Love’s Innocence


There may be static
in the signal,
as life’s issues 
come to the fore,
you have the tools 
to realign,
to see more clearly
than you did before.

From this perspective 
of your True Be-ing,
might you gaze with 
eyes so soft,
with compassion,
with loving patience,
might you let go 
of what you once 

Let Love build a 
bridge to freedom,
you have already 
it is Your own hand
that reaches for you,
to remind Love is
always by your side.

May you gaze upon 
your human self,
seeing Love’s innocence 
in you,
with loving eyes so clear 
with wonder,
All of Love perfectly 
aligns in you!

Love’s Forever Bridge


Your loved ones 
see your Light,
heart to heart 
you will always be,
sometimes in this life,
difficult experiences
make it hard to see.

And though your heart
may feel broken,
it is the driving force 
for you –
you know there is 
more than this life,
as your soul guides you
to this Truth.

with All you Love
and hold so dear,
they are not lost,
you are together
with a forever bond
that draws them

Love builds this 
forever bridge,
connecting you always
in your heart,
forgiveness paves 
this eternal road,
as you remember
Who You Are!

Love’s Web


May you feel the Love 
that spirit brings,
with words so clear,
does your heart not
What do you find
that shows you  
they are so close,
in This forever space,
you sense how much  
you are loved so.

Love flows through 
these connections,
you are part of 
Love’s web,
your loved ones
in real-time,
accompany you 
where you are 

As you can count 
on the sun rising,
blessing your day as 
the sun sets,
know you are always
infinitely connected 
within Love’s web!

Love’s Forever Journey


The journey you travel 
with your loved ones
is much longer than 
you think,
as eternity is beyond
are you not always,
forever linked?

As miles or distance 
could not come 
between you,
Love is as close 
as your breath,
is not your heart
reminding you
that those you love 
have never left.

Love eternally walks 
beside you,
supporting, helping 
you upon your path,
the Love you send is 
fully received,
know a thousand times 
Love is sent right back.

The journey continues 
as this you know
within your soul 
that knows This Truth –
the Love you share
with your loved ones
is forever Here
at Home with You!

Love Sees Love


Loves sees Love 
through the heart.

There may be missteps
in the human drama,
a path so clear then 
takes a turn,
no matter the obstacles 
that cloud your vision,
Love sees Love 
through the heart.

You may extend help 
to another,
you may wonder what 
else could you do?
Be a Beacon of Hope
as you shine brightly, 
Love sees Love 
through the heart.

No matter what role 
is taken on,
it may be the script 
you wish to change,
beyond this stage 
there is no doubt –
Love sees Love 
through the heart.

Do you not experience miracles
when you believe,
do you not rejoice 
when you know,
loved ones both here
and Everywhere
know Love sees Love
forever through the heart!

The Heart of You


What warms your heart?
Do you not feel it opening?
What might you share 
with another,
so they may feel a 
similar thing?

Might not a touch 
of kindness
ripple and spread 
throughout the day,
it need not be 
a grand gesture,
kindness grows in 
infinite ways.

At times your soft 
and tender heart
may feel a need to
hide away,
yet know it is a 
source of Strength,
it carries you forward,
come what may.

Be in touch with 
your heart,
what might it say
or have you do,
sense Love Here,
feel your power,
your soul is Home 
in the Heart of You!

A Bridge of Trust


Where to put 
your trust?
Trust is already 
it resides within 
in your whole heart,
always near.

Trust may appear 
to be hidden
behind walls you think
you must climb,
trust is not tied 
to deserving,
there is no secret
code to find.

Might you view trust 
as a bridge that takes
you over and beyond 
your doubt,
Strength and Courage
interweave with trust,
helping you discover 
what you are about.

Call on trust to 
keep you moving,
knowing Love paves
the way for you,
trust is not a 
may trust help you
see the Truth of You!

The One of You


Heal your self,
Love says softly
and you may ask,
how is this done?
Love your self,
all parts of you,
the self you see
and everyone.

This is not an 
individual endeavor,
see the Heart of You
You Are All 
that exists before 
including sea,
the sky,
and land.

Do not leave out 
any one aspect 
that brings up 
emotion in you,
Be the experience 
of transformation,
as you allow Love 
to flow through.

Shine your brightest Light 
as you hold up 
your connection to 
Love’s web,
but see your Self 
not as each part,
but as the Whole 
Oneness instead.

Healing is the flow 
of Love that reaches 
through the Heart of 
join your brothers and 
your sisters,
the Whole of Love 
is the One of You!

A Heart Song


May you hear Love’s 
sweet melody,
playing forever 
in your heart,
may you join in with 
Love’s harmony,
always together and 
never apart.

You cannot separate 
Love’s resonant notes,
they expand with beauty 
sing Love’s sweet song,
know you are joined
by All you Love,

May Love’s music 
remind you are 
in This Moment 
may you know,
Love accompanies 
your heart song
hear loved ones singing,
You Are Loved so!