When building
is there not attention placed
on the foundation
as you begin,
does any s
tructure need
solid footing,
so what you add next
is solid within,
think of a tree trunk
that is sturdy,
no matter how strong
the wind –
with grounding and
with a solid foundation,
is that not what steadies
every limb?

You may feel
“out on a limb”,
when you are trying
something new,
when you stretch yourself
to experience
an expansive you,
know that like the
sturdy tree,
that has its roots
deep in the dirt,
are you not grounded
in your foundation,
even as you reach
beyond the earth?

For every limb or
that reaches up
to the sun,
the trunk of the tree
provides the foundation
for every new bud,
let new growth
build upon you,
you are anchored
at your core,
you are balanced
as human and soul,
expanding always
and opening doors.

Sturdy is your foundation,
supported by the
Love of All That Is,
let your reach
be never-ending,
as you expand
to All of This.

With Humility

20190130 xpicture


Does not Humility
help you let go
of judgement,
be it of others,
or of yourself,
when you accept
and allow in life,
does Humility
not empower

Is there not acceptance
in the power of
that you “need” not
do anything more,
when Love is your
Guiding Light,
might you trust Love
to help you soar?

Let expectation go –
you do not need it,
in each moment trust
that you have
Love is patient,
Love is kind,
Love is Who You Are
beyond space and time.

With Grace,
embrace All of You,
with Love,
see You in others, too,
with Gratitude,
enjoy a clearer view,
and with Humility,
accept the Love
That Is You.

All One

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Share with your
brothers and sisters,
Be there with Love,
a helping hand,
do not these interactions
help each other know,
you are there to listen
and to understand –
you see yourself
in another,
there is Love
when you connect,
so share the Love
in your heart,
as you open to
in any moment.

You may feel vulnerable
in your humanness,
but is this not
the perfect place –
to experience how
Love prevails,
beyond expectation,
beyond time or space,
and when loving miracles
are they not meant to
be shared,
so that All can know that
Love exists,
through Eternity
and Everywhere?

Loving support
comes in many ways,
from a trusted friend,
or a loved one dear,
some may be on
this earth,
some will let you know
They are always near,
you never walk alone,
so reach out with the
heart of Who You Are –
share with your
brothers and sisters –
You Are One constellation
full of bright shining stars!


20180128 xpicture


Align with You,
align with Love.

And as you are
an individual aspect
of All That Is,
can you not align
with You,
as you align
with Love?

And it may not matter
which may happen first,
for as you are never
truly separate
from your loving Source,
when you align with
your true nature,
do you not align
with Love?

And during times of
growth or change,
when you may miss
the status quo,
might you welcome
the opportunity
to re-align
with You?

Align with You,
align with Love.

Always back to your
true center,
which is a constant
your whole life through –
you are always aligned
with Love,
now with awareness,
know this is true,
you always work together,
synchronizing with Love’s
constant flow –
when you align with Love –
There You Are,
and welcome Home!

A Return to Love

20190127 xpicture


Come back to Love.

In the world of
this or that,
when you are weary
of the fight,
when you tire
of figuring out –
come back to Love.

Love is always Here
with you,
Love waits patiently
as you work things
when you are ready
to Be You –
come back to Love.

Yes, you will continue
to evolve,
there may be problems
you feel a need
to solve,
but are the answers
not where you know
they are –
come back to Love.

Take a break,
take a moment
or two,
loosen your grip
on what there is
to do,
might you remember
Love is always with
come back to You,
come back to Love.

Be present with this
unconditional Love,
with Gratitude,
can you sense what
you are made of,
expand this moment
and feel Love’s warm,
loving hug –
Love is always with you
as You Are Love.


20190126 xpicture


And there is Love.

When you look beyond
the stories,
what is left for you
to see,
what do you feel
within your core –
there is Love.

You will always miss
the physical comfort
of a loved one who
is near,
but do you not sense
your Eternal Bond –
there is Love.

You may look high
and low
to find it,
does Love not often
lead the way,
back to your heart,
do you recognize it –
there is Love.

When you wish for Peace
and comfort,
when you wish to
feel at Home,
your loving heart
is where you find it –
there is Love.

Be still and feel the beat
of your heart,
as it plays for you,
your breath is how
you sing along –
Everywhere Is Love.


20190125 xpicture



Might you allow
your Strength and
to help you stand
in your Truth,
when you see yourself
through the eyes of Love,
are you not able to see
All of You,
when you set aside
that may block your view
of Who You Are –
is that not your Light
that you see shining,
that has guided you
both near and far?

Your power is within you,
you need not look
outside for it,
you may seek approval,
reassurance from others,
but is it not what’s
inside that gives
you the Strength
to keep moving forward,
the Courage to embrace
your Truth,
might you know
You Are empowered,
when you believe that
Love Is You.

Keep diving down
beyond your stories,
let go of layers
you no longer need,
find where you reside
with Joy and Peace,
a space where you
can truly Be.

With Humility,
do you not feel
for all that you
have come to know –
stand tall,
You Are empowered,
You Are Love
and You Are Loved so!