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Be the one,
who looks for Love
just for fun,
even if you are
not in the mood
for this,
now find it
in yourself,
it is hard
to miss –
is it not a
lighter vibe,
can you not
feel it rise up
when you let go
and feel a smile
are you not
in the Flow of Love,
as Love’s mirror?

Is Love
not in any moment
you may choose,
better yet,
can you be open
and let Love
choose you?
You need not be
so serious,
Love can be deep
or be frivolous,
you know
when you are
in Love’s flow,
are not time and space
the first to go?
Yes, Be One
with the Love
That Is You.

Be the One,
who shines Light
on everyone,
do you not shine
to see your Light –
shining back
to You?

Be One
with Love.
See the Truth
of Who You Are.
reflecting –
like a star.
Star light,
star bright –
You Are.

Expanding to Peace

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When your human side
feels scattered,
when daily tasks
begin to build,
you may wish
to retreat
into solace,
and withdraw from what
ego wants you
to feel,
but is there not
another path
to Peace,
you may need stillness
to sense it there –
but when you expand
your Awareness,
is there not room
for All, there?

You need not run
and hide from ego,
that comes knocking
at your door,
there may be lessons
by bumping into
a closed door,
and when you can
expand your view
and look with the
Eyes of the Soul,
when you rise above
the details,
is there not more
that you will know?

See from a bigger picture,
there is Peace when
you accept with
open arms,
when you close up
and push back,
do you not feel
and not as strong –
expand the You
that has this
with Strength and Courage
can you trust
to see,
that All is so
that you may
see the Love
in All you see.

when you
let Love
keep showing You
the way.
There is Peace
that resides
within you,
Love Is Here
in All ways,


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What might your
truly be?
What about loving

This is a challenge,
that is true
and might you begin
by loving You –
yes, it is easier
to send Love out,
but how can All receive
if All feel like you –
practice letting Love
seep in and around you,
be a role model
and accept
You Are Love, too,
you can share Love
as Source
flows through You –
when You Are Love,
can you not
see it
in others, too?

What might your
truly be?
Be Loving,
Be kind
to yourself
and Be Free.

In All Things

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Look around,
what do you see?
Is not the Divine
within everything
you see,
even if faced
with cement
or steel,
instead of trees
or hills,
if man-made
where did the
inspiration come –
is not Source where
everything comes

Can you find Love
no matter where
you dwell –
be that in time,
your mind
or space as well,
is there not Love
when you look
for Truth,
does not God
in All
and yes,
in You?

Look around,
what do you see?
Might you accept
a challenge
to find Love
in all things,
might that change
your perspective,
your point of view –
God Is Love,
All Are Love
and You Are Love, too.

All In, Love

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Let Love.
Be Love.
With Strength
and Courage,
Be brave.
With compassion
in your heart,
find a multitude of ways
to Be loving

Surprise yourself,
surprise someone –
do something different
just for fun,
give Love away,
knowing there is more
to come,
with no strings attached,
no story to be told.

Let Love.
Be Love.
With Joy
in your heart,
Be bold.
Stretch outside
of your comfort zone,
knowing with Love
you are always Home,
make someone’s day,
let Love find a way,
to share the Light
in you
with someone new

Let Love.
Be Love.
With Humility,
receive Love.
With Gratitude
in your heart,
Be a Light
with a loving spark,
brighten any room
you may walk in,
Be Love right now,
with no beginning
or end.

Let Love.
Be Love.
With Love
Be All in.
All Is Well
with Love –
let the magic
in You,

Let Love Lead

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Let Love lead.

Do you not hear Love
whispering in your
when something flows,
is that not your cue
that Love is Here –
is not the Peace
from resonance,
telling you
it is clear,
are you not in sync
when you
let Love lead?

You may not know
where Love may
take you,
but can you see –
a loving Journey
may not be a path
from A to Z,
it may be hard
to trust,
to change
and to believe –
you will always
find Love
when you
let Love lead.

Your body will let
you know,
if you feel
or out of the
let Love’s vibration
give you the key,
to resonate,
to be in harmony,
when you sense Peace
is that not where
you wish to Be –
trust Love
and allow yourself
to let Love lead.

Love is not
outside of You,
you need not
wait for
something new –
Love Is Here
as Love Is You.

Let Love
lead the way
to You.

Let Love Heal

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Let Love heal.

Does not the body
begin to heal
when a cut or
on the skin appears,
there may be pain
that signals
all come here –
surround this site
and begin to heal.

And is not Love
the greatest Healing Balm,
if you cry out in pain,
are you not asking Love
to come,
when you are in need
of some
is it not Love
that lifts you up,
surrounding you
with healing Love?

Let Love heal –
be it your body,
or soul,
do not all work
under the umbrella
of the Whole –
sometimes it may be pain
that helps direct
Love’s healing flow,
let Love show you,
let Love guide you,
yes, Love knows where
to go.

Trust Love to care for
and comfort wounds
that wish to be
seen –
let Love in,
let Love guide,
let Love heal.

Remember to Know

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Can you look beyond
any human face,
to sense someone’s spirit
within their heart,
yes, humanness
can make it hard
for you to believe,
that Love always
connects you,
though it may be
difficult to see –
do not let the
human world
always rule the
open your heart,
look with Soul Eyes,
you will remember,
you will know.

Does not kindness let
the heart opening begin,
and Gratitude will
open many doors
that were closed
to keep you in,
let the Love in you
it will know where
to go –
in your heart,
you will remember,
you will know.

This is not creating
something new,
this is You in your
natural state,
you need not completely
or begin with a
blank slate,
might you let go of
the armor
you thought you needed
to be safe,
is it not Love that
is Strength and Courage,
that comes forth
when you release layers
of your beliefs?

Look beyond.
Open your heart.
Let Love show –
You Are Love.
All Is Love,
You remember,
You know.

Hearts of Love

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When two or more
are gathered,
might you lead with
Hearts of Love?
Might you help
each other journey
over rocky roads
you may stumble upon,
even when you put
your best foot forward,
there may be times
when you trip
and fall –
can all not help each
other back up
and continue to walk
this Path of Love?

Do not situations arise
that help to bring Light
to see with better clarity,
when you use Love
as your guide,
does Love not help
to navigate
any road you walk?
Walk with your
sisters and brothers,
be ready to lend
a helping hand –
are you not in this
life together
to shine your Lights
and to understand?

Whether the road is
smooth or bumpy,
is it not the bumps
that help you to grow,
reach out to
your fellow travelers,
to help navigate
a heavy load,
when All can shine
their Lights,
might you see
with greater clarity –
that when All Hearts
are joined together,
is Love not the connection
that helps All Be?

Go to your heart.
Let it guide you
through dark
or light.
Connect with Love,
fellow Lights,
you turn up the Love
as you shine so bright!

Eternally You

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Transition –
movement from
here to there.

In the linear world,
you can look back,
to see where you are
or how far you have
are you not sometimes
at how much
you have grown,
or changed,
or learned,
or expanded?

And who is it
that is able to take
a look back,
as well as see
You Are
right now –
does not the
Eternal You,
your Knowing Self,
have awareness
and the eyes to see
as you transition
and move
from there to here,
from here to there?

And through this
of experiences,
can you not
You as stillness,
can you not slow
or even stop time,
in any place
or at any time –
for as Eternal You,
do you not exist
Everywhere at once,
transcending time?

You Are Love
in every moment,
through all of time,
when you expand
your awareness
of your Knowing Self,
can you not see
with loving eyes,
the Love that swells
within your heart
and holds the beat,
the rhythm
of All That Is?

Move and flow,
be still and know –
All Is Love
and Love Is You.
With every beat
and in the space between –