Hello From Love


A Hello from Love 
has not far to 
Love knows not 
space or time,
Love reminds 
Love is always 
in your mind,
your heart,
your soul – 
is where Love 

Dear ones who 
you do miss know
Love’s language,
beyond words,
it is the knowing
that is True,
when a message 
comes your way 
do you not 
sense it,
Love finds a way 
to say hello 
to you.

Beyond hello,
Love’s message 
has a beautiful 
to remind Love 
is something you 
cannot lose,
in this life you 
are connected
always, forever,
to loved ones who 
wish to say,
I love you!

A Blessed Release


to Love.

Letting go,
you may resist,
thinking there is 
something you 
may miss,
but, my dear,
release is the 
way to Love.

Let go of struggle
or of pain,
or a need to 
release to find 
your way always
to Love.

Letting go 
you lose no-thing,
as Love is eternal,
it is what your 
heart sings,
release to find 
you are always 
connected to Love.

Release with reverence 
and with Grace,
your human journey 
is honored in 
this space,
Love eternally 
is with you,
Beloved One.

Beautiful Light


You are a keeper of 
the Light,
does not All Light 
flow through You?
You are a part of 
this grid,
a web that connects 
Source to You.

You need no bargains 
or promises made,
Light is simply 
Who You Are,
a keeper of Light 
is Love’s illumination,
you are Love’s 
wish upon a star.

The angels love to
dance with Light,
ask and receive 
their loving caress,
in Love’s simplicity
be reassured,
beneath angel wings 
may you rest.

Release your struggle
and your pain,
let Light transform 
and transmute,
you are Home and 
Beautiful Light,
O Beacon of Light,
this Love is You!

One Voice


Be in prayer 
with Love.
And is not prayer 
the giving, 
of what You Are 
made of?

Prayer is the language 
your soul speaks,
prayer is the intention
that sets you free,
Be in prayer 
with Love.

Prayer anoits you 
wholly with Grace.
Prayer is your link 
to knowing beyond 
time and space.
Blessed One,
You Are 
as Love
in prayer. 

prayer is your guiding
speak Love’s 
One Voice,
in prayer.

With You, Begin


Begin with you.

Let Love wrap 
its arms around 
inside out 
outside in,
sense This Peace,
a sweet relief,
say yes to Love,
with you,

This is not a selfish
to realign 
and to tune in,
as Love’s instrument,
forever Holy,
believe in Love,
with you,

Those you Love 
are part of You,
behold what ripples 
of Love may do,
fan the flames of
your Spark of Love,
sense your Strength,
with you,

Release the judgment
of life’s stories,
your Light illuminates
a way,
from this perspective,
see This Truth – 
Here is Love,
as You, 

The One of You


Does not Love 
weave a thread
that naturally connects 
All of You,
you may have 
been through different
but Love is the 
in each of you.

You resonate with 
the Music of Love,
does not your heart 
respond to this,
be it melody,
harmony or 
your heart beats 
to the All of It.

Let Love be your 
primary language,
all understand it 
through the heart,
share with your 
brothers and sisters,
be they near or 
be they far.

All you Love know
Love’s sweet tune,
this is the Language 
sung in Truth,
let Love’s song 
bring you together,
so you may experience
the One of You!

Your Heart Song


May Love be the  
song you hear
from your heart.

Does it not join 
with melodious 
bird song,
that invites you 
to this day,
may you join 
with the melody 
of your heart.

Do trees not gently 
sway with branches 
that are One with 
a cleansing breeze,
may you dance 
with the rhythm 
of your heart.

Does not the sky with 
sun and clouds 
create a kaleidoscope 
of art,
may you create 
with the rainbow colors
of your heart.

May you add to this
fine day,
Love’s vibration that 
creates from You,
may Love play 
your unique song,
from your loving,
amazing heart!

With Love


Relax the story,
release the past,
where are you Now,
Here is Love.

With tangled web,
loosen the knots,
with willingness,
Here is Love.

With no confusion,
heart speaks with 
receive its blessing,
Here is Love.

With eyes that mirror 
your soul to you,
create new pathways,
Here is Love.

Embrace this moment,
You Are this Now,
always, eternal,
Here is Love.



Open up,
take a step,
is it not your 
that may be 
All That You Are 
is always within 
why not swing open 
perceived closed 

Feel the inertia, 
Love’s forward 
does it not joyfully 
beckon to you?
You may stall,
wish for more time,
Love patiently awaits,
always believing 
in you.

This forward movement 
is not of time,
it does not exist
in a singular place,
what we speak of 
is a State of Be-ing,
in Love’s 
sacred space.

Open to your heart,
walk with Love,
release all doubt
that obscures your
feel Love’s inertia,
Love leads this dance
in celebration 
of you!

Hello, Love


Hello, Love.

Love is with you,
always, completely,
you need never 
be without,
much like the sun 
that is always shining,
be it clear blue sky 
or covered with clouds.

You need not draw 
Love to you closely,
Love is Here 
from inside out,
open and receive
what you are, 
dear one,
You Are the Reality 
you dream about.

Awaken and say hello
to Love that has never 
left your side,
You Are a tapestry
eternally weaving,
with golden thread
that unifies.

Hello, Love, 
Love whispers softly,
recognizing You 
as Eternal Light,
invite Love to help 
you know,
you belong to 
All You Are,