Allowing Resistance


Allow resistance 
to help you navigate 
the flow.

You need not struggle 
against resistance,
might you allow it
so it may show,
another layer of 
another belief you
can let go.

As ever-changing 
and evolving,
do you not check in 
at times to see,
recalibration may be 
might you need a moment
to adjust accordingly.

Be patient through 
this process,
this is not something 
that you “do”,
invite Love to gently 
how to care for this
precious you.

Thank resistance 
for its message,
as you dive deeper 
to this eternal Truth,
at your core Peace 
is ever-flowing,
All is Well,
Love flows always 
through You!



Yes, We are Here,
Love says with care,
our hearts are connected,
no matter where.

Surrounded always,
You Are with Love,
Love is what endures,
all else slips off.

You upon your path,
of time and space,
you create your own map,
go at your own pace.

No matter the journey,
or where you may roam,
We rejoice in our connection,
together, always,
and Home.

May We remind you,
as you lovingly wake up,
together, always,
We Are One heart 
and One Love.

A Chorus of Love


Gratitude is your 
heart singing,
can you hear its
simple song?
It requires no formal
at any point 
you can sing along.

Here is Joy, 
do you remember –
sometimes you need 
a gentle nudge,
Gratitude and Joy can 
transform anything 
that may feel like 
too much.

At times you may feel
you have lost your 
but your heart always 
carries this tune,
let Gratitude pick up
the beat,
inviting Joy to 
join in, too. 

Here is Peace as 
your soul singing,
grateful for All 
that you do,
with angels adding 
sweet harmony,
sing with the chorus 
of Love as You!

Relax and Listen


Relax and listen,

What might you hear 
with a listening ear,
when you receive,
not asking why or 
what might your soul 
lovingly say to you – 
relax and listen,

You wish to know 
everything you can,
you analyze what 
you see,
figuring if this,
then that,
the picture whole 
may need to 
unfold –
relax and listen,

Break the mold,
try something new 
as a creative Be-ing,
is it not fun to play?
Be open to what 
your soul may bring 
your way,
relax and listen,
Love speaks Truth,

A Return to Peace


Love has a lightness 
you can feel,
there is a difference 
that you can sense,
egoic thoughts may 
stir things up,
and when they settle
are they not dense?

You may be programmed 
to look for struggle,
working hard is familiar 
to you,
Love asks for no sacrifice,
All of Love is always 
All of You.

Love judges not 
the egoic mind,
with awareness might 
you then know,
there may be choices
in what you hear,
what is loving and 
what might you 
let go?

Be at Peace in Love’s 
true lightness,
no matter what swirls
externally around you,
Love at your center 
is your loving anchor,
a return to Peace
is a return to You!

Your Light Within


When you release 
letting go of what 
you compare,
Love is not another 
does Love not wholly 
fill the air?

Your human filter 
brings you choices,
but your soul knows 
what is True,
when you look beyond 
the human story,
do you not See –
All Love resides in You?

Build awareness of 
egoic choices,
your Higher Self 
is aligned with Truth,
you as human may 
wish for world peace,
Love reminds,
All Peace is within You.

Upon this day,
walk as a Light 
of Love,
You Are This 
no matter your 
Love’s eternal Light 
glows within you,
may you sense Love’s 
may you Be 
Love’s Peace.




Are you not aware 
when you are pushing,
trying so hard to make 
things fit,
moving backwards,
is it not hard 
to find the flow 
in this?

Might you set aside 
your figuring
on how to get to 
perceived goals,
check in with heart
and soul to connect 
with what you Love 
and what you know.

Let resistance be an
that may open another 
this need not mean 
you give all up,
but might you be open
to this or that.

Keep your eyes upon 
the prize,
this may not be what 
you think it is,
let Love be the plan 
you follow,
is not Love always 
where you live?

Love is the flow 
of a deep river,
Love is the knowing 
without doubt,
keep diving into
Love’s deeper water,
Love is what All 
is All about!

One Choice


Decisions sometimes 
feel very heavy,
as you weigh what 
they may mean,
feeling responsible for 
an outcome,
is a familiar, 
uncomfortable human

As decisions ping 
the human experience,
are they not wrapped 
in time and place,
right or wrong may 
hang in the balance,
what a daunting position
to face.

May you release this burden,
dear one,
yes, human choices 
you do make,
but even with multiple
paths you walk on,
do they not converge 
into One Lighted Way?

You may not know 
a greater purpose,
the bigger picture may 
be beyond your grasp,
you are never alone
in your decisions,
invite the Whole of You 
to any task.

Your worth is not a 
decision waiting,
my dear, you are loved
beyond measure,
there is no choice 
as One Perfect Love,
You Are One with Peace,
as the Love You Are!

A Deeper Path


Clear a path for Love.

In your preparations 
for life,
do you not gather all
you think you need,
with heavy burden
there may be struggle,
life’s ups and downs may 
make you feel fatigued.

There is lightness 
in surrender,
it does not mean 
you are giving up,
when shifting focus 
to your spirit,
does not I
then shift to

You need not do all
on your own,
is that not when fear
may arise,
ego tries to keep 
you safe 
by keeping you small 
and clouding your eyes.

You ask for help,
but remember – 
help may not appear 
as you expect,
sometimes in the greater 
picture of life,
the specifics may look different
than what you get.

Clear a deeper path 
for Love,
Love flows beneath,
beyond the life 
you see,
Love is the bedrock 
that supports you,
you are safe and protected,

Do not miracles occur 
when you allow Love
to flow through you?
Walk your path,
bridging spirit and life,
Here is Peace,
as Love lovingly
breathes You!


Love’s Perspective


It may feel like a 
leap of faith
to jump into the loving
Arms of Love,
it may appear 
as hard to do,
much like to touch 
the stars above.

Your ego mind 
may put up walls
that make it hard 
to know This Truth,
yes, ego wishes you 
to believe
in ego’s limited 
point of view.

My dear, you are 
the stars you wish on,
All Light shines 
inside of You,
you are created 
as Love’s wonder,
there is no-thing 
you need to do.

Your Self knows This 
Truth you search for,
you need not change 
ego’s mind,
from your Wholeness, 
Love’s perspective,
This Truth is Here 
and beyond time.

Look with Eyes that
have True Vision,
Here is Love as 
Who You Are,
with ease and Grace
there is no struggle,
You Are Peace,
Love’s shining star!