In joyful exaltation,
does not your soul 
love to connect.

Soul to soul,
expressing wonder,
reminding you
what you at times

Does not time stand
still to honor
what fills up any 
empty space.

To bear witness to 
Love’s expression, 
is it not a wonder 
to see such Grace?

Soak up the Joy
of your soul,
as you release
what you need not 

You are free,
you are exalted,
You as Soul 
are Love Everywhere!

Love’s Reunion


You are One with Spirit,
always with Love.

You sense,
you know,
you see the signs,
when connections 
are made
does not time 

Does not Love’s bridge
light up
as Love invites 
you to greet,
your loved ones,
Love’s angels
love to help
you all meet.

With awareness,
with your heart,
you believe,
you know,
you are supported,
so cherished,
a part of this 
loving flow.

You are One with Spirit,
always with Love,
my dear,
rejoice in Love’s
All you cherish 
are Here!

Soul to Soul


See with your soul.

The human story 
in its great detail,
is filled with turns 
and many twists,
ego often makes
it hard to see,
what is at the center 
of All of This?

As human you wish 
to be seen,
accepted and validated,
at times your own eyes
see beliefs,
that do not reflect 
the Whole of You.

See with your soul 
to see Love’s Truth,
in you and others 
you wish to see,
beyond the story 
is your loving bond,
helping each other 
unfold perfectly.

May this awareness
help you to see
beyond the stories,
so you may know –
how bright is Love’s 
Light gently shining,
between you and loved ones,
soul to soul.



Listen with your heart.

Yes it is good 
to still the mind,
but do not strain
to hear the words,
receiving is a form
of Be-ing,
listen with your heart.

Tune into where 
you may sense
it is not from your
thinking mind,
your soul as Love 
knows how to share – 
listen with your heart.

Be as a child in 
open wonder,
Be possibility throughout
this day,
this flow of Love is  
inviting you,
to listen with your heart.

You ask Love where 
shall I go?
What would you 
have me do?
Love answers,
You Are This 
Love now,
in reverent communion 
with your heart.

Love’s Eternal Gift


Love is Everywhere.

You may hear and 
not believe this,
in the world of 
place and time,
you may look in 
every corner,
hoping Love is what 
you will find.

Instead of looking,
begin receiving,
with this intention 
you flip a switch,
this engages a 
loving cycle,
receiving and giving
Love’s eternal gifts.

With open heart 
and arms receive
Love’s blessing,
Here Love always is,
Love is You 
receiving wholly,
knowing You Are 
All of This.

Eternally, You


In this world of time
and space,
there are experiences 
you experience here,
you may wish to weave 
Love here throughout,
sometimes Love appears 
not to be so clear.

This apparent intersection
of two worlds
may make you think 
a choice is this or that,
when there is choice,
is there not ego asking  –
is this good or is it bad?

As Love is never
might you shift perception
to this Truth,
Love is your wholeness,
your foundation,
beyond this world 
is the authentic You.

As Love is your forever
True Intention,
might you begin Here 
with this Truth,
the world may weave 
itself around your
but beyond all perception
is the Eternal You!

A Beacon of Light


Turn up your 
Beacon of Light.

You may not know 
who needs to see,
who may have difficulty 
with belief,
you need not fix,
but shine away – 
turn up your 
Beacon of Light.

Another’s path is theirs
to walk,
but alone they need 
not be,
All are One in the 
Light of Love – 
turn up your 
Beacon of Light.

Intersections of Love 
are purposeful,
learning ensues on 
many levels,
surrender, release,
Love knows what 
to do – 
return and Be 
a Beacon of Light.

Is there not Grace always 
Here for you,
Love’s Light helps you 
to see this Truth,
Love walks with you 
every step you take,
Love shines forever through
your Beacon of Light!

Flying With Faith


let go of 
what you hold,
is this not when 
Trust finds a way,
it may look different
to you,
release the future,
Be with today.

Let Faith restore
your sense of 
does Love not walk
with you every step,
may All unfold 
with Love as 
releasing what has 
not happened 

Breathe through tightness
and constriction,
the body communicates 
with you,
thank ego for bringing 
up this chance
for you to breathe 
Love’s healing through.

There is clarity 
in simplicity,
take a deep dive 
to this Truth,
let Faith and Trust
help you to fly,
so light,
with ease,
This Love 
of You!

A Gracious Allowance


Be gentle with your self,
find Love’s sweet spot 
that dwells in you,
ego is loud and loves 
to drown out
your peaceful center 
that knows your Truth.

Ego wants you to 
stay small,
but your magnificence 
cannot be hid,
Love is your Reality –
Here and Now,
ego may not want you 
to see This.

Be gracious and grateful
for Who You Are,
with Grace,
acceptance is a 
healing balm,
relax, return to
Love’s open arms,
in this release,
is there not Peace 
and calm?

Be loving with your self
and feel Love’s ripples 
flow from you,
in This allowance
is where Peace resides,
Here is Home,
in This Truth 
of You!