Good Company


Rest in the company 
of angels,
do they not surround you
at all times?
Here is Peace,
Here is Love,
soak up This Flow
of the Divine.

Claim your innocence
precious child,
Love forever flows
through you,
the world may appear 
as turmoil, struggle,
but Here at Home,
the Peace of Love 
breathes You.

See your self 
as the angels 
see you,
Be your Self,
Love’s perfection,
you are safe 
in the arms of 
You Are Love,
and Loved eternally.



What might you extend 

It need not be fancy 
or something to do,
we are talking about
an extension of you,
as an authentic 
creation of Love,
what might you extend

Be a listener, observer,
in This moment,
when you speak may 
love provide the content,
as Love’s vessel in 
space and time,
what might you 
extend today?

May you look to add,
not take away,
ask Love what might 
you do, see or say,
working as One,
is This not Love’s 
Be Love,
extending Light 

I See You


Do not dim your Light
dear precious one,
this is a season 
to shine,
Light illuminates a 
path to walk,
always shared by 
fellow Lights.

When you shine 
your Light,
do you not invite 
your brothers and 
sisters, too,
no one shines brighter 
than the other – 
All are luminous,

See with your heart,
this keeper of Light,
follow its lead so 
share freely,
This Is the Universe,
All That Is 
I see You!

Joy and Laughter


Do you not feel alive
when you are laughing,
throwing caution to 
the wind,
does not your heart 
open even wider,
giving, receiving,
out and in.

Laughter with Love 
is contagious,
you cannot ignore 
its pull,
it is a simple human 
a sharing of hearts 
that are so full.

Share freely what 
makes you smile,
Be Light and lift 
another soul,
in This Moment of 
Joy and laughter,
All is Well and 
you are loved so!

The Way Home


You have asked 
and Love has 
your loved ones 
are never “gone,”
yes, as human this 
makes no sense,
but you as soul 
know you are 
never alone.

You tend to your 
broken heart in 
putting back this puzzle
that does not fit,
as you are infinite,
there are no borders
with Love like This.

Your heart may wish
for healing,
but in your heart 
is a sacred Truth,
Here is where you 
and your loved ones
continue together 
on this adventure, 

Love honors the struggle 
of human experience,
but know this is not
the only experience,
you with All you Love,
so precious,
continue to grow and 
evolve together, Here.

Invite your beloveds
into your heart,
you will find that they
are already Here,
how did you make it 
here on your journey,
your beloved has led 
the way Home,
my dear.

This Bridge of Love


Love is a bridge 
across forever,
yes, you so want 
to believe,
your heart beats 
with this knowing –
that your loved ones 
never leave.

Even through the 
density of this world,
spirit finds ways 
to help you see,
your humanness sees
but you as soul 
know differently.

Believe and trust 
in your perceptions,
your heart,
this bridge,
knows what is True,
your beloveds are 
with you, dear ones,
always, forever,
Love is Here 
with you.


The One of You


Look beyond 
the forms before
see with the clarity 
of your soul’s 
what you look for 
is within,
and exists in All 
as eternal Lights.

Be the eyes 
of one who 
cannot see,
Be the heart 
of one so lost,
there are no 
separate ones
as You Are All 
This One 
who then forgot.

Human reactions 
will occur,
in a world that
makes no sense,
but see the bigger
every judgment 
erects a bigger

Love is the healing balm
to pain and hurt
that separates you all,
send Love with no 
strings to you,
then extend this to
any who have taken
a fall. 

You cannot change 
the outside world,
yet Truth is always 
Here with you,
return to your soul,
always connected
to One Love,
the One of You.

Love’s Tenderness


Receive Love’s tenderness,
Love assures they 
have not gone,
your loved one is 
always with you,
in times of struggle,
other times in fun.

May you experience 
in linear time 
and eternally,
may you sense 
your loved one 
with you,
you walking on earth,
them flying free.

awaken to their 
yes they are always 
in your heart,
you may sense beyond 
your vision,
their shining Light
of a thousand stars.

The human heart 
may feel in tatters,
but You Are Strength
at your core,
your tender heart 
hears this call,
and rises up,
ready to soar.

Believe the knowing 
in your heart,
beyond wishful thinking 
is This Truth –
your loved ones are 
always by your side,
eternally Here,
forever with you!

So Close


do you hear it?
Love is whispering 
through the trees,
you and your loved ones
are connected,
much like tree’s branches
to the leaves.

Your perceived purposes 
may be different,
but you come from 
the same Source,
may you sense All Life’s
never separated 
and so close.

On walks,
in dreams,
when creating,
may you sense Love
is always Here,
your beloved 
is a part of 
all you hold 
so close,
so dear.

Breathe the air
and know what 
breathes you 
is the same 
beyond time and 
Love knows no 
perceived boundaries,
your beloved is 
so close,

Breathing Trust


Tune into your vibration 
You Are an instrument 
of Love,
join with the joyful flow
that connects you – 
so below as you are 

There is no-thing that 
you can lose,
all you need is Here,
yes, human experiences 
may leave you wanting,
but You Are whole, 
complete, open.

Trust your connection,
breathe it with color,
let your vibrancy 
lead the way,
with Love’s support,
with your heart guiding,
may you Be as Peace 
throughout this day!