A Bridge Across Forever

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Let us walk
the bridge
across forever,
where you and
I may always
my hand,
your hand,
always together,
forever as
we will always

Our souls are
eternally connected,
Love has created
this eternal bond,
as close as
perfect harmony,
blending together
in Love’s angelic

With no beginning,
with no end,
be it heaven
or earth,
do we not
I am in every
breath you take,
we share as
always Whole,

Let us Be
the bridge
across forever,
this is not a
place that
is far away,
let us Be
This Love,
this moment,
knowing Love
is always Here
to stay.

Leave a Light On

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Leave a light on.

When light of day
fades into darkness,
it may be hard for
you to see,
feel your heart
shining its
your Light shines

When exploring in
new territory,
where every turn
feels different
and new,
may you remember
You Are Light
and the Light of
Love is
always in you.

Know Light connects
you to all Truth,
your loved ones,
angels, guides
are Here,
may you All shine
your Lights together,
One Light is all
that is needed here.

Leave a light on
for your brother,
for your sister,
yes, All of You,
with Faith and Peace
may you remember,
Love’s Light shines
eternally in You!

Here I Am

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Here I Am.

There is no place
that you can go
where I am
not there.

I am with you
in morning sun
or night of
I walk with you
each step on
your blessed

Who am I
loving you in
every moment,
I Am your Source,
your Love,
that Love has
eternally sent.

I am the gentle
that lets you know
I am Here,
I am the knowing
that fills your heart
and Loves you dear.

You need not
find a place
or time to
meet me Here,
you and I
Are One,
as Love exists
truly Everywhere.

You may think
your heart
cannot hold
All of This Love,
my dear,
You Are This
that you have
been dreaming of.

Here I Am,
always hand in
hand with You.
Let us walk
as One Love
rejoicing in
This Truth.

A Song of Love

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Listen to the
Love Song,
that is playing
just for you,
it begins
within the heart
and permeates
the Whole of You.

This Song of Love
sings sweetly to
reminding you –
you are not alone,
are you not connected
by Love’s vibration,
with a familiar melody
that you innately know?

Sense each note in
its perfection,
are you not the
that joins with
sing your Love Song with
All who Love you,
together, always,
in this Song of Love.


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Do you not hear the gentle
as you listen to the
is this not the Sound
of Love,
that also emanates
from the trees,
indeed, you are surrounded,
is Love not in the very
air you breathe,
for Love is always present,
always Here,
Love never leaves.

You may miss
Love with your eyes
that are focused
on the seen,
does not this space
allow an opening,
an understanding of
what Love means?

Honor your emotions,
feel them all,
Love encompasses
every part of You,
and in This Truth,
knowing All as One,
your loved ones
never leave you.

Yes, listen closely
to the whispers
that find their loving
way to you,
softly sharing,
All Is Well,
Love Is Forever,
and always with You.

Love Is One

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You Are supported,
You Are Loved,
your loved ones
are Everywhere,
not only “above”,
You Are together,
always connected,
Love Is One.

Your hearts create
the loving bridge
and with the Truth
of All That Is,
You Are together,
always connected,
Love Is One.

Sense with your heart,
feel them so close,
embrace belief that
follows hope,
know Love Is Eternal,
always with you,
Love Is One.

And Trust

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Trust the spirit
that dwells within
is This not the
that connects you
All you Love
and Love comes back
to you,
this Force,
this Flow,
is always what
breathes you,
have Faith
and with will,
may Love see
you through –
All Is Well,
Love Is Here
with you,
breathe with Love
and Gratitude. . .

and Trust.