No Other


See each other 
as no other,
with the Eyes of Love,
might you then 
truly see?

You may think 
you need to 
look beyond,
letting go of judgments,
of what is right 
or wrong,
but is not True Vision 
looking deeper within,
seeing All as Whole 
with no beginning 
or end?

Begin with Love 
is This not your 
flowing like water 
is your eternal 
Life Force,
the world you see 
is made up of 
the Truth of You 
is not what your 
mind thinks. 

Let your heart 
join with sisters,
brothers Here,
You Are Home 
as Love is 
beyond belief 
is You,
at your core,
unite with 
All Creation 
of Source.

A Loving Choice


Choose Love 
a thousand times
a day,
between your thoughts,
ask to see 
a different way.

This is You 
speaking to 
when the chatter 
is subdued,
allow this knowing 
from your heart
to rise up today.

Let your judgment 
of you 
to take a rest,
you may think you 
have figured out 
what is best.

Yes, your story
will unfold,
but do you always 
do as you are 
told – 
this Choice of Love 
is always present 
at your fingertips.

Choose Love 
in this moment 
and the next,
may Gratitude 
be a bridge 
to happiness.

In a world 
of duality,
yes, there are choices 
to be made,
choose Love,
Be You, 
You Are 
All of This!

This Spark



And does not the 
egoic mind often 
change this to 

With signals mixed,
do you open or 
you may feel yourself 
tied in knots,
this unwinding of 
what may block 
your view,
helps You remember 
what you forgot.

Let your heart 
remind you,
you are Wholly 
even when it 
appears to get 
your Eternal Light 
burns always within,
with awareness, 
believe this spark.

Let your soul shine 
the heart of you,
emotion may open 
this door,
let Love hold 
what comes up to feel 
all the Love you 
have been waiting 

Be aware of 
This Spark,
it eternally burns 
within you,
even if your mind 
resists this Truth,
let Love reassure,
let Love show you 
new ways,
to experience 
the Love 
of You!

A Joyful Creation


What creates from 
Love today?

It matters not 
the size big 
or small,
comparisons here 
do not matter 
at all.

Maybe Love brings 
a smile,
a break in the 
maybe Love 
Lights up brightly,
filling a room.

Love is true inspiration,
Love is You,
Love is Me,
Love is the creative 
that We All make 
with loving glee.

With Love’s Joy 
invite fun,
let some seriousness
do you not sense 
All Is Well,
when you smile 
with your soul?

Create from You,
from Love today,
share Love’s 
joyful ripples,
as you let Love 
out to play!

A Gift of Love


Share You.

What you give 
do you not receive,
what do you 
hide at times 
from you –
Love is a gift 
that needs no
join with Love 
and share You.

This is not 
finite energy,
this wellspring 
never will run
what lifts you up 
lifts your sisters 
and brothers,
as One with Love,
share You.

Why not begin with 
who looks back
at you in the 
mirror of your 
give yourself Love’s 
Eternal blessing,
from your radiant heart,
share and Love 

Love’s Embrace

20200831 XPicture


Does not your soul
know Love’s Embrace,
Peace washes over you
as Love Is Here,
you recognize it
when you see it,
feel it,
reminding you –
You Are This,

Let your vibration,
your inner rhythm,
tune and align
with this loving
You Are the music
to this Love Song,
You Are the harmony
to each loving note.

You have choices
as earth you walk,
let your heart listen
to  Love’s beat so
what might you envelop
in Love’s Embrace,
singing with your soul –
Love’s perfect song
of You!

Knowing Awareness

20200824 XPicture


Is there an awareness
to knowing?
Is there not Peace
in what You know?

Your human mind
may understand
what it thinks it
sees or feels,
but as pure awareness –
your heart knows.

You may feel friction,
bumping up against
what you should or
should not do,
may you be guided
without decision –
your heart knows.

Deep down inside
there is awareness,
it need not be
questioned or analyzed,
Here is unity,
your soul’s expression,
your heart,
with Love –
forever knows.

Be Your Self

20200823 XPicture


What takes up space
within your mind?
Do thoughts not
go on journeys,
leaving your present
moment behind?

You may join and
chase these thoughts,
that build upon
blocks of belief,
do you not think
of your foundation
as one made up
of identity?

As you are multi-dimensional,
not tethered to
the ground you walk,
you may think
in terms of bottom-up,
but you exist Everywhere,

You learn to color
within the lines,
but not only are you
the paper and the pen,
you are the inspiration
the emotion expressing
your heart within.

Be your Self
from inside out,
not working to fit
the outside in,
your foundation,
your safe space,
is All of Love,
is You, within!

Holy Whole

20200814 XPicture


You have awareness
of you as
but as Love complete
are you not

You may have several
sides you balance,
feminine and masculine
make up this mix,
when they blend
with one another,
are You not One
with All of This?

Is not awakening
the merging,
the realization of
what is True –
you are more than
a blended Be-ing,
the Divine Spark
is wholly You.

Let your heart show
you the way,
to what your soul
already knows,
You Are infinite,
Loved beyond measure
and Holy whole.


20200805 XPicture


As a brand new day
unfolds before you,
is this not an
example of creation
Yes, inspiration,
but sense the wonder
that fills the air.

A blank slate
may invite
your mind to
what might you
create to fill
it up,
might you draw,
paint or write
this word –
what is creation,
it is always

Is not creation
the intersection,
the relationship
of you with
as you exist
is it not
One Love
that expresses

Lean into the
the magical
though the
One of You
knows This Truth,
as a Holy,
creative Be-ing,
rejoice in the
creation of
Love as You!