Love is compassion
and kindness,
Love paves the way 
to hold this space,
Love honors all
with no judgment 
in time or place.

As You Are wholly,
holy Love,
the soul of You knows
this is true,
your ego wishes to 
analyze and fix,
to control outcomes
that may affect you.

Join Love beyond 
your human body,
for a moment,
leave your identity
Here All souls are 
wholly together,
in Love’s Oneness,
Being Everywhere.

Release the cause
and effect 
that ego holds onto 
so tight,
from Love’s perspective
may you Be
compassion and kindness,
beyond wrong or right.

Expand your perspective,
see All of This 
beyond your body 
Here is kindness and 
as Holy Oneness,
Love is Everywhere.

Your Breath


With breath,
gather all scattered 
parts of you,
ego loves to distract
and separate,
return to your
tuning in to Love,
to recalibrate.

Discern what ego 
wishes to show you,
making you feel 
with awareness of 
your True Nature,
breathe in your Strength
as All of This.

Love is your natural 
state of Be-ing,
you need not travel
to Be at Home,
ask Love to show you
what is Truth,
may Love remind 
what you innately 

Your breath is your 
magical power,
it is the bridge 
to your soul,
breathe deep,
herein lies Peace,
All is Well,
within your soul!

Your Loving Heart


Trust in your loving 
to guide you throughout 
your day,
allow Love to help 
you hear,
assisting with words 
that you may say.

It matters not the 
it may be quick,
it may be long,
be a blessing to 
radiate and share 
your heart’s Love 

If your own tank 
is feeling less than,
Precious One,
begin with you,
meet Love in your 
beautiful heart,
let Love sing its 
song to you.

Your cup fills to 
there is no shortage 
of Love Here,
dance with Love to 
the tune of forgiveness,
Love holds you close
with Peace,
my dear!



Is Love not the clarity 
that you seek,
does it not 
fill you up,
making it easier 
for you to see?

Love loosens
it unwinds what 
is held tight,
when you find yourself 
not breathing,
breathe in deeply 
Love’s breath of

Pause a moment,
check in with 
your soul that sees 
the Whole of You,
let Love’s vibration
and help align 
you to You.

You know this way,
though ego loves 
to make you think 
you may be lost,
with Eyes of Love,
may you see through
any mist or fog
throwing you off.

With Love’s Clear Vision,
may you see what 
is always True,
You Are Love’s Light
eternally shining,
Love so clearly 
sees You!

Eternally Now


To reset,
step into your 
Eternal Now.

You may need to 
untangle ego’s hold,
press pause on the 
stories told,
remember your 
Eternal Now.

“Now” is not time
as you know,
it is not between 
past or what unfolds,
expand to 
experience your
Eternal Now.

Release ego’s hold
on you,
shift so you may 
see a clearer view,
to return
to your 
Eternal Now.

Perspective is a choice
to make,
ask your soul to
show the way,
with Faith,
as Grace,
you exist 
Eternally Now.

repeat – 
I Am
Eternal Now.

The Energy of Your Soul


Plug into Love’s 
you are part 
of this flow,
you are pre-wired
for this current,
it is the energy
of your soul.

Yes, life may interrupt
but as you discover 
another route,
does your connection 
not increase,
is this not what 
experience is 
all about?

Aligning with your 
soul’s purpose,
feels delicious,
making your heart
what excites you,
what fulfills you,
what connects You 
to Everything?

You Are part of 
Love’s infinite power,
an integral part of
this cosmic grid,
in All moments 
may you remember,
You Are connected 
to All of This!

Breathing Peace


Let Love
breathe you
Love’s Peace.

Breath is Love’s 
first loving gift,
in this moment,
return to This –
let Love 
breathe you
Love’s Peace.

You alone 
need not control,
join with the purpose 
of your soul,
let Love
breathe you
Love’s Peace.

Release and 
let go,
Love eternally 
forever flows,
as Love,
breathe in
Love’s Peace.

Question thoughts
that weigh on 
ask your soul 
what might you
do – 
with Love,
return to breath,
Be Peace.

Create this space
that supports you,
with angels, guides
and loved ones, too,
As Love,
You Are 

Whispers of Your Soul


May you listen 
and hear the 
whispers of 
your soul.

Take Love’s hand,
open your heart,
your loved ones 
are Here
and never far,
believe this Truth
that is whispered 
from your soul.

Life can be hard,
roads may be 
you may say you
have had enough,
know Love surrounds 
and holds you gently,
beloved soul.

Love is eternal,
it never dies,
your connections,
reach beyond 
the skies,
rejoice in Love’s 
eternal dance
of your souls.

Listen with your heart
your soul gently 
helps to guide
the way,
may you find Peace
listening to the 
whispers of 
your soul.

Love’s Eternal Truth


Let your soul 
whisper to you,
the Peace,
the Love of 
Eternal Truth.

This may not come 
in words or form,
your ego may 
question it at
every turn,
is this not knowing
that you can trust –
beyond your mind
is Eternal Truth.

Love’s vibration flows
through you,
it is what connects 
loved ones to you,
this bond is sacred
and is forever held,
by the glue,
the power of 
Eternal Truth.

Your soul knows of 
this Truth so pure,
you ask how can 
I be so sure?
The answer is known
by the Whole of You –
your soul is One 
with Eternal Truth.



There is so much 
that you have 
but are you not 
what you know?
It may be hard
to accept
what is not seen,
but is in your 

You need not reach 
to grasp all this,
though the human mind
excels at trying hard,
it is a softer 
this subtle knowing
within your heart.

The quiet of Peace 
can get drowned out
from all the noise
bombarding you,
but to turn up 
this knowing,
might you first 
then tune in to 

Become acquainted with 
this knowing,
it flows much deeper 
than the world you 
let your Spark of Light 
your path to you,
to Love,
to Peace.