Choosing Love

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There is a loving invitation
that beckons you
throughout all things,
there is Peace in this
when you consciously
choose Love.

You know this Love
when you sense comfort,
when what is constricted
begins to relax,
does not your body
let you know,
when you purposefully
choose Love.

You may fall back
to familiar patterns
that have you reacting
out of fear,
in an instant you
can shift,
when you most lovingly
choose Love.

There is no need for
comparison or judgment
on any choices you
have made,
in your now and
the next moment,
does it not feel
delicious when you
choose Love?

Let Love be the energy
that helps you know
All That You Are,
you realize All of You
is One,
when you Trust and
choose Love.

Come What May

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Relax into perceived
are you not a continuation
of Love?
With time there is
the past, the future,
but time is not
what you are
made of.

Get ready,
go –
may take you from
here to there,
but the constant
Rhythm of Love
is what propels
you Everywhere.

Be You in every
let Love show you
the way,
ease into a new
is it really new
or another way
to play?

All experiences unfolding,
give you opportunities
to find,
how Love is Here
with you –
in every space
and beyond
all time.

Release what you
may think
and let your heart
show you the way –
Be Love in this
present moment,
Love is always Here,
come what may.

The Language of Love

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Connect with Love.

You speak this language
of connection,
it is native to
your soul,
when you wish to learn
about it,
do you not realize
it is what you

All are made up
of Love’s vibration,
you and everyone
you know,
be they here upon
the planet,
or vibrating elsewhere
with their soul.

You cannot help but
be connected,
even as a human
you may not know,
but rest assured
you are connecting –
with the Language of
within your soul.

You are connected
with Love,
there can be no other
your Higher Self
speaks this language,
are you not aware
of guidance
that has a lot
to say?

Know that your loved ones
you cannot see,
are fluent as well
in the Language of Love,
connect with Love
to draw them close,
your hearts sing
as One,
with Love.


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What is the energy
behind compassion,
yes, it is all about
but does compassion
not go beyond
with nothing to compare
below or above?

Is not compassion
experienced with eyes
that see the Truth
of Who You Are –
all fellow travelers
on this journey,
not one who is separate
near or far.

It may be fleeting,
it may be a mantra,
compassion appears
in many ways,
compassion is able to
break down walls,
that are put up
so someone may
feel safe.

Compassion is not pity,
it sees the Truth
that your soul knows,
when you see with
the Eyes of Love,
do you not help
compassion flow?

Get to know compassion
and as you experience
Love’s powerful tool,
as you gift others
with compassion,
might you direct it
also to you?

With Love expressed
as compassion,
do you not experience
this Gift of Love,
connecting you with
Love to All,
knowing the Truth,
that All Are One.

Fabric of Love

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The beautiful fabric
of your story,
is woven with
many threads,
some you can trace
to their beginnings,
some beckon you
to yet be lead.

Does not this intricate
make the experience of
life so interesting,
some of the patterns
you may not care for,
but there are others
that make your heart

And while you are
familiar with your
own part
of what you think is
made up of you,
are you not a beautiful
piece of patchwork
that is woven with Love
throughout the Universe, too?

You need not trace
every thread you weave,
is it not imbued
with this Eternal Truth –
you are unique,
yet always connected,
Love weaves its beauty
always through You.

Love’s Present

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Be present
with Love.

Are there not many
that Love can take
you to,
with Love,
through emotion,
are all not available
to you?

You are part of
a greater web,
that connects you
to those you
are they not with
you in any
when you are
with Love?

Yes, you can
go back to
moments in time,
to remind you
what you were
thinking of,
but does your heart
not remind you now,
that All are present
with Love?

Let Love
take you now
to All you Love
Here and
Everywhere –
your hearts together
form the bond
and the present
Is Love.

*On a personal note, I first experienced presence sitting in a boat on a lake with my Dad. On this Father’s Day, I know he is always with me.

Love’s Wonder

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See nature’s beauty
that surrounds you,
even if you live
near city streets,
a tree,
or leaf,
or flower remind you,
nature’s wonder grows

You need only to
look above you
to see a blank canvas,
the amazing sky,
what masterpiece
will you see upon it,
each painting unique
to your wondering eye.

Are you not made
of this same wonder,
with the same
Vibration of Love –
you and everything
around you,
the ground below and
beautiful sky above.

You seek the beauty
that inspires you,
that touches your heart,
to make it sing,
are you not able
to find Love’s wonder
within you as
You Are Everything?

You Are Love’s
You Are Love’s
soak up the wonder
of it All –
feel Love’s Vibration
within your heart,
You Are a masterpiece
of Love.