The Power of Love

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When you open
up your heart,
think loving thoughts,
showing how much
you care,
when you hold someone
within your prayer,
does not the
Light of Love
connect you there,
yes, that Light
can be seen
from “above” –
there is no barrier
to the Power of Love.

And as Love
can heal across
all realms,
might you let Love
work its magic here,
are there not some
who would love to feel,
the Grace of Love
and its ability to heal,
you need not wait
another moment to
set your intention
to the Power of Love.

Love is not yours
to give
or take away,
but does not sharing Love
create a loving space,
to allow a Spark of Love
to ignite,
so one can see this
bright Light,
that burns within,
that powers every
One of Us –
is there nothing brighter
than the Power of Love?

Can you Be the
brightest Light
you can be,
so a flickering Light
can remember
and see,
their Light burns strong
from within,
bringing hope,
letting healing begin,
what can heal,
what connects everyone –
is it not the Eternal
Power of Love?

With intention,
with prayer,
surround your loved ones,
Here or There –
Let Love do
what it knows,
there is no limit
to the Power of Love.

Your Way

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“You can go your own way. . . ”

And does not this song,
these words,
remind you that
there are many ways,
many roads,
that lead you
back to where
you started from,
for do not all journeys,
though they may be
do they not return
to Love,
do they not bring you

Free choice,
free will,
lets you experience
what you wish,
going your own way
on this unique road
that you are on,
but are there not
many roads that lead
to the awareness
that You Are Love,
a part of All That Is –
do not judge another
for their path to
their knowing,
are there not infinite roads
that always lead you

“You can go your own way, ”
but this does not mean
you “go” it alone,
for You Are Loved
so very much
along the way.
Can you feel it,
can you sense it,
within you,
all around,
Love walks with you
every step of the way –
how could Love
not be with you,
Love makes up
Who You Are,
so keep going
your own way,
knowing with every
step of your Be-ing –
You Are always,
always Home.

Shifting With Love

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Do not opportunities
show up sometimes
in disguise?
Is it not your perception
that does the framing,
often putting situations
in a box,
when you need to expand
upon your thinking,
do you not often need
a push,
or stretch –
is it not comfort
that you fall back on,
might you be resisting
the next step?

There may be discomfort
in the growing,
as you try things on
for size,
yes, there is comfort
in the knowing
how any situation
may come to be –
but as you have traveled
upon your journey,
could you have pictured
where you are now,
have not some of the
greatest gifts
been those you would not
have known to choose?

What shows up to
help you shift
a way of thinking
or a course to take,
you may pull back,
you may retract
as you gather your
innate Strength –
but any challenge
or new perspective
may pave the way
for something new –
for do not new roads,
though they may be
do they not lead you
always back to You?

Be grateful for opportunities
to shift,
to look at yourself anew –
with Love,
embrace the growing,
the ever-expanding
wonder of You!

Seeds of Love

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A seed waits in
the soil,
waiting patiently
to grow,
with the right mix of
will not this seed
emerge from the dirt,
to grow into a
a bush,
a tree
or whatever produced
this seed?

But is that not
how a seed
it need not be told
what to do –
is there not a knowing,
a remembrance,
is it not returning
to its roots –
has not this seed
come from its origin,
a flower,
or tree,
is it not completely whole,
even as the buried seed?

At every step in the
growth process,
are you not You
at your core,
your human mind
craves understanding,
so experiences you
get to explore,
but do not all teachings
point you to finding
what nourishes you
and helps you to grow,
are these not the perfect
conditions –
that You Are Love
and perfectly Whole?

When you focus
your intention
on this Seed of Love
that is your heart,
does not the casing
that surrounds you
drop away
what you no longer need,
are you not able
then to bloom
as you grow,
as you believe –
that You Are Love
at every stage of growth
and is it not Love
that sets You free?

Love is the seed
within the soil,
Love is the flower
that expands and grows.
Love is each step
of the Journey,
Love is not a destination
where you may go.
Each season or
Cycle of Life
is as precious as
the one before –
Love every step
that you experience
and spread freely
the Seeds of Love.

Choosing Gratitude

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Does not a snowy
and cold
spring day,
help you to appreciate
when the sun’s
warming rays
and melt
the frozen remnants
of winter,
is it not in the dark
that you can see
how bright the Light –
in a world of comparisons,
of choices to be made,
can you choose,
may you Be

Do not acceptance
and allowance
find their way
from a grateful heart,
of course you have
expectations that
creep in,
but do not twists
and turns
help you to learn,
help you grow –
without nudge
or a shove,
would you sometimes
not want to go,
to try something new,
maybe opening Door #2 (smile)
and at every
new juncture,
can you embrace

When you feel the
can you see where
Love flows,
it may take stripping
off layers
that tell the story
of you –
feel the Love at
your center,
find the Joy
in your heart –
and no matter
the circumstances,
keep choosing

Through change,
throughout transition,
things may be rough
or may be smooth.
Be accepting,
Be allowance,
Be Strength
and Gratitude.

Express Yourself

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Express yourself.
You Are Love

And can there not be
many expressions
that you have experienced
in your life,
as Love is infinite,
are there not infinite ways
to express Love?
You may not have one
“soul” purpose
in your ever-evolving
experiences on earth,
but is not your
soul’s expression
to purposely express

Might this present
in the simple expression,
the powerful “I Love You” –
might you see a different
and send Love to someone
different from you,
when you see Divine Love
in another,
does it not reflect
the Love in You –
when you express Love
are you not expressing
the deepest part of

And yes there may be
a pathway
that lights up,
that appears bright,
when passion rises,
when your heart leaps,
when something brings
you so much Joy,
when you resonate
with purpose,
when you let Love
steer the wheel,
how can you not
express yourself
when You Are
Love expressed?

Express yourself,
in the infinite
Ways of Love.
Shine Your Light,
Be the Light –
as You Are Love

An Emergence of Love

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Is not what lies dormant
in the winter,
now beginning
to emerge,
is not the wave
of migration,
beginning to move
to find a way,
following the sun,
the warmth,
the Light
that stretches from
an extended sleep –
to waking up,
to emerging,
to Be All
that it can Be?

What lies dormant
in you,
what do you wish
to dust off to find?
What gifts have you
kept to yourself,
that you might
share at anytime,
you have much that you
can offer,
a heart of Love
is waiting to expand,
might you see yourself
in a new way,
in this new season
might you emerge?

Take a chance,
make a leap,
continue growing
steady and true,
check in with your
to see the path
that is right for you –
as you open to
the Truth
of Who You Are,
shining in the Light –
keep going,
keep growing,
embrace the You
that is beginning
to emerge.

And when you think
you are where
you need to be,
you have reached a goal –
is there not always
more growing,
is there not more
more ways to play –
when you set your sights
on exploring
infinite ways
to express Love –
is not every moment,
every day,
an opportunity
for you to

See the Light.
Be the Light.
Let the Love
in you emerge.
Standing in the
Light of Love,
Be seen.
Be Love.