A Circle of Love


May Love’s circle 
be unbroken,
may you feel 
complete and whole,
All of You are 
forever, together,
you know This Truth
within your soul.

Sense the magic that
Love brings you,
a sparkling radiance
that you recognize,
does Love not send a kiss
from an angel,
filling you with the Light 
of a starry sky.

Hope and healing 
are here for you
dear one,
though as soul 
You are Whole,
may you sense 
Love’s Joy in knowing,
All You Love 
are Here eternally!

This Love Story


May Love wrap you 
in its comfort,
soak up wholly 
its gift to you,
sense the Lightness 
of your Be-ing,
as you release what is
no longer true.

Ego’s guilt may tell 
a story
to keep you tethered 
to the past,
beliefs become your 
but with an open heart,
guilt cannot last.

This moment now is 
You, creating,
with All you love 
who so Love you,
yes you are part of 
This Love Story,
that is never-ending,
Eternal and True.

Say yes to This Gift 
of Love,
it is for you,
embrace it Here,
step into your Light,
so brilliant,
as you shine with Love,


Forever Together


Sense the Gratitude
your loved ones 
send you,
for Love in life 
and where they are,
so close there is 
no distance between,
Love is as strong 
as the Light of stars.

Though your heart 
at times feels broken,
and so full of Love 
you feel it may burst,
there is no less of Love,
it continues to grow,
as forever Love endures.

Your souls know of 
Love’s sweet promise,
This can never,
ever end,
Love walks with you
as you grieve,
your souls rejoice – 
forever together,



Your heart is a poem
Love has written,
you sense this wholly 
in your soul,
Love invites you 
to experience,
you know this,
feel this,
in your bones.

All you Love 
are in wonder 
with you,
experience never ends
when here is done,
might you explore 
your journeys together,
are not all paths 
the experience of One?

Unwrap your Joy
that is gifted to you,
there is no need 
to apologize,
loved ones are Here
sharing, rejoicing,
forever connected to 
your beautiful Light!

With Loving Faith


Be patient as you 
walk your path,
you are supported 
as it unfolds,
your loved ones,
angels surround
you now,
you hear the calling 
of your soul. 

Know Divine Timing
is at hand,
you need not see the 
journey complete,
have Faith, believe
in You through life,
you have what you need,
may this bring you Peace.

May you walk boldly 
upon your path,
Love holds your hand
as you take each step,
all possibility awaits you,
precious one,
Love delights in hearing
you say yes!

Infinitely Sharing


Listen to your 
loved ones,
they are aware 
of what you do,
when a nudge 
or thought appears,
are they not helping,
assisting you?

You may feel alone 
at first,
the physical world 
believes here or there,
but eternal bonds 
are never broken,
you are always together,
truly Everywhere.

Catch your breath,
you may pause,
but know you never
are alone,
life in this world 
may feel different,
but You Are eternally,
always Home.

Sense your power,
Love is Here,
breathe in what is 
forever True –
you are supported,
infinitely sharing 
with loved ones,
angels and you!

The Womb of Love


Cycles of Love – 
they do not end,
you eternally flow 
with This as Grace,
as Love creates this 
Love is Here beyond
any earthly space.

These bonds exist
beyond birth or 
your story is Love 
experiencing itself,
lay down your burdens
of what should be,
in the Womb of Love,
know All Is Well.

In This Safe Space 
where Love is Here,
your tender heart 
knows what is True – 
All who you Love 
are with you always,
this Cycle of Love 
returns All to you.

No Doubt


Love is eternal –
and dear one,
so are You,
All you Love are 
always here,
This Love is present
before and after, too.

Time does not exist
as Love,
your places, spaces
are not part of This,
do you now realize 
Love endures,
Love is beyond what 
this world is.

So have no doubt
beloveds gather,
indeed You Are 
with them Here,
an aspect of you 
lives this story,
but the soul of You 
is with all so dear.

The experiences of 
in life may break 
your heart in two,
but Your Heart 
that is eternal
knows your loved ones 
are with You.

Honor your body 
with its emotions,
but your soul knows 
This Eternal Truth – 
there is no-thing that 
can separate,
all who you Love
are forever with You!

I See You


You are seen,
you are heard,
your words 
are very clear,
believe it true,
your loved ones 
and to your Light 
they draw so near.

Your human mind
may wonder, doubt,
why do I not hear
what they say,
my dear, we are 
closer than you 
within your thoughts 
and in your heart,

Love is the bridge 
eternally connecting,
always together,
believe This Truth,
there is no part of 
you that Love does 
not see,
Love embraces the 
Whole of You.

With this wonder,
go forward with 
the Strength and Courage
That is You,
Love walks beside you,
whispering gently,
I see your Light 
and so Love you!

Nature’s Dance


You are One with 
Love today,
you dance with the wind
that makes trees sway,
Love beckons flowers
to now push through,
is Love not the sun 
that nurtures you?

Join in Love’s dance 
with miracles shared,
the Miracle of You is 
awake, aware,
in This rebirth of 
spring, arise,
may you now see 
with awakened eyes.

See All of Love 
around All of You,
the angels delight 
when This you do,
all who you Love
share in nature’s dance,
your heart is Home
as you take Love’s hand!