Flying With Faith


let go of 
what you hold,
is this not when 
Trust finds a way,
it may look different
to you,
release the future,
Be with today.

Let Faith restore
your sense of 
does Love not walk
with you every step,
may All unfold 
with Love as 
releasing what has 
not happened 

Breathe through tightness
and constriction,
the body communicates 
with you,
thank ego for bringing 
up this chance
for you to breathe 
Love’s healing through.

There is clarity 
in simplicity,
take a deep dive 
to this Truth,
let Faith and Trust
help you to fly,
so light,
with ease,
This Love 
of You!

A Gracious Allowance


Be gentle with your self,
find Love’s sweet spot 
that dwells in you,
ego is loud and loves 
to drown out
your peaceful center 
that knows your Truth.

Ego wants you to 
stay small,
but your magnificence 
cannot be hid,
Love is your Reality –
Here and Now,
ego may not want you 
to see This.

Be gracious and grateful
for Who You Are,
with Grace,
acceptance is a 
healing balm,
relax, return to
Love’s open arms,
in this release,
is there not Peace 
and calm?

Be loving with your self
and feel Love’s ripples 
flow from you,
in This allowance
is where Peace resides,
Here is Home,
in This Truth 
of You!

Your Breath


With breath,
gather all scattered 
parts of you,
ego loves to distract
and separate,
return to your
tuning in to Love,
to recalibrate.

Discern what ego 
wishes to show you,
making you feel 
with awareness of 
your True Nature,
breathe in your Strength
as All of This.

Love is your natural 
state of Be-ing,
you need not travel
to Be at Home,
ask Love to show you
what is Truth,
may Love remind 
what you innately 

Your breath is your 
magical power,
it is the bridge 
to your soul,
breathe deep,
herein lies Peace,
All is Well,
within your soul!

A Sweet Release


What is release?

Give Gratitude
to the body for 
what it brings,
are these not insights
into what may 
trigger or ping?

You need not figure 
it all out,
or find the root 
it is about,
here is where Love
helps transform
as Love’s release.

Yes, the body has 
a presence you need
not deny,
in this lifetime
this relationship
brings you insights.

Dig down deeper 
to your core,
what are the beliefs 
you need no more,
hand over to Love 
what you,
with Love,
gently release.

You have intention,
but set expectation 
to the side,
the world of cause 
and effect can be
a bumpy ride.

With your soul guiding
you through,
with angels, 
guides always 
with you,
knowing Love 
is Peace,
this sweet release!

Opening to Love


What might you keep
behind a door,
are there not a multitude
of reasons to
keep separate what you 
may wish to hide,
for fear of judgment 
for this you?

Love says there are no 
secrets Here,
the doors you create 
do not exist,
take My hand and 
walk in Peace,
You are Me 
and We Are 

Experiences of this world
may not make sense,
trying to fit into 
a mold,
you may see a 
different way,
Love surrounds 
with Grace
as you unfold.

Step into your 
beautiful Light,
Love knows 
your heart,
your essence,
your soul,
you are remembering
this familiar Peace,
with open arms,
Love welcomes you 

Love’s Comfort


May blessed arms
hold you close,
to reassure when 
you need it most,
All are held in the 
Arms of Love,
Here on earth 
or at Home,

Know Love 
you send 
is received,
Love is Here
no matter the 
Love walks with you
every step you take,
Love lines all paths 
for all journeys 

Know Love’s comfort 
is Here for you,
you need not ask 
to receive this 
may Love soothe 
your beautiful heart,
reminding you 
of the Love You Are!

Eternally Now


To reset,
step into your 
Eternal Now.

You may need to 
untangle ego’s hold,
press pause on the 
stories told,
remember your 
Eternal Now.

“Now” is not time
as you know,
it is not between 
past or what unfolds,
expand to 
experience your
Eternal Now.

Release ego’s hold
on you,
shift so you may 
see a clearer view,
to return
to your 
Eternal Now.

Perspective is a choice
to make,
ask your soul to
show the way,
with Faith,
as Grace,
you exist 
Eternally Now.

repeat – 
I Am
Eternal Now.

Breathing Peace


Let Love
breathe you
Love’s Peace.

Breath is Love’s 
first loving gift,
in this moment,
return to This –
let Love 
breathe you
Love’s Peace.

You alone 
need not control,
join with the purpose 
of your soul,
let Love
breathe you
Love’s Peace.

Release and 
let go,
Love eternally 
forever flows,
as Love,
breathe in
Love’s Peace.

Question thoughts
that weigh on 
ask your soul 
what might you
do – 
with Love,
return to breath,
Be Peace.

Create this space
that supports you,
with angels, guides
and loved ones, too,
As Love,
You Are 

Love Is


Love is weightless.

It carries no burden,
it takes up no space,
it demands no-thing
from you 
in time or in place.

Love simply Is.

Strip off what 
feels heavy,
return to simple 
and True,
at the root of 
your Be-ing,
Here is always,

All Is Love.

Love asks for 
it is the answer 
so clear,
you need not 
travel to it,
Love is 

And Love 

Your Soul’s Magic


Set aside your 
your lists or what 
you wish to 
you may think 
you do not like
you may wish to 
control what next 
may be.

Instead of focusing 
on pragmatics,
or the details about 
your day,
might you tap into 
your soul’s magic,
inviting your Self 
to come out to 

Have faith,
have trust
in your soul’s 
you take no step
on your own,
in this life you may
want assurances,
but as a soul,
Peace is what you 

Loosen your grip 
on what the future
open your arms,
embrace this present 
Eternity replaces 
time unwinding,
All is Well
within the soul 
of You!