Being Kind

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Be Kind.

You may see this
on a sticker,
you understand it
to be true,
but does it not
also mean,
Be kind,
to you?

When you feel rough
around the edges,
when soothing,
would feel so good –
can you remember
to shine Love
and Be kind
to you?

Is it not when
you are Be-ing,
that you can share –
do you not give,
what you feel inside,
when Love and Joy
build up inside you,
yes, is it then not easy,
to Be kind?

But on a stormy day,
may you not need,
some extra Light
to shine your way,
remember to shine
your Light in the mirror,
bring extra kindness
to you today.

Be Kind.
Is this not Love
reaching out?
Share the Love
in you,
sprinkle kindness
throughout your day.
And don’t forget –
Be kind,
and Love you,

The Sound of Love

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Water is silent
until it flows,
until some movement
makes the water go,
meandering down
a forest creek,
or coming out
of a dripping sink –
one drop
or cascading
over a waterfall –
sometimes you hear
sometimes not at all.

Love can be silent,
even as it flows,
but is not Love’s
so beautiful?
It may be in the
music that you hear,
or when you talk
to a loved one dear,
the purring of a cat
sitting close to you,
a shared silence
with one,
who knows you

Can you step into
Love’s constant flow –
as Love moves you,
where would you wish
to go,
can you be a Voice
for loving words,
when silence speaks,
can you hold space
for this,
the Spectrum of Love
is both near and far,
are you not as expansive
as the Love That
You Are?

Be a conduit
for Love,
be it still
or cascading
through You,
you are always
in Love’s flow,
what does Love
sound like –
to You?

Forever, Together

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when your hearts
beat as one –
your Loved Ones
are with you,
even when you think
they are gone,
always connected
you are,
at the Source
of Love,
this bond lasts
Love Is Eternal,
Love always
carries on.

Always connected
though you miss
their touch,
you long to hug
to call,
to show them
that you miss
them so much –
how could they
not hear you,
or sense the Love
that you send,
the Message of Love
is oh-so-clear
as the physical life
is not the end.

There is connection,
let your heart
speak for you –
the message is
loud and clear
when you tell them,
“I Love You.”

you are with
who you wish
to dream of –
they are with you,
always close,
together always
with Eternal Love.

The Language of Love

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There is a universal language,
one that you need
not only speak of,
you are made up
of this vibration,
do you not communicate
with the Language of Love?
You know this Essence
before your birth,
yes, it continues
when this earth
you leave,
at your core,
it is what you are
made of,
are you not all
native speakers
of the Language of Love?

As a baby
you are fluent
in Love,
you draw in strangers
even on the street,
pure Love is like
a magnet,
like drawing in bees
to something sweet,
when Love is unconditional,
is it not freeing
to all who give,
and when you receive
pure Love,
does it not expand Love
in the life you live?

Be a reminder
for another,
of the native Language
that All know of –
can you all not speak
from your heart,
your Essence,
for is not your Essence
Eternal Love?

In your eyes,
through your heart,
find a thousand ways
to communicate,
infuse your words,
with what is in
your soul –
All understand
the innate
Language of Love.

Be You

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Be strong enough
to Be vulnerable.

An open heart
need not be
a fearful place,
when you come from
a loving space,
keep diving deep
into the heart
of you,
let others see
the authentic you,
are you not free
when you follow
your heart –
is not serving Love
a beautiful place
to start?

When you are true
to yourself,
to Love,
it need not be hard
to follow the path
that you dream of,
what dream does
your heart resonate and
beat with,
might you let Love
show you how
to create this –
when you ask
with a heart
full of Love,
is that not when
the answers appear
to fall from above?

You need not overcome
to be strong,
Be yourself,
Be amazing,
Be One
with your heart
that beats a
familiar tune –
Be strong enough
to Be vulnerable,
to Be You.


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Be the one,
who looks for Love
just for fun,
even if you are
not in the mood
for this,
now find it
in yourself,
it is hard
to miss –
is it not a
lighter vibe,
can you not
feel it rise up
when you let go
and feel a smile
are you not
in the Flow of Love,
as Love’s mirror?

Is Love
not in any moment
you may choose,
better yet,
can you be open
and let Love
choose you?
You need not be
so serious,
Love can be deep
or be frivolous,
you know
when you are
in Love’s flow,
are not time and space
the first to go?
Yes, Be One
with the Love
That Is You.

Be the One,
who shines Light
on everyone,
do you not shine
to see your Light –
shining back
to You?

Be One
with Love.
See the Truth
of Who You Are.
reflecting –
like a star.
Star light,
star bright –
You Are.


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What might your
truly be?
What about loving

This is a challenge,
that is true
and might you begin
by loving You –
yes, it is easier
to send Love out,
but how can All receive
if All feel like you –
practice letting Love
seep in and around you,
be a role model
and accept
You Are Love, too,
you can share Love
as Source
flows through You –
when You Are Love,
can you not
see it
in others, too?

What might your
truly be?
Be Loving,
Be kind
to yourself
and Be Free.