Relax, breathe into 
this new day,
there is no need
to worry here,
you as human 
are not alone,
guides, loved ones,
angels are always

Yes it is human 
to prepare and
but try releasing 
this a bit,
when you need to 
solve a problem,
your Team is Here 
to help find a fix.

Return to This,
your breath,
This Now,
All you need 
is with You 
This sacred moment 
is Everything,
and You as spirit 
are Everywhere.

Love’s Grace


Let Love pour out
from your heart,
know that This will 
never end,
and as Love is an 
infinite circle,
Love is Here,
always flowing in.

You may feel weary,
battered, bruised,
at times from life’s
but You as Spirit 
rise above,
reborn as Love 
answers your wish.

With Strength and Courage
at your side,
with your heart filling 
every empty space,
Love is You recognizing
your wholeness,
You Are Love’s



May Love be the fuel that
ignites your actions
as life and Love 
is there not less 
within, without,
when Love guides
the way.

Is this not occurring 
more often,
you experiencing as 
a blended Be-ing,
your awareness brings 
you to wonder,
realizing this is how
Everything is happening!

With Faith, go with 
Love’s flow,
as Love know that
you are not alone,
as a blended Be-ing,
embrace All That You Are,
wholly amazing,
forever safe at Home!

At Peace


You need not have 
but you need not 
sell yourself short,
Be at Peace with you
this moment,
let go of thoughts
of less or more.

May the driving force 
of you,
be one that is wholly
fueled by Love,
you may wish to 
compare, to measure,
if so, check what your
heart is full of.

May Love’s Joy be 
your exuberance,
bringing in wonder 
to all you do,
Be-ing Peace is 
never boring,
it is the perfect state
to express You!

A Loving Assist


Ask Love,
what is needed 
in this moment,
might you do this 
let your thinking mind
take a rest,
tap into what is 
flowing free.

This State of Be-ing
is quite different 
from the ego’s 
point of view,
do you not welcome
all possibility,
releasing what feels 
forced in you.

Within this freedom 
there is no judgement,
breathe easily as the 
day unfolds,
allow your Team of 
helpers to assist
as you welcome in 
Love’s flow.

This shift takes but 
a moment,
intention is you 
saying yes,
with no preconceived 
might you be in wonder
at what happens next?

Yes in life there 
will be planning,
but you need not 
do this alone,
open Love’s door 
to see how all 
through time
is Love,
with You,
at Home!

Your Source of Love


Your story may have 
an origin,
but You, as soul,
are free,
with no beginning and
with no end,
might you integrate 
This Flow of Love
with thee.

Each cell with its
own consciousness
works with the 
Greater Whole,
a mix of life beliefs 
and soul awareness
factors in to what 
they know.

Ask Love to help 
to unify what sometimes
can feel off,
you may go to your 
human origin,
with awareness 
you were never lost.

This Flow of Love 
ripples in you Now,
containing All present,
future, past,
unify your present story
with All You Are,
infinite and vast.

Love knows where to go,
you need not analyze 
or think of what to do,
in This Surrender,
Be Love Awareness,
This Source of Love 
remembers All of You!

Discovering Trust

3/01/23 from  3/01/22

As you trust Love,
trust in your soul,
are you not building 
trust in you?
Your ego mind 
may put up 
but is not the journey
discovering Trust
as you?

Trust is not fulfilling 
all expectations,
it is the flow 
that helps you to 
You Are purpose 
and with Love,
are you not open 
to all possibility?

Trust is authentically 
in This Moment
as Love that is you,
be confident in 
This belief – 
Trust is knowing 
Love believes in 

Your trust evolves 
in this human space,
but You as soul 
knows what is True,
accept, receive 
Love’s eternal promise – 
Behold, dear child,
All Love is You!

Claiming Love


Listen to the rhythm 
of Love as it 
sings to you.

When you walk with 
the beat of Love,
there is no-thing 
you cannot do.

Claim it,
say it,
Be it –
your I Am
tells you this

Sense Love’s Power
in your Voice,
when you speak as
the Whole of You.

Love’s vibration
is the current,
let it Light this spark
in you.

Your Light shines
into forever,
remember, always,
Love is You!



Be patient as Love 
unfolds your journey,
soak up the nuances 
along the way,
it need not be a 
seismic shift,
every refinement has
something to say.

Know that you are 
always evolving,
the greatest changes may
come in the Peace,
as you integrate 
with wholeness,
you may not realize 
how much You Are
at ease.

Tap into Love’s vibration
Here is Home,
your natural state,
may Love’s Grace help you
with receiving
all Love’s gifts for you,
today and always!



Come back to This 
present moment,
return from what 
you think may be,
future unfolds in 
sequenced moments,
your presence there 
will presently Be.

Have Faith in your 
presence, Be-ing,
Here is where your
power Is,
for in This present moment
are the ripples that 
create All of This.

There is knowing 
in This Presence,
you need not know 
all details here,
with Faith in You,
wholly connected,
All Peace,
All Love,
is with you, dear!