All Love’s Lights


Rise above 
where you can see 
with eyes of Love’s
perspective Here,
is not your heart 
Here at Home,
rest in This Peace 
with angels near.

You can Be 
Love’s perspective,
even as human 
you do walk,
might you empower 
your state of mind,
tuning into Love’s 
peaceful thoughts.

This is not a call 
to detach,
it is a return to 
your True Self,
is not a mind
with soul
that knows
All Love
be a perfect 
conduit to help?

Beneath all versions 
of a story,
is a cry for Love 
and to be seen,
with Eyes of Love
see All Love’s Lights –
This Light is You,
shining in All Beings!

This Bridge of Love


It only takes 
a second 
to remember.
Your remembrance 
makes time stand 
completely still.
In this moment
might you sense 
loved ones so close,
together forever,
are you not all
following your 
souls’ wills?

Is this remembrance 
not an expansion 
of Who You Are,
yes, there are memories 
that make you smile 
as you think of them,
but as you remember You
as wholly soul –
Here your loved ones 
are with you and 
you with them.

Take a moment,
a quiet pause,
your heart 
is waiting,
this Bridge of Love 
is Here always,
ready for you,
greet and hug all 
who you Love,
this moment together – 
is infinite,
eternal and always,
forever with You!

Sharing Kindness


Share kindness.
Let Love show 
you how.

Let loving eyes 
help you to look
beyond a story
that you see,
you may only 
see a portion
of a script
and not the 
whole story.

It is easy to judge,
you do it often 
to yourself,
what if you were 
to extend kindess,
beginning with you,
then to someone 

Does not kindness
help to soften
prickly edges that 
you may feel,
the parts of you 
that bristle defensively,
do these edges
not wish to heal?

Sharing kindness
is meeting others
wherever they are 
with your heart full,
embrace this kindness,
let it wrap its 
loving arms around
the Whole of You!

Be Forgiveness


Be forgiveness,
Be Love’s song,
join the first 
rays of sun
that welcome in
the dawn,
with no judgment 
of who receives,
do not sun’s rays
shine unconditionally?

Be forgiveness,
Be Love’s hope,
Be a messenger of 
for one who may 
not know,
join birdsong as 
they sing for all,
what tugs at your
as you answer 
Love’s call?

Be forgiveness,
Be Love to you,
join in as Love 
celebrates All 
of You,
create this moment 
with no strings 
You as Love 
are a perfect 

Be forgiveness,
simple and True,
release the bonds
that keep You 
from you,
with clarity,
with heart open wide,
You Are a Ray of Love,
expressing Love’s 
pure Light!

A Story of Love


Be a story of Love.

When you listen 
to a story,
does not your heart 
journey as well?
Is it not Love that 
pulls heart-strings,
Be a story of Love.

Love’s story passes 
down through many 
connected are you,
as you are eternally
One with Source,
Be a story of Love.

A note, a song,
may weave
that are shared 
through the rhythm 
of Love,
does not your soul 
sing with One Voice,
singing a story of Love.

The Essence of You 
is the experience 
of Love,
Love is woven through 
the fabric of you,
Be Love’s magnificent 
share with your
beautiful heart,
your story of Love.



Let Love lift
you up.

Love extends its 
forever hand,
when you are in need,
to hope again,
always with you,
is Love’s Truth,
let Love lift
you up.

In simple moments 
of the day,
let Love take the pain,
the struggle away,
in your heart 
Love is always 
with you,
let Love lift
you up.

Your path may
be different
than before,
your timeless purpose 
is at your core,
loved beyond measure 
you always are,
let Love lift 
you up.

You are a part of
an eternal bond,
what you thought 
was lost,
is forever found,
take this hand 
so familiar to you,
let Love lift 
you up.

Look in the mirror,
who looks back 
at you,
loved ones are forever
loving you,
join together in purpose
as Love’s eternal Light,
Love lifts 
you up!

Of Service


Be of service 
to Love.

And as Love 
is always your
you may ask,
how may I serve?
Be you wholly 
a Be-ing of service 
to Love.

You may ask Love 
to send your way,
a situation,
a person to 
experience today,
let Love’s Light 
shine through you – 
Be of service 
to Love.

When you share 
your open heart,
when you look beyond 
Love is never far,
what you give as Love 
flows back to you –
a blessed Be-ing 
of service 
to Love.

Hello From Love


A Hello from Love 
has not far to 
Love knows not 
space or time,
Love reminds 
Love is always 
in your mind,
your heart,
your soul – 
is where Love 

Dear ones who 
you do miss know
Love’s language,
beyond words,
it is the knowing
that is True,
when a message 
comes your way 
do you not 
sense it,
Love finds a way 
to say hello 
to you.

Beyond hello,
Love’s message 
has a beautiful 
to remind Love 
is something you 
cannot lose,
in this life you 
are connected
always, forever,
to loved ones who 
wish to say,
I love you!

A Blessed Release


to Love.

Letting go,
you may resist,
thinking there is 
something you 
may miss,
but, my dear,
release is the 
way to Love.

Let go of struggle
or of pain,
or a need to 
release to find 
your way always
to Love.

Letting go 
you lose no-thing,
as Love is eternal,
it is what your 
heart sings,
release to find 
you are always 
connected to Love.

Release with reverence 
and with Grace,
your human journey 
is honored in 
this space,
Love eternally 
is with you,
Beloved One.

Beautiful Light


You are a keeper of 
the Light,
does not All Light 
flow through You?
You are a part of 
this grid,
a web that connects 
Source to You.

You need no bargains 
or promises made,
Light is simply 
Who You Are,
a keeper of Light 
is Love’s illumination,
you are Love’s 
wish upon a star.

The angels love to
dance with Light,
ask and receive 
their loving caress,
in Love’s simplicity
be reassured,
beneath angel wings 
may you rest.

Release your struggle
and your pain,
let Light transform 
and transmute,
you are Home and 
Beautiful Light,
O Beacon of Light,
this Love is You!