Wherever You Are


Love meets you 
wherever you are,
you may set a place 
and time,
but forever Love 
is with you,
you are never 
left behind.

Walk with Love 
in familiar places,
a favorite season
brings you Here,
Love always meets you
in your heart,
when you wish Love 
to be near.

You need not ask 
for Love to join you,
Love is always, 
forever Here,
Love is with you 
wherever you are,
Love cherishes you,



Let Love help you Believe.

You wish to know 
without a doubt,
that your loved ones 
are all about –
let Love 
help you

They will send signs
your way,
or be a presence felt
while children play – 
let Love 
help you 

They have not missed 
a single thing,
milestones celebrated,
what Joy they bring – 
let Love 
help you 

Trust your connections,
sense with your heart,
there is no-thing that 
can keep you apart –
let Love
help you 

Love is Eternal,
believe this, too,
always together are
loved ones and you –
yes, Love
knows you 



Your path unfolds,
you know the way,
your Voice within
knows what to say,
open all windows 
of possibility,
your tender Strength 
sets yourself free.

Be the balance of 
gentle and strong,
Here in This Truth 
is where you belong,
loved ones and guides 
love to meet you Here,
as you discover there is
nothing to fear. 

Lean in to you,
be not afraid,
your soul’s foundation 
has the groundwork laid,
walk with confidence,
head held high,
your Essence radiates
with your beautiful Light!

Being Human


Be aware of comparisons,
yes in the world 
there is much of 
check in with what 
makes you take notice,
what self judgment
do you pair it with.

Might you notice 
and extend arms to 
embrace with Peace,
when you accept, allow
for someone else,
are you not accepting you
with Grace and ease.

Comparisons need a 
place to start,
why not be open 
to how you see you,
may your loving heart
embrace yourself,
not needing others 
to define you.

Whilst in this world
you can use judgment,
to sense what cries out
in you,
may Love reassure
your human perspective,
to remind you are 
the perfect You!



Here with you always 
is your Home,
might you sense this 
throughout your day,
see Love in a sky 
so blue,
or in dance of leaves
that wish to play.

Allow your breath 
to bring you Here,
let comfort wrap 
around you now,
even on darker,
rainy days,
might Love not hug you
as the clouds.

No matter the time 
or earthly space,
Love permeates and 
is always near,
You as Eternal,
infinite Love,
bless every moment 
as You Are Here.

This Belief


Release what tethers 
you to beliefs
that pass judgment 
upon you, dear,
might you realize 
your beliefs are often 
made up of old fears.

See your self as 
Love sees you,
this is the clearest
vision held,
you need not count 
on the chaotic world,
to let you know that
All is Well.

When you remove 
external needs 
that are precarious,
and not secure,
might you find your 
True Foundation 
is below, around you,
safe and sure.

This is a paradigm shift,
but This is not something
“out there”,
the word “external” 
without one letter,
is You, Eternal,
and always Here.

Place your energy,
your trust,
in This Belief
that beckons you,
Here You Are,
Love says with knowing,
You Are This 
and Love Is You!

Love’s Purpose


Love invites you 
to walk your
as you journey 
upon this earth,
purpose is varied 
and multi-layered,
it does not exist to 
define your worth.

Expand your perspective
upon Love’s Purpose,
are you not This 
one and the same,
your every breath
is purposeful,
where does Love 
lead you upon 
this day?

You cannot separate
your purpose
from All of Love 
that freely flows 
in your openness, 
Love’s purpose is 
This manifestation 
of You!


The Alchemy of Gratitude


Reshape your reality 
with the power of 
it responds immediately 
when called upon,
this loving Gift 
is always Here for 

There is much in the 
earthly life,
that makes it hard 
to sit with Peace,
does not Gratitude 
bring you to your 
returning you gently 
to ease.

Gratitude is a super 
it is your alchemist 
shift Here when you 
wish to return,
to Joy,
as Peace,
with Love,

A Natural Perspective


Be aware of your 
Love can help you 
make a shift,
you may need to 
change your thinking,
for beyond thought is 
All of This.

Lower the volume of 
ego drowning out
what it thinks you 
must do,
in the spaces between
these words,
Here always within,
is Love,
is You.

You need not learn 
from ego’s perspective,
that is a rocky road
release the judgment,
listen with your heart,
you will remember 
what you need. 

It is a challenge 
in this life to 
look beyond to 
what is Real,
bring in Love’s 
natural perspective,
and with This Vision
see All is healed!

The Whole of You


What snags you,
what catches your
is not the Whole
of You
helping throughout
your life?

You may not be aware
of all your soul 
can do,
but there is no separation
of the Essence of You.

Do not view choices 
as right or wrong,
this journey,
your path,
takes a view 
that is long.

Be flexible,
Be open,
let go of perceived
angels, guides,
loved ones help you –
All Are One 
with your soul.