Walk With Love

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I am traveling early today. Here is a repost of a message from September 2017.


Find your own path.
Walk with Love.
Let Love show you
the way.

There are times
when you are unsure,
asking what direction
shall you turn,
when questions form,
the answers are there –
let Love show you
the way.

If you feel that
you are drifting,
not as grounded,
feeling disconnect –
feel the Love
from the earth
flow through you
as you walk –
let Love show you
the way.

You may feel lost
and on your own,
feeling a void
that feels empty
or gone,
is that not a space
to ask Love in,
to remind you that
you never walk alone –
let Love show you
the way.

You are always
to Love,
Divine Source –
are you not Love
right now?
Walk the path
you are on,
each step you take
is walking with Love,
as You Are Love,
let Love show you
the way.

Each step
with Love
is the perfect way.
May you feel
when you walk
with Love.

You Are
your path.
Walk with Love.
Let Love
show You
the way.


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What is awakening?

You may (or may not)
when color came to
the little screen,
how the gray pictures
you were used to seeing,
then seemed to pop out
in front of you,
look back
at the movie
about a wizard,
does not Dorothy
wake up as if
from a dream,
to see the color,
to experience the magic,
that projects upon
her screen?

It may come quickly,
it may take layers
of understanding,
then you say, “Aha” –
is it not as if
you flip a switch,
open a door,
you cannot go back –
yes, you like reminders,
you dive in deeper,
as you can understand
only so much,
what was black and white
is now in color,
with every hue
that Love is made of.

Yes, there are details
you can study,
the Science of Spirit
can be explained,
but in your heart,
there is a Knowing,
that goes beyond
what is in this
or another plane –
take it all in,
or just a drop,
the Truth is in
every cell of You –
is not a grain of sand
also the beach,
where do you begin,
where do you end?

As Love has no ending,
as You Are Love
and Love Is You,
is not Awakening
when your Knowing,
knows All Is One
and One Is You!

All Together, One Love

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You are part of a bigger
you are part of a
Greater Truth,
you may feel
like a part
that has separated
from the Whole,
but you have the Whole
within You.

Every cell of your body
has a purpose,
you can move each
you can wiggle your
but they are all
still a part of You.

Life is not only
your amazing body,
life does not end
when the body
is through –
the Life Force that
breathes You,
it has a purpose, too,
connecting You to
the Whole,
to All That Is.

There is no need
for reconnection,
you need only remember
Who You Are –
you are already a part
of the Entirety of Love,
that holds All
and connects All
to You.

So remember you
are never separated,
from Love that
and Love that
The Love That Is You,
is part of All
that you cherish, too –
Love endures,
Love lives on,
Love is Eternal
and You Are, too.
Always connected
to Love is You –
All together,
One Love.

The Power of Love

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When you open
up your heart,
think loving thoughts,
showing how much
you care,
when you hold someone
within your prayer,
does not the
Light of Love
connect you there,
yes, that Light
can be seen
from “above” –
there is no barrier
to the Power of Love.

And as Love
can heal across
all realms,
might you let Love
work its magic here,
are there not some
who would love to feel,
the Grace of Love
and its ability to heal,
you need not wait
another moment to
set your intention
to the Power of Love.

Love is not yours
to give
or take away,
but does not sharing Love
create a loving space,
to allow a Spark of Love
to ignite,
so one can see this
bright Light,
that burns within,
that powers every
One of Us –
is there nothing brighter
than the Power of Love?

Can you Be the
brightest Light
you can be,
so a flickering Light
can remember
and see,
their Light burns strong
from within,
bringing hope,
letting healing begin,
what can heal,
what connects everyone –
is it not the Eternal
Power of Love?

With intention,
with prayer,
surround your loved ones,
Here or There –
Let Love do
what it knows,
there is no limit
to the Power of Love.

Listen With Your Heart

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Listen with your heart.

Yes, the heart may leap
at what it feels passionate
for is not the heart
a driving force
that may help you step
outside your comfort zone,
but even as your heart
may lead,
can you also hear
what it receives –
listen with your heart.

You turn your ear
to an inner voice,
do you not question
at times,
what is it that
you hear,
when you are unsure
if it is You
or if it is noise,
can you still the mind
and tune into
what is always here –
and listen with
your heart.

You need not analyze,
or prove something right –
if your heart speaks
or makes you sit
if there is Love in
the message,
if there is Truth
in what you feel,
will not your Guiding Light
shine the way
for you to see,
might you trust yourself
and find inner Peace –
does Peace not come
when you listen
with your heart?

Your mind may fight
this inner knowing,
this steady beat
that is always there
when you are ready
to receive,
for is Love not the answer
to the questions
that you seek –
is Love not the language
when you listen
with your heart?

Let your heart
beat the rhythm
of Love.
Get in sync.
Play along.
Listen always
with your heart.

Acknowledge You

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Acknowledge you.
Give yourself a hand.
Does your Light not
shine through anything
that may obscure
your view?
Your human self
may think perfection
is the only way
to compliment –
so might you
the perfection
of You?

Acknowledge you –
you are amazing
in your own right,
the human world at times
makes you want to
put up a fight,
but can you look
with no condition
at yourself
and see the Truth –
when you see Love
in your eyes,
do you not
acknowledge You?

Give a nod to your
Higher Self,
who is with you
through it all –
there is no judgement
though as human,
do you not judge
it all,
take a page
from a Master
who Loves
no matter what –
now look at you
in the mirror,
see the Love
and acknowledge You.

Acknowledge you,
give yourself a hand.
Give yourself a break
when you get tough,
when you demand.
Things can get serious
with experiences,
that is true –
but with Love and
can you take a moment
to sense the Joy
that is You –
can you send Love
to yourself,
receive it
and acknowledge You?

Acknowledge You –
You Are shining
Love and Light.
You are amazing,
you are magnificent –
Love Is beautiful,
Love Is You!

Expand With Love

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Expand with Love.

Expand, contract.
Is it not fear
that makes you perceive
as pulling back,
feeling smaller
than the expanded You
that surges ahead,
that grows and flows,
knowing always
Who You Are,
does it not feel powerful
when you expand with Love?

And as your human
awareness grows,
you may experience
the ebb and flow
of expanding,
can you understand
that movement,
is never static,
standing still –
might you embrace
the pulsing beat
of becoming aware
of All of You?

Might what you think of
as contraction,
of “losing ground”,
might that simply be
when you shine your Light
in areas you did not
want to be around,
but as you light up
all corners,
dusting off what has
been dormant,
what has been too dim
to see –
do you not have more
to be You,
to be free –
allowing you again
to expand with Love?

Expand, contract –
is this not movement,
a sign of growth,
do you not gather yourself
to spring ahead,
do not moments of quiet
bring forth flashes
of insight,
yes, they may seem to be
two steps ahead,
but as you continue
the Journey,
might you embrace
the expansion,
knowing All Is Love?

Embrace and accept
the ebb and flow
of Life.
You are moving,
you are growing,
sometimes fast,
sometimes slow.
Gather your energy,
expand your awareness.
Buckle up,
hold on,
and enjoy the ride!