Home With Love


Let Love lift you 
from your troubles,
open your heart,
let Love cleanse you,
like gentle ripples
in the water,
Love forever flows
through you.

Here is a place 
for you to 
come home,
a chair to rest
by fireside,
or if your love 
is by the water,
Love is the waves
that calm inside.

Let Love remind 
you so gently,
Here with Love 
you will always Be,
release, receive
All blessings
Love brings,
Home with Love 
is you, as Peace.

A Walk With Love


May you sense Love’s
Peace and Calm,
This is You,
complete and whole,
may you accept,
allow your story,
it provides the path 
for you to Know.

You will navigate 
twists and turns,
you may need to
change direction,
but may you walk 
your path knowing 
always that,
Love forever walks 
with you.

Celebrate Love’s Peace
may You create from 
this space Here,
honor this vessel that
explores the journey
of life,
knowing Love
walks with you 
always, dear!

Your True Perspective


When fear and doubt
bubble up to greet you,
they sometimes feel like 
a familiar friend,
they think they play 
a role to protect you,
to keep you safe,
small, staying

Your True Nature is 
expanding out upon 
wings of Love,
might This You 
embrace your 
inner child,
reminding your ego
what You Are made of.

From This Perspective 
step forward with Grace,
look with True Vision 
that helps you to see,
turn a new page,
expand your story,
as You,
with Love,
create eternally!

Where Peace Gathers


Be Love in This 
now moment,
say yes to you 
with Peace,
with Grace,
release what 
no longer fits,
in This Present,
loving space.

You can use 
your past to 
learn from,
but as it no 
longer exists,
Be You creator
as You Are created,
Be-ing Here with Love,
you need not resist.

Follow your breath to 
where Peace gathers,
join the rhythm your 
heart beats for you,
Be inspired by angels,
guides and loved ones
joining in This Moment 
with you!

Welcome Home


You are connected 
to all around you,
the wind, the trees,
they speak to you,
do you not sense your
place of belonging,
All of Love is 
Home to You.

You may have changed 
external layers,
searching for inner 
Peace and Truth,
but once you discard 
protective armor,
do you not find 
the authentic you?

May this Path of 
reveal what Love 
already knows,
You Are Love itself 
We See You and 
Welcome Home!

Your Open Heart


With Love, keep your
heart open,
share your whole Self,
begin with you,
see what lies behind
any walls that you 
may have erected to 
protect you.

Your Light is 
may it help you 
to see your Truth,
and when Lights 
shine brightly 
might you begin 
to see the 
One of You.

What you see that 
appears eternal,
may be a window 
to see you through,
with Courage and 
how much Love can 
You surround you?

Your open heart is 
Strength and Peace
may you combine these 
with Gratitude,
yes, send out these 
but know All of This
is the Whole of You!



You are always connected
throughout the Web of Love
you weave,
situations change,
new ones arrive,
but Love for All 
never leaves.

Every person has their
own journey,
but know Love’s bonds 
forever hold,
when synchronicities 
connect the dots,
these connections are 
magical to behold.

With open mind and 
open heart,
follow Love’s flow 
with Grace and ease,
even as life can be 
a challenge,
Here with Love 
is always Peace.

Lend a hand to your
sister and brother,
together, always 
Love finds a way,
Be in Love’s flow,
with angels guiding,
upon all journeys,
Love Lights the way!



Rise, dear one, rise.

Your Light burns
your soul shines
throughout it all,
though life can 
be unpredictable – 
rise, dear one, rise.

Thoughts of past 
may bring up 
but all have their own
journeys to walk,
connect with your heart’s
pure intentions,
and rise, dear one, rise.

You are never alone 
upon your journey,
sense these bonds that
are always near,
Here is Love,
ready and willing,
to see you rise, 
dear one, rise.

Reclaim your gifts 
that once brought 
is This not Love 
given to you,
pure Love and Light,
the angels bless you,
seeing you rise,
dear one, rise.

This is your natural 
State of Be-ing,
receive This Love 
that Lights up 
for you,
answer Love’s sweet
and continue to 
rise, dear one, rise!

Be You Love


Take one step 
at a time,
when things stack up
within your mind,
returning Here to 
this moment,
realigns you to 
your Source,

Here is where
compassion flows,
this is the perfect
place “to go,”
when you wish 
for inspiration,
or to tap into 
what you innately

Step away from 
wrong or right,
the world’s duality
loves to see a fight,
loves to play in this 
spreading its might.

Be You Love 
in this space
you need not ask 
the why or how,
meet your Self,
release your burdens,
Trust and believe 
Love is all around!

Saying Yes


Say yes to Love.
Say yes to You.

Ego wishes to distract,
not wanting you to 
grow and bloom,
but do you not hear 
spring calling,
say yes to Love,
say yes to You.

Your soul has planted 
many seeds 
that come to life 
when timing is right,
nurture All that is 
within you,
say yes to Love,
say yes to You.

Patience is a gentle 
some things take time 
to unfold,
with compassion for 
your journey,
say yes to Love,
say yes to You.

Cultivate these seeds 
with tenderness,
tend to them with 
loving care,
there is new growth
in every moment,
saying yes to Love 
is saying yes to You.

May Love Be the spring 
you long for,
as you breathe in 
hope and Truth,
You Are growing,
ever creating,
Love says yes, 
forever with You!