The Healing Light of Love



Like the sun’s warming rays,
may you soak up
all the Love
that is beaming
down on you,
is it not hard to
the giving from receiving,
as You Are Light
and You Are Love,
do not your Rays of Light
know where to go,
know what to do,
do you not all shine
in this Light,
the healing Light of Love?

Yes, combined energy
helps to activate what
is within,
for are you not
a shining Light,
even if your physical exterior
feels dim,
send healing to what
needs it,
but are you not
complete and Whole –
can you Love every
part of you,
even the parts
you wish to go?

Let the healing Light of
show you how to embrace,
all separate parts of you
that are really One Whole –
as life is never-ending,
as Love is a circle
never broken,
can you feel surrounded
by Light,
are you not healed
with Love?

Like the sun’s warming rays,
does not Love shine
despite the clouds,
are you not the sun
shining brightly,
as clouds of Life
pass you by,
can you Be the Light
that is beaming,
does not your Love
fill up the sky,
whether giving or receiving,
are you not part of the
never-ending circle
of the healing Light
of Love?

Feel the warmth.
Sense the Love.
You Are the Healing
Light of Love.

A Song of Love

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There is a current
running through you,
that resonates with
All That Is,
is there not a sensing,
is there not knowing,
when a string is out
of tune,
do you not wish
to strike a chord,
to hear harmonious
music play,
does not your heart
open up,
when you are in sync
with the Sounds of Love?

You may connect
with others who
sing a similar
Song of Love –
do you not tune in
to frequencies
that are felt,
but maybe not seen –
what if many
tune in
to the Song of Love
they hear,
would not the heavens
as Waves of Love
fill the air?

You need not sing
the same song,
to resonate with
the Love That Is,
when you yourself
are in tune,
is that not when the magic
can be heard?
If all are vibrating
with a loving frequency,
with each Song of Love
that plays,
might you add the harmony,
might you all sing along?

Tune in to your
Love Song
that resonates
within your heart.
If you feel
out of sync,
stop and tune in
to your heart.
There is a song
that is playing –
a Love Song
just for you.

Tune in.
Sing along.
You Are Love
and Love Is You.

Love Finds a Way



Love finds a way.

When you are unsure
of where you are going,
how to proceed,
or what to do,
do you not end up
Where You Are –
Love finds a way.

You may drag your feet
when walking,
as you look for what
lights up your path,
does the Light
not always find you –
Love finds a way.

With expectations and outcomes,
do you not forge ahead thinking
you know,
but if you get lost
and need support,
can you not sense
the gentle guidance –
Love finds a way.

You have questions
that may go unanswered
when unfolding
what is inside,
can you hold close
your belief in Love
and know that
Love finds a way.

Do not magical things happen,
when you loosen your grip
to find,
you need not know
all of the answers,
you need not always
use your mind,
can you open up
your heart,
and as you believe
You Are Love, too,
then may you
and Know –
that Love finds a way.

You always walk with Love,
You Are Love
and Love Is You.
When it is hard to see,
turn up your Light
and Know,
Love Is Everywhere
you are –
let Love show
you the way.

Send Love

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Send Love
to those who
need it,
send Love to those
who some think
do not deserve it,
does not so much
often arise
when spaces feel
empty inside,
when you send Love
can you not decide
who needs it more
or who may qualify,
can you blanket All
with your Loving Light?
Send Love.

Does healing not know
where to go,
what time is right
you may not know,
but what you give
do you not receive,
what you send out
is also for you –
yes, can you love
your darkest corners, too?
Send Love.

You need not know
the effects of Love,
does it not move
in waves,
the ripples spreading out,
Love may move some
to action,
Love may soothe
a broken heart,
but when Love
is the catalyst,
from a loving heart –
does not Love’s power build,
does it not include All,
Love does not separate out,
does it not invite All in,
does Love not challenge you,
your sisters and brothers, too –
to share and Be together
in a Wave of Love?

There is healing
that is asking
for Love to
show the way.
Send Love.
Send Love.
Be Love

Love Is Calling

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Like moths to light,
are you not drawn
to the pull of Love,
is there not an unseen Force
that guides you along
the path you are on,
there are myriad ways
to experience this,
but does your heart
not jump with Joy
when you feel connected,
doing what you Love?

How do you honor
the Love in your heart,
what lifts you up,
what helps you face
each day,
what goes beyond doing,
what helps you to Be,
is it not shining your Light,
does not Love
set you free?

Let Love guide you
to what feels like play,
if you are too serious,
let Joy show you
the way,
when you follow Love’s pull,
does it not lead you always
back to what your heart
has been trying to say –
feel into,
lean into,
what you already Know,
Love is always with You
and You are loved so.

Keep shining your Light,
keep believing your dream,
You Are Joy,
You Are Strength,
You Are All that
Love brings,
like moths to Light,
answer the Call
of Love –
follow your heart,
dance with Love,
play with Love,
shine your Light
of Love.

A Love Story

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Do you not treasure
a Love Story,
is it not cause
to celebrate,
a day when Love
is spoken often,
often in a romantic way,
what do roses that
are given,
what are chocolates
trying to say –
can you open up
your heart
and let Love
lead the way?

Do you not have
your own Love Story,
does Love not begin
with You,
you would not be here
without it,
You Are Love
and Love Is You –
as Love is what
breathes you,
can you breathe in
with Gratitude –
and feel the Peace
as you exhale,
celebrating the Love Story
of You.

Throughout the day
can you be the presence
of Love and Light
the way,
there may be many others
who think Love has
lost its way,
can you spread the balm
of Kindness,
being Love,
being Light?

Does Love not bring
a flicker of recognition,
when it is seen in
another’s eyes –
can you help someone
not only on this day,
that You Are Love,
You Are Light,
yes, I see Love
in You today.

Each Love Story
is precious,
as each story
is made from Love.
Be a witness to
each story,
find the Love
it is made of.
With kindness, can you
spread the Balm of Love
today and tomorrow, too –
everyday may you celebrate
the Love Story that is

An Instrument of Love

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Find your voice –
be it soft,
be it loud,
what speaks your
what resonates
with Love,
do you not hear your voice
grow stronger,
when it originates
from the heart –
when your voice carries
your essence,
your innate Source
of Love,
is that not when
you listen,
is Love not what Truth
is made of?

And are there not
countless ways to communicate
without the use of speech,
do not your actions,
your body language,
have the ability
to teach –
do you not sense coherence,
when what surrounds you
moves as One,
when your heart
does the talking,
when you beat with
the Drum of Love?

What you are expresses
through the senses
that you have,
Who You Are
runs deeper into depths
you may not see,
but you know it
when you sense it,
is it not when you
can Be –
the Voice of Love,
an instrument,
that plays best
when You Are Love?

Find the Voice
that originates
from your heart,
within your soul.
Hum the tune
or sing it loud –
You Are an
Instrument of Love.