Spiral of Love

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Does not a spiral
give you opportunities
to see things from
a different place?
A different angle,
another perspective –
can you not see
something different
even in the same
Can you not read
a book
or a passage,
over and over
and feel it
sink deeper in,
do you not experience
deja vu,
when situations
come up in your life

Is life’s experience
not like a spiral,
has your soul
not traveled this way
are there not situations
that help you discover
what you think
you are searching for –
might this spiral
help you to go
as you peel off
the layers you no
longer need,
with every corner
that you turn,
do you not see,
do you not learn –
that you are loved

Keep your heart open
upon your Journey,
let the spiral help
you to see,
that wherever you may
is there not a theme
that keeps returning
back to You,
is it not the Truth
of Who You Are –
You Are always right
where you belong,
traveling on this Spiral of Love –
You Are Love
and so very Loved.

A Balance of Love

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and spirit –
do not all
work together,
does not all
that you experience
affect each part
that adds up
to One,
do not All
work better
when you are
able to integrate,
does not each
part of You,
learn things
a bit differently –
but when they
all can come
is that not when
you can clearly see?

and spirit –
each has a unique
of you,
each one responds
to stimulus
that lights up
of the Whole of You,
what might weave
them together,
to connect all
disparate dots,
is it not Love
that All have in
is it not Love
that connects you
to Source?

and spirit –
each one needs
to be fed,
to be nurtured –
when all have
a common goal,
is that not when
balance can occur,
pay attention
to All parts of you
and Love All parts
is Love not the
that holds you
so you can Be,
an Expression of Love
with One Voice,
is that not where
you find Peace,
when you experience
the integration,
the perfect
Balance of Love?

and spirit.
All for One
and One for All.
All Love.
One Love.
Woven together
in the Balance
of Love.

This Moment

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Can you learn from
a season,
from a month,
maybe a day,
from an hour
to a minute,
to this moment
with you now,
can you be patient,
taking care
of what you need
at present time –
can you be with
each moment,
as each one
might you be patient
with what unfolds
before you?

Might you miss
what is in front
of you,
if you are focused
too far ahead,
speculation is
very human,
as you work it out
within your head,
might you take note
from beloved pets
whose presence
brings you to
their moment now
and is not this
present moment,
the perfect time
to see,
to watch
your unfoldment –
unfolding in this perfect
Moment of Love?

Yes, the human world
requires planning,
but is it not easy
to get caught,
in every wheel turning
as you struggle
to keep up,
step off the wheel,
take a walk,
soak in the tub,
breathe in the air outside,
the ground,
the water,
the fresh air
can bring you back
to this moment now –
just as seedlings
are unfolding
after waiting patiently,
is not perfect timing
in this present
moment now?

Be present and patient
with unfolding,
marvel at the
Wonder of You.
Every moment
is a blessing,
when you are
filled with Gratitude.
Acknowledge every step
that has brought you
to this one now –
feel the ground,
take a deep breath,
Be Love
in this
moment now.

A Taste of Love

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And you may ask,
if Love is the answer,
why are there
so many options
to choose from,
in the world of duality,
in which you live,
does life not present
a smorgasbord
of expressions,
that you may
choose from –
but does life
not give you
myriad experiences,
so you may rejoice
when you choose Love?

And as your soul
is your built-in
that helps you to
to see what feels right,
is it not your soul
that helps you
with the selection,
at this Buffet of Life
that stretches
before you now,
but do you not need
to taste,
to try each item
before you,
so that you may discover
what resonates
with your soul?

With Love as a choice
and not as a given,
when you experience
in search of your Truth,
do you not get
to discover,
with delight and Joy,
that choosing Love
is really choosing
You –
do you not resonate
with Love,
does it not keep
pulling you in –
for Love is not
to be gathered,
is it not Who You Are?

You choose You,
when you choose Love,
you can sprinkle it freely
on every experience
you have.
There is Love
in every bite
on this Buffet of Life –
Be You.
Choose Love.
Taste it All.

Faith, Love and Gratitude

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Acknowledge each step
that has brought you
right here,
have Faith in your
next steps
that you walk
with Love,
in your Now
is there not Gratitude
for All That You Are –
do you not exist,
are you not Whole,
with Faith,
and Gratitude?

Can you integrate all
that speaks the
Language of Love,
is it not Faith
that opens spaces
for Humility
to Be,
when Gratitude
flows from your heart,
what else can you Be
but a Messenger of Love,
shining your Light
so brightly?

Sometimes you may lead,
sometimes you may listen,
with Love as your Guide,
do you not know
what to do –
when you feel knocked
off balance,
when you need to reset,
can you not always return
to Faith,
and Gratitude?

Be aware of the
that mark the paths
you are on,
check in with your
where your heart
beats so strong –
You Are Love
in your purpose,
is not your purpose
to Love You –
and share that expression
with Faith,
and Gratitude?

have Faith,
walk with the Love
That You Are –
let your heart
bring you Home
with loving Gratitude.


20180425 XPicture

Be open.
Show flexibility.
Things may not be
what you wish
them to be,
but is there not
a current
running behind
what you may see,
that may show you
a different path,
a different way
to get from A
to B –
in fact,
might you jump
from A
all the way
to Z,
when you are open,
when you are flexible
to all avenues
of possibility?
You have comparisons,
you have judgements
on what something
is worth
in this life,
but can you open
up your eyes
to see the value
in everything –
is it not your
own perceptions
that can block
a clearer view,
might you release
your expectations
and work with
what Love is
showing you?
Can you release
what you wish
to “get”
and be receptive,
ready to receive,
knowing that
the perfect solution
may look different
from what you think
it “should” –
and with Love
as the currency,
does Love not
fill in any gaps
of what you think
are spaces,
that need to be filled
with this or that?
Be open.
Be flexible.
Be Love
as you
Be looking for
what might be
what you think
you “need” to see.
Let Love be
a gentle guide,
nudging you
to see all with
the Eyes of Love.
Be Free
with the
Power of Love.


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Widen your horizons
or narrow your scope –
there is Love
in every direction,
there is much that
gives you hope,
is there not Love
in listening stillness,
can you not hear Love
within the noise,
as Love has no opposing
can you not sense Love

Can you slow down
to contemplate,
to reflect upon
the depths of Love,
think of the ocean
to see the mysteries there –
might time slow down
in the silence,
in the stillness
as you go deep,
is there not Love
throughout your
and even when you

And back on top
of the ocean,
might you visualize
traveling on a boat,
is it not exhilarating
to experience all that
you can see –
riding on the waves,
seeing all directions
in 360,
is Love not as vast
as the ocean,
full of infinite possibility?

You can experience Love
that surrounds you,
you can sense Love
deep within your bones,
as you expand
your awareness,
will you not find
is Home?
It matters not
if you go deep or wide,
is it not Love
that you will find –
let Love lead
your adventure,
buckle up
and enjoy the ride!

Tipping Into Love

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Where is the tipping point
for Love?

As human,
do you not experience
ebb and flow,
like the waves that roll
in and out,
like a spring season
that tries to manifest
but returns to cool
even as the greening
do you not long for,
look for
and wait for
the “true” emergence
of spring,
do you not look
and wait for
the Peace
that comes with
the understanding
of Love?

And when you are in
this peaceful bliss,
as you remember
You Are
like the perfect
spring day,
might you realize
that Love is
not an expectant state,
it need not be
with no clouds
or rain,
does not Love
love every season
of life,
is there not Love
in each season
and in between?

Where is the tipping point
for Love?
Do you not fill up
to then spill over,
are you not in
a constant state
of change,
to experience daily
the Truth of
Who You Are,
there is an ebb
and flow
to this rhythm
of Life,
that is all about
and re-discovering You,
much like each season
that cycles through.

There is no true
there is no end.
There is only Love
and Love Is You.

A Voice of Love

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Sing your song,
sing it strong
and True,
let love resonate
with the Authentic
some may join in
to sing the chorus, too,
some cannot hear
the notes
that most speak
to you,
but does not
a Song of Love,
need to be sung
in your
Voice of Love?

What is it that
makes your voice
what Expressions of
help you to sing
your song,
you may lift pen
and write all
day long,
it may be in painting
where you find
you belong,
you may console,
or encourage
others to
speak their own Truth
and as the Authentic
does that not give others
space to shine their Light?

Sing your song,
sing it strong
and True.
What lights you up
will give permission to
others to see the
Light in You –
might they behold
what they are made of –
do All not shine
with the Light of Love?

Share Love,
let Love
be seen
as You
express Love –
sing your
Song of Love.

The Power of Love

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When you open
up your heart,
think loving thoughts,
showing how much
you care,
when you hold someone
within your prayer,
does not the
Light of Love
connect you there,
yes, that Light
can be seen
from “above” –
there is no barrier
to the Power of Love.

And as Love
can heal across
all realms,
might you let Love
work its magic here,
are there not some
who would love to feel,
the Grace of Love
and its ability to heal,
you need not wait
another moment to
set your intention
to the Power of Love.

Love is not yours
to give
or take away,
but does not sharing Love
create a loving space,
to allow a Spark of Love
to ignite,
so one can see this
bright Light,
that burns within,
that powers every
One of Us –
is there nothing brighter
than the Power of Love?

Can you Be the
brightest Light
you can be,
so a flickering Light
can remember
and see,
their Light burns strong
from within,
bringing hope,
letting healing begin,
what can heal,
what connects everyone –
is it not the Eternal
Power of Love?

With intention,
with prayer,
surround your loved ones,
Here or There –
Let Love do
what it knows,
there is no limit
to the Power of Love.