This Light

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Bring all of your burdens
to the Light,
dear one,
when you stand
in your Light,
do they not dissolve,
one by one?

What is Here
beyond the story,
the beliefs
that cloud your eyes,
is Love not All
of your Truth,
are you not Light
that eternally shines?

See this Light
in your sisters and brothers,
is it not the same
Light in You,
the differences in another
dissolve when the Light
comes shining through.

You All are surrounded
by Love’s glory,
in This Love
that you share,
bring All of You
to the Light,
yes, Here is Love,

One Thought

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One thought,
like one drop
of water
creates a reaction,
rippling out
beyond what you

What thought,
what drop
of intention,
or inspiration –
what do you
wish to create

Are you not a
master creator,
you may not realize
the power you have,
you are creating
every moment
of every day.

What will Love
have you create?

One thought
of Love
ripples out,
resonating with,
singing harmony
with This Vibration –
do you not wish
your creative thought
to Be Love?

What thought,
what drop
of Love,
inspiration –
create and share
One Thought
of Love


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When your worries melt
like butter
by the fireside,
comforted and warm,
is Love not like a
loving blanket,
holding you tight,
You Are Home.

Let your heart take
you to this comfort,
Love Is Here
always with you,
as you shed what
brings you to this moment,
as you let go of the
next steps you may take,
wrap yourself in this
loving blanket,
knowing Love is the answer
to any decision
you make.

Peace is always your
when you let go of
judgments of you,
Love surrounds you always
in each moment,
know the comfort of
Love and Peace
in You.

A Walk With Love

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Can you not on a
blustery fall day,
picture a garden
lush and green,
with vibrant colors
of every hue,
now picture me
taking a stroll
with you.

Who Am I,
am I not You?
Linked forever with
never separate from
I Am Source,
expressing as One,
there is no distance
as no cloud can
stop the sun,
whatever you visualize
within your mind,
does Love not cross
all barriers
of space and time?

Walk with me now,
my footsteps are
when you picture me,
I am already Here
with you now,
Love is the bond
that forever connects
Me to You,
You Are Me,
and I Am
loving You.


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Let Love be your
be your touchstone
when you roam,
no matter your earthly
are you not always,
always Home?

Love is the Eternal
that gives life
to All You Are,
and when you harmonize
is this not the music
of the stars?

There is Love in all
you do,
there can Be no other
find the current of Love
that exists in everything,

Let Love be your guide,
tuning in to your
Love Song,
Love is all around You,
Here with Love
is where you belong.


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Make an intention
to try on compassion,
not only for others,
but also for yourself,
it may be easier
to share with another,
do you not resist
showing this to
the self?

Compassion is powerful
in its purpose,
does it not allow
you to truly see –
there are many aspects
to a circle,
but back to You
does All not always

So when you extend
compassion to another,
know that you surround
yourself with this
as well,
You Are One
with your sister and
your brother,
let the healing of
remind you
All Is Well.

Make an intention
to Be compassion,
it may have lessons
for you to see,
be aware of openings
created with compassion,
let Love flow freely
through every loving

Thread of Love

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Follow the Thread
of Love.

You may see it,
feel it,
know it,
it weaves throughout
the tapestry of You,
connecting All to
One magnificent web,
follow the Thread
of Love.

Your path may have
twists or turns,
you may not remember
how you arrived
but be assured that
All Is Well,
as you follow the
Thread of Love.

And as You Are Love
do you not add to this
glorious Web,
shine your Light
for others to see,
keep weaving your
magical Thread of Love.