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Yes, this word brings
up images
of laughter,
children engaged
in play,
but can you feel
the shift in energy,
when you connect
to the power of

It need not be a
frivolous action,
though there is nothing
wrong with frivolity,
would not people
feel more loving,
if they joined in
with Joy and glee?

Is there not presence
in the moment,
when at any time of
you surrender your
and let yourself

Children learn
within this energy,
it is how they
grow their brain,
as you are constantly
does it not behoove you
to do the same –
might you connect
easily to another
when your heart
is opened wide –
and with Love,
Joy and laughter,
does play not help
you enjoy the ride?

Allow yourself
the time,
the space,
to let go
of the serious you –
Love is playful,
Love is wonder,
invite Love in
to play with

Your Voice of Love

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In the midst of
all the noise,
there is one Voice
that you hear,
sometimes you need
to strain to hear it,
sometimes it comes in
very clear,
when you set a loving
do you not clear out
a way,
to be connected,
to recognize,
that Love speaks
to you each and
every day.

Some days may feel
more hectic
and if you do not
take time to
you may fall into
old patterns,
letting fear bring in
some doubt,
do not let time
become your master,
do you not always
work things out –
and listening to the
still, small Voice
within you,
is that not what
Love is all

Turn up your inner
the one that whispers
in your ear,
it sings with the
beat of your heart,
it is the Voice
that is most
you may waver
in your attempts
to tune into
this steady beat,
but when you find it,
save the channel,
it is the only Voice
you need.

Sing with your
Voice of Love,
let it affirm
what you have
come to know –
when you listen
to Love,
and speak your Truth –
O the places
you may go!

A Loving Focus

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When your mind
is full of details,
when you are mired
in the muck,
when you wish for
clarity –
focus on Love.

When complications
have your head spinning,
when there is change
in the air,
when you wish for
simplicity –
focus on Love.

You may think
Love is elusive,
but it never hides
when you call its
it is as close
as your next
breath –
when you focus
on Love.

You may wonder
how to garner,
the energy that
has brought you
with every beat
of your heart,
might you
focus on Love.

Keep it simple,
slow it down,
to what is always
and all around,
do you not honor
You –
when you focus
on Love?

And with every breath
you take,
a prayer of Gratitude
you may make,
are you not grateful
upon this day,
let your focus
Be Love.

Align With Light

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Align with Light –
wherever it may
soak it up when
it is plentiful,
then Be the
when it does
not show,
yes, there may be
gloomy days
when clouds and fog
seem to close in,
but you always have
Light with you,
find the spark
that glows within.

Align with Light
and all of the promise
that it brings,
you feel hope,
you feel delight,
with Light does
not your heart
this is a song
that you can play,
whenever your heart
is open wide –
align with Light
and know that Love,
is always
by your side.

Align with Light,
let it light up
the Joy
inside of you,
remember You Are
not only in summer,
but winter, too –
you are a generator
of Love,
Peace and Joy
will follow suit –
align with Light,
with Who You Are,
shining bright
in the Light of


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Love –
with all your heart,
with all your soul,
with all your mind.

You have heard these
words before,
but do they not resonate
in a different way,
knowing your heart is
a bridge
between your soul
and your mind,
what might happen
when Love lights up
all aspects of You,
will Love not
bring together
your scattered pieces
into One?

You may call this
or coherence –
this balancing
of You,
when Love is the
driving Force,
do not the
puzzle pieces
With free will
you may start over,
you may change
your mind
along the way,
but there is
there is support,
when you ask Love
to Light the way.

Embrace your heart,
your soul,
your mind –
and with the
Power of Love,
seamlessly they
fit together,
sense the Peace,
yes, You Are

Being Light

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Be the Light,
keep it steady,
keep it strong,
sing it acapella,
or in harmony,
when other
s sing
you may be one candle
or a beam of Light
that lights the way,
Be the Light,
Be Love,
Be bright,

Be the Light,
with Love will others
not know
and feel their own
when they reflect
Love’s warming glow,
feel it open your
it cannot help but
Be the Light,
Be Love,
go with Love
where you are

Be the Light,
feel it deep
within your soul,
even when distracted
or busy,
check in often,
do you not know –
you hold the space,
for Love to have
a voice,
there are a thousand
ways to sing it,
at any moment,
in any place.

Be the light,
keep it steady,
keep it strong –
sing it alone
or with others,
in Light
and Love
is where You

Love’s Generosity

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Be generous,
whatever that
means to you –
you may think
time or
but might you
expand your
gifting view?

Think not only of
what to give,
might sharing be
another avenue,
when you think
of the Love
within your heart,
is it not generous
to share You?

Be present,
is this not a
all wish to
receive –
a listening ear,
a caring soul,
someone who sees
wherever you
may be.

Might you expand
to be
a non-judgmental view
with no “you” and “me”,
might you be generous
with the Love
that includes All
that you see?

Be generous,
let Love flow,
let Love set
you free,
see where it
takes you,
let yourself be
surprised and see –
as you give
do you not also
being a catalyst
for Love’s

Be generous.
Be present.
Be the Gift
that Love
knows you
to Be.