Letting Love

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Let Love comfort you
and keep you warm,
Love refills your tank
when you feel tired
and worn.

Are you not a surfer
on the Waves of Love,
allowing Love to lift you
with heavenly hands
from above.

Yes, you may experience
both ebb and flow,
do contrasts not help
you in discovering
what you know.

Are there not times
when an end to
something brings,
new growth to you
that makes your
grateful heart sing?

Let Love be the
joyful song you
choose to sing,
Love is Everywhere
You Are
and in Everything!

Here I Am

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Here I Am.

There is no place
that you can go
where I am
not there.

I am with you
in morning sun
or night of
I walk with you
each step on
your blessed

Who am I
loving you in
every moment,
I Am your Source,
your Love,
that Love has
eternally sent.

I am the gentle
that lets you know
I am Here,
I am the knowing
that fills your heart
and Loves you dear.

You need not
find a place
or time to
meet me Here,
you and I
Are One,
as Love exists
truly Everywhere.

You may think
your heart
cannot hold
All of This Love,
my dear,
You Are This
that you have
been dreaming of.

Here I Am,
always hand in
hand with You.
Let us walk
as One Love
rejoicing in
This Truth.

Welcome Home

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You need not leave
from where you are,
to find the Truth
of Who You Are,
welcome Home,
beloved One,
have you not always
been Here
and not beyond?

Your guidance need
not come to you,
is it not always
coursing throughout
You –
listen and Trust
what you sense
and hear,
is it not the
One in You
that Loves you
so dear?

Make way,
make room
for the Eternal You,
embrace Love’s blessing
always surrounding you,
you need not search
or seek Love’s
Love Is You as
You Are All of


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You need not wait
until you are “ready”,
is ready not a
snapshot in place
and time –
and as a creator
are you not always
though you think
this is in your

You need not lead
with your thinking
tune into the wisdom
of your heart,
a different picture
is created Here,
as You create you –
a glorious,
work of Art.

Allow Courage to take
you by the hand,
let Faith unfold
your wings to fly,
with Strength,
sense the power that
is fueled by Love,
as Joy,
dance freely into
your Light.

Love’s Forever Moment

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Is Love not the master
of time?

You cannot be
too late,
too early,
for Love to
offer what Love
in the present,
Love reminds you,
Love is part of

You may touch
memories of past
or wonder what next
the future brings,
no matter the timeline
you may imagine,
Love exists
and in all things.

The you, you may
is with you now,
as You Are whole,
embrace and Love
all parts of you
Love always knows.

Though Love is always
you can extend Love
forward and past,
does not time then
as Eternal Love
forever lasts?

Let time be your
forever moment,
as you navigate
your limitless self,
return all parts to
your Holy wholeness,
Love Is Here
All Is Well.

Love Is Forgiveness

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Love Is Forgiveness.

Is not Love where
forgiveness lives?

What do you keep
inside of you,
that with the forgiveness
of Love
may be released, too,
is not forgiveness
the realization –
there is nothing
to be healed
in You?

Embrace Love
with the arms of
experience the Wholeness
of One who is
give freely of
Who You Are
in your perfection,
see the Face of Love
in every reflection
that you forgive.