A Perfect Pace


Life can shift and 
leave you breathless,
as you wonder where 
next to go,
you may long for 
the familiar,
as your path may 
feel unknown.

Turn your focus 
ever inward,
do not all journeys 
begin in your heart,
have faith and trust 
in your navigation,
your soul is eternally 
your North Star.

Be patient with you 
upon your journey,
sometimes divine timing 
needs time to gel,
Be at Peace in 
any moment,
as your soul assures
All is Well.

Draw in breath,
this well-spring of Love
is Here always,
there is no-where 
you need to hurry,
Love walks with you
at a perfect pace.

With acceptance 
in your heart,
with allowance 
for what unfolds,
sense the comforting
arms of Love
surrounding you and 
loving you so!



Be grateful,
Be amazed,
Love is a gift
that shows you 
the way.

Be loving,
Be kind,
begin with you,
what gems you
will find!

Be acceptance,
Be trust,
break down your 
look at “me”
as “us.”

Be awareness,
Be wholly You,
Love answers your
your soul knows
this Truth.

Be Love,
Be gentle 
with you,
with each small step
you take,
Love forever walks
with you!

This Voice


Listen for the 
still, small voice,
it resides always
ego’s voice is 
louder, yes,
it can be hard 
to hear beyond
its din.

Ego builds resistive 
thinking it is you it 
must protect,
smooth out friction 
built by fear,
these walls tumble with
a cleansing breath.

Love’s voice is 
your very own,
the One that flows 
with Grace and ease,
trust This Voice 
as you discover,
within you Now 
is eternal Peace!

A Gift of Peace


As human you look
for reassurance,
the world is fraught
with right or wrong,
ego uses guilt to keep 
you separate,
you wish to find 
where you belong.

Love welcomes you
in every moment,
eternity is Here 
with you right now,
in life time stretches 
out before you,
making you question 
and wondering how.

Let Love help you 
with unfolding,
Trust and Faith
are part of This,
your surrender to 
your inner knowing,
allows your soul 
to say, “I got this.”

You may need patience,
you many not understand,
but in This Grace is there 
not more ease,
flow feels much better
than work or struggle,
accept and welcome 
Love’s gift of Peace.

Be open to miracles 
a miracle is saying 
yes to Love,
with your heart so 
beautifully open,
Love loves to show 
what You Are made of!

Hello Peace


Where is Peace?

Wherever you choose

Love is the flow 
that loosens friction,
Love is the ease 
beyond constriction,
in the linear world 
you live in,
choose Love,
find Peace.

When you question
your beliefs,
how might life flow
with Grace and ease,
let go of struggle,
ego’s need to fight,
say yes to Love,
and hello Peace.

Any moment is a 
when Love is present 
with your heart full,
in time and space
there is a constant return –
to Love, to Home
and always Peace.

Remember this is an 
inside job,
begin with you,
let Love ripple out,
Love knows always 
what to do,
Love chooses You
to remember Peace!


Ebb and Flow


The mind fills up
with information,
there is nothing wrong
with that,
but take some time for
your own experience,
try something new
or take a step back.

Life is an experience
of ebb and flow,
like an ocean tide
you may arrive,
ride the waves of
new information,
then assimilate what
speaks to you as Peace.

Return to your heart,
your soul,
when your mind needs
a bit of rest,
rest assured Love’s Light
finds a way
to speak to you through
your consciousness.

Here is All you need
to know,
always as close as
your breath,
Be This experience
of Love,
remembering You Are
forever blessed!

This Peace, This Love

5/18/23  from 5/20/21

Love has a place 
for you.

Tucked away from 
all the chatter,
you may wonder 
what is wrong,
is this Peace part 
of the journey?
Love is This Place 
always for you.

Rest awhile in this 
get familiar with 
this You,
you need not anticipate 
what may happen,
Love is Here 
always with you.

Know whatever may 
come your way
is not an edict 
issued to you,
your soul remains 
steadfast and true,
Love is this powerful 
state as You.

You choosing Love 
as your companion,
is you believing 
in the Whole of You,
release all else 
with Gratitude,
this Peace called Love 
is Home with You.



Look clearly at what 
unfolds before you,
release the judgments 
that begin,
what attachments 
have you woven,
might you see with 
Vision that is within.

Might you open to 
yes life brings many
things your way,
you need not manage 
all that happens,
might you flow 
with acceptance 
throughout the day.

Walking a path of 
least resistance,
loosens the grip
you have on life,
may you flow with 
a gentle Peace,
seeing All shine as
Love’s infinite Light!

Love’s Respite


Keep your eyes
on Love’s spark 
of Light,
when ego’s thoughts 
are everywhere,
may your breath 
circulate Love’s flow,
You Are This and 
You Are aware.

A decision to see 
another way,
is often hard when 
in ego’s throes,
This Light knows 
what to do,
reach out and give this
to your soul.

When you need respite 
from the noise
of thoughts that 
run in circles, dear,
step off and into 
Love’s true center,
Peace is with You,
always Here!

Here is Peace


Be Peace,
it is your nature,
this is something 
you do not choose,
step away from 
ego’s chaos,
Here is always,
forever You.

Peace has not
external switches, 
you cannot control 
it here,
Peace is Everywhere 
that You Are,
with allowance,
sense it Here.

Here is Peace
in Love’s true flow,
You Are This 
beyond time,
as you merge with 
peaceful presence,
Here You Are,
at Home,