Your Loving Potential

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Rest when your mind
is weary,
step back from
figuring out,
there is much
that wishes to
pull you
and your thoughts
into many pieces
to think about,
can you look at
a bigger picture,
better yet,
might you sense
a greater ease,
while the mind loves
a puzzle to finish,
do you not wish
for the serenity
of Peace?

And when distractions
and noise subside,
do you not reach
the answers you
when your mind is
in tune with
your soul,
is this not a Team
that is a Force
to be reckoned with?

It is worth your time
to let go
and get quiet,
to see what bubbles up,
what you already know,
when in coherence
and not jostling
or fighting,
is it not then
that your mind
can pair with
your soul?

As One,
are you not exponentially
greater than the
sum of your parts,
may we remind you
You Are Whole,
connected to resources
you may not know,
might you expand
your awareness
with Faith and

Tap into your Loving
possibilities exist
when you relax
into You,
will Love not show
what to do?
Believe Love,
Know Love
and Trust You.

Being You

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Be You.
Accept You.
Love You.

In the linear world
you live in,
there are many
points of view,
you may not
be in agreement
with another,
might you find what
within you?

You need not change
another person’s
but might you
continue upon
a path
that is true
to you,
knowing at any
or cross road,
you can always choose
where to go
or what to do.

Yes, there are things
that feel “right”,
when you test
within your heart
to know what feels
good to you,
might you check
often within –
when there is
might you begin
with you,
to see where
conflict begins?

Be You.
Accept You.
Love You.

As you feel
in your heart,
is this not a loving
place to start,
to see another
on their road,
seeking their truth, too?

As you allow
yourself to Be,
are you not free –
knowing All Is Well
within your heart,
so you may simply

Be You.
Be Love.
Be the best version
of you
that you dream of.
Be authentic.
Be True.
And always,
Love You.


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Find Love.
Better yet,
let Love find

Let Love be the
that powers
when you resonate
with Love,
does not Love
come through,
when you think
that all is lost,
when situations
have you feeling
trust Love,
believe Love,
and let Love
find You.

Discover Love.
And yes,
let Love discover

Love is in the
and Love resides in
what is new,
you may have
a new path
to walk on,
but do not doubt
that Love is
within You,
things may look
completely different,
but as Love
is Who You Are,
let new discoveries
show you Love’s
as you let Love
discover You.

Be Love.
And let Love
Be You.

Be connected
with all you cherish,
Love is never,
ever through.
You are always
in Love’s embrace –
let Love,
Be Love
as Love Is

This Moment

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Be Here.
Be in this moment
as Love draws near.

Love is in each
breath you take,
Love Is You
and Love Is
Anywhere you go
are you not always
As child
or as you grow
What can you Be,
is it not always Love?
Let Love Be
in this moment

Be You.
Be You in this
moment now.
If you are not sure,
let your heart show
you how.

Love is beyond each
breath you take,
Love Is You
and Love Is Here.
From this moment
to the next –
be amazed,
be delighted,
Be All of It.

In your natural state
You Are
All of This.
Be You,
Be Here,
sense your Eternalness.

Be Love.
Love Is in
every moment
that You Are.

One Voice

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I am traveling early, so here is a message from February, 2017


You have a voice.

And is not your voice
a vibration,
that wells up
inside of you –
as air is expelled
through the
vibrating vocal cords
to be released –
can your voice
now be heard?

And is not your voice
not only vibration
of the physical body
that helps you
create sound –
what meaning
do you encode
into the vibration
of your voice?

Does not your mind,
your thoughts,
give rise to
what you wish
to say –
does your voice
not transmit
what originates here?

And does not
your voice transmit
of how a message
through vibration
is to be delivered?

You have a voice.

You are a powerful
transmitter of vibration.
These vibrations transmit
that are energy –
that mix with other
messages –
what vibrational soup
do you wish to be
surrounded by?

What if your voice
conveyed the Love
that originates in
your heart,
from a Higher Source –
would not these vibrations
be encoded with Love?

Would not the energy
from your voice,
transmitting a loving signal,
mix in with other energies?
Would not a loving vibration,
originating from Love,
transform and transmute
other wavelengths
around it?

You have a voice.

Can you be a powerful
transmitter of Love?
As you speak from
your heart –
from the Love
That Is You –
can you open up
your Voice
to the Truth
of Who You Are?

Give the Love
inside of you
a voice to share
for all to hear:

I Am Love.
You Are Love.
We speak with
One Voice.

Walk With Love

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I am traveling early, so here is a message from February, 2017


Walking along
a rocky road,
following a twisting path,
commands your attention,
as you navigate
the path you are on.
Sometimes the footing
is difficult,
as you maneuver around
obstacles that appear
upon the path
of the rocky road.

And yes, you wish
for surer footing –
a smoother path
upon which to walk –
where you do not need
to constantly look
for what may
trip you up.

But do you not
surprise yourself
as you learn
how to step
around or over
any obstacles
that appear in your way –
do you not
call in muscles
that you may not have used
in a long, long time?

Does not walking
along a rocky road,
give you an opportunity
to experience
the Strength and Courage
that reside within you?

And as you become
more sure of your footing –
do not the stones
upon the rocky road
begin to fade –
losing their ability
to block your way?

Are there not lessons
on a rocky road,
a twisting path,
that command your attention –
does not the road
that you are on
sometimes challenge you
to see if this
is where you want to go?

And if you persevere
upon the rocky road,
not letting obstacles
stand in your way –
does not the confidence
that you have found
give you Strength
to take the next step –
no matter if you
are on a rocky road
or on a path that now
appears to be smooth?

Be grateful for
the rocky roads.
Do they not push your limits
to let you experience
how limitless
you truly are?

And as Love
is the Force
That Is Limitless –
is it not
with Love
that you find
the Strength and Courage
to carry on?

Let Love
be your guide
as you take each step
down the road you walk.

Walk on
with Love,
walk on.

Love Is

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Love can soothe,
Love can heal,
Love can show you
it is real.

Love can mend
a broken heart,
even when you feel
it is torn apart.

Let Love be the balm,
that gives you
the Strength
to carry on.

Love can.
Love Is.
Love will.

Let Love hold you
in its arms,
always there,
always strong.

Let Love ease
your worried mind,
any place,
any time.

Let Love show you
how to Be,
lean into Love,
then let it Be.

Love can.
Love Is.
Love will.

Finding Love

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Love has a beat
that you can hear.
It may be subtle,
you may not believe it,
but yes,
Love Is Here.

Be still.

Love has a presence
that you can feel.
You may be missing
who is not present,
but yes,
Love Is Here.


Love has a picture
for you to see.
It may be a memory,
or might you see Love,
in someones else’s eyes,
do not doubt
that you can see it,
for yes,
Love Is Here.


Love has a place
in your heart,
within all of You,
Love is always ready
with what you need,
and yes,
always yes,
Love Is Here.


Love Is You.
Love Is All
that you see, too.
Might you bask
in Love
to Be it,
dear one,
Love Is Here.

Allowing Love

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How do you show Love?

It may be by doing,
checking off what
is complete,
to give another
of your effort,
your time,
your help,
can feel so sweet.

You may listen,
be affirming,
taking in what
one gives out,
time can be spent
it matters not
what the doing
is about.

With time,
with trust,
can you not get
to where your hearts
connect as One,
when you can get
beyond the stories
that may cloud up
the connection some,
can you let go
of the struggle,
that comes when
expectations rule,
can you tune in
to the clearer
where it is only
Love that comes

This can take
an instant,
or maybe years,
but when the
opportunity is there,
can you look in
another’s eyes
and really let them
know you care,
when your heart
can do the talking,
where you need
not win or lose,
in these moments,
can you follow
what your heart
is telling you?

How do you show Love,
can you move
to how to Be –
in this loving space,
might you open
your heart
to see,
with loving eyes
can you see another
to show,
to share,
to Be,
your most loving self

Be Love,
let Love
show you how.
Take a look at
your expectations,
then simply


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Can you feel the lift
of the winds of Hope,
when Light shines
its beam,
on what may have
been dark,
what you may
has been there all
waiting to integrate
into one Loving Song,
fear may think
you are separate,
but do you not belong
to Love,
and does not Love
always prevail?

Breathe deep
from fresh air
that gives you
the will to fly,
may your soul
may you reach out
beyond the sky,
Love is not out
of reach,
you may only need
to look with new eyes,
might you let your Light
show the way?

With feet firmly
on the ground,
are you not also
what does your heart
tell you,
can you listen
with great care,
clear out a space,
to let You
show you a way,
to be One with
that is with you

You have the power,
you are amazing,
let your creativity
You Are Light.
You Are Love.
Let the world see You
and hear you roar!