Your Loving Potential

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Rest when your mind
is weary,
step back from
figuring out,
there is much
that wishes to
pull you
and your thoughts
into many pieces
to think about,
can you look at
a bigger picture,
better yet,
might you sense
a greater ease,
while the mind loves
a puzzle to finish,
do you not wish
for the serenity
of Peace?

And when distractions
and noise subside,
do you not reach
the answers you
when your mind is
in tune with
your soul,
is this not a Team
that is a Force
to be reckoned with?

It is worth your time
to let go
and get quiet,
to see what bubbles up,
what you already know,
when in coherence
and not jostling
or fighting,
is it not then
that your mind
can pair with
your soul?

As One,
are you not exponentially
greater than the
sum of your parts,
may we remind you
You Are Whole,
connected to resources
you may not know,
might you expand
your awareness
with Faith and

Tap into your Loving
possibilities exist
when you relax
into You,
will Love not show
what to do?
Believe Love,
Know Love
and Trust You.

One Voice

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I am traveling early, so here is a message from February, 2017


You have a voice.

And is not your voice
a vibration,
that wells up
inside of you –
as air is expelled
through the
vibrating vocal cords
to be released –
can your voice
now be heard?

And is not your voice
not only vibration
of the physical body
that helps you
create sound –
what meaning
do you encode
into the vibration
of your voice?

Does not your mind,
your thoughts,
give rise to
what you wish
to say –
does your voice
not transmit
what originates here?

And does not
your voice transmit
of how a message
through vibration
is to be delivered?

You have a voice.

You are a powerful
transmitter of vibration.
These vibrations transmit
that are energy –
that mix with other
messages –
what vibrational soup
do you wish to be
surrounded by?

What if your voice
conveyed the Love
that originates in
your heart,
from a Higher Source –
would not these vibrations
be encoded with Love?

Would not the energy
from your voice,
transmitting a loving signal,
mix in with other energies?
Would not a loving vibration,
originating from Love,
transform and transmute
other wavelengths
around it?

You have a voice.

Can you be a powerful
transmitter of Love?
As you speak from
your heart –
from the Love
That Is You –
can you open up
your Voice
to the Truth
of Who You Are?

Give the Love
inside of you
a voice to share
for all to hear:

I Am Love.
You Are Love.
We speak with
One Voice.

In the Quiet

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In the quiet,
in the still,
can you sense
the rhythm
of your breath,
your heart beats
in time
for you to feel
in the quiet,
in the still.

And these quieting
need not be
in absolute silence,
can you not take
a moment here,
a breath of air,
even when driving
can you pause
to center,
to come back to
in the quiet,
in the still.

And though your
may not ever feel
is there not space
the thoughts that
may you find Peace
in this Space of
let this Peace,
with Love,
tell you
All Is Well,
your breath,
your heart,
beat the Rhythm
of You –
in the quiet,
in the still.


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There is a tug,
a subtle pull,
that you may sense
throughout your life –
you may be aware
or have no knowledge,
but in your heart,
do you not feel it
your soul has guidance
for you always,
sometimes a whisper,
sometimes a shout,
but does not this
Pull of Love,
help explain what
you are all about?

Do not get hung up
on the why,
or how the details
will work out,
your human mind
will help you there,
as you balance it
all out,
but keep your ear
to the still, small
that has led you to
this moment now,
in this familiar place
of Love,
what can you open
and allow?

Follow your nudges,
go with the flow,
try on what feels
right to you,
if you need to change
you will know just
what to do,
let Love move you,
let Love guide you,
you are a constant
Be-ing of change –
and though things
may look different,
when All Is Love,
is it not the same?

The Pull of Love
will keep you moving,
let it open doors
for you,
enjoy the journey,
keep following Love,
as you experience
the Love
That Is You.


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And as your human selves
may work out
how to live together
on earth,
are not your souls
interlocked for purposes
that may be hard
to see at first,
when there are challenges
do you not grow,
are there not choices
that you make,
no choice is right
or wrong,
does it not help
you choose
which road that you
may take?

You are here to experience
to live it fully,
to stretch and grow,
you co-exist with
others who are playing
their own roles here
as well,
when you limit taking
things so personally
as an affront to
who you think you are,
if All Are Love
at the soul level,
are you not all linked
with the Arms of Love?

Your souls already
your human selves
see so many differences
and there is much
across the land,
remember you are
experiencing duality,
though in your hearts
you beat as One,
feel your human emotion,
but extend an
extra step to see –
your heart can extend
Love to a fellow soul,
even as human,
you may disagree.

You Are One
with Who You Are –
the Light of God,
the Divine Spark,
You All Are Light,
Love Is Who You Are.

Finding Space

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Finding space.

What is between
the detailed story,
what is left
when you
look for You,
what is All
no matter where
you turn,
when you go within,
is there not
always Love?

Yes, Love can fit
in many spaces,
but can you hear it
in between
the noise,
when you open
to allow more room,
is that not when you find
all space is filled
with Love?

Love is in every breath
you breathe,
and Love is in between
every breath,
what you think is
is an invitation
for you to see,
All is filled
within the Space of Love.

You need not find
any empty spaces,
when you stop looking,
will you then not see –
Love Is Everywhere
and nowhere
at once –
Love is,
You Are
through Eternity.

A Loving Space

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Create space.

This could be
in a moment,
or in the
physical space
you are,
are there not times
when self-care
to observe life
from afar –
step back,
does not this
help you to
when you create space
do you not see with
greater clarity?

With different eyes,
another perspective,
might you experience
a different view,
is it not hard
to understand,
when something is
so close to you,
have you not experienced
a greater Truth,
when you contemplate
from here –
when you can
create space
in your life,
or in your thoughts
that tend to gravitate
toward fear?

Create space
with your breath,
be aware of the
space between,
find the balance
in your doing-ness
and in Be-ing
your Shining Light,
when it is Peace
that you long for,
can you not find it
in this space –
that feels like Home,
that comforts you,
surrounding you
in any place.

Create space
for Love,
that is never
far away.
Let Love fill
all of your spaces,
Be a place
for Love