Here is Peace


You may think 
you need to do 
shifting from
me and you
to One,
from the human 
this may be daunting,
but only when you 
see where you are 
coming from.

You have resonance,
soulful remembrance,
this is not a place 
you travel to,
it is helpful to change
human awareness,
but it is your soul 
that knows what 
is Truth.

In this upside down 
you seek the Peace 
that you know is Here,
you will not find it 
in this world, eternal,
but may you feel it 
as you Be it, dear.

Be a beacon of Peace,
do not other souls then
recognize themselves,
as you all speak this 
unspoken language,
is This not how Peace 
assures All is Well.

Recognize This Peace,
This Love as You,
residing in the souls 
of All you meet,
may the powerful resonance 
of Love Eternal,
provide the rhythm of
deep, resounding Peace.


A Loving Purpose


Be free,
Be bold, 
put your Self 
out there,
yes, you have so
much to share,
ego may want you 
to play it safe,
but your soul 
reaches Everywhere.

Spirit brings you 
many insights,
is this not how 
inspiration flows,
the Light of Love 
shines in you brightly,
dispelling shadows
that are ready to go.

All of You 
aligns with 
All of This,
your natural balance
knows what to do,
have faith,
believe in your soul’s
your loving purpose 
is Be-ing You!

Simply This


The human brain 
engages quickly,
looking for details 
to fill in,
creating stories,
asking who 
or why or 

Let your breath 
bring you to 
where past and future 
do not exist,
Here is Peace
that never leaves 
return your awareness
to simply This.

Breath in release,
relieve the body,
from tensing,
waiting for what 
next to come,
with Gratitude
look at your surroundings,
this simple moment 
is You as One.

Allow burden to lift 
off your shoulders,
you place it there 
in a familiar pose,
Love asks for no-thing
for you to carry,
your innocence is 
what Love knows.

Here You Are,
Love sees you 
you need do no-thing
for You to Be,
simply return to 
your soul shining,
This is Love,
as You,



Fly with me,
spirit says reaching
out Love’s hand to 
hold on to yours,
let us explore 
and learn together,
I am Here when you 
open doors.

Loved ones,
angels and 
your guides,
follow your lead
when intention calls,
you need not set 
an expectation,
simply be open
to experience it all.

This is a co-creative 
and as you ask loved ones
to be near,
dear one,
they need not travel
each beat of your heart
signals they are Here.

Life is not a solitary 
yes, you meet kindred
spirits along the way,
and how precious 
is This Knowing,
all who you Love 
forever Light 
the way!

Believe and Know


May you sense the
precious moments,
when your loved one 
is by your side,
your human self 
may not quite feel it,
but your souls share 
this sacred Light.

It matters not if 
its been short or long,
Love is timeless in
its scope,
eternal Love fuels 
you at present,
your Team,
your loved ones 
help you to know.

You are never alone
upon this journey,
you need not worry 
where you belong,
Home is Here 
always beside you,
inviting you to 
play along.

See your self 
as Love sees you,
know this Truth 
that speaks from
your soul,
Love surrounds as 
Love is with you,
believe and know!

Love’s Invitation


Let Love soothe 
your weary body,
return to Peace,
do not judge 
when ego rears 
its head,
looking for some 

When friction 
or resistance
makes you feel 
a path is hard,
might you ask 
what is your struggle,
are you pushing against
Who You Are?

There are changes 
that you make
that may not set 
with ego well,
might you accept,
allow these moments,
that remind there is
more to heal.

Be gentle upon your
when there are bumps
that disrupt your ease,
answer the call of 
forgiveness knocking,
accept Love’s invitation
to Peace.

A Loving Answer


Don’t be afraid 
to feel,
honor your journey
upon this sphere.

Feelings may direct
you to your beliefs,
that affect your sight
and what you hear.

You may resist asking
tough questions of 
your self, 
fearing change.

Love is the answer to
any and all questions,
replacing guilt,
clearing out blame.

Love is Here with 
you, beloved,
helping you to 
know This Truth.

and know 
this journey,
is you embracing 
All of You!

A Loving Pause


There is a pause 
between the seasons,
as the earth catches 
her breath,
in this space of 
you may wonder 
what will happen 

In this pause 
do not the trees
appear to know 
this is enough,
majestically they 
provided shelter
to help cool
everything off.

The birds begin 
their travels,
different sounds are 
in the air,
insects that sang 
summer’s hum,
now make way for 
crickets everywhere.

Might you pause 
between your spaces,
when you move from 
this to that,
notice with Gratitude 
what you are leaving 
and embrace what 
happens next.

Take a cue from 
Mother Nature,
transitional phases
are a natural way,
to embrace change 
and with wonder,
what might you 
experience today?

May you pause with 
no expectation,
follow your breath
to sense This Truth,
in This Moment of 
your perfection,
behold all possibility 
of You!

With Gratitude


Love says thank you
for what you give
and for receiving
Love’s blessings
during this life you

Look around,
over and under,
Love is in Everything,
and when you see Love 
at your center,
your heart,
with Love sings.

This eternal dance 
may change a bit as 
you grow,
you will always recognize
the rhythm of your

Be at Peace 
with your knowing,
believe, accept 
This Truth – 
Love is Here
with Gratitude,
dancing and flowing
with You!

As Love


May Love help you 
take each step 
with Grace and 
be it a familiar path
or a new road,
may you walk 
with Peace.

Be you in present,
in This Moment,
you know what 
to do,
even as you change,
You Are changeless,
as Love is forever,
always You.

A new day may 
bring new purpose,
but your soul’s purpose
forever flows,
create with Strength,
share your Courage,
Love’s aspect above 
is you creating below.

Ask Love what shall
you say,
what shall you do,
who might you see,
Love replies,
it All is You,
Be kind,
Be gentle,
and as Love,