A Season of Rest

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You are the dark sky
with dawning Light,
you are the stars
that twinkle bright,
you are the fullness
of the moon,
or when it fades
to allow more room.

In this Season of
might you shine your own Light
where Light has not
been yet,
are you not illuminated
by the Light of Love,
is Light not a perception
that you already
know of?

Be still,
Be Love,
Be Peace,
let the darkened quiet
allow this space
for You to Be,
Be Gratitude,
as your blessed Light
shines bright,
Be Who You Are,
infinitely One
with day or night.

Faith and Strength

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Does not Strength
help to support Faith,
and does not Faith
help you to be strong,
do you not have all
the tools you need,
for any experience
that may come along?

Have Faith that in
any present moment,
knowing you are Strength
and Courage indeed,
may you sense the Peace
that passes all understanding,
knowing that Love
is always Here,
with thee.

May you know
you are held
in Grace,
indeed, always
so very Loved,
may Faith and Strength
help you remember –
dear child,
You Are forever
and always, Love!


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Share your Light
by turning your
Light up,
let your Love
help you to see,
the Light in
all brothers and
sisters you see,
are you not always
by This Light?

Shine your Light,
embrace the magnificence
of Who You Are,
This Light is not a
secret tool,
it resonates and
shines in All
of You,
is it not This Light
that solves the
mystery of you?

Be This Light,
darkness simply
in Light
cannot be,
when you see
This Light
in another,
is it not All of You
that are set free?

Share This Light,
shine your Light,
Be All the Light
You Are –
eternal, always,
You Are a bright
and shining star!

Always, Simply Love

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Move your perspective
to One of Love,
do not all differences
might you let go
of comparison,
there is no need
for judgement,

Do not judgments out
reflect judgment in –
is not forgiveness
simply the Truth
of Love,
with no comparisons
to mark progress
are You not always,
simply Love?

Know the Love
of One is
Who You Are,
you may resist
this powerful,
simple Truth,
no matter where
you are in space or
the Love of One
resides eternally
in you.


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Let Faith take you
by the hand,
so you may glimpse
what your soul
may you believe
that your five senses
can only take in
part of the show.

You may be looking
for the details,
or analyzing the
how and why,
let your heart
be the Director,
as you embark
on this magical

Let Gratitude
open your heart,
feel the emotion
of Love right Here,
might you lower
your resistance,
that Love could possibly
for you care.

You may feel separated,
pulled in many different
let Love be the
constant bond
that with gentle
shows you and
Lights the way.

You Are This Love
you seek,
let Faith continue to
remind you,
believe in Love
that goes beyond
the beat of your heart
and sings to you.

Let each breath
that you take,
remind you that
you are not alone,
You Are breathed
by the Power of Love,
You Are Beloved,
yes, You Are Home.

Eternally, You

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Accept you,
Love without end,
you –
as You Are Light
from Love’s pure
how can you be
but You?

Your Light shines
and is glowing,
Light beams beyond
what your human eyes
may see,
are you not seen
in all of Love’s
I See You,
as You Are

Allow you,
feel Love embrace
All of You –
embrace the Truth
of Who You Are,
shining brightly as
the stars,
is All of This
not Who You Are,
immensely Loved,

A New Day

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Let Love create
this day,
let it unfold
all around
Be the blessing
of Love,
that also creates
each moment
of you.

You need not wait
until spring for
this growth,
are not seeds
the promise of
Love germinates
with every breath,
Love is the answer
to every wish.

Let Love create
this moment,
may you feel
wrapped in
Love’s embrace,
let your heart
spread the seeds
of Love,
as you create
from this loving