Constant Love

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Along the way
to knowing,
do you not wonder,
Beliefs you have
may shift
and change,
but is not knowing
a constant state –
is there not a
constant hum
that resonates
with what you
sense is true,
and even when
your truth
may change,
you are still
magnificently You.

Follow the constancy
of Love,
will Love not point you
in the direction of
experiences and opportunities
that you may only
have dreamed of,
when you open yourself
to wonder,
when you see Love
is Everlasting,
does it not bring you
great relief,
you may not always
you may question
to find out why –
but once you know
that All Is Love,
do you not know
that You Are Light?

The human experience
is a challenge,
with duality,
there is always this
or that –
but the constant hum
of Love can be felt through
all of that,
your mission,
should you choose
to accept it (smile),
is to find where
Love resides,
and as Love Is Everywhere
and All That Is –
you know Love
cannot hide.

Let belief bring you
to see,
let knowing
turn up the Light,
you will see even more
than you thought
could exist –
You Are
This Love,
This Light.

With Gratitude

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With Gratitude.

Does not food taste
better still,
when you are thankful
for a meal,
when shared with
friends or family,
does not the experience
make your heart swell,
when you are filled
with Gratitude?

Choose any moment
throughout your day,
from the spectacular
to the mundane,
does not the experience
feel the same,
when you take it in
with Gratitude?

Is there not more Love,
do you not feel light,
when your grateful heart
lifts you up so high,
when you send Gratitude,
is Love not sent, too –
if the gift is Love,
is it not wrapped
in Gratitude?

When you wish to activate
the Love in You,
does it not turn up
when you are filled
with Gratitude,
it could be small
or something that
feels huge,
you acknowledge the
Love You Are,
with Gratitude.

Focus on Love

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Focus on Love.

Keep your eyes
on the prize,
that is your
always ready
to bubble up,
a continues flow
that never ends,
when you think
you have run dry,
can you not call
it up,
once again,
you can always
be bathed
in it –
when you focus
on Love.

Hope may spring
and is it not Love
that lets this
is it not your
Fountain of Love
that new life
into you
will breathe,
you may have many
life brings to you
what you may need,
but when Love
gets your attention,
with new eyes
do you not see,
a greater reality,
the Truth of
Who You Are –
and does that not
all become clear
when you focus
on Love?

When what you see
becomes murky,
lacking color,
not as sharp,
when you feel
you are scattered
in every direction
than what is yours –
you can always sharpen
the focus,
by tuning into
your loving heart,
is life not a beautiful
when you focus
on Love?

See Love in
everything you
You see all
colors of the
when you focus
on Love.

There Is Love

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And There Is Love.

When you ask,
there is the answer,
when you seek through
the mind’s morning fog,
no matter the thoughts
that keep you busy,
when you look –
There Is Love.

When stories abound,
when drama unfolds,
when you cannot
see the forest
for the trees –
when it is clarity
that you wish for –
There Is Love.

When you wish to
what surrounds you,
to make life fit
into the “should”s
and “could”s,
is there not wonder
in the discovery –
that There Is Love.

You can find it
when you look,
will it not find you
when you least expect,
is it not always seen
with the Eyes of the Soul –
yes, There Is Love.

What flows through you
in every moment,
what surrounds you
through thick or thin,
open your heart
and you will find it –
There Is Love.

and Everywhere –
There is Love.

Celebrating You

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Celebrate You.
And when you see
a fellow explorer
in life,
can you celebrate them,

Is not a mirror image
of you
held up for you to
is not everyone
a teacher,
a student,
it matters
not much
which you see,
what fills you with
what may get
under your skin,
is it not All You,
so let the party
begin –
let the Love flow,
let the Gratitude
and celebrate
All of You.

In this loving
is it not easier to
let judgement
and drama go –
yes, stories in life
bring opportunities
for growth,
but lest you get
too serious,
that you forget
how to dance,
why not get the
party started
as you let Love
give you the chance,
to wipe your human
slate clean
and let Joy come
center stage –
O beautiful human
and soul,
shine bright
and Celebrate You!


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Is there not a rhythm
when you move,
then pause,
step forward,

There is an
ebb and flow
human and soul,
the yin and yang,
in the Balance of Life.

And beyond duality,
that helps you
to see,
to experience,
to reflect
on All That You
can Be –
There Is Love,
with its rhythm,
its beat,
no opposite
to find
only Love
that you can see
and feel
and sense
Is That Not You –
always –
Always Love.

Lost and Found

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When you are
lost in thought,
can you be found
with Love?

The mind loves to
go on a journey,
filling in with
what ifs,
is it no wonder
you may feel lost
at times,
what do you do
when you realize
you are adrift –
when you need to
remember Who You Are,
amidst daily experiences
or strife,
keep in mind (smile)
You Are You
at your heart,
your core –
even as you
walk through
this life.

Any time you need
to feel centered,
to remember the
Love That Is You –
let the thoughts go,
to carry on without you,
and step into this
present moment
That Is You.

And now does not Love
fill all of the spaces,
that your thoughts
tried to stuff
with this or that,
when you keep Love
flowing through you,
the vessel,
does not this moment
help find where
you are at?

You find You
in the Love
that shows you,
You Are Love,
and fully Whole,
your thoughts may
make you think,
you have lost
your way,
but Love always
brings you back