Yes, We are Here,
Love says with care,
our hearts are connected,
no matter where.

Surrounded always,
You Are with Love,
Love is what endures,
all else slips off.

You upon your path,
of time and space,
you create your own map,
go at your own pace.

No matter the journey,
or where you may roam,
We rejoice in our connection,
together, always,
and Home.

May We remind you,
as you lovingly wake up,
together, always,
We Are One heart 
and One Love.



Spring reminds that 
life returns,
in each branch of 
new growth green,
buds are bursting,
ready to bloom,
is this not Love 
unfolding in everything?

This is life’s timing upon 
the earth,
but as your soul is an
eternal Be-ing,
does not quiet reflection 
like winter’s stillness,
bring forth inspiration 
like the bursting spring?

Life may look different 
each and every day,
beloveds you miss,
when they feel far away,
but might you behold
as spring lovingly reminds,
Life is Eternal,
beyond place and time.

Your soul rejoices with you
this time of year,
possibilities are endless
with spring in the air,
let the seasons remind you,
what your soul always knows –
Love is with you,
together, always,
behold Love’s beauty 
as you grow!

Hand in Hand


Love is more than memories,
Love’s presence is with you
in real time,
your experiences are memories
captured in life,
Love within these moments
remains by your side.

You may question 
what you are feeling,
wondering if what you
sense is True,
your heart,
your soul,
knows this loving answer,
your beloveds are always,
eternally with you.

These bonds of Love 
cannot be broken,
do they not exist
beyond space and time,
yes, keep your memories
but expand your focus,
relationships continue
beyond this life.

Free of complications that 
hold no matter,
may you bask in what 
is always Here,
allow your dear ones
to share Love with you,
free of conditions,
is not Love 

May you take Love’s hand 
so you may see,
dear one, This Love 
is what created you,
see yourself in Love’s Light,
forever shining,
hand in hand with 
those you Love,
always loving you!

A Love Story


As Love is Eternal,
it lasts forever 
and never ends.

You as an actor in 
Life’s Story,
may be drawn 
to another’s Light,
you may see what 
is on the surface,
but do not your souls 
spark what feels 

As life is a journey with
ebbs and flows,
this script may take you
on a ride – 
heart-felt tears,
the human experience 
may be rough at times. 

But Love’s eternal 
do they not live on
after the story is told?
As Love is infinite,
does not eternal Love 
continue to unfold?

Love needs no introduction,
it has no beginning 
and thus no end,
the bonds you share 
with another,
may play out in stories
that you star in.

As Love is everlasting,
no story can stop
Love’s eternal Truth,
yes, embrace Love throughout 
your story,
and know beyond this life – 
Love is Forever
with You!

I See You


I see you,
Love says,
look with Me 
at Who I see,
We as One are
always together,
there is no distance
between You and Me.

Peel off the layers
that obscure your
do not believe 
what is not crystal
Love is simple,
Love is the knowing 
that is accessible 

I Am You,
Love reassures,
take my hand and 
soar with Me,
it matters not 
the place you dwell,
We Are Home always
through Eternity.

Take Love in,
Love coaxes,
your heart reminds
you of what 
You know,
We as One 
is Love’s sweet 
Precious Child,
You Are always 

Walking With Love


Walk with me,
Love says gently,
You and I 
as One
do know,
there is no path 
that is unfamiliar 
to Us,
there is no place 
We need to go.

We are motion,
never stagnant,
This Force cannot 
be stuck or stale,
you may think at times
this is life’s experience,
but your Life Force 
always prevails. 

Take my hand,
Love says softly,
together, always,
We Are this flow,
One with Peace,
heart over-flowing,
Love is always with you,
You Are loved so!

How Loved


Do you know how
Loved you are?
We hear your wishes 
on every star,
yes, your journey in 
life goes up and down,
but through it all
we are always around.

You cannot separate 
from Love,
it is Who We Are,
what We Are All 
made of,
there is no place 
where Love may end,
we bless and honor 
the body,
but our souls are
free again.

You physically miss 
our presence by 
your side,
but we travel together 
on Love’s eternal ride,
take my hand,
Love is always Here,
we honor your journey
and we are always

Do you know how 
Loved you are?
Let us all rejoice 
as the Love We Are!




Readjust your expectations,
ponder what you believe,
you wish for proof 
loved ones are with you,
that they really did not

Love is eternal,
your soul is a creation 
of This Truth,
how could Love not Be 
loved ones are Here 
and so are You.

Readjust your human 
there is knowing in 
your soul,
you may wish for signs
to show you,
what your soul already 

You are always connected,
yes, communication may 
look different,
but your souls always
dance together,
even if the music 
appears absent.

The music plays within
your heart,
your vibration knows
This Truth,
always, together
souls are singing,
beloved ones 
are Here with You!

Forever Love


I see you,
your soul says 
to another,
and that instant
are you not aware 
this is true,
it may be an unexplainable 
maybe remembering 
a forever pact 
between you?

Trust the draw,
the connection 
between you,
though in life
experiences may not
always make sense,
life is full of judgments 
and expectations,
trust the bond that 
cuts through walls
that may look dense.

Forever bonds do not 
need this world 
to hold them,
they are forged by Love
forever in this Truth,
in this life you may 
re-meet and re-unite with,
forever Love that 
is always connected 
to You!

Your Knowing Heart


The thinking mind 
wants a connection,
that makes more sense
free of all doubt,
but with matters 
of the heart,
are there not connections
beyond what mind 
can figure out?

Much like learning 
a new language,
you search for meaning 
word for word,
but when you are able
to grasp the wholeness,
does not your heart know 
what it has heard?

Allow your soul to 
guide you gently,
your loved ones are 
part of this master plan,
new doors are opening 
up for you,
in ways you may not
know or understand.

You are a wholly 
sensory being,
always connected 
to your Source,
all those you miss 
on this physical plane,
walk with you always 
upon your course.

Yes, the heart may 
feel the burden,
of what you believe 
only with your eyes,
but allow belief 
in the Truth of Love,
to be felt by your heart,
beyond your thinking

Love exists,
Love is eternal,
the bonds you have 
always connect you,
let your heart open 
to This Truth,
always together
are your loved ones
and you!