You are greater 
than the sum 
of your parts,
yes, you have heard 
of this truth,
place your intention 
on your Wholeness,
let your true nature 
come shining through.

Yes, fear and doubt 
may pick apart
what has come up 
to be seen,
invite All of You 
to this chorus,
with a Voice of One,
may you sing.

Be the Whole 
of You,
your soul is ready 
for this dance,
you are wholly,
Holy One,
singing in your 

Beyond Trust


Trust to know You.

Trust and Faith 
are human constructs,
as your soul already 
sense the Peace of
your soul’s knowing,
as you surrender to 
Love’s flow.

You need not talk 
yourself into 
all understanding
or to make things fit,
your soul knows 
the bigger picture 
and you belong to 
All of This.

Trust to know 
Love is the answer,
have Faith in You 
as a sacred soul,
believe in You  
as Love Eternal,
Love is All 
there is 
to know!

Who You Are


You may wonder 
what you want,
but you are always
Who You Are.

And is not this 
where the Truth 
of You
comes to the 

So do not judge 
when the road 
gets bumpy,
you also know 
what feels in 
the flow.

It is All of You
aligning with 
what your soul 

So try on changes,
discard what does 
not fit,
ask and use your 
inner guidance

Yes, experience 
and then listen 
to Love’s expression 
as Who You Are.

A Greater View


Life can be a game
of cat and mouse,
what do you chase 
or wish to find,
when you let go
of what you strive for,
do not often gifts 
show up in time?

Yes, intention brings 
you focus,
but do stay open 
to the greater view,
while you are working 
out the details,
are you not helped 
by the All of You?

Take a breath and 
sense expansion,
you are part of 
a connected web,
when you are open 
to receive,
is there not help,
are you not led?

Be aware of where 
may be obscuring
your greater view,
all possibility is
You Are All of This,
believe in You!

I See You


I see you.

You may be tired,
from interrupted 
you may be
clearing out the
cobwebs of 
what the ego-mind
does keep.

You may sense an 
as no matter what 
the body is telling
Here is your 
life force flowing,
You Are Love 
I see you.

Who Am I?
I am Love 
I Am You.
All of Love 
We Are together,
always, dear child,
I see you.

No Judgment


Be judged not.
Be free to Be.

Do you not 
place judgments
as bricks in a wall
you build,
to define,
where you begin
and where you end?

Yes, judgment 
gets cast about,
as you measure 
and compare,
you may look about
with analyzing eyes,
but is it not you 
that you are measuring

Might you set aside
your measuring tools
and all you use 
to “measure up” –
you are replete 
with the Gifts of
an infinite Source 
filling your loving 

Be aware,
but let go of 
remove the target 
you have placed 
on you,
love every aspect 
of your uniqueness,
You Are Love’s Expression 
as the perfect You!

As One


Sometimes you need space.

And from the viewpoint 
of the separated self,
this may be a use of 
space and time
to take a break
from what your
your eyes,
are showing you.

Now from your heart’s 
point of view,
when shifted to the 
All of You,
might you observe 
that what you see,
that may trigger,
be painful,
causing you to flee,
is a familiar cry 
for Love?

In unity with the 
All of You,
there is no separate 
for you to go to,
look into Love’s mirror,
reassuring you,
I Am Here 
and I so 
Love you.

So take some space 
or time you need,
Love is patient,
beyond any belief,
when you see You 
looking back with Love,
as One,
so All
are Loved.