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Surrendering to Love
is Be-ing the Love
in You.

No pre-conditions
come before this,
as You Are Love
through and through,
once you see through
layers that are transparent,
is not Love always Here
with You?

You may resist at times
to give up
what you think
defines you now,
but surrendering to Love,
helps you move beyond
the why or how.

Surrendering to Love
is Be-ing the Love
that flows through you,
let Love take your
guiding you always
with Love to You.


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Be You,
Love You,

Might you sense
the relief
that there is
you need to
complete –
Be You,
Love You,

You Are This,
You Are Love,

Might you see
the Truth
That You Are Love
and Love Is You –
You Are This
and so very loved,

A Peaceful Place

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Though parts of you
may shift and
much like the rolling tide
and waves,
are you not deeper
than the ocean,
more vast than the
widest sea?

Sparkling waves reflect
the moonbeams,
or the sun on a
bright clear day,
they can race upon
the shoreline,
carving out new shapes
in the sand to play.

When you feel tossed
about like waves,
might you dive deep
to sense your depth,
there is stillness
in this quiet,
a peaceful place
where you can rest.

Your ego may seek
the rolling waves,
is this not the norm
of the human life,
but you as soul
contains the Whole,
where Peace dwells
without the strife.

Know as a wave
you may experience
the ups and downs
on the surface of life,
but as the ocean,
You Are balance,
in the depth and calm
is where Peace resides.

Loving Clarity

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Find Love,
see Love,
Be an antenna
for Love.

Do you not
know Love
when you feel it,
is there not knowing
in its simplicity?

Judgment need not
be a part
of any equation
you figure out,
as the answer
is Love,
is that not what
any question
is all about?

Let your antenna
guide you,
when given the chance,
you know the way –
knowing Love
brings loving clarity,
find Love,
see Love,
know Love,


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And Lo,
There Is Peace.

In the moon phase,
in a cloud raised,
in a sparkle on
lake so calm,
in the precious eyes
of a baby,
and Lo,
There Is Peace.

With your loved ones,
Here Everafter,
where there is no
time or space,
no-thing between you,
always connected,
and Lo,
There Is Peace.

At morning dawning,
all possibilities
are with you as a
warm cup you
at twilight soothing,
know All Is Well,
and Lo,
Here Is Peace.

This Moment

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In between past
and future moments,
there is this moment
is this not your human
seeing a timeline
and wondering how?

Yes, time unfolds
with shadows around
what has transpired
or what is to come,
but is not this moment
where your soul
and you
are always One?

Your Soul Awareness
is always Here,
it cannot exist in
another place,
time and space are
not its keepers,
it is both no-thing
and beyond all space.

You, now – in this
contain the Truth and Peace
that you dream of –
in this moment,
beyond this dream,
You Are Here
You Are Love.

Knowing Love

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Step aside,
usher in Love,
does it not flow
throughout your
is each cell
not made up
of This Love,
as cells multiply
and change?

You may see some
things as “man-made”,
but is not Divinity
in All you see,
when you see with
the Eyes of Love,
do you not transform
all you think you see?

When you move beyond
to a knowing you can
you feel it in your body,
but you know it
comes from Love.

Let Love be your
let your body know
this, too,
when All of You
integrates together,
is not Love free
to flow through you?

Step aside,
change direction,
let Love lead
your peaceful way,
shift your perception
to Be of Knowing,
may your Light of Love
show you the way.