Loop of Love

20180721 XPicture


What can you shine
your Light on today,
who can you lift up,
by sending Light
their way,
is Love not like a
what you send out –
will return,
can you begin
a Loop of Love,
that builds momentum,
so you may learn,
you are part of Love’s
it may feel like
taking turns,
but as there is
no beginning,
and there is no end –
you are always
with Love,
this Loop of Love
that you are in.

And when you feel
out of sync,
not sure of what
you may need,
can you extend
your Love out
and see what returns
to you,
there is a flow,
there is a rhythm,
yes, Love has a
ask Love to show
you how
you can serve Love
and thus feed you?

Feel the pulse
of the Loop of Love,
what you put out
does return,
let Love show you
the magic,
as you surrender
to what you may learn,
find your rhythm,
embrace your groove,
as Love will show
you the way,
step into your
Loop of Love,
and with Joy,
may you play!

*Note – the picture is a “Boomerang Nebula”

Divinely Human

20180713 XPicture


Where there is friction
are there not
Sparks of Light?

As human,
are you not accustomed
to experiencing
how friction rubs,
it may be an annoyance,
an irritation,
do you not seek
the oil
to quiet the wheel,
but does not friction
set you upon
most any journey
you found yourself on,
seeking the grease,
finding Peace,
as your soul
uncovers the Love,
behind it all
and in Everything?

And is this not
the human role,
you have signed up,
part of you knows,
there will be trials
and tribulation,
is this not how
you stretch and grow –
but you are honored
upon this Journey,
you are the strongest
and the brave,
to learn as human,
to face the waves
of emotion,
and strife,
(you may ask – why would
I choose this life?) –
but as human,
are you not Divine,
Divinely lead,
as you are intertwined
with your soul,
your Shining Light,
that accompanies you
with every step?

There will be friction
upon your journey,
let the sparks fall
where they may,
they light up
your Guiding Light
that walks with you,
every step of the way,
life is not for you
to battle,
it may not make sense
from what you see,
but your soul is
Eternally Grateful,
for lessons learned,
for Love to Be.

Yes, there is Love,
that is the purpose,
can you find it
from the Light of
the Spark?
Turn up your Light,
step in fully –
You Are
Divinely Human
with your loving heart.

Loving You

20180712 XPicture


Let Love show you
how to Love.

Is it not often easier
to send out Love
than to take it in –
can you ask Love
to show you how
self-care can begin?

There are many expectations
on what you “need”
from outside in,
but can you build up
your heart,
this muscle,
to take care of you
from within,
can you ask Love
to lovingly show you,
how loved you are
with every breath,
soak it up from others
when they send it,
but Love is Here
in its eternalness.

You need not ask it,
you need not earn it,
Love is with you
at every turn,
now turn Love towards
you, dear one –
let Love wash over you,
filling you up
with so much Love.

When your tank
is feeling empty,
is it not time to
care for you –
let Love be your
patient teacher,
let Love show you
how to Love . . .

Soak in a bath,
howl at the moon,
find a way to
dance or play,
walk outside,
sit and feel
the breeze,
honor You
with Love

Walking With Love

20180711 XPicture


Walk your path,
though you never walk
it alone,
though others may see
different scenery,
yes, it is true,
are you not all
walking each other
You learn,
you cry,
you dance,
you laugh,
but in the end
do you not see –
is it not all about
the Love within,
turning up your Light
to shine brightly?

Your Path of Love
may bring you
different things
so you may choose,
to experience
a range of emotions,
to see what comes up
to be known,
and as you move deeper,
honoring every feeling
that you may have,
might the simplest
and most powerful choice,
be for You to extend
Love to you?

Can you take the Love
That You Are
and envelop you
in this Love now,
your heart is the bridge
that lets your soul
speak lovingly to you,
when you feel separate,
when you need comfort,
Love is only an intention
away –
open your heart
to the endless Pool
of Love,
that is with you
every day.

Walk your path –
and know that Love
walks with you.
Find Peace in knowing
Love Is Here,
Everywhere You Are,
so Love Is, too.

Sharing the Road

20180707 XPicture


There is a path
you can follow,
do not bread crumbs
lead the way,
a clue here,
a nudge there,
are you not guided
day by day –
others may experience
similar travels,
do you not meet them
on this road,
some will stay,
others branch off,
depending upon
their story told.

Everyone is on a journey,
each one unique
and yet the same,
when you feel awareness
do you not attract others
who feel the same,
no matter – same or different,
does not each journey
help you see the Love
in You
and when you can look
even deeper,
is not another
this Love, too?

Sometimes the road
may look different,
you may travel in
many ways,
you may walk,
or drive,
or fly,
depending on the
type of day,
be respectful of
who may be sharing
a similar road –
one might take a
different route,
following their own map
as it unfolds.

Share the road.
Help another.
Send Love to those
you meet along
the way.
It is the journey,
not the destination –
how will you experience
Love today?

Listen With Your Heart

20180702 XPicture


Listen with your heart.

Yes, ears are amazing
in their structure,
what fantastic receivers
they can be,
to hear the ocean’s roaring
or the faint hum of a
you can hear another
or take in the harmonies
of a song you hold dear,
but where do you
the frequencies that
come to you,
can you experience
what you hear,
by opening up another
by listening with
your heart?

Can you not hear
even more clearly,
when you turn up
the Love,
is there not a richness
in conversation,
when there is nothing else
you are thinking of –
when you give your
full attention
to hear and feel
what is being said,
get out of your head
and really listen
with your heart.

What you hear may
sound different,
when you have this
different intent,
do not birds singing
sound more beautiful,
when you can feel
their message sent,
even as thunder
rolls out summer,
does not the sound
vibrate all through you –
in the present,
in the moment,
are you not listening
with your heart?

You have countless ways
to receive
what speaks or beckons
to You –
tune into Love,
receive and share it,
as you listen with your heart.


20180625 XPicture


Say hello.

A simple greeting,
a nod of the head,
a smile to acknowledge
you see someone there,
does not “hello”
open a door,
if even a crack,
to then say more,
might you build small bridges
throughout the day,
and not close off
what there might be
to say –

And you may greet
a long-lost friend,
someone out of touch
that you wish to connect with
might “hello” open up
the door to then
light up connections
that have since gone
dim –
hello may seem to be
a very small
yet often-used word,
and in any language,
is it not spoken
around the world –

Say hello,
open up,
might dialog,
of another’s view,
all begin
beyond a greeting,
that says,
yes, I see you –
you need not stay
to carry on,
but “hello” acknowledges
you both belong,
in this space
you All are here,
together on earth,
forever through Love –
you may not feel it,
or even know it,
but look up,
open the door,
and from your heart,
say hello.