Every Step


Take my hand,
Love says gently,
I am forever 
by your side,
you have known this
in your heart,
while traveling life’s
sometimes bumpy ride.

You see now with 
greater clarity,
sometimes wondering
which is the dream,
are you not guided 
to the Truth,
following Love’s Light
with its eternal beam.

You are joined with Love,
dear child,
in your heart you 
sense this Truth,
We Are on this 
journey together,
guides and 
loved ones, too.

Breathe in the Peace 
you thought was 
Here at Home 
you are forever 
you have never
been alone,
Love walks with you 
every step of the 

Love’s Adventure


Fly with me,
your loved ones 
above the earth,
beyond the sky,
the stars,
we always are 
as close as 
your breath is 
where we are.

Do we not share 
all worlds together,
Love has no boundaries 
or limits Here,
you need not worry 
you are on this earth,
our souls are connected 
and always near.

With Love as our 
joint purpose,
may we explore 
together always,
sharing Love’s gift 
of eternal connection,
upon this adventure,
Love Lights the way!

Love’s Reunion


Behold the Joy
of Love’s reunion,
to know you have 
never been apart,
release the human 
sense the forever bonds 
of the heart.

Your loved ones 
see you growing,
together this is 
wholly shared,
souls delight in 
Love’s expansion,
supportive with 
tender, loving care.

Your life’s journey 
is evolving,
your soul expands 
and loves this, too,
your spirit Team of
angels and guides
all play together as 
the Whole of You.

Your heart soars 
with realization,
that you never 
are alone,
welcome All who 
walk beside you –
softly saying,
Welcome Home!

This Bridge of Love


It only takes 
a second 
to remember.
Your remembrance 
makes time stand 
completely still.
In this moment
might you sense 
loved ones so close,
together forever,
are you not all
following your 
souls’ wills?

Is this remembrance 
not an expansion 
of Who You Are,
yes, there are memories 
that make you smile 
as you think of them,
but as you remember You
as wholly soul –
Here your loved ones 
are with you and 
you with them.

Take a moment,
a quiet pause,
your heart 
is waiting,
this Bridge of Love 
is Here always,
ready for you,
greet and hug all 
who you Love,
this moment together – 
is infinite,
eternal and always,
forever with You!

Walking With Love


You may walk a 
different road
from where you
with eyes open,
are you not able
to see more Light?
With purpose in your 
step are you not 
by This Truth that 
now has given you 
new sight?

At times you may 
only be aware of 
your own footsteps,
yes, there are shifts 
that peel away what 
you thought you knew,
yet no space can now 
contain what you 
are sensing,
Love is not lost,
All who you Love 
are always with you.

Allow your journey
to unfold with 
perfect timing,
with Grace,
listen to your heart
that knows This Truth,
your loved ones,
draw so close
to whisper softly,
we are walking 
this road together,
always with you!



Connect and sense 
the vibration of 

Love permeates 
all experience,
as You Are Love,
is this not True?
With awakened eyes,
see Love’s blessings,
that continually 
surround you.

A miracle rock that
is heaven-sent,
rainbows that bridge 
the earth and sky,
is Love not seen in 
messenger clouds,
you do not even 
have to try.

As Love’s True blessing 
is You, created,
you are tuned to 
receive Love’s gifts,
sharing the Joy
is exponential,
You Are a wave 
in All of This.

Healing of One 
is healing for All,
this journey cannot
be experienced alone,
You All are wholly 
Love’s vibration,
dear precious children,
You All are Home!

Here I Am


Here I Am.

Truer words were 
never spoken,
wherever You Are 
is where Love Is,
no matter the road 
you walk upon,
Love is Here 
You Are This.

Here You Are
with beloved 
loved ones,
yes, in the physical 
you do miss,
they miss nothing,
seeing everything,
they know your heart,
your every wish.

Here I Am
is Love’s sacred 
you are grounded 
in this Truth,
This Forever 
is you, connected,
Love, eternally
is Here as You.


20180719 XPicture

For 8/09/21 – here is a message from July 2018


so you may know,
know so you may

Precious memories
are available
in your mind,
in pictures taken,
in keepsakes treasured,
do they not help you
to remember,
you from before,
loved ones that
you miss,
friends from afar –
in the physical world,
do not things that
you touch,
when they appear
to be not here,
do you not miss them
oh so much?

But when you shift
to your heart,
is the bond not
still as strong,
yes, you miss close
physical hugs,
when you think someone
has “gone”,
the Love That Is You
does not fade as
time goes on,
indeed as Love Is
is it not Love
that carries on?

Yes, you can re-member
what you think
you have lost –
but is it not
that reminds you,
You Are Everywhere
at once?
Far beyond your
physical body,
is You always
with Love,
you are always together
with those you wish
to dream of.

so you may know,
know so you may
You Are part
of the loving Whole –
and with Eternal Love,
always together.



Let Love lift
you up.

Love extends its 
forever hand,
when you are in need,
to hope again,
always with you,
is Love’s Truth,
let Love lift
you up.

In simple moments 
of the day,
let Love take the pain,
the struggle away,
in your heart 
Love is always 
with you,
let Love lift
you up.

Your path may
be different
than before,
your timeless purpose 
is at your core,
loved beyond measure 
you always are,
let Love lift 
you up.

You are a part of
an eternal bond,
what you thought 
was lost,
is forever found,
take this hand 
so familiar to you,
let Love lift 
you up.

Look in the mirror,
who looks back 
at you,
loved ones are forever
loving you,
join together in purpose
as Love’s eternal Light,
Love lifts 
you up!

For You


For you,
angels sing 
Love songs,
for you,
loved ones 
sing along,
as your Light 
is forever shining,
in Love’s eternalness 
you belong –
receive this Gratitude 
of Love,
for you.

For you,
may the veil 
grow thin,
for you,
may your loved ones 
step in,
as hearts are connected 
within your souls,
does not your Light 
invite all in – 
forever, together,
Love is Here,
for you.

For you,
within your breath 
is Peace,
for you,
Love reminds 
you to Be,
as you glimpse 
may you remember 
You Are Free – 
bask in This Love
that is Here, always,
for you.