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Share your Light
by turning your
Light up,
let your Love
help you to see,
the Light in
all brothers and
sisters you see,
are you not always
by This Light?

Shine your Light,
embrace the magnificence
of Who You Are,
This Light is not a
secret tool,
it resonates and
shines in All
of You,
is it not This Light
that solves the
mystery of you?

Be This Light,
darkness simply
in Light
cannot be,
when you see
This Light
in another,
is it not All of You
that are set free?

Share This Light,
shine your Light,
Be All the Light
You Are –
eternal, always,
You Are a bright
and shining star!

A New Day

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Let Love create
this day,
let it unfold
all around
Be the blessing
of Love,
that also creates
each moment
of you.

You need not wait
until spring for
this growth,
are not seeds
the promise of
Love germinates
with every breath,
Love is the answer
to every wish.

Let Love create
this moment,
may you feel
wrapped in
Love’s embrace,
let your heart
spread the seeds
of Love,
as you create
from this loving

All of This

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Be Light as moon
above you glowing,
spread Light as rays
from the sun,
see Light within
your brother growing,
know Light as you
and your sister
Are One.

There may not be
a single instance
in this life
that unites you All,
you may share a moment
on your timeline,
you may sing together
to a favorite song.

But Light and Love
have you connected,
this goes beyond
familial ties,
acknowledge This Light
in All you See,
let your heart open
to This Truth inside.

Be Light,
it is your truest
you need not search
for this perfect gift,
see your reflection
wherever you are looking,
your Home resides
in All of This.

Here With Love

20171222 XPicture

Another travel day! Here is one from 2017 as well.


Be here.

In the quiet,
in the noise,
Be the Love.
Be the Light.
Be grateful
for what comes today,
be it a single smile,
or the gift of
a magical day,
what brings Magic
to any moment
in so many ways –
is it not
when You Are Here
with Love?

Be here.
Be Love.
Be with You
as daylight dawns,
be a listening ear
to one who needs
to be heard,
be one who sees
the Love,
the magic
in the eyes of everyone,
can you see You
looking back at you,
when You Are Here
with Love?

Be here.
Is there not Love
anywhere you go,
when you look
with the Eyes of Love,
are you not shown
that Love Is Love
in all shapes
and forms –
it is the glow of
the stars,
it is the Light
of day,
it is what radiates
from you
in a magical way,
when You Are Here
with Love.

Be here.
Be You.
You Are Here
with Love.
In the quiet.
In the noise.
Be Light.
Be Love.

Light Divine

20191219 XPicture


Surrender to this
loving moment,
might you notice
this bright
and shining Light,
you may ask for
it to come closer,
but is it not radiating
from inside?

The Light Divine
shines always through
This Light is what
you are made of,
dispel the myths,
the stories,
You Are a perfect
Child of Love.

See with vision
and understanding,
from your heart,
with Eyes of the
your bond with Love
is Ever-lasting,
You Are This Love
You Are Loved so!

Eternal Light

20191217 XPicture


Look beyond the fog,
the clouds,
the shortness of the
does not the sun remain,
still shining,
helping to lovingly
Light the way?

There may be times
when Love feels obscured,
by the denseness
that life can sometimes
but Love is always
never gone
and part of

See with the vision
of your heart,
does Light not illuminate
the view?
Do not colors appear
more vibrant,
as you open up
to the Greater You?

All Love you have
ever felt,
will feel,
is in This Moment
All who you Love
are with you,
this is what Love
is all about.

With Faith and Trust,
let the Light of Love
show you what is
True –
All are part of this
Eternal Light,
the Light of Love
always shines
in You.


20191206 XPicture


Shine bright your
it shines for You,
it shines for Me,
is it not One Light
that showers Love
so brilliantly?

Is it not One Love
that lifts you up that
feels so nice,
is it not a wonder
that All can feel it,
is this not the Essence
of All Shining Lights?

See your reflection
in another,
let your Light show you
where Love is,
with your One Light,
see All of One Love –
a connected aspect
of All of This.