A Bridge Across Forever

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Let us walk
the bridge
across forever,
where you and
I may always
my hand,
your hand,
always together,
forever as
we will always

Our souls are
eternally connected,
Love has created
this eternal bond,
as close as
perfect harmony,
blending together
in Love’s angelic

With no beginning,
with no end,
be it heaven
or earth,
do we not
I am in every
breath you take,
we share as
always Whole,

Let us Be
the bridge
across forever,
this is not a
place that
is far away,
let us Be
This Love,
this moment,
knowing Love
is always Here
to stay.

A Virtual Be-ing

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Do you know how
expansive you are?

One single place
or any space
cannot contain
the All of You,
as you are connected,
One Web of energy,
Love flows through
every one of

You may see
physical distance,
but is this not
helping you to
beyond your
proximity of
are not these
experiences here
to teach?

You are a creator,
when one door closes,
might you open to
so much more,
you dreamed of
special keys that
might unlock
what you are looking

But might you open
to your Essence,
that is neither
here or there,
you always are
a virtual Be-ing,
for You exist
truly Everywhere.

Expand with Love,
the technology of
the infrastructure
is You in space,
Love connects you
to this Web of Love,
your heart,
your soul
is This
Loving Place.

With Open Eyes

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What do you notice?

Go ahead and look
with eyes wide open
at what life wishes
you to see,
are there not countless
to see the Truth
beyond what fear
may bring?

And as fear is
a perception,
providing a window
you may look
with Faith might
you lovingly clean off
the glass,
with Love may you
open it
and climb right through?

Thank all perceptions
you may notice,
yes, you are learning
at hyper speed,
but remember –
you Know what
truly exists,
beyond perception
is Love,
your Home,

May you notice
each sacred breath
you take,
is a loving reminder
that You Are Loved,
You Are a sacred
with open eyes
and heart,
know that
You Are Love!

All Hearts, One Song

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Hear ye Love,
you know this
sing out one note,
do not others
sing along?

Let Love add sweet Harmony,
a symphony of Love
is oh so strong,
may you sing with
One Voice,
all together as
One Song?

Hear ye heart
that beats with
what is True,
when All Hearts
beat together,
is there nothing
you cannot do?

Let Love remind you
of the rhythm,
follow the beat
of what you know
is True,
Here is Love,
playing sweet music,
and the music
Is You!

Be-ing Together

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Be together –
with Love.

Love is akin to
any technology,
you need not be
face to face,
truly, your faces are
not different,
though they appear
this way in
time and space.

You embody Love’s
Strength and Power,
is not moving mountains
part of your creed –
now harness Courage
wrapped in Peace,
so you may know
beyond any belief.

Take this time to
Love your brother
and sister,
is this not beyond time
or current experience,
yes, experience may
connect the whole,
but you are always
connected with
your holiness.

Be together,
as Love –
there really is
no other way,
send sacred Love
throughout the
Be a Beacon of Light,
of Love,

One Heart of Humanity

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You are connected.
The All of You.

Might you open up
your perspective,
to see Love in
All you see,
as You Are Love
from Love’s True
is Love not also
the person standing
next to thee?

You come together
then isolate,
are you not aware
of this social
ebb and flow,
do you now realize
you are All Together,
even as individual aspects
of a greater Soul?

Is there not a blurring
of the lines
that you may have
carefully drawn in,
Love may never be
it is the Force
that exists without
and within.

You Are your brothers
and sisters,
old or young,
same or differently,
This Love flows throughout
this you and you,
you think are not quite
connected to “me”.

Are not All of You
the All of Me,
This Love you long
to finally meet –
are not the doors open
no, you cannot hide –
Love exists in
One Heart of

Here I Am

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Here I Am.

There is no place
that you can go
where I am
not there.

I am with you
in morning sun
or night of
I walk with you
each step on
your blessed

Who am I
loving you in
every moment,
I Am your Source,
your Love,
that Love has
eternally sent.

I am the gentle
that lets you know
I am Here,
I am the knowing
that fills your heart
and Loves you dear.

You need not
find a place
or time to
meet me Here,
you and I
Are One,
as Love exists
truly Everywhere.

You may think
your heart
cannot hold
All of This Love,
my dear,
You Are This
that you have
been dreaming of.

Here I Am,
always hand in
hand with You.
Let us walk
as One Love
rejoicing in
This Truth.