For You


For you,
angels sing 
Love songs,
for you,
loved ones 
sing along,
as your Light 
is forever shining,
in Love’s eternalness 
you belong –
receive this Gratitude 
of Love,
for you.

For you,
may the veil 
grow thin,
for you,
may your loved ones 
step in,
as hearts are connected 
within your souls,
does not your Light 
invite all in – 
forever, together,
Love is Here,
for you.

For you,
within your breath 
is Peace,
for you,
Love reminds 
you to Be,
as you glimpse 
may you remember 
You Are Free – 
bask in This Love
that is Here, always,
for you.

Hello From Love


A Hello from Love 
has not far to 
Love knows not 
space or time,
Love reminds 
Love is always 
in your mind,
your heart,
your soul – 
is where Love 

Dear ones who 
you do miss know
Love’s language,
beyond words,
it is the knowing
that is True,
when a message 
comes your way 
do you not 
sense it,
Love finds a way 
to say hello 
to you.

Beyond hello,
Love’s message 
has a beautiful 
to remind Love 
is something you 
cannot lose,
in this life you 
are connected
always, forever,
to loved ones who 
wish to say,
I love you!

Together as One


See and be seen 
through the 
Eyes of Love.

Give and receive 
what you are 
wholly made of.

Beyond this thinning 
all who Love you 
see You.

Standing together 
as One,
Love forever connects 
All of You.

Sense the Strength
in Love’s sweet promise,
you are safe 
and forever held.

Let Love’s forgiveness 
invite Love’s Peace,
You Are so Loved 
All is Well.

Forever, Love


Love always finds
a way.

If you are lost,
identity unsure,
when life’s usual clarity
becomes a blur,
what anchors you 
to your forever
Home – 
Love always finds 
a way.

Yes, physical loss is
so hard to bear,
you may feel your
heart has too many
trust your heart,
its Strength is 
Here for you – 
Love always finds 
a way.

Love is the glue 
that builds a 
that connects you to
who you long 
to hold,
be reassured they 
are with you now – 
Love always finds 
a way. 

May Love be the Courage
that helps you step 
upon Love’s path 
you may not trust 
as yet,
Love walks with you 
forever in your heart – 
Love always finds 
a way.

The One of You


Does not Love 
weave a thread
that naturally connects 
All of You,
you may have 
been through different
but Love is the 
in each of you.

You resonate with 
the Music of Love,
does not your heart 
respond to this,
be it melody,
harmony or 
your heart beats 
to the All of It.

Let Love be your 
primary language,
all understand it 
through the heart,
share with your 
brothers and sisters,
be they near or 
be they far.

All you Love know
Love’s sweet tune,
this is the Language 
sung in Truth,
let Love’s song 
bring you together,
so you may experience
the One of You!

Everywhere, Love


Step into Love’s
healing Light,
are you not held,
so safe and warm?
These Arms of Love 
are always around
Love is where you 
eternally belong.

Life experiences 
may have you 
wondering how to 
get back on track,
you are never alone 
as Love walks always 
with you,
Here is Home 
and Love says softly,
welcome back.

Here You Are
connected always 
to your loved ones,
angels watch over you 
day and night,
may you know 
beyond life’s dream
You Are eternal,
you shine brightly 
as Love’s sacred and 
precious Light.

Allow these Arms 
of Love to gently 
reassure you,
All is Well 
within your soul,
know this Truth – 
there is no veil 
as Love exists 
Everywhere, dear,
You Are One with 
All You Love,
as Love is You!

The Ones You Love


Where do you meet 
the ones you Love?

There is no place 
you need to go,
and Love is timeless,
as you know,
but in this space 
of place and time,
where do you meet 
the ones you Love?

Yes, we reside within
your heart,
but you may still 
feel far apart,
is it not your perception
that thinks you need 
to find where are 
the ones you Love?

You may think we need 
to come to you,
but you are with us 
the whole day through – 
yes, this world has 
you mistaken,
thinking you are not
with the ones 
you Love.

There is no-thing 
that keeps us apart,
we share an infinite 
connecting our hearts,
you are me and 
I am You,
always One as 
We Are this Love.

Beyond your thoughts 
we are right Here,
so close as we are 
always near,
We Are together,
Welcome Home,
always with the 
ones you Love!

Forever Bridge

For 6/01/21 – Here is a message from 2019


Is not your heart
a bridge,
to those you hold
with emotion,
with Love,
do you not draw
them near,
there is truly
no separation,
though in your life
you sense this
might you build
a bridge
with your loving heart,
letting love lead
you across?

With Love you are
always connected,
yet your five senses
may question this,
life around you looks
oh so different,
and there is so much
that you miss –
but your heart
knows the Love
that has no beginning
and thus no end –
is it not Love
that draws you close,
and with Love
do you not meet

Love is the bridge
that connects your
precious ones
to you,
there is no need
to cross any chasm,
that you think may
separate you,
you are always together,
feel with your heart
that this is True,
through emotion
and with Love,
are they not One
with You?

Once you are aware
of this Forever Bridge,
do you not delight
to see –
the bridge is always
in your heart,
together, yes,
you will always

Together As Love


Let’s work together as Love.

Are you not part of a 
loving Team,
connected to angels, guides,
loved ones unseen,
are you not powerful as 
Love’s Life Force –
let’s work together 
as Love.

You need not do life
on your own,
You Are with your Team 
and always Home,
combining forces as 
soul to soul – 
let’s work together 
as Love.

Let Joy replace work 
as you feel this flow,
release any outcomes 
that you wish to know,
You and Me and We 
are a Force of One –
let us play together as 
a Force of Love.

Connect your heart,
your soul to Love’s 
eternal bond,
Home is Where You Are 
and always belong,
take Love’s hand and 
sense your eternal Team,
we always are together 
through the Grace of Love.



Let your heart 
lift the veil,
that sometimes blocks 
this simple Truth,
you are spirit,
with your loved ones 
always with you.

The human story 
with ups and downs,
feels like a roller coaster
glimpses of Peace,
strong and stable,
come to you when 
you connect inside.

Believe your Self
and those who 
Love you,
dear ones around you 
both here and there,
Love reassures,
I am always with 
I am One with 
and Everywhere.

There is no veil
when your heart 
the frequency,
that draws Love close,
meet All you Love 
in this Heart Space,
forever re-united,
soul to soul.