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Do not affirmations
validate what is
already in your
does not a name
spoken out loud
validate that they
were here,
but in the realm
of Everywhere,
do you not sense
more than a name –
do not connections
of the heart,
tell you who is
with you
and always near?

Yes, validate the story
that has brought
your loved one
to you here,
but as Love Is
do you not feel
the bond
as they draw near,
you may need to
change your perspective,
as your relationship
appears to change,
but as the story
drops away,
is it not the Love
that stays the same?

You may wish for
of what you know –
there is no need to
let another tell you,
what your heart is able
to show,
the Gifts of Love
that you receive
are affirmations
of what is always
in your heart –
you are connected,
always together,
side by side
and never apart.

You may ask Love,
“Are you here?
Why do I feel you
over there?”
Meet Love where
Love resides –
in your heart
and Everywhere.

Everywhere Is Love

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What are Here and There?

Are they not locations
based on perspectives
within a space and linear
if you can only be
in one place
at a time,
then you would need
words like,
Here and There –
but as Love has
no boundaries,
as Love exists
how can you be
with your Loved Ones
over There?

Yes, it may feel
like a stretch
to comprehend this
where you are –
basing your belief,
your perceptions,
on what you see
in front of you –
you have knowledge,
you have awareness,
that your brain
may not be aware of –
but do you not know
in your heart,
that Everywhere
Is Love?

Now expand your
and do not Here and There
slip away,
you may only experience this
when you are sleeping,
or in a meditative state,
but a thin veil,
this separation
that you perceive
from your eyes “There”,
is only in YOUR mind,
remember Love Is

You can keep trying
to put into words,
what goes beyond
the language that you speak,
let your heart do
the “talking” and
you will find
what you seek.

Focus on the Love,
this beautiful emotion
that goes beyond
what you may comprehend –
in your music,
in your songs,
is Love not Here, There
and Everywhere?

You wish to draw your
Loved Ones in closer
as you may feel
they have slipped
from your view,
there is no need to
“bring them in” –
They are always
right with You.

The Sound of Love

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Love is ubiquitous.
It cannot be lost
or even found,
it is truly all
in every beat
of your heart,
in the vibration
of every sound,
it is Who You Are,
not who you
wish to become,
go to your heart
and Be the
Beat of Love.

You may need to clear
what is not in sync,
what feels like fear,
what has a dissonant
what separates you
from a harmonious song,
is when you think
you are alone
or do not belong –
there is nothing further
from the Truth,
You Are made of Love
and Love Is You.

Open your heart
and let Love flow,
where there is heartache,
let that teach you
so you will know,
Love does not leave
or go anywhere –
Love connects beyond,
what you see
and is always there,
Love vibrates with
the Song that is
You –
and those you Love
are always dancing
with you.

How do you sing with
and be in sync
with this Love?
Open your heart
and send your Love
far and wide,
surround all that you
with no conditions,
just truly Be
an Ambassador for Love,
will not the angels
from above
help you sing your
Song of Love.

Sing it loud,
sing it proud,
spread the word,
You Are Love.
Love Is you.
Love Is me.
We Are One
and will always Be
together always singing
the Song of Love.


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Home is a place
from which you roam,
but do you not yearn
to come back Home,
where does your heart,
where do your roots belong,
is it not always,
always, Home?

And where might be
that Space of Home –
when you feel Love,
when you feel Peace,
is it a place,
a person,
a state
of Being,
back where you

Might you feel Home
in different places,
might you miss Home
in your own
familiar spaces,
but is not returning
back to You,
when you remember
the Love
That Is You,
are you not Home
no matter where
you are,
in your own bed
or driving in your
when you feel the
Love bursting from
your heart,
is that not your
Place of Home?

You belong
and will always
Home with Love
as You Are Love,
You Are Free,
as a bird soaring high
from above,
there are no limits
to the Miracle of Love.

Everywhere, Love

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You need not believe
what your eyes
think they see,
the Truth is in
your heart,
where you know Love
is Everywhere,
you may have limited
experiencing life
with a limiting
but can you let
your soul expand
and sense the
Infinite You?

There are stages,
there are cycles,
in the human realm
that can delight,
there are experiences
that are tough,
sometimes unbearable,
full of strife,
but when you Know
the Truth of Love,
can you not find Love
through it all –
and even when life
appears to end,
There Is Love.

Yes, you may grieve
what you think
is ending,
when you say good-bye
in this physical realm,
but your souls are
already rejoicing,
always together
in this Love.
Have Faith,
have Strength,
have Courage
and know that
All Is Well –
the circle is
You Are always
connected with Love.

Believe Love,
so you may
see Love,
everyday in your
life here.
Know Love.
Believe Love.
Love Is Forever,
and Everywhere.

A Taste of Love

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And you may ask,
if Love is the answer,
why are there
so many options
to choose from,
in the world of duality,
in which you live,
does life not present
a smorgasbord
of expressions,
that you may
choose from –
but does life
not give you
myriad experiences,
so you may rejoice
when you choose Love?

And as your soul
is your built-in
that helps you to
to see what feels right,
is it not your soul
that helps you
with the selection,
at this Buffet of Life
that stretches
before you now,
but do you not need
to taste,
to try each item
before you,
so that you may discover
what resonates
with your soul?

With Love as a choice
and not as a given,
when you experience
in search of your Truth,
do you not get
to discover,
with delight and Joy,
that choosing Love
is really choosing
You –
do you not resonate
with Love,
does it not keep
pulling you in –
for Love is not
to be gathered,
is it not Who You Are?

You choose You,
when you choose Love,
you can sprinkle it freely
on every experience
you have.
There is Love
in every bite
on this Buffet of Life –
Be You.
Choose Love.
Taste it All.

A Voice of Love

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Sing your song,
sing it strong
and True,
let love resonate
with the Authentic
some may join in
to sing the chorus, too,
some cannot hear
the notes
that most speak
to you,
but does not
a Song of Love,
need to be sung
in your
Voice of Love?

What is it that
makes your voice
what Expressions of
help you to sing
your song,
you may lift pen
and write all
day long,
it may be in painting
where you find
you belong,
you may console,
or encourage
others to
speak their own Truth
and as the Authentic
does that not give others
space to shine their Light?

Sing your song,
sing it strong
and True.
What lights you up
will give permission to
others to see the
Light in You –
might they behold
what they are made of –
do All not shine
with the Light of Love?

Share Love,
let Love
be seen
as You
express Love –
sing your
Song of Love.