A Sacred Resonance


You have many choices
with energy
that you can invite 
in today,
what resonates with 
your soul’s purpose
as you walk along
your way.

Indeed Gratitude,
will ground and set 
the tone,
might Reverence help you 
share the Light within
that is your soul.

Ask Compassion to 
begin with you
so it may overflow,
these harmonics of Love 
play a sacred Love Song
that you know.

All you need to do 
is say yes to these 
frequencies anytime,
Be the resonance 
of your soul,
This is Home,
peaceful, Divine!

Threads of Love


Be Strength,
Be Courage,
Be at Home 
in your confidence,
spirit is Here 
to assist and 
help you,
is this not a 
forever dance?

You assist and help
here as well,
souls always connected
seek each other out,
This Tapestry of Love 
is forever growing,
these Threads of Love 
are what it’s all about.

You are needed,
you have purpose,
your heart beats 
to its own drum,
but All Love’s Rhythm
joins together,
to remind All are 
creating as One.

Be Gratitude,
with Humility,
these Essences flow
with Grace and ease,
your breath has 
All that you need,
breathing Love as Joy,
returns you to Peace!

Driving With Love


You may wonder 
how to complete
what you had hoped for
upon the earth,
my dear,
you continually are
throughout all realms
even before your 

Time has a way 
of setting your focus
on what is next upon 
your list to check,
is there not Love 
throughout these 
might flowing with 
Be your intent?

On earth the drive 
to control
is ego’s way of 
being in charge,
could you not navigate
more peacefully,
when your Higher Self
is driving the car?

Take a breath,
release the tension
of timelines made
or goals to achieve,
You Are Love’s Purpose,
Here and present,
sense This Knowing
and in you, believe!

A Gathering


Gather around,
Love says, smiling,
You All are celebrated 
in This Eternal Moment
sense This Peace,
it is Here for you,
any day.

May you Be a vessel,
giving, receiving so 
Love is shared,
Be This Purpose,
surrender wholly,
extend this Light of Love

Be a Gatherer of Love,
invite Love in to 
any place,
as a Teammate
you are cherished,
as One, You extend 
beyond time and space.

Gather Love,
you promise daily,
share your heart,
Be your Truth,
We Are Here,
Love says, smiling,
wherever You Are,
We Are with you!

An Intentional Surrender


In human life 
there is intention,
does this not help
your focus here,
you may ask how 
does this work,
as trying,
struggling may 
invite fear.

Might you contemplate 
as a focal point 
for you,
as you trust 
into surrender,
with intention,
accept This You.

You are not an 
island alone,
You Are the sea
that is Everywhere,
as you surrender 
to this vastness,
intention helps you
to see your journey,

It may feel paradoxical 
to Be the drop,
the ocean,
at the same time,
but dear,
This Is the Journey 
of Love,
both experiencing 
and Being in this life.

May your intention
be your willingness,
to unite with Love,
your Team,
You Are All of This 
as Love expressing 
as You,
so beautifully. 


Forever, You


Let down your guard 
to hear Love’s message,
it has been within you
all along,
in the human realm,
there may be struggle,
as you search for where 
you truly belong.

My dear,
this Home is 
always with you,
it is not somewhere 
out of reach,
it resides wholly 
in your heart,
it is not external,
you need not 

This world sets up 
many contrasts,
you are weary of the 
bouncing from this 
to that,
in the center,
Here is Peace,
ask your soul 
to show you 
the way back.

Resist the urge
of push or 
Love has a force 
all its own,
Here is the Peace 
that you have 
longed for,
in This Present,
you Home.

Beyond this world 
is You, forever,
you need not wait 
to sense This Peace,
with humility 
and open heart,
awaken to your eternal
Grace and ease.

Faith and Grace

20190120 xpicture

8/10/22  from: 1/20/19

Yes, there are times
you feel uncertain,
you dig your heels
into the ground,
if you cannot see
all of the outcomes,
you may wish to skip
what is coming around,
but does not Faith
arrive to lift you,
is there not Grace
beneath your wings,
has Love not brought
you Here,
so very capable
of amazing things?

Accept the next steps
that move you forward,
wherever that may be,
Love walks with you
every step,
Love is beckoning you
to believe,
with Faith come possibilities,
with Grace, do you not allow
yourself to Be
an instrument of Source,
playing your song
so joyfully?

Let Faith move you
ever forward,
and with Grace
may you humbly
is this not Love’s
perfect balance,
human and soul

Let Faith give you
let Grace allow
you to Be,
with Humility
may you surrender,
and with Love
set yourself free!

Being Life


Come to life,
life needs your
share your Self
as you travel through,
as One Mind,
your brothers and sisters
soak up ripples of what
flows through you.

In this life,
journeys may be 
traveling paths that 
may feel your own,
but at any intersection,
there is sharing –
you never ever really
travel alone.

Bring to life
your spark,
your Light,
Be-ing Life
is a journey 
Be-ing You 
is your only 
come to Life,

As Love


Be helpful,
be of service,
you are naturally 
as Love.

Let your heart
guide you in 
your purpose 
is This,
as Love.

Be accepting 
in Love’s 
you are beautifully 
as Love.

See This Light 
in your sister 
and brother,
All are family,
as Love.

Tune into 
your soul’s 
innate rhythm,
may it accompany 
as Love.

With Humility,
with Love’s 
eternal blessing,
your Light shines
as Love!

Your Loving Purpose


Is not Peace
the acceptance 
of Love?

Breathe Love in,
be enveloped 
in Peace,
your healing function 
is returning to 

Is not Joy
the expression 
of Love?

Experience Joy 
Gratitude leads
the way,
Joy is your soul 
reminding you – 
This Is Love.

Is not Humility 
knowing fully
You Are Love?

Be Love,
Be authentic,
Be Love’s purpose 
in your way,
allow Love’s experience –
You As Love!