With Tender Care


When old wounds open,
is this not a chance,
to feel,
to heal,
so you may 

Life’s pain may show 
a way to see
what needs,
some Love,
deep care 
that asks now 
to be seen.

Allow This Love 
that surrounds you 
to remind your 
loved ones and angels
are near.

Be healed, 
Be touched,
Love says tenderly,
You Are connected 
with All you cannot 

Love’s healing balm
knows always what 
to do,
let go,
Love’s arms 
are holding 

With Awareness


You Are awareness.
Become aware 
of where your 
focus is.

Ego may wish to 
have you scattered
with thoughts of 
past or future near,
but Love’s power 
is in the present,
with awareness,
return Home to 

Note the feelings 
and reactions 
when your mind 
is on replay,
might you create 
a new loving moment,
with awareness of 
each breath you take.

You have the power 
within your heart,
your soul is joyful 
to share This Truth,
take the reins of 
your awareness,
with Love see 
the Miracle of You!

This Presence


Release time 
to find perspective,
return to this Presence 
do you not find 
your Self 
when you step away 
from questions 
why or how?

You need not force
to fit into a mold
that you think 
might be best,
Be your Self 
in any moment,
let Love take care
of the rest.

Befriend and Love
your human self,
doing the best that 
it can do,
let your Whole Self
take the wheel,
Love is Here 
always with You!

A Breath of Love


Welcome in the 
trust Love as 
it unfolds,
take a breath,
be relieved,
when you need to,
you will know.

Your questioning mind
may have you spinning,
move to your heart
to sense Love’s calm,
you need not understand
the why,
trust Love and let doubt
then be gone.

Breathe in and Be 
this present moment,
let your breath bring 
what you need,
Peace, Love and calm
are You as soul,
may loving answers flow 
in the air you breathe!

This Loving Voice


You need not talk 
yourself into
anything with your
own mind,
release your hold on 
and with Love may 
you align.

This vibration will feel 
it is your natural state
to Be,
your ego mind may miss
the noise and constant 
chatter you do not 

As ego rushes to fix 
a problem,
might you change 
your point of view,
may a perceived 
hard situation
be what is helping you
to find You.

You need not turn 
off the chatter,
but as you listen 
with your soul,
does this Loving Voice
not remind 
that You Are always
complete and whole?

May you walk with confidence,
may you trust what next
to do,
angels, guides and 
loved ones join
with your soul
forever loving you!

A Time of Transformation

20200422 XPicture

4/24/22 – from 4/22/20

Clear out the clutter
that builds up
over time,
clear out the cobwebs
that take up space
in your mind.

There is transformation
in this time of
seasonal change,
with many things
tossed upside down,
is there not an urge
to rearrange?

This need not be
perceived as
though ego loves
to keep a score,
might you find
comfort in
as your mind
wishes to know

Always beneath
what you may see,
Love is the soil
you stand upon,
rich in its life-giving
are you not nurtured
as you grow strong?

Many seeds are
being planted,
others are pushing
through the dirt,
Love is the water
and Light of sun,
Love is each petal
that unfurls.

Be You in this time
of transformation,
the Heart of You
knows Here is Peace,
Love is the constant
unchanging Force,
embrace this flow,
know You Are Free!

Where Gratitude Lives

20190428 XPicture

4/23/22 – from 4/28/19

When day begins
to fall asleep,
as you look out at
the darkening blue sky,
what are the spaces
between the branches
of budding trees,
is this not where
Gratitude lives?

As Spring wakes up
to put on its show,
with the waves of green
you have come to know
so well,
does the Universe
not feel so close,
so real,
is this not where
Gratitude lives?

A new day dawns,
a gift to All,
what will you see
between the spaces
of thought –
as you sense
all space is
filled with Love,
breathe in
where Gratitude lives!

An Opening for Love

20180413 XPicture

04/22/22  – from 4/13/18

In the absence of
or strife,
is there not more
to bring Joy in
your life?
With Peace surrounding
does ego not look
to see where to
fill in
where you may have
old patterns,
that now feel
out of date,
are you not ready
to spring forward
with the space
you have made?

It may feel
quite different,
having a lightness
in your step,
old patterns may
not want you
to open all doors
quite yet –
but with Gratitude
for all experiences,
does not Peace ensue
when you know –
you are far more
than what your
human perspective
may believe –
You Are Love,
You Are Loved,
so why not let
that Love flow?

Let Love fill up
all spaces
where ego once
you need not have fear
looking over your shoulder
so near,
with Love as your guide,
with Joy in your heart,
can you not get used
to this way of Be-ing,
is it not a new start?

Choose Love.
Be Love.
Believe the Love
That You Are.
In every space
you can open –
you will always
find Love.


4/21/22 – from 2/02/21

Are there not times 
you hibernate,
much like the bears
in winter’s cold,
huddled protectively,
keeping warm,
even as the ground 
is covered in snow.

At times winter’s patience 
may wear thin,
but as you know spring 
will surely come,
may you picture 
bear cubs newly arrived,
needing to den with
mother’s warmth.

In this seasonal cycle
may you receive
much needed Love,
warmth and time 
to Be,
as every cycle continues 
to turn,
there may be times 
when change is hard 
to see.

Be as the cub newly 
when springtime comes 
to warm your grateful 
be refreshed and curious 
for a new beginning,
the Light of Love 
shines wherever 
you are!

*Photo credit: North American Bear Center – http://www.bear.org