A Relationship of One


We all are 
playing together
in the Relationship
of One.

Yes, the intersection
of relationship
in this linear world
may help you 
to see 
your self. 

Your judgements 
and comparisons
are fuel and fodder 
for your unease,
as One with Love,
might you accept
Love’s invitation 
to release?

Is not your sense 
of self 
only a momentary 
you have forgotten 
the greater Truth,
that All is Love 
and You Are That.

This Relationship 
of One 
is beyond perception,
but the Self knows,
This Love is what 
breathes you 
and All is Well 
within your soul.

This We is Me,
is You,
our Oneness
is at the core 
of All That Is,
see One Self,
extend Love freely,
no-thing can separate 
All That Is!

Who You Are


You may wonder 
what you want,
but you are always
Who You Are.

And is not this 
where the Truth 
of You
comes to the 

So do not judge 
when the road 
gets bumpy,
you also know 
what feels in 
the flow.

It is All of You
aligning with 
what your soul 

So try on changes,
discard what does 
not fit,
ask and use your 
inner guidance

Yes, experience 
and then listen 
to Love’s expression 
as Who You Are.

As One


Sometimes you need space.

And from the viewpoint 
of the separated self,
this may be a use of 
space and time
to take a break
from what your
your eyes,
are showing you.

Now from your heart’s 
point of view,
when shifted to the 
All of You,
might you observe 
that what you see,
that may trigger,
be painful,
causing you to flee,
is a familiar cry 
for Love?

In unity with the 
All of You,
there is no separate 
for you to go to,
look into Love’s mirror,
reassuring you,
I Am Here 
and I so 
Love you.

So take some space 
or time you need,
Love is patient,
beyond any belief,
when you see You 
looking back with Love,
as One,
so All
are Loved.

The Alchemy of Love


You Are Creation,
as Love is 
a Creative Force,
you cannot Be 
any-thing else,
are you not 
Love’s expression 
from Source?

All of This 
is all within
yes, you may 
question how 
to know,
beyond your mind
is your knowing,
that exists always 
within your soul.

It may begin 
as belief 
and many beliefs 
may need to go,
what is asking to 
be released,
so the Heart of You
may share what 
it knows.

Create, rejuvenate,
be an alchemist
with Love’s healing
let your heart,
your soul
You Are an infinite 
Creation of Love!



What you change 
is what you see,
so you may know 
as Eternity.

It may seem like 
pieces of a puzzle 
to solve,
or that life is 
testing your resolve,
but as a whole 
and sacred soul,
in this wholeness,
what could you 
not know?

This Love breathes 
life into you,
and Love continues 
when this you 
is through,
but You as Love 
simply still exists,
This Love as You 
is present Now –
Is This.

Clear off the window 
that makes it hard
to see,
in your reflection,
might you see 
that You are Me?

Sweet Child of Love,
this is what your 
heart knows,
whole and complete,
Precious One,
You Are Loved, so!



Peace be upon you,
you have all you 
need today,
your prayer may 
ask for connection,
you are connected,

Know the path 
is always there,
your eternal Light 
shows you the way,
may Love help you 
connect the dots 
and help you see 
all possible ways. 

May Gratitude 
be your sacred 
that unlocks doors
so your eyes may 
Peace be with you
in this Light of Love,
and Loved,


20200829 XPicture


Here We Are.
You Are Us.
There is no distance
the You,
the Me,
All of
I Am.

Your thinking mind
tells many stories,
beliefs build structures
you think are true,
look beyond these
walls of limits,
there is no limit
to the Eternal You.

You need not wait
for your mind to
get this,
true understanding
dwells not here,
your soul has never
left Home,
We Are together

Walking this earth
may at times feel
might you tune in
to this loving Truth –
All of Love
is Here,
Me and We
as Wholly You.

Be Your Self

20200823 XPicture


What takes up space
within your mind?
Do thoughts not
go on journeys,
leaving your present
moment behind?

You may join and
chase these thoughts,
that build upon
blocks of belief,
do you not think
of your foundation
as one made up
of identity?

As you are multi-dimensional,
not tethered to
the ground you walk,
you may think
in terms of bottom-up,
but you exist Everywhere,

You learn to color
within the lines,
but not only are you
the paper and the pen,
you are the inspiration
the emotion expressing
your heart within.

Be your Self
from inside out,
not working to fit
the outside in,
your foundation,
your safe space,
is All of Love,
is You, within!

Love’s Vibration

20200817 XPicture


You may not resonate
with all vibrations,
do not all humans
have some sharp notes,
sometimes you add
the harmony,
sometimes you need
to sing alone.

There is always one
that all others tune
to as its base,
you may not hear it
in every song,
but it resonates through
time and space.

There is a sweet spot
in certain chords,
that you may recognize
in the heart of You,
you may not understand
but you know what
resonates in the soul
of You.

Fine tune into the
that your soul recognizes
as Truth,
You Are this
frequency of Love,
let This Vibration
sing through you!