Here Is Peace


There is an eye to 
every storm,
Here is Peace,
Here is Calm.

Where do you place 
your intention,
your focus,
gather in to where 
Love dwells,
at your center 
is Where You Are –
Here is Peace,
Here is Calm.

You know This Peace,
your soul always 
the human mind 
is comforted by 
this Truth,
Be with Love now
in this sacred 
Here is Peace,
always with Love.

Who You Are


Be Who You Are,

You need not wait 
for stars aligning,
you are always 
aligned with Love,
your human perception 
may beg to differ,
but are you not below 
as you are above?

You need not convince 
your ego,
ego knows only how 
to push back,
as an expression of 
Eternal Love,
how could there be 
anything that you 

You need not wait 
for a miracle coming,
You Are Love’s miracle 
right now,
within you are Peace,
Truth and understanding,
may a Touch of Grace 
be an answer to how.

One day at at time 
is a good suggestion,
does not your body 
respond to this release,
be Who You Are 
in this perfect moment,
aligned with Love 
and with eternal Peace!

Naturally, You


Trust You.

Your ego voice may 
be loud and bluster,
it likes to drown out
all other sounds,
but there is Truth
that softly vibrates,
that your soul hears 
no matter what else
is around.

Words and worry 
can go in circles,
but in your heart 
You Are at Peace,
discernment helps you 
to discover,
beyond ego’s voice 
is You, naturally.

Yes, you may tune 
into your body,
as part of your Team
it can serve you 
it may show you 
where you are 
it may release 
when you know 
All Is Well.

Simply Trust and 
know You Are 
there is no earthly 
complicated test,
partner with your body
for earthly functions
and allow your soul
to handle all the rest.

Trust – 
You Are always 
One with the Light 
you seek.
Shine on, 
Beloved Child,
Here You Are,
Home eternally.

A Beautiful Light


Your Light exists
for you to shine,
clear Vision helps 
you to see,
no matter the world 
around you,
Love is Here
inviting you
to Be.

Might you let go 
of expectation,
of what you think 
needs to happen here,
is there not Peace 
in the surrender of 
knowing Love always 
is Everywhere.

Yes, you may stand up 
for what you believe in,
but always seek the 
Truth in your soul,
be anchored in deeper 
not tossed about 
by waves crashing 
on the shore.

Look for the Light 
in your sisters and 
You Are One Light 
that forever shines,
Here Is Love 
that passes all 
shine on with Grace,
Love’s Beautiful Light!



Your mind may wish
to jump ahead,
to picture “what ifs”
that haven’t happened 
yes, there is planning 
in the human world,
but does not your soul
naturally unfurl?

Is there not power 
in this beautiful 
when you let go of 
past or future tense,
as Love, what do 
you wish to generate,
as One with Source,
you cannot help 
but create.

Start fresh,
start new
in this moment now,
Be at Peace 
in the unfolding –
yes, you will 
know how,
as you regenerate,
outsource what is
a sacred creation –
with no beginning 
or end.

In this moment,
may Love help you
to see,
your creation as Love
happens quite 
and as Love Is You,
may you create 
from this loving 
and healing Truth!



Take a break,
surround with comfort,
let your body
rest with ease,
there are times 
when you extend,
now take time 
to simply Be.

You may do this 
with your body,
but does not ease 
correspond with flow,
might you accept,
what gently emanates
from your soul.

You may have a 
million questions,
you may wish to 
know it all,
my dear,
knowing is internal,
more is revealed
when you let go.

Take a break,
a breath,
let Peace
trickle down 
like soothing tea,
let Peace and Love 
be your comfort,
cradled by Love,

A Gift of Surrender


Release to Love,
you need not 
in fear resist,
Love is with you 
in this moment 
and in all moments 
following this.

Love is in any 
even ones you 
would not prefer,
Be at Peace 
within your body,
know your soul 

Surrender to this 
may the Peace of Love 
be what you know,
this Gift of Love, 
beyond all measure,
You Are Loved so.

With No Sides


There are no sides 
to Love.

It is not structure,
it holds no space,
you cannot contain 
it is beyond place – 
there are no sides 
to Love.

Love is both All
as well as One,
in its infinity
love is never done,
Love knows no boundaries –
as there are no sides
to Love.

Love invites All 
as All are One,
Love cannot be lost,
nor is Love ever won,
Love simply Is
All That You Are,
complete and Whole – 
with no sides 
to Love.

You wish to know 
where do you fall,
on which side of 
right or wrong,
dear ones,
Love catches and 
supports All – 
there are no sides 
to perfect,

Peace, Within


Peace on earth 
is Peace within.

Be the Light 
you wish to see.

Know your eyes 
may not see All,
your heart may 
feel battered 
or weary 
from life,
rest assured,
your soul 
knows Love
and the Peace 
that dwells within.

Be the Love 
that is you,
dear child.

Begin with you,
bathe your heart 
in Love’s healing 

If any problem 
ties you in knots,
release your mind,
surrender thought,
the path of least 
is your loving,
knowing heart.

The Peace you seek 
is returning 
to You.

Welcome Home,
Love says softly,
Peace is Here,
as Love,