The Miracle of Love


Let Love Be 
the Miracle.

You wish for outcomes,
of how you think that
things should be,
but is it not the simple,
pure connections,
that allow the Miracle 
of Love to Be.

It matters not the 
teacher, master,
the message of Love 
is in your soul,
do you not light up
when you hear
what your Eternal Self 
already knows?

Is not the Miracle 
of Love 
in any moment 
that you live,
is there not Grace 
and Compassion 
when you receive 
the Love you give?

The Miracle of Love 
is beyond language,
its essence is simple 
and is True,
each experience of 
Love’s connection,
celebrates the 
Miracle of You!

A Service to Love


Like hand in glove,
Be of service
to Love.

What flows,
what fits,
what chooses you
or you drawn to it,
Be of service 
to Love.

It may be a 
full career,
or a single experience 
that draws you 
Be of service 
to Love.

Answer the call,
your soul to you,
together what might 
you and your Team
Be of service 
to Love.

With Grace and ease,
Love is this flow,
bringing to you
what you need to 
your soul rejoices
with Spirit above –
in Gratitude 
of your service 
to Love.

Be You


Be You 
Be Loved.

Let your own soul 
gently soothe you,
sense Love’s blessings
from above,
know your Light 
draws angels to you,
Be You 
Be Loved.

Share Love’s blessing 
with your brother,
your sister wishes 
for this, too,
All are You 
and All are
Be You 
Be Loved.

What you forgive 
is your own 
let us remind you 
once again,
discard all doubt,
false guilt 
and worry,
Be You 
Be Loved.

Rejoice now 
as in This Moment,
This Love  is 
You as spirit 
are Love’s Light 
Be You,

This Awakened Moment


Does not perception 
of the past,
run into your 
present time,
creating stories
for the future,
that may follow 
a similar line.

Yes, you make up 
things through 
this is not what You 
when entanglements 
do you not see 
what ego makes?

In your present,
awakened moment,
expand your Light 
to see the way,
from this perspective 
of your soul,
does not the drama 
drop away?

There is no script 
for you to follow,
you need not keep track
of any score,
let Love unfold 
as you step lightly,
asking Love’s Light 
to show you more.

In this awareness 
let Love’s experience,
shine its Light for 
you to see,
as you create from 
your True Self,
your path unfolds 
with Grace and Ease.



Lift yourself 
in Love,
and as you rise,
others do, too.

Your perception 
in this world
sees you and others 
as separate beings,
but as your souls 
are from
One Source,
are you not connected 
to everyone you see?

Thus as you focus 
on your self,
it is not a solitary 
aligning with the 
vibration of Love
is an eternal and 
loving pact.

Lift yourself 
in Love,
you need not 
change another or 
change the world,
but as You All are 
does not one in
spark another to 

Let Love raise 
your self up,
to this natural 
State of You,
Be in this presence, 
sense Here is Peace,
you need do nothing 
but Be the Miracle
of You!

The Rhythm of Love


Find your rhythm,
your vibration,
that connects you 
to your Peace,
this flow lifts you,
moves you forward,
there is no struggle 
with grace and ease.

Do not despair if 
there are moments,
when you bump up 
into walls,
you may need to 
find another way 
to circumvent a 

Tune into your higher 
that is always by 
your side,
is it not ego that 
often chooses 
the most rocky 
and bumpy ride.

But underneath all 
of the noise,
Love hums a beat,
a familiar tune,
join in with this 
loving rhythm,
that is ready to 
accompany you.

Let the wellspring 
of Love lift you,
as you move within 
Love’s sweet flow,
join with the beat 
of Love’s vibration,
you are in harmony
with your soul!

Together As Love


Let’s work together as Love.

Are you not part of a 
loving Team,
connected to angels, guides,
loved ones unseen,
are you not powerful as 
Love’s Life Force –
let’s work together 
as Love.

You need not do life
on your own,
You Are with your Team 
and always Home,
combining forces as 
soul to soul – 
let’s work together 
as Love.

Let Joy replace work 
as you feel this flow,
release any outcomes 
that you wish to know,
You and Me and We 
are a Force of One –
let us play together as 
a Force of Love.

Connect your heart,
your soul to Love’s 
eternal bond,
Home is Where You Are 
and always belong,
take Love’s hand and 
sense your eternal Team,
we always are together 
through the Grace of Love.

Take My Hand


Love says softly,
take my hand,
you need not walk
life’s path alone,
give me your worries,
struggles, burdens, 
let Love clear 
this space called

My dear,
life makes it hard 
to remember,
you may feel distant 
from your Source,
but rest assured,
Home is where
We Are,
and you as soul 
are Home, too,
of course. 

We are connected,
yes, sight unseen,
but you have Vision 
within your soul,
you may not feel 
Love’s arms around you,
but at your core,
you understand and

Take Love’s hand,
We Are forever,
release beliefs 
you no longer need,
Be a beacon of Light,
reminding others, 
I see your Light,
shine on, 
Be Free!



Seeing beyond the dream
brings you closer to 
the natural You,
as you awaken to 
this Reality,
does not more of 
Love shine through?

Do not compare your 
human experiences 
to one another or 
to your self,
in life’s experience 
of unfolding,
some things seem to
go great,
others not as well.

You as human may 
always have plans,
and like a direction 
in which to go,
but you as soul 
can see the wholeness,
from a broader perspective 
that as Love, knows.

Yes, walking in your 
makes it hard to see 
through the veil,
but when you see with 
your soul’s eyes, 
does not this perspective 
have Truth to tell?

Seek the clarity 
from your Self,
who always walks 
and shares with you,
set aside questions 
you want answered,
the answer you seek 
is found in loving 

The Power of Love


Tap into your Power,
You Are the Power of

This is the Life Fore 
that moves through you,
that can move mountains 
from above.

A loving choice is
when you step into 
Love’s flowing stream,
as you awaken to your
True Nature,
does not struggle become 
only a dream?

It may get cloudy,
a bit foggy,
when ego’s grip makes 
it hard to see,
there are situations 
in the world
that are difficult,

But when given a choice,
might you choose Love 
over fear,
and quietly listen to 
Love’s Answer,
to problems solved
as Love is Here.

Be aware of your power,
you need not give 
this away,
it emanates from you,
through you,
brightening the Light
that shows the way.

May you sense your
Strength and Courage,
that remind you
what is forever True,
Love is the powerful force
that breathes you,
You Are Love
Love Is You.