Of Love and Hope


In the turmoil of 
nature’s power,
or during transitions 
of seasonal change,
what gets uprooted,
what draws your 
as you look with eyes
not the same.

Get to your changeless 
Point of Be-ing,
the very foundation 
of What Is You,
from this anchor you
experience Love’s balance,
share This Strength to 
help others get through.

In collective times 
of unease, unrest,
may you return to 
what your soul knows,
sense This Peace that 
passes all understanding,
share This Light 
of Truth, 
of Love,
of Hope!

A Body Blessing


When the body seems 
to turn against you,
it is not personal,
it is what bodies do,
surround this vessel 
with loving kindness,
it is working hard,
send Gratitude.

You need not analyze 
or solve
the complex riddle 
that body brings,
thank the body for 
this journey,
has it not taught you
so many things.

You feel more Peace
when body is peaceful,
but as this is not always
the case,
provide what body needs
this moment,
and in This Moment,
Peace shows the way.

Your body is strong 
in its connection
to you as you 
experience life,
with Gratitude,
send blessings to it,
surround and reassure
with your beautiful Light!

A Family of One


Healing for One
healing for All.

You help your 
brother and sister,
look to their soul,
what do they need,
is it not the same 
that you are asking – 
to be at Peace,
to be set free.

Dear ones,
you All are wholly
Love is the release 
of the burdens you 
you need not carry 
what feels so heavy,
as Love fills you up,
no-thing else is there.

Join hand to hand,
and heart to heart,
your souls love 
this song you sing,
when one falters,
another is lifting,
helping each other 
no matter what life

This Family of One
on earth can be 
a challenge,
but with Love see 
what is shining 
share the healing
balm of Love,
receive this Grace 
that returns to

Love Finds a Way


Love finds a way.

Two hearts connected 
as one,
when on the earthly realm
you think one has “gone,”
sense the vibration 
that is ever-present –
Love finds a way.

This is not wishful thinking
upon your part,
the signs you see show
you are not apart,
be sense even closer
than your breath –
Love finds a way.

Your journey at times 
seems overwhelming,
where do you anchor 
when you feel you 
are floating,
follow the flow
where Love is leading –
Love finds a way.

Hearts beat together 
in Love’s sweet rhythm,
your harmony continues 
with no end or beginning,
your eternal purpose 
is This Awareness –
Love is showing you
the way.



It may be hard 
to trust what flows 
within you that 
you cannot see,
but when something
feels so very right,
when you know,
do you not see?

As human there are
conflicting signals
that can make the 
noise so loud,
it is difficult 
to let go,
as you ponder the 
why or how.

You need not figure out
every step,
like breath, Love helps 
you walk with ease,
tune into your inner 
your soul helps you
most purposefully.

In life, yes timing
plays a part,
but You as soul 
are timeless, dear,
trust and know
you are supported,
Love walks with you
truly Everywhere!

With Care


You need not carry 
your past burdens,
thank them softly,
let them go,
You Are eternally 
this present moment,
sense the lightness
of your soul.

In linear terms 
your past has 
brought you 
to this place on 
earth’s timeline,
as you awaken to 
your Self,
may your Light now 
wholly shine.

Gather up all parts 
of you,
Love helps create 
this warm embrace,
as you reconnect 
with you,
may Joy bring a smile
to your face.

May Love be what 
you carry,
may This Light 
show you the way,
receive Love’s Blessings
wholly offered
with care and comfort
for you, always!

Love is Here


Breathe in the Peace,
breathe in the calm,
you are always where 
you belong,
angels surround you,
whisper to you,
Love is Here,
Beloved one.

Yes the world has
sharpened edges,
at times this cuts 
you to the quick,
receive Love’s soothing
balm that heals you,
Love is Here,
Beloved one.

You need not prove 
a thing to nestle 
in the arms of 
Love so True,
sense the Blessing
of Love Divine,
Love is Here,
Beloved one.

Your breath is Peace,
your heart is calm,
you need not search,
dear, look no more,
Here is Home,
your Light is shining,
Love sees you wholly,
Beloved One!

Tender and True


Embrace your seemingly 
separate parts,
hold them with Love,
tender and true,
draw in One Breath
that realigns and 
reassures This Love 
is You.

Reflect upon your 
judgments made,
ego homes in 
to pick apart,
thank ego for bringing 
up for you,
what wishes to remember 
Who You Are.

Release the burdens 
that you hold,
might you then sense 
what Love can see,
in This Light of 
your sweet Essence,
You as Love,
with Grace,
fly free!

Knowing Stillness


May Love be your 
filling you with 
every breath,
look at the beauty 
that surrounds you,
You Are This 
and All of That.

There is a stillness 
in this knowing,
allowing angst
to fall away,
This is You
as your 
True Nature,
allow nature to 
show the way.

May your Essence 
of Love remind,
Here is Peace 
always in You,
may this calm 
and comfort be
your guiding Lights,
this whole day 

A Sacred Journey


You need not prepare 
for a sacred journey,
you have all the 
Light you need,
your heart with beloveds
is always connected,
always Here even 
as they leave.

You walk with purpose,
with Divine timing,
Love brings you Strength 
as you ask help, please,
dear one,
you see with Love’s 
soft eyes,
your compassion shared
brings comfort and Peace.

Life prepares you 
for a sacred journey,
with Love you 
accept this walk 
with Peace,
your heart knows 
Love knows no 
as hearts connected,
Love sets you free.