Always, Love


And always,
Love is Here.

You may have 
many questions
about the what 
or why in life,
when perplexed,
looking for answers,
know, always,
Love is Here.

The world may not be
a place of solace,
it teems with conflict –
this or that,
when you seek Peace,
your balance centered,
yes, always,
Love is Here.

The Love we speak of 
may feel elusive,
though it never has 
been lost,
This is your soul’s 
natural function,
and always, 
Love is Here.

You as human, 
remember gently,
what You as Soul
never can forget,
at your core,
your very Essence,
forever, always,
Love is Here.

The Key of Love


Follow the music
in your heart,
is this not where Love
sings its song,
you are an instrument
in this orchestra,
your soul loves to
sing along.

Those you Love 
are part of This,
allow the notes to 
take you there,
you are All listening
to the same music,
the Key of Love is 

Yes, as human you 
miss their presence,
but know their presence 
is always with you,
Love finds ways to
help you sense the 
Eternal Love that 
always flows through. 

Your tender heart may
feel bruised or battered,
but Love’s eternal rhythm
beats strong and True,
you are surrounded,
Loved and nurtured,
Love plays its Love Song 
always for you!

A Refreshing Release


Take a look at 
repeating patterns,
might you need 
to refresh some 
bring your awareness 
to your reactions,
or to old paradigms 
that need replaced.

You are evolving, 
creating, expanding,
finding patterns you 
no longer need,
thank them for their 
past expressions,
as you release,
asking Love to lead.

Build your awareness,
ask Love to show you,
what is asking to 
be seen,
as you weave Love 
throughout your story,
might there be changes
to your script,
each scene.

The Essence of You 
is possibility,
and in this world you 
constantly grow,
expand your self,
be open to change,
create and evolve,
Being the Love you know!

The Kindness of Faith


When you hear 
discordant chatter,
you may lose faith 
in humankind,
but are there  not 
many examples,
of helpful exchanges,
loving and kind.

You need not put 
your faith in 
human behavior 
that displays ego’s 
but at the core 
of every human,
is a Light you may
or may not see.

Might you set aside 
expectation for everything
to make sense,
remember, your own 
belief system may diverge
from family or friends.

But faith in Love,
in Light that looks 
beyond the stories 
woven here,
might This Faith 
create safe harbor
for others to believe 
Love is Everywhere. 

Let your Faith express
in kindness,
let your Light help
you to see,
there may be struggle
upon the earth,
but Love is Here 
for all humanity!


An Intentional Surrender


In human life 
there is intention,
does this not help
your focus here,
you may ask how 
does this work,
as trying,
struggling may 
invite fear.

Might you contemplate 
as a focal point 
for you,
as you trust 
into surrender,
with intention,
accept This You.

You are not an 
island alone,
You Are the sea
that is Everywhere,
as you surrender 
to this vastness,
intention helps you
to see your journey,

It may feel paradoxical 
to Be the drop,
the ocean,
at the same time,
but dear,
This Is the Journey 
of Love,
both experiencing 
and Being in this life.

May your intention
be your willingness,
to unite with Love,
your Team,
You Are All of This 
as Love expressing 
as You,
so beautifully. 


Here You Are


Loving yourself,
loving another,
it is really all 
the same,
begin within,
smooth out your 
turn up your Light 
to find the way.

Peel off the layers 
that keep you small,
you need not fight 
to receive This Truth,
when you see You 
in your loving reflection,
might you then see 
all others anew.

Rewrite your stories 
to reflect This Love,
you are the author,
what will you do?
Create your space,
safe and nurtured,
from this Seat of Love,
is the Authentic You!

Love’s Gathering


Welcome, welcome 
All you Love,
be it a holiday 
or anytime,
through your hands 
your loved ones 
help you,
through your heart
they intertwine.

As time unfolds
memories are 
but as Eternity
you All still create,
welcome, welcome
experiences together,
may your hearts 
bring through
Love’s sacred Strength.

Welcome Love
anytime or day,
let Gratitude remind
what you know,
sense Love eternally
surrounding, dear one,
welcome, welcome 
Love’s gathering 
of Home.


Every One


Listen to the trees
that speak,
you are surrounded 
by the sky,
every step you take 
upon the earth,
sends out a rhythm 
far and wide.

You share this space 
with Every One,
sense This Truth
within your soul,
you are in communication 
with all sentient 
above and below.

You belong and 
you are needed,
yes, this world 
is very vast,
but as a created,
Divine expression,
You Are the fabric 
that forever lasts.

In this quilt lovingly 
stitched together,
yes, your stories 
tell a tale,
but may the golden thread
that weaves you,
remind always that 
All is Well.

Be as One with what 
surrounds you,
Here is more than 
what you see,
the rhythms of the 
love to dance with you,



You are innately 
Strength and Courage,
as human this may 
be hard to see,
but you as soul
know this well,
This Vision helps 
you to see differently.

The world revolves around
much judgment,
comparing this,
contrasting that,
your heart knows 
the beat of Love
so changeless,
You Are All of This,
rejoice in that.

May Love remind you,
precious child,
You Are a creation 
of Love so pure,
when you need a break
from your earthly story,
know Love surrounds
to comfort, reassure.

You know these Truths 
at a deeper level,
may you continue 
on your journey,
You Are This Love,
always, forever,
Love says, my dear,
with Love you belong.

Your Spirit Within


Do you not sense 
your spirit within,
does it not propel
you along the way,
be it desire or 
what drives you to
explore today?

Love is a force 
that reminds you
is there not something 
that you miss,
in this chaotic human
you sense there may 
be more than this.

With a heart that 
is so tender,
with a graciousness 
so True,
tap into your innate
spirit within,
this Spark of Love 
that breathes you.

Play and create with
your True Nature,
Love delights when 
you sense This Truth,
Be as One with your
spirit within,
sense your magnificence,
the Truth of You!