Orient to Love


Orient to Love.

Yes, the human side 
of you 
prefers to have feet
on solid ground,
a semblance of order 
helps you to know,
how you may easily
move around. 

But as you radiate Love
from inside out to 
your surroundings near,
is not any place a 
sanctuary of Love,
the soul of you fills
all dwellings here.

You may arrange 
what is around you,
so that your eyes see 
a familiar scene,
but is your heart not
always at Home,
and not dependent
on external things.

You Are the Power 
of Love,
your vibration brings life 
to anywhere you are,
Love is your natural
like navigating by the 
twinkling stars.

Let Love be your North Star,
may you know that 
You Are Here,
you are always Home 
as a child of Love,
you eternally belong 
as Love, Everywhere!



In between sound 
or word,
is space,
that needs 
to fill it up – 
is not
This Everything 
complete and 
filled with Love?

You may push 
against sound,
or stumble over
but does your 
not fill 
in between?

Hum with Love,
make a sound,
write a word
that captures 
your heart,
but know 
You Are 
and always 

All That Is 
and in between,
is where You are – 
This Everything,
breathe it in,
sing it out,
Love is You 
Are Everything.



Let Love bring you 
into focus,
when you are scattered,
feeling lost,
Love is the lens that 
you can look through,
to see the Real You,
no matter what.

Things may change some 
all around you,
this may be voluntary 
or not what you would 
no matter where 
you walk upon 
your journey,
your very Essence 
carries the Whole 
of You.

Let Love allow your 
eyes to focus
on what your heart 
reminds you always of,
dear one, within you,
you have All you need,
may you see clearly
with focused Eyes of Love.

Love’s Creation


You may think 
you grow,
but are you 
not creating?

As you are a 
Creation of Love,
are you not a 
master creator?

Yes, growth and evolution
play their parts in 
the physical world,
is that not the process 
of the body,
as your soul follows
different rules.

Yes, each breath 
is a reminder,
that a Life Force 
lovingly flows through,
but the You 
that is eternal,
as Love’s Creation,
is a creator, too.

With the loving synergy 
of All That Is,
you are powerful 
to behold,
what might you 
create with Love,
allowing your Essence
to unfold?

With intention,
with desire,
with allowance for 
the Greater Good,
Be a Creator 
in this moment,
honoring the Essence
of the Love in You!

An Invitation


Invite Love,
your spirit,
to all you do.

A dish you wash,
a dog you walk,
be it work or play,
invite Love today.

A minute task,
bigger picture plans,
reaching out to a friend,
invite Love to sit in.

May short moments 
of bliss,
expand, extend
to All of This,
may Love be what 
you see,
when your spirit
may Be.

Answer Love’s invitation,
it is simple and True,
You Are Love’s sweet blessing,
the loving spirit of You!

Love’s Infinite Light


Find what is beautiful 
with Love.
And with Love,
is not all beautiful?

As beauty is in the 
eye of the beholder,
might you check to see 
what filters you may 
have on yours?

Yes, the world may be 
a scenario of perception.
What perceptions might 
you question as you 

Let your Light 
see All the Light 
in your sisters and 
your perception 
may judge who may 
shine so bright.

Dear beloveds,
You Are All 
this Light,
shift your perception 
and look beyond to
Love’s Infinite Light.

Know all is beautiful 
with Love.
And with Love,
may you know the beauty
of All of You!

In the Quiet


quiet and 

This is not a directive 
to you,
this is a choice you 
make yourself,
in a world with
so much talking,
Be quiet 
and listen.

Allow noise to pass
right through you,
your soul is a filter
working seamlessly,
let insights find their 
way to you,
Be quiet 
and listen.

When you lead with 
all of your thoughts,
yes, you can make 
many things – this 
is true,
but you create from 
within your heart,
Be quiet 
and listen.

Planning, preparing
are part of this 
but you can plan 
from your inner
how to weave Love 
through all you do?
Be quiet 
and listen. 

Be aware of each 
step you take,
as you walk upon 
your sacred path,
upon the winds of
Love is your constant
in the quiet,
Be Peace 
and listen.

Love Is


Be in this moment,
there is no-thing 
you need “to be.”

Love is your 
natural state,
let all else 
fall away 
from You.

Love is your 
Guiding Light,
with no resistance,
Love is You.

Love is your 
True Purpose,
if you feel lost,
Love always 
finds you.

Love Is –
is All That Is.
You Are This,
blessed Love 
is You.

Your Superpower


As Love is your 
might you lead with 
Love in charge?
Your mind is drawn
to human drama,
but this is not truly 
Who You Are.

Love can untangle 
quick reactions,
as your awareness 
of Truth grows,
do you not sense 
familiar chaos
slip away as 
Peace unfolds?

Peace may not be 
in your external,
the world is not 
a place of calm,
but Peace is Here 
as Love’s sweet promise,
reassuring you with 
its soothing balm.

Yes, the human part 
of you
is more resilient than 
you think,
and with Love as 
your foundation,
be courageous with
each step that you take.

Love is your superpower,
Love can transmute 
every thing,
may your thoughts hear
Love’s sweet music,
and with Joy may 
your soul sing!