This Eternal


You are connection 
as a drop of water 
in an ocean vast,
this drop never loses 
its Essence,
it is Home as ocean
or drop as its past.

You need not die 
to Be this awareness,
death is but another 
open door,
as You Are eternal,
always, forever,
you are always with 
who you are missing

No-thing can keep 
Love from connecting,
indeed, This Bond 
is forever, True,
rise above your 
perception of time,
in This Eternal,
loved ones are always 
with you.

Hearts together cannot 
be separate,
Love beats as One 
in this Eternal Truth,
open your heart,
Love is Here,
so present,
together, connected
and forever with you.

Dear One


Might you sense it
in the trees,
that sway softly 
in the breeze,
is there not more 
than you can see,
surrounding you 
so gently?

We Are You,
yes, You Are Us,
your angels, 
guides and loved ones
these connections
are as real,
as the sacred breath 
that breathes you.

Love is Eternal,
what does this mean –
eternity exists beyond
there is no place that 
you are not,
You Are Everywhere
with All Divine.

May your heart,
with Love,
be full,
may you sense 
Love’s comfort Here,
beyond skies of blue,
yet as close as breath,
Dear One,
as Love,
You Are Everywhere.

Love’s Eternal Song


Does not a song 
last forever,
as notes are played 
or even hummed,
do you not bring 
it back to life,
when you are inspired 
to sing along.

As music resides 
within your heart,
with its vibration a 
part of you,
is it not surprising 
that a song,
is often how loved ones
communicate with you.

So flow with Love’s 
Eternal Song,
sing along and know 
this magical Truth,
lose yourself  in the 
vibration of music,
and find All you Love
singing with you.

As energy is never-ending,
may you resonate 
with song,
open your heart to 
Love’s vibration,
loved ones rejoice 
and sing along!

Home With Love

20191222 XPicture

12/21/21 from 12/22/19

Be Home with Love.

You may express it
in a place,
a holiday,
or song you sing,
with people gathering,
a quiet moment,
or in the Joy a
beloved pet brings.

Feel the Love that
spilleth over,
do you not wonder
from whence it comes –
this Eternal Fountain
flows across forever,
you cannot Be anywhere
Home with Love.

Rejoice in This Moment,
wherever you are,
it matters not the
space and time,
sing out Love’s Glory
within your heart,
All are with you,
Home with Love.

Love’s Reunion


You are One with Spirit,
always with Love.

You sense,
you know,
you see the signs,
when connections 
are made
does not time 

Does not Love’s bridge
light up
as Love invites 
you to greet,
your loved ones,
Love’s angels
love to help
you all meet.

With awareness,
with your heart,
you believe,
you know,
you are supported,
so cherished,
a part of this 
loving flow.

You are One with Spirit,
always with Love,
my dear,
rejoice in Love’s
All you cherish 
are Here!



During any gathering 
of loved ones,
are not All of your
loved ones Here,
eternal bonds that 
forever connect,
invite beloveds 
to draw near.

With intention,
holidays are set 
aside to celebrate,
your intention is 
of your heart,
that transcends time 
or any date.

Gather All of your 
loved ones close,
your heart,
with Love lights
up the way,
celebrate with Gratitude,
on this and every 
thankful day!

Whispers of Your Soul


May you listen 
and hear the 
whispers of 
your soul.

Take Love’s hand,
open your heart,
your loved ones 
are Here
and never far,
believe this Truth
that is whispered 
from your soul.

Life can be hard,
roads may be 
you may say you
have had enough,
know Love surrounds 
and holds you gently,
beloved soul.

Love is eternal,
it never dies,
your connections,
reach beyond 
the skies,
rejoice in Love’s 
eternal dance
of your souls.

Listen with your heart
your soul gently 
helps to guide
the way,
may you find Peace
listening to the 
whispers of 
your soul.

Be You Love


Be you life,
Be you remembrance,
Be you eternal when
breath is gone,
hearts connected
weave a web,
that sustains,
supports with
Love’s sweet,
soft song.

Be you enfolded 
in angel wings,
in the ethereal
and here on earth,
Love is present 
and with you
bridging realms
united in 

Be You Home
in your loving 
walking as One
with All you Love
so dear,
sense Love’s presence
caress you gently,
Be You Love,

A Loving Healing


Healing is Love,
Love is healing.

What Truth do you 
return to,
though in life it appears
a choice,
in This Truth there 
is no decision,
healing is Love.

You may get glimpses of
your wholeness,
the body is not the
focus Here,
but why not share 
in life’s expression,
healing is Love.

Healing is the question
in your search for 
what is True,
Love is the answer,
dear one,
healing is Love.

As Love’s gift
you are so cherished,
in this life you need
whole and complete
is your True Nature,
perfect in Oneness,
already healed 
as Love!

Love’s Eternal Grace


There is a flow 
and Grace to 
much like a dance 
that invites you,
to join in this 
eternal connection,
an infinite flow of 
Love to you.

You are surrounded 
by This Grace,
it is wholly 
Who You Are,
a part of Love’s 
angelic dance,
with loved ones near
and never far.

Your human heart 
misses their presence,
but a graceful rhythm 
beats Love’s Truth,
together you are joined 
in this eternal dance,
All who you Love 
who Love you.

Love’s eternal Grace 
is everlasting,
take Love’s hand,
it is Here for you,
Be in Love’s flow with 
hearts always connected,
All who you Love 
dance always with You!