As Eternity


You may look back
on your past moments,
some may bring peace,
some may bring strife,
marking time is how 
you capture
snippets of your 
earthly life.

You may gather these
around you,
now with Gratitude,
set them free,
at any moment, 
you are Here,
beyond all time,
as Eternity.

Yes, you as human
We do honor
each step you take 
upon this earth – 
We share in your 
precious moments,
We comfort when 
you may feel hurt.

Know you are never 
far away 
from This Home 
where you reside,
you may reach out 
to Us Here,
but we are always 
by your side.

As an Eternal Soul,
may you see You 
as We do,
pause to reflect 
upon This Truth – 
for Eternity,
This Love 
is You!

Grace and Ease


May Love bring you 
may it show you 
Grace and ease,
do you not sometimes 
make things hard,
forgetting Love is 
Who You Are?

Yes this world is
full of strife,
it can complicate 
your life,
might you look 
for simplicity,
the release of struggle
is to be set free.

Try out a change 
choosing Love will 
show the way,
this present moment
is wholly You,
may Love be present 
in all you do.

You Are This Peace,
you need not search
for Grace and ease,
in your life you have 
traveled far,
but welcome Home
to the Love You Are!

Dear One


Might you sense it
in the trees,
that sway softly 
in the breeze,
is there not more 
than you can see,
surrounding you 
so gently?

We Are You,
yes, You Are Us,
your angels, 
guides and loved ones
these connections
are as real,
as the sacred breath 
that breathes you.

Love is Eternal,
what does this mean –
eternity exists beyond
there is no place that 
you are not,
You Are Everywhere
with All Divine.

May your heart,
with Love,
be full,
may you sense 
Love’s comfort Here,
beyond skies of blue,
yet as close as breath,
Dear One,
as Love,
You Are Everywhere.

Love’s Eternal Song


Does not a song 
last forever,
as notes are played 
or even hummed,
do you not bring 
it back to life,
when you are inspired 
to sing along.

As music resides 
within your heart,
with its vibration a 
part of you,
is it not surprising 
that a song,
is often how loved ones
communicate with you.

So flow with Love’s 
Eternal Song,
sing along and know 
this magical Truth,
lose yourself  in the 
vibration of music,
and find All you Love
singing with you.

As energy is never-ending,
may you resonate 
with song,
open your heart to 
Love’s vibration,
loved ones rejoice 
and sing along!

Comfort and Kindness


Find comfort in the 
but try something new
as created,
You Are creator,
what once was work 
might you turn
into play?

What might you do 
to make you smile,
and do not others
light up with this,
love and laughter 
are contagious,
All souls respond 
to light-heartedness.

Pamper yourself,
treat you with care,
are you then not 
better able to give,
comfort and kindness 
are Universal,
beginning with you,
what might you 

Find comfort with you
Be at Home wherever 
you may be,
You Are a Be-ing 
of Love and blessings,
share All of This,
and as Love,
Be free!


20191228 XPicture

12/26/21 from 12/28/19

Be You
in this moment,
You are Love
in this moment
let Joy,
let Peace,
bubble up inside,
though you may
sometimes wonder

Does your innate
sometimes raise
you up,
do you not surprise
yourself with
Joy, Peace
and Strength
are your companions,
as they reside
as the Love
in You.

Do not judge you,
in this moment,
You Are your
brother and
sister, too,
all experiencing
how to navigate
a path,
yes, that always leads
back to you.

With Joy,
with Peace,
may you discard
what may obstruct
this loving Truth,
with Strength
and Gratitude
may you accept,
that You Are Blessed,
as Love Is You.

Know Peace

20181225 XPicture

12/25/21 from 12/25/18

Be Love
Know Peace.

With eyes of Love
do you not see,
listen with your
do you not hear,
and with All
of your Be-ing,
might you sense
what is in the air?

Love is gracious,
Love is kind,
Love connects All
beyond space and
let your heart,
with Love,
gently remind –
Be Love
Know Peace.

You Are precious,
You Are treasured,
You Are Loved
beyond any measure,
soak it up,
receiving Love
with Gratitude –
Be Love
Know Peace.

O Beautiful Light


May you be filled
with joyous Light,
be it a crisp, 
clear day,
or starry night,
may you know 
you are never 
dear child – 
You Are always 

Memories may linger 
from moments past,
let go of judgments 
that need not last,
your heart holds 
All Love that you know,
loved ones and angels 
are part of this flow.

Enjoy traditions that 
speak to you,
even as you create 
each moment anew,
between, beyond
steps of the day,
is not the wellspring 
of Love showing 
you the way?

Create this day,
O Beautiful Light,
shine as the sun
or starry night,
eternally connected,
sense, know 
This Truth – 
All Holy Love 
forever flows 
through You!

An Infinite Embrace


Be lifted in Love’s Light,
Love reflects in 
All you see,
as you share what 
you create,
does Love not expand 

Be Love’s mirror in 
another’s eyes,
so all may see this 
loving Truth,
you may see separate 
beings here,
but as One Love,
you are seeing 

Visualize your arms 
as infinite,
holding All of you
in this loving embrace,
may your heart grow 
three sizes as Love
is the gift you share 
with All, today!

This Instant


Precious child,
may Love remind,
you are never lost,
you are safe and
no matter the life experience,
your True Self 
flies with angels

Your human self
has worked so hard
to find a compartment
to fit in,
my dear,
there are no edges 
to you – 
You Are infinite Light
eternally within.

Yes, consciousness 
can be deceiving,
tempting you to think
that this is it,
your soul’s essence 
knows the Truth,
as part of the Whole,
You Are All 
of This.

Yes, be grounded to
secure your footing,
but know you are free 
of any human strife,
in This Instant
of recognition, 
may you behold 
your Infinite Light!