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Surrendering to Love
is Be-ing the Love
in You.

No pre-conditions
come before this,
as You Are Love
through and through,
once you see through
layers that are transparent,
is not Love always Here
with You?

You may resist at times
to give up
what you think
defines you now,
but surrendering to Love,
helps you move beyond
the why or how.

Surrendering to Love
is Be-ing the Love
that flows through you,
let Love take your
guiding you always
with Love to You.


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You wish for things
to happen
in an expected type of way,
sometimes you may will it
into existence,
by what you do
or say.

But might you let
your wishes and
your will
be guided by the
Light you are
made of,
might you let go
and surrender
to the Guiding Light
of Love?

Have Faith that Love
will guide you,
have Trust that
Love knows where
to go,
it may look different
than what you picture,
but believe until
you Know.

Ask Love to fill in
the gaps
you may have thought
were yours to fill –
All Is Well in
service to Love,
when you let Love
lead your free will.

Let Love be your
let Love lead
the way,
let go of expectation
and outcome,
Be amazed where
Love takes you today!

Your Love Song

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You cannot make sense
with your mind,
but you can know perfection
in your heart.

On the other side
of the world you see,
you remember,
You Are Home.

Where to find this
familiar place?
Listen to your heart
sing your song.

Beat in rhythm,
with the Melody
of Love.

You feel it,
know it,
sense it –
let Love always
be your guide.

Sing with Strength,
Humility and
what would Love
have you do?

Dear One,
precious child,
Love creates
in every moment
of You.

A Loving Perspective

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Be a loving perspective,
be aware of your point
of view,
when you tune into
this present moment,
may you manifest
the Love of You.

You are aware your
thoughts have power,
but do you not create
in many ways,
let your heart,
your soul
be what communicates
the Love That You Are,

There is thinking,
in this life
you do all of these,
might you rebalance
as you try on
not only giving,
but being open to

With Joy and Love,
be a loving perspective,
with Humility,
sense your power
let knowing and being
take the lead,
may your thoughts
reflect this, dear.

Let Love be your
You Are All of This,
so Be
a loving perspective,
the point of view,
that Be-ing Love
always sets you free!

A Shift of Love

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Like winds of change
or jet-stream clearing,
do you not constantly
shift within,
it may be subtle,
or be life-changing,
does Love not nudge you
to begin again.

Do you not gain perspective,
clearing out what
no longer serves,
when in service to Love,
does not understanding
always return?

There is calm after
a storm,
there is Peace
when you go within,
when you surrender
with Love,
is that not when Joy
comes rushing in?

With Gratitude and
does not your heart
gently show you how,
to dance, to sing
with Love,
Be this Love Song
that sings with you

Be the Shift of Love,
let it be the wind
beneath your wings,
believe in your
Love Song,
you are every note
that Love so sweetly


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Are not the very obstacles
in your path,
the ones that help
you find Grace
and ease,
when what you have tried
feels like going uphill,
why not change course
in surrendering?

Surrender need not mean
giving up,
does it not invite you
to give in,
lean into your authentic
you have the Strength
within –
in surrendering.

Breathe in the Grace
that flows with ease,
create the space
for you to Be,
let spirit help
for you to see,
is there not Love
in surrendering?

You may still slip
finding your way,
know Love lifts you
in so many ways,
grab the hand that
is Here with you
everyday –
Be the Love
in You,
in surrendering.

Grace and Ease

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When we talk about
it may not be
what you think you
is not surrender
when you allow
to be immersed
into Love’s Flow?

When you feel constriction,
when there is resistance,
is that not when you
are taking control,
might there be
an easier way,
that can begin
when you let go?

If there is struggle
might you believe
a smoother path
is always near,
when there is something
that is perplexing,
know that a solution
is yours to hear.

Old patterns
and old habits
may come up
for you to see,
with surrender
and flow
might you take
a different route
and find yourself
gliding with
Grace and Ease.

Do not be deterred
by bumps that may
present themselves
in your road,
do they not help you
see another way
that your journey
may unfold?

Try on surrender,
loosen your grip,
on outcomes
that you think
you know,
let Grace and Ease
be yours to dance with
as you move to
the rhythm of this
Loving Flow.