Forever Home


You belong with the
Angels of Love,
You Are at Home 
wherever you rest
your head,
may this promise 
of eternal Peace
comfort and surround 
you as you lie 
in bed.

May you be aware 
of Love throughout 
your day,
may you remember 
this eternal Truth,
your soul is connected 
to All you Love,
may you sense their 
Love flowing back 
to you.

The world,
this life 
can sometimes 
cloud your lens,
but your soul reminds 
what you already know,
you are never separated 
from Source,
You Are with Love 
and Peace,
forever Home.

Love’s Rest


Allow your figuring mind
to rest,
life need not be a
problem to solve,
what if instead of 
striving for answers,
you release and let 
your understanding

Beyond all questions 
you may ask,
are answers you may 
already know,
your ego mind may 
want more detail,
but might you trust 
and allow Love 
to flow?

This does not mean 
you do not care,
this is your Faith 
showing you the 
the timing need not 
be important,
you need not push 
for what happens 

Take a break from 
your active mind,
allow your heart 
to set the beat,
follow the rhythm
of your soul,
moving as One,

Finding Comfort


The human mind tends to 
resist change,
is there not discomfort 
in the push and pull, 
when walls erupt
it is hard to see,
may be what you

You may ask to see 
another way,
might you explore 
with your heart and 
not your eyes,
there need not be 
a winner or loser,
what is the greater 
combining All 
perceived sides?

Beneath ego’s discomfort,
might you explore where 
fears reside,
you need not defend 
to be safe,
you are forever Loved,
whole, inside.

You are treasured,
held by Love,
walking with you,
always, dear,
allow Peace  to 
reassure you,
All Is Well,
You Are with Love,



Welcome Peace 
to sit with you.

Peace says, 
I am already 
When you call upon
me, dear one,
your intention 
draws me near.

Welcome Strength 
to lift you up.

Strength says,
I am quite familiar 
to you.
When you think 
you cannot keep going,
I am the force that 
pulls you through.

Welcome Gratitude 
to see what is True.

Gratitude says,
I am your heart.
When you wish to 
see with clarity,
I am your Vision 
beyond the stars.

Welcome Love 
to Be with you.

Love says,
We Are All This 
All of Love
All of You!

As Love


Sit with Love,
Be with Love,
you ask –
what does Love 

My dear,
beyond all words
and thought,
is You,
as Love,

Tune in as Love,
be aware as Love,
sense the Light 
of your soul.

Here is where you 
commune with Love,
to rediscover 
what you know.

Connect as Love,
give of This Love,
in joining,
do you receive.

Let us rejoice 
as Here is Home,
Love Is You 
You Are Me.

A Graceful Peace


Breathe in Peace,
welcome Grace 
and ease.

Apply Love’s 
healing balm,
may it comfort if 
things feel wrong.

If your mind 
has a puzzle 
to solve,
may you invite 
patience as the 
answer evolves.

Loosen gently 
what is tied 
in knots,
release and 
remember what 
you think 
you forgot.

realign to your
natural state,
may Gratitude
show you a 
lightened way.

Remember with Love 
this state of Peace,
this is your Home,

Peace and Joy


Savor and enjoy
Peace that comes 
your way,
share it freely,
receive it wholly,
now and throughout
your day.

What disrupts your 
Peace and Joy,
which anchor your 
natural state,
question this fully,
release the rules 
that you have inserted
in their place.

The power to free 
yourself is knowing
you are already 
your ego mind
has drawn the blinds,
making it difficult
to see.

Release the belief 
that there is struggle,
a path of strife
you must complete,
Holy One,
rise up as Love,
taking Joy’s hand,
Here You Are

Savor and receive 
this Holy union
of Joy and Peace,
your soul rejoices 
in this remembrance,
wholly loved 
and forever free!



Love is beyond magic,
though it can feel 
magical at times,
a quiet Peace 
within your heart,
showing you signs.

A woven web that 
connects you to 
who you may meet,
who you know now,
when you look back 
at any unfoldment,
do you not pause 
and wonder how?

Be amazed at Love’s 
Be at Peace 
knowing what is 
you are sacred fabric
Love has woven,
a magical miracle,
This Love is You!

A Perceptual Change


Ask Love to change 
your perception.

Be patient with this 
it may be short,
it may be long,
ask for Love’s comfort
with any discomfort,
change can sometimes 
feel so raw.

In the spaces 
you are releasing,
ego may try to fill 
these back up,
this may cause doubt 
or second-guessing,
keeping you distracted 
is what ego is made of.

Do not engage in 
past analysis,
look forward to what 
your heart shows,
the path of least resistance
may give you signs of 
where next to go.

Invite Love in with 
constant prayer,
as you clear out 
what you no longer 
with clarity and 
peaceful perception,
Love creates a 
loving space 
to Be!

Your Eternal Spark


Sit with your soul,
does it not have 
some things to say?
Commune with your
trust in its guidance,
showing you the 

You are woven together,
where does One begin 
if there is no end?
You experience with 
the Whole of You,
your human self 
and your soulful

Build your awareness 
of Who You Are,
this is not an intellectual 
still the mind of 
earthly noise,
bring your intention 
to the present.

Bring your awareness 
to the Light,
your spark that glows
within your core,
travel upon this 
Bridge of Love,
that is always Home
beyond the stars.

Sit with your soul,
its purpose is Here,
forever True,
let your soul 
help you rise 
to see Love’s Light 
forever shining 
in you!