Here You Are


Loving yourself,
loving another,
it is really all 
the same,
begin within,
smooth out your 
turn up your Light 
to find the way.

Peel off the layers 
that keep you small,
you need not fight 
to receive This Truth,
when you see You 
in your loving reflection,
might you then see 
all others anew.

Rewrite your stories 
to reflect This Love,
you are the author,
what will you do?
Create your space,
safe and nurtured,
from this Seat of Love,
is the Authentic You!

Your Spirit Within


Do you not sense 
your spirit within,
does it not propel
you along the way,
be it desire or 
what drives you to
explore today?

Love is a force 
that reminds you
is there not something 
that you miss,
in this chaotic human
you sense there may 
be more than this.

With a heart that 
is so tender,
with a graciousness 
so True,
tap into your innate
spirit within,
this Spark of Love 
that breathes you.

Play and create with
your True Nature,
Love delights when 
you sense This Truth,
Be as One with your
spirit within,
sense your magnificence,
the Truth of You!

This Perspective


Shift your perspective,
your awareness,
what other ways 
might you then see,
you have extended,
ethereal senses,
you may experience 
these differently.

Yes, your body can 
give you feedback,
but shift your focus 
on how you sense,
might the Whole of You
paint a picture,
helping you see with 
a different lens.

Let your heart,
your soul bring
into focus,
what you know 
is always there,
from this perspective 
is You, eternal,
this mindful moment 
contains Love always

You have Vision,
you know the way,
tune into your vibration
that sings This Song 
of You,
as you expand, 
extending your perspective,
find Here You Are,
with Love,
wholly You!

A Ripple of Love


You are a ripple 
of Love,
with no beginning 
and with no end,
you have purpose,
You Are Grace,
sense this sacred
flow within.

You are infinitely linked
throughout this
Web of Love that 
weaves its thread,
this guiding force is 
what propels you – 
on any journey 
you are always 

In human time 
there is past and 
but You as Love 
ripple eternally,
in Love’s Present 
Eternal Moment,
Here You Are,
sacred Divinity!

This Grateful Flow


Be in Love’s flow today.

Welcome in,
listen with your heart,
to what Love may 
have to say,
awaken to the 
Whole of You,
Be in Love’s flow 

This is not a new
do you not sense this
some each day,
is not Love as close
as breath,
Be in Love’s flow 

Yes, you may work 
at shedding layers
that make Love feel 
so far away,
Love is Here,
always with you,
Be in Love’s flow

Your gifts of Gratitude
connect All Lights,
from your souls to 
the moon and stars,
this Web of Love 
supports you All,
Be-ing in Love’s flow

Welcome Light,
your smile shines,
your heart is heard 
and amplified,
your Light adds 
to One so grateful,
You Are Love’s flow,

Wherever You Are


Love meets you 
wherever you are,
you may set a place 
and time,
but forever Love 
is with you,
you are never 
left behind.

Walk with Love 
in familiar places,
a favorite season
brings you Here,
Love always meets you
in your heart,
when you wish Love 
to be near.

You need not ask 
for Love to join you,
Love is always, 
forever Here,
Love is with you 
wherever you are,
Love cherishes you,



Let Love help you Believe.

You wish to know 
without a doubt,
that your loved ones 
are all about –
let Love 
help you

They will send signs
your way,
or be a presence felt
while children play – 
let Love 
help you 

They have not missed 
a single thing,
milestones celebrated,
what Joy they bring – 
let Love 
help you 

Trust your connections,
sense with your heart,
there is no-thing that 
can keep you apart –
let Love
help you 

Love is Eternal,
believe this, too,
always together are
loved ones and you –
yes, Love
knows you 

A Natural Perspective


Be aware of your 
Love can help you 
make a shift,
you may need to 
change your thinking,
for beyond thought is 
All of This.

Lower the volume of 
ego drowning out
what it thinks you 
must do,
in the spaces between
these words,
Here always within,
is Love,
is You.

You need not learn 
from ego’s perspective,
that is a rocky road
release the judgment,
listen with your heart,
you will remember 
what you need. 

It is a challenge 
in this life to 
look beyond to 
what is Real,
bring in Love’s 
natural perspective,
and with This Vision
see All is healed!

An Open Heart


Share your heart,
may it seek others,
as Love connects you 
soul to soul,
walls to protect 
may offer resistance,
but Love creates 
safe spaces to flow.

Seeing and listening 
to another,
is as important 
as what is said,
when you flow in 
this connection,
does it not feel 
quite spirit-led?

See This Light 
in another,
it shines in everyone 
you meet,
This Light is Source,
is You,
open your heart 
to truly see!

Simple and True


In the midst of 
egoic chaos,
Love is simple,
Love is True.

Be it a person,
place or thing,
Love’s connection 
to it shines right

Be a barometer 
for Love,
may your Light grow
ever bright.

May Love provide 
a greater focus,
helping you with 
loving Sight.

Along with Fellow Lights
may you hold This Presence,
Be-ing You.

In the midst of This
eternal moment,
Love is simple,
Love is True.