Breathe in the wisdom
of ancestors,
who scraped and created 
on their earthly path,
struggle may be a condition
of the earth,
what might you glean
from deep within 
your past?

Yes, you may miss 
extended family meals,
but Love and lessons 
still abound from them,
listen closely,
for they whisper still,
their voices speak 
to your spirit within.

With Love and Grace
may you honor this 
speak the names 
of those you may 
know You Are 
a sacred expression 
of this Love,
that stretches across 
all worlds to tell
you this.

Allow your memories 
to stir emotions felt,
embrace, receive
This Love that flows 
through you,
beyond your memory 
is Eternal Love,
you honor All 
in the remembrance 
their Love is You!

Love’s Perfect Song


You are the perfect 
for all notes of Love 
to be played.

Is this not how 
you resonate 
with loved ones,
with infinite melodies
to be made?

And though you may 
think you are 
in this world 
or far beyond,
do not your harmonies
flow together,
always creating 
Love’s perfect song?

You may wonder 
where is here,
is there a place 
where you reside,
it is your frequency,
that takes you on 
a dimensional ride.

And as you are 
all instruments 
playing together in 
you are able to 
be Here – 
which is All places
through infinity.

So know you and 
your loved ones 
are playing together 
with perfect resonance,
You Are the note,
the chords,
the harmony
of Love’s 

Forever, Love


Forever bonds are eternal,
these loving connections 
never die,
Love sees through 
the human condition, 
unconditional Love 
is the tie that binds.

Know that Love is 
forever with you,
in your heart you know
this is True,
loved ones find ways 
to make these connections,
to remind always 
they are with you.

Never alone,
you cannot Be
anywhere without 
Love always Here,
the human journey 
may be hard at times,
but Love supports you
and is Everywhere.

You know these 
forever bonds,
they cannot break
with what they are
made of,
Love is eternal,
never ending,
and receive
forever Love.



Love is not a dream.

It may be a dream
that reminds you,
or maybe imagination 
is where Love plays,
it may be difficult 
to grasp with fingers,
you may ask,
where is Love today?

Love is your waking
though much of you 
is still asleep,
it may be difficult
to trust,
in what appears 
to you mystically.

Yes, signs and
help you bridge 
a loving path,
but as You Are 
as Love itself,
Love is Here 
You Are That.

Love is not a dream,
but might you let 
your imagination 
imagine you,
your loved ones, 
All of Love –

A Sign of Love


It may be a repeating number,
what is it that snags
your view,
something you read,
or a memory
that pops in suddenly 
to you.

It matters not if your
is aware of signs or
misses some,
you are as connected 
as the morning that 
always knows,
here comes the sun!

Rest assured your loved ones 
know and sense these 
connections to you,
Love may be quiet 
or may be loud,
the mind is sometimes 
hard to get through.

Let your heart be 
the instrument
that knows each note
of every loving chord,
let your hearts sing
together as One,
Love exists beyond 
any spoken word.

Yes, look for signs 
to delight,
in the magic 
that is displayed,
but know You Are 
a Sign of Love,
eternally connected,


Love, Eternal


Is not the ebb and flow
of life,
much like the rhythm 
of your breath,
you draw in what 
sustains you,
letting Love transform
what you may need 
help with.

Be in this Cycle 
of Love,
it is Eternal and
so are You,
in the ritual of life you see
openings and closings,
but Love’s Eternal flame 
burns forever in 

May Love open up 
so you may see what 
your soul knows,
there is no end to 
Love’s sweet promise,
Love is forever
and You Are Loved so.

What you thought lost 
is eternally found,
you are connected always 
in this Truth,
Love is infinite, 
All you Love 
are always 
with you.


Over the Rainbow


Somewhere over the rainbow 
is Here.

Meet Here where your
loved ones dear
are as excited as you 
to find,
they see you 
as you are aware,
of this rainbow bridge 
beyond time.

A bit of willingness,
an open heart knows 
this is True,
your soul is familiar 
with this journey,
it is a journey 
back to You.

You need no fairy dust,
but please let your 
have some fun,
it is Here that 
two worlds meet,
for in Reality,
are they not One?

Somewhere is 
you are eternally 
with loved ones dear,
when you long for 
over the rainbow,
know that Love 
is always 
with You,

Love’s Embrace


Spread your wings,
you will not falter,
Love is Here 
with open arms,
to lift you up
when you feel 
to believe in you
and cheer you 

Here are angels 
with you always,
your loved ones 
see the steps 
you take,
your journey may 
be yours to walk,
but help is Here 
with decisions 
you make.

Never alone,
Love is always 
with you,
you sense and know 
that this is True,
be held,
be cradled in 
Love’s embrace,
forever connected
is This Love 
to You!



There is no time
with Love.

You may count 
minutes, hours,
how many years,
will memories fade, 
dear ones,
there is no time 
with Love.

Love is eternal 
and so are you,
each beat of 
your heart 
connects All Love
to you,
in this now-moment,
there is no time 
with Love.

These loving bonds
will never break,
Love is a promise,
eternally made,
always connected,
there is no time
with Love.

Be with Love now,
loved ones draw near,
with no beginning 
or end 
of beloveds dear,
as infinity,
Here with You, 
is always,

Love’s Voice

20200905 XPicture


You may hear me
whisper softly,
much like a breeze
rustling the leaves,
does not your heart
know what I speak of,
you wish to know
and to believe.

Is Love not able to
part the curtains,
I cannot be separate
from you,
Love is what keeps
us together,
Love is what connects
me to you.

You cannot help but
hear Love’s voice,
Love is Eternal
and Everywhere,
yes on earth it
may look different,
but are we not All
together Here.

Believe what you are
let your heart relay
this Truth,
always together
is Love’s promise,
receive and know
This Love is You.