This Faith of You


A leap of Faith
is not a great distance,
do you not exist 
on both sides you 
Is your heart not 
already the bridge
to what you know 
beyond what you 

You need not make 
this leap any harder,
it is something you 
can do with ease,
you are already 
completely connected,
let this wash over you 
and bring you Peace.

Any chasm you see 
is from human eyes,
your self believes 
struggle is the way 
to go,
but are you not 
lifted by angel wings,
supported by loved ones
who Love you so.

Yes, Faith may appear 
as a leap to you,
for you as human 
wish to know 
what is True,
my dear,
your Soul sees 
your wholeness united,
the hand you reach for 
is the Eternal Hand 
of You!

A Choice of Love


Choice begins within.

It may be tempting,
less personal, 
to place blame
and point fingers out,
as human,
is it not easier 
to cross one’s arms 
in an egoic pout?

Yes, in life there are 
many opportunities 
that you experience 
throughout the day – 
you may rank them
based on justification,
which ones will you 
let go of or 
dig in to stay?

Regardless of the 
power of emotion 
that you attach to 
each story lived,
could you not trace 
each to a core belief
that questions your 
worthiness for Love 
to give?

Yes, there is choice 
in the world of 
you may be weary 
of the to and fro,
but what may help 
is knowing beyond 
You Are Well 
You Are Loved so.

Allow this deep knowing 
to reassure
and help you to make 
your choices clear –
how would Love choose 
in this moment,
Love chooses you,
my dear!

Love’s Exploration


You may feel something 
is insurmountable,
but have you not 
risen before,
from your vantage point 
of looking up,
an obstacle may seem 
tall to you upon the floor.

But take a look at 
the bigger picture,
taking in with Vision
what you see with 
wider eyes,
you may not understand
all that your are seeing,
but from the soul’s 
you need not ask why.

What you think may 
be an obstacle,
may be a route to 
freedom not yet 
when you embark 
upon an exploration,
is not the point to explore,
as curious, you roam.

Pull from your Strength,
your Courage is always 
joining you always 
on adventures, too,
keep your True Focus
on the map of your
all experience brings 
you always back Home
to You!

An Angelic Song


Peace is the language 
of angels,
do you not long 
to hear their song?
My dear,
you need no translation,
in the arms of angels 
is where you belong.

It may be hard to 
sense this rhythm,
though your heart 
knows completely 
this tune,
with trust and faith
might you acknowledge,
that the music of angels 
always plays in you?

Peace be with you,
you are eternally 
surrounded by Love,
though your feet 
walk upon this earth,
your soul sings in 
harmony with 
the angels above.

This Breath


Take a breath.

And notice
there are tiny spaces
in between
each inhalation 
and exhalation.

And in the stillness
of this space,
is this not where
Be-ingness lives?

When you need 
the world to 
slow down,
or stop turning,
tossing you around,
meet Peace in the 
surrender of you.

And when you surrender 
the noisy thoughts,
of who you think 
you are –
meet your Be-ingness
between the breaths,
always Home 
and so Loved You Are!

An Answer of Love


Love is 
the answer.

What of this day,
this week,
this year?
My dear, 
beyond time,
Love is 
the answer.

What door to 
which ones to
Lift your eyes 
Love is 
the answer.

Which path to
and which
Follow your heart,
Love is
the answer.

How best to help,
talk to
or listen?
Supportive soul,
Love is 
the answer.

What is the purpose,
meaning of 
it all?
You Are This
Love is 
the answer.

Love Is Always


Love is with you 
where you are.

Traditions past 
may remind you,
that change is 
always in the air,
you may worry 
memories may fade,
but loved ones remain 
with you,

Together always 
are you not exploring,
your soul is not 
tethered to the earth,
the mind may find 
it hard to grasp,
but adventures beyond
continue to unfurl.

And when prayers
from your loving heart 
are sent as packages 
of Love,
are they not received 
as the gifts they are,
delighting All
you know are close,

No matter where 
you are this day,
yes, you may wish 
upon a star,
loved ones are Here 
with you forever,
Love is always 
with You,
where you are!

Here and Now


This is the 
Time of You.

And you cannot 
find Now
on any timeline,
Now transcends 
all space and time,
only your presence 
is what is Here – 
Now is the 
Time of You.

Here is where 
your Strength 
and Courage 
with you always,
on this human
return your awareness
to know Who You Are,
Now is the 
Time of You.

In life,
chapters end,
a new one 
but where are You
on any page?
You Are Everywhere,
there is no-where 
you are not,
for Now is the
Time of You.

A shift occurs,
you may think
you expand,
my dear you
are infinite –
You Are eternally 
always One 
with your 
soul – 
Here and Now
is the Miracle 
of You!

Divine Alignment


Love knows what 
is needed.

And in this life
your needs may 
they change in place 
and time,
you have outcomes,
for everything to 
turn out right.

Yes you invest 
in the future,
with what you have 
learned from the past,
might you evolve 
from forever student 
and step into your 
Divine present tense?

Let Love line up 
what comes forth,
what unfolds on
intention sent,
but also realize 
Love sees All –
what delivers may not
be what you meant.

Align intention 
and desire
from the perspective 
of your soul,
let Love and Grace
fill in the details,
as you keep opening
up new doors.

Set your intention 
to let Love,
keep your mind open 
to this flow,
delight in the magic
of this vibration –
mind, heart in alignment
with your soul.

A Joyful Collaboration


Let Love fill 
in the lines.

You may be planning,
wishing to go from 
point A to B,
might you ask 
for a lighter touch
to help you draw 
more elegantly.

There are infinite 
yes this may have
you feeling
but is there not 
joyful excitation
when what falls into 
is what you did 
not know?

Trust and release 
to Love’s guiding 
yes this may be a 
life-long question 
you ask,
there may be a 
broader perspective
to any big or 
seemingly menial 

When you work to 
fill in the lines 
of what you are 
trying to create,
tap into this joyful
collaboration –
what do you and 
your Team wish
to make?