Whole, Peaceful, Complete

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You may ask Source
to lift the veil,
that you imagine
lies in between,
yes, your mind
may sense separation,
but your soul knows
you are connected
to Everything.

You wish for comfort
to ease your mind,
but is not Peace
closer than your
deeper than your heartbeat
is All You Are,
though your mind
and body
may help you forget.

No-thing can separate
you from Love,
Love is the Source
of All You Are,
all Love dwells at
your very source,
there is no distance
near or far.

Even as your mind
thinks it must learn,
you already know
what you are made
this familiar stirring,
beyond your heartbeat,
whole, peaceful,
All You Are –
Is Love.

Eternally, Peace

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A shift in awareness
puts in perspective
what you see,
there are scenarios
playing out before you,
but Here Is Peace,

The Peace that passes
all understanding,
is not Peace knowing
All Is Well,
is Peace not always
an option,
beyond a state of mind
that you know so well.

Remember Peace is not
of this world,
though Peace is Here
as you are, too,
Peace does not depend
on certain outcomes,
Peace is still and deep
as a reflecting pool.

Be the Peace that
flows within you,
ask your soul to
show you how,
in the stillness,
as Love Eternal,
Here Is Peace,
as You Are,

Here Are You

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Here –
Love is not
an echo,
it is the only
sound you
Here You Are
as Love,
there is no
of far or

It matters not
what your mind
or the gyrations
it may put you
Here is always
O precious One,
Here Are You.

You need not listen
or even see,
or be aware of
each heartbeat,
deeper than sensing
is All of Peace,
as Love Everywhere –
You Are Here.

An Awareness of Love

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Awareness is
your perception
may see
different points of view,
there is learning in
these perspectives,
with no need to judge
the human you.

Awareness is a
building block
that you may use
to see the Whole,
but as you open
your human eyes,
are you not aware
your soul already

Let your awareness
be your teacher,
to lovingly show
what you already
Love shines through
all of your
human layers,
to remind
All Is Well,
with your soul.

The One of You

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Change your thoughts,
yes, change your mind,
and though you experience
in space and time,
there is no limit
to the limitless You,
stretch your mind
beyond what you think
you need to do.

Yes, you exist
in All
and in One,
you are not
one linear life
and then done,
yes, in life,
there are tasks
that begin and end,
though in every
are you not Always
the Love within?

You think you
multitask in
this life here,
yes, you could
say you are
and Everywhere,
the One of You
knows eternal Truth
as you breathe,
All of Love
in One Breath
is how to Be.


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Hello, Love.

Show me,
teach me,
there is no way
I cannot Be
All of This,
I Am Love,
I know this

Hello, Love,
I see you,
We are the
this Me and
as We Are
united we
stand together,
This Is True.

Blessed Love,
this is One Truth,
no matter who
is Me or You,
in perfect Oneness,
may We always Be,
hello, dear Love,
Home eternally.