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Find the stillness,
quiet the story,
Peace is never
far away.

Shift your intention,
adjust your focus,
with Love as your
what does Peace

Beyond the chatter,
yet within you always,
let the beat of
your heart,
remind you of this

Breathe in Peace,
let Love remind you,
all you seek,
is always within

Find the stillness,
quiet the story,
You Are Peace
Love Is You.


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What if,
you are,

Yes, there is always
opening doors,
in the linear,
there is perception
of where you have
and where you are –
there may be angst
not knowing the
but we are here
to tell you now –
now in this
very present,
You Are Love,
you are enough.

You may have thoughts
about “enough-ness”,
you may question
as you compare,
you may not believe
that in this moment,
you have all
that you truly
might you look
at exploration,
at experiences
that help you grow,
as not a judgment on
where you are,
that you are lacking
or do not know.

What if
You Are,
All You Are?

Might you embrace
your inner knowing,
that All of Love
resides in you,
you may need
to hug your
inner child,
to remind this
little one,
You Are Love, too,
yes, keep evolving,
keep creating,
continue finding out
what brings you Joy,
but always remember
that Joy Is You,
and never something
that you must “do”.

You Are All,
know this
to be True –
embrace this Love
All Love Is You.

Listen, Feel, Know

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You may be aware
or you may be not,
but have you not
been guided
all along,
awareness helps,
but are you not
always a harmonic note
in a greater song?

You may look back
with open eyes
to see what has dropped
into your lap,
the choice is yours,
you may then proceed
or set aside
any of this
or that.

But is it not a comfort
that you are not alone,
when challenges you face,
yes, you may “phone Home”,
Love awaits to lift,
to help you to see,
it is not only You,
there is a supporting case
of We.


If you are not sure,
know that your
soul knows,
you cannot separate
what is always together,
this is the Flow,
your loved ones
are Here always,
You Are Loved,
You Are supported,
in every way.

with your heart
and know –
You Are Love,
and You always
Are Loved, so!


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You are grounded
with the earth,
does she not lovingly
you are held,
You Are Loved,
you are the trees,
you are the ground.

You flow like water
be it a stream,
water is what
moves within you,
Love flows freely
washing you clean.

You are the air,
you are the breath,
does air not flow
inside and out,
with no beginning,
with no end,
you are a whisper,
you are the wind.

Are You not All
that surrounds
you now,
inside out
and outside in,
You Are Everything,
Everything Is You
and Love Is
All There Is.

Your Perspective

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Play with your perspective,
do you not have
many ways to see?
You need not always see
the same way,
are there not infinite

Are you not able
to imagine
a turtle,
looking out or
deep in its shell,
might you experience
the world moving
when you see what
Turtle has to tell.

In your mind,
can you not soar
like an eagle,
who becomes the air
as it flies so high,
does not this distance
change your perspective,
might you see differently
from Eagle’s eye?

Play with your perspective,
your views are never
set in stone,
you are myriad
within You,
you are never alone.

You are a multi-layered
why not look with
different eyes,
let your soul,
your spirit show you,
like Eagle’s flight,
may you soar high.

Play with your perspective,
there is no right
or wrong view,
check within your heart
for what is clear to
may you experience
the Love and Peace
That Is You.


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Be open to new
create yourself
anew each day,
you have choices,
you are Strength
and Courage,
and with Joy
do you not know
how to laugh
and play?

You are a mixture of
infinite combinations,
with new ingredients
you may not yet
have tried,
mix something new
into what you
are creating,
if you do not like it
you can start over
and choose again.

With many layers
life can be so
very serious,
you may feel
not knowing what
next to do,
but with a heart
full of Love
are you not fearless,
when you embrace
the infinite aspects
of You?

Be open to all
of your directions,
no matter what path
you travel
you will find,
there is purpose,
There Is Love
at every turn,
You Are Loved,
Beautiful Light,
You Are Divine!


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Be aware.
Does not nature
draw you in
to Be present

A patch of flowers
that line a street,
draw your attention
from where you are,
are you now no longer
but connecting with
nature’s wonders
from your car?

Be aware.

Yes, there may be
familiar patterns
that tend to occupy
your mind,
does not awareness
let you see
that you make choices
all the time –
what may seem automatic,
need not be set in stone,
with awareness
and once you notice,
might you take
a different way Home?

Be aware
and know there
are nudges
that you feel,
your mind may
not believe it,
but this support
is very real –
some signs may
be so subtle,
some will hit you
over the head,
but you are loved,
you are supported,
might you embrace
being lead?

Notice Love flowing
through you,
be aware that
All Is Well,
You Are Love
in every moment,
this is the Home
you know so well.