Shining Star

20181116 XPicture


Nothing can dim
your shining Light,
even when the days
grow short,
do not moon
and stars
fill in?

Is not your Light
always burning,
always there,
within you now,
might you not
tap into this
and find ways
to share it

Do you not share
in Love’s Light,
can you not see it
in one who shines,
when you reflect
off one another,
does not the energy
build and climb,
lifting everyone up,
you can do this
as All or
is not the presence
of Joy,
reminding you of
Who You Are –
Love’s shining Light,
as bright as
any shining star?

Shine your Light,
it can reach to
You Are Light,
shine it bright
so all can see,
their own reflections
reflecting back
for All to know –
You All Are
bright Lights,
You Are Love
and You Are Loved so.


20181115 XPicture


Trust that the
Ripples of Love
always flow out,
you are always
part of
Love’s flow,
even if you do
not know
exactly how,
there are synchronicities,
there are miracles,
that happen everyday,
even if you are not
aware of them,
do they not continually
show up to

Believe that Love
always flows
where you are,
Be open,
Be aware,
when Love is
knocking at
your door,
the Love You Are
is always communicating,
loud or soft,
when you let Love
fill you up,
are you not ready
to take off?

Know that Love
is Who You Are
no matter what,
there is not need
to judge you
or think you
are not “enough”,
let Love fill your
until it cannot be
held in –
share the Love
That You Are
and let the Ripples
of Love

Love is infinite,
and you are part
of this miraculous Flow,
Love is Who You Are,
and with Peace,

Whispers of the Heart

20181110 XPicture


Can you hear the
whispers of your heart,
sometimes faint
and often strong,
is that not where
unbroken bonds
assure you that
you are not alone –
you know the feeling,
it is familiar,
do you not sense
your loved ones
always accompanying you
in your heart,
their Love surrounds you,
always near.

You may think
it is your thoughts,
but might it be them
who puts it there,
do not your loved ones
also feel
and sense the connection
that is always Here,
is there not delight,
a celebration,
when a sign or
synchronicity appears,
when across this
eternal bond,
there is a magical connection
with your loved ones dear?

It need not
be magic,
Love is always in
your heart,
listen to the whispers,
assuring you,
you are never apart,
Love always finds
a way,
to let you know
Love never dies –
sense Love’s presence,
whispering softly
or very strong,
Here Is Love,
always with You,
in your heart
where Love belongs.

Being You

20181030 XPicture


Be You.
Accept You.
Love You.

In the linear world
you live in,
there are many
points of view,
you may not
be in agreement
with another,
might you find what
within you?

You need not change
another person’s
but might you
continue upon
a path
that is true
to you,
knowing at any
or cross road,
you can always choose
where to go
or what to do.

Yes, there are things
that feel “right”,
when you test
within your heart
to know what feels
good to you,
might you check
often within –
when there is
might you begin
with you,
to see where
conflict begins?

Be You.
Accept You.
Love You.

As you feel
in your heart,
is this not a loving
place to start,
to see another
on their road,
seeking their truth, too?

As you allow
yourself to Be,
are you not free –
knowing All Is Well
within your heart,
so you may simply

Be You.
Be Love.
Be the best version
of you
that you dream of.
Be authentic.
Be True.
And always,
Love You.

Allowing Love

20181023 XPicture


How do you show Love?

It may be by doing,
checking off what
is complete,
to give another
of your effort,
your time,
your help,
can feel so sweet.

You may listen,
be affirming,
taking in what
one gives out,
time can be spent
it matters not
what the doing
is about.

With time,
with trust,
can you not get
to where your hearts
connect as One,
when you can get
beyond the stories
that may cloud up
the connection some,
can you let go
of the struggle,
that comes when
expectations rule,
can you tune in
to the clearer
where it is only
Love that comes

This can take
an instant,
or maybe years,
but when the
opportunity is there,
can you look in
another’s eyes
and really let them
know you care,
when your heart
can do the talking,
where you need
not win or lose,
in these moments,
can you follow
what your heart
is telling you?

How do you show Love,
can you move
to how to Be –
in this loving space,
might you open
your heart
to see,
with loving eyes
can you see another
to show,
to share,
to Be,
your most loving self

Be Love,
let Love
show you how.
Take a look at
your expectations,
then simply

From the Heart

20181021 XPicture


Speak from the heart,
let Love help
make your voice clear,
let it come from a
place of Love,
no matter what
another hears,
you need not always
say it,
but when you lead
with a heart of Love,
can not another
feel it,
as Love is what All
are made of?

Be true to Who You Are,
as you reveal
this to yourself,
your soul knows
all about you,
even as you peel
your layers off,
your heart will
let you know
what resonates,
what does not feel
when you lead with
your heart,
can you let go
of any “shoulds”?

Live from the heart,
sharing precious moments
of Love,
in any present moment,
can you Be the Peace
that you dream of?
You may change
your surroundings,
things may change
but as Love is
You Are Always
in every way.

Be You
from the heart,
resonate with Love
as Who You Are –
shine your Light
so brightly,
as magnificent as
the sun
and stars.