The One of You


You hear of “holding space”
as a compassionate 
act of Love,
to sit with,
to honor,
to Be,
with another, 
sharing Love.

Might you extend,
expand this presence,
filling in space 
that separates,
does not this space 
then become spaceless,
as Love Everywhere 
is Eternity.

We talk of space
in time and place,
as you walk upon 
the earth,
with intention,
connect beyond,
as collective souls,
you are not of 
this world.

Fill the spaces,
bridge the gaps,
begin with you,
whole and True,
there is no space 
where Love is not,
awaken Lights,
to the One 
of You!

Love, Peace and Compassion


Let Love smooth off
the rough edges,
yes, sometimes 
prickliness appears,
the ego likes to 
draw attention,
using the body 
to stir up fear.

Provide sweet comfort
where it is needed,
you need not fight 
within your self,
you know where 
Peace resides, patient,
you hear soul 
say All is Well.

Relax and let the 
day unfold,
you need not gear up
or prepare,
may a Gift of Love 
be your compassion
to your self,
as loving care.

May Love fill up 
all your senses,
may you sink
into Love’s Arms,
breath in Love,
Peace and Compassion,
Here is Home
where you belong.

Wholly You


Love sees you 
and your Light 
all through the 
day and night,
when all goes well
or if you are struggling,
Love assures that 
all is right.

Love sees all of 
your best efforts,
precious child 
you need not “do,”
Be your beautiful,
magnificent self,
that is always,
wholly You.

You are not missing 
All of You is 
what Love sees,
Be the authentic You
that sparkles
much like fireflies 
in the trees.

Draw the breath 
of Love within,
sense the Strength
of Love around,
you are centered,
wholly vibrant,
your soul has you
safe and sound.

Love sees you 
and your Light 
your glow reaches
the stars above,
may Peace touch 
your soul so gently,
dear one,
Here is Love.

A Heart Song


May you hear Love’s 
sweet melody,
playing forever 
in your heart,
may you join in with 
Love’s harmony,
always together and 
never apart.

You cannot separate 
Love’s resonant notes,
they expand with beauty 
sing Love’s sweet song,
know you are joined
by All you Love,

May Love’s music 
remind you are 
in This Moment 
may you know,
Love accompanies 
your heart song
hear loved ones singing,
You Are Loved so!


Love’s Remembrance


You need not wait 
for outside answers,
the Truth of Love
is Here, within,
yes, in the world 
there is pain and
you wish for conflict 
to cease,
to end.

Be Love’s remembrance,
fill this space,
Be this vibration 
in the heart of 
now visualize the 
Oneness that is 
a forgetful world 
is where chaos rules.

embrace All 
who may forget,
may experience 
lead to deeper 
leave blame and 
consequence by
the river’s edge,
join with the stream 
of Love that flows 
always through You!

Love’s Peace


Love is always 

When you travel 
beyond reaction,
Here You Are,
Love’s Peace
as You.

In the world,
yes, dust-ups
cloud the lens
that you are looking 

Clear the glass,
travel deeper,
see with your soul,
always Here 
with you.

Your soul reminds 
in every moment,
may you realign 
so you may know.

how eternally,
You Are Loved

Love, Eternal


You Are Love’s 
precious experience,
in this life,
you hold it in
your hands,
but as You Are 
an expanded 
to know This Love 
means there is 
no end.

There is no barrier 
that can stop Love,
as Love Eternal,
Love is always 
in this life your 
loved ones send
but in Reality,
You Are with them

Love is closer 
than your breath,
there is no beginning,
there is no end,
as You Are Love 
and Love is You,
there is no doubt,
you are together,

Love’s infinite circle
cannot be broken,
yes, you miss them
being physically here,
precious One,
as Love’s experience,
you experience together,
truly Everywhere.

Beyond Description


Come sit beside me,
Love says gently,
come and rest
your weary head,
when you tire of 
looking, seeking,
return to Here,
your Home, 

Even in this world 
that struggles,
All of You are
All of Me,
We Are One,
beyond description,
words fail to grasp
the beauty of this

You sense Love 
in nature Be-ing,
Here it is in music 
that moves,
in the stillness
your heart beats 
the Truth that 
returns you 
back to You.

You know surrender 
is a pathway,
think of release as
when you let go of
cumbersome armor,
might you now see
your soul’s embodiment?

Here You Are,
Love reminds,
rest a moment,
remember Peace,
now with the Light 
of a thousand stars,
shine brightly, 
dear One,
Home and free!

Honoring You


Process your worry 
and your fears,
as human your mind 
has familiar plots,
yet beyond this 
story of you,
a super power arises 
to untie the knots.

You need not judge 
when you travel 
down familiar rabbit holes
so dark,
as You Are Light, 
no matter where 
you are,
may you Light your

Might you reassure 
the parts of you 
who fight to keep
you safe,
dear child,
Love is always 
with you,
You Are Courage,
You Are Strength.

When it is hard to see
your True Nature,
know you are looking 
with ego’s eyes,
call on your Soul,
your I Am presence,
from this perspective 
do you not rise?

Honor emotion that 
brings awareness
to parts of you that
long to feel whole,
Love reminds,
You Are complete,
as One with Love,
You Are Loved, so!



As you awaken 
upon your journey,
you may feel you 
are split in two,
your human heart 
aches for your 
loved ones,
your heart as soul 
knows they are 
with you.

You are a multi-layered 
eternally connected 
to your Home,
Here is where Love 
has never left,
Beloveds assure 
you are not 

It is human to 
travel with grief,
it may create a path
for you to find,
Love has never 
Love’s web stretches 
beyond all space 
and time.

Encircle your human 
heart with Love,
loving your self 
frees you to see,
you and your 
are traveling this