Beautiful Light


Behold your Light!
does it hold,
beyond words 
or thoughts 
the Language 
of Love is what 
you know.

When Love speaks
through your soul,
you need not analyze
what you hear,
Love’s experience 
in This vibration
is understood by all
who are near.

Shine your Light!
Your gifts of Love 
are wholly received,
your soul is strong
and well,
no matter what 
the body may have
you believe.

Here is Home
precious Light,
Love sees you always
as you shine,
Here eternally
is your Essence,
you are so loved,
beautiful Light!

Align With Love


Set your intention
so your attention 
aligns with Love.

Your attention 
is easily swayed,
often following 
ego’s way,
set your intention
so your attention 
aligns with Love.

Yes you are already 
One with Love,
but as your mind 
loves problems 
to solve,
does it not scatter,
chasing the chaos 
that it loves.

You need not think 
the whole day 
to align with 
what is natural
to you,
but your intention
directs your vibration
to refine and tune.

Set your intention
then let it go,
Love knows where
it needs to flow,
may your attention be drawn
to helpful Love
through you.

Intention is a powerful 
sense your alignment
with your Source,
with Gratitude,
let your day unfold,
aligned with Love.

Be You Love


Be you life,
Be you remembrance,
Be you eternal when
breath is gone,
hearts connected
weave a web,
that sustains,
supports with
Love’s sweet,
soft song.

Be you enfolded 
in angel wings,
in the ethereal
and here on earth,
Love is present 
and with you
bridging realms
united in 

Be You Home
in your loving 
walking as One
with All you Love
so dear,
sense Love’s presence
caress you gently,
Be You Love,

Here and Now


Welcome back to 
the present,
though in your mind
you journey far,
Love is Here 
in This Moment,
Here is where 
You always Are.

Ego loves to fret
or worry,
about past or future 
not yet here,
do you not tire 
of the rollercoaster rides
that reappear?

Step off in this moment,
breathe in awareness
Here and Now,
sense Love’s spark 
in you and allow 
your Light to expand –
as Love knows how.

In this precious moment
may you be filled 
with the Light of a 
thousand stars,
as you remember 
with your full heart,
Here as Love 
is Who You Are!



Be kind.

This is an oft used phrase
that you see throughout
the day,
is not kindness a
form of compassion,
be it action or what 
you say?

Is there not a softness 
to kindness,
is this why it appears 
so hard
for human interaction 
to share this as walls
are up and the fight 
is honored?

Honor your soul,
your own kindness,
does it not begin 
with you?
Let Love’s gentle 
remind that Love 
always flows through 

Extend the kindness 
of your heart,
soft enough to 
give and receive,
let kindness guide
you gently,
may it show you 
Grace and ease!



You may think time 
sets the tone 
for you,
sometimes so fast
and other times 
too slow,
is not time the human 
way to see,
what your soul 
already knows?

Time may play games 
with your head,
but does this not invite
you to pause,
when you need a break
from all the motion,
find the stillness 
that lies beyond 
time’s laws.

To be timeless 
Be with Gratitude,
time stands still 
in This mindfulness,
set the tone with 
your heart,
always in This Moment,
You Are All 
of This!

Sacred Blessings


May you receive 
Love’s eternal 
that wash over you
may you look with 
eyes of Gratitude,
is this not the clearest
way to see?

Clear your lens 
when it gets 
do not fret 
if the timing 
feels off,
all unfolds as it 
is intended,
life’s ebb and flow
is hard to figure

Bless the roads 
that you have 
do not experiences 
help you to evolve,
receive with your 
whole heart,
so open,
the sacred blessings 
of eternal Love!

Love’s Hug


Sense Love’s arms 
that wrap around 
you hug Love,
Love hugs you
connections made 
within your heart
are hard to miss,
keeping you on track.

As Love is a vibrational 
your intuition helps 
you to know,
when you connect 
to this Source of Life,
are you not extending 
and sharing Love’s

to All Love 
around you,
loved ones 
and angels help 
to turn this up,
now share with Joy
this Love that is 
within you,
there are myriad ways 
to share this loving 

It takes but a moment 
to share a blessing
with another who 
wishes to believe,
Love’s ripples infinitely
extend beyond 
your hug with Love
that you,
with Grace,



Welcome Peace 
to sit with you.

Peace says, 
I am already 
When you call upon
me, dear one,
your intention 
draws me near.

Welcome Strength 
to lift you up.

Strength says,
I am quite familiar 
to you.
When you think 
you cannot keep going,
I am the force that 
pulls you through.

Welcome Gratitude 
to see what is True.

Gratitude says,
I am your heart.
When you wish to 
see with clarity,
I am your Vision 
beyond the stars.

Welcome Love 
to Be with you.

Love says,
We Are All This 
All of Love
All of You!



Be You today,
be a Light 
for someone 
to see,
it may appear 
to be an 
ordinary day,
but Love is 
in its scope 
of thee.

Love is the window
to compassion
and kindness,
let your heart 
show you the 
do you not receive 
what you are 
Be You – 
Be Love’s 
caring gift 

Be You today,
you need not “do” 
anything special 
or big,
Be Love from 
your beautiful 
Be the extraordinary 
presence of 
All of This!