Sweet Surrender

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Turn a page,
let it be blank
for you,
what if it was
not already filled up
with what you think
you must do?

And as you surrender
to this moment,
with past behind,
no future yet,
is not a blank page
a perfect canvas,
to paint your present
in this moment?

Be willing to play
with “I don’t know”,
yes, your human side
loves to know the ending
of so many scenarios,
but might you let yourself
be curious
and be open to a
loving grace,
then might you ask
for Love to show you,
what may be on
the next page.

Turn a page,
know that Love
Is Here,
in sweet surrender
may you welcome
Love’s Eternal Grace
for One so dear.

Sea of Love

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With Strength,
welcome in all of
your feelings,
with Courage,
open up your heart
to see,
Love resides in every
that you open up
to Thee.

There is no need
to tuck away
what you may think
is hard to face,
use your emotion
to heal and cleanse,
knowing Love fills up
each and every space.

And as you wash in
this Sea of Love,
is this not remembering
Who You Are,
a drop,
the wave,
the ocean vast,
is You
as your reach is both
near and far.

Does not the Power that
you feel,
help you to embrace
You Are Everything
you wish for,
You Are perfect
in the Mind of Thee.

Let your emotion
direct and guide you
to the feelings
that come up to heal,
release and wash
in the Sea of Love,
welcome Home
to the Peace
that is Here,
with You.

Breath of Life

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When there is something
you wish to resolve,
or when your mind
tries to figure out,
take a deep breath
and hold it there,
then surrender
as you exhale out.

When you are able
to let go,
creating space in
your mind Divine,
do not options,
clarity flow in,
has this not happened
time after time?

At any moment
throughout the day,
might you ask to
see another way,
and when you put forth
the Love in you,
do you not open doors
for Love to flow through?

Take a breath and hold
it in,
be aware as you
slowly let it out –
Here You Are,
with this Breath of Life,
reminding you,
Love is what it is
all about.


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You Are Everywhere.

As human you may
with your “I” –
and does not “I”
mean you see, perceive
an “us”, “them”
or “we”,
you can see how
identity can be.

But as Love
Is Everywhere,
doors open or
Love does not care,
the boxes, rooms
you may construct,
live only in your mind,
as nothing can stop,
or contain,
or limit,

Surrendering to the
Power of Love,
may make your “I”
feel a bit put out,
but has not truly
All of You,
brought you to
this moment,
as you discover,
You –
as you look
for Love both
here and there,
is it not a Joy
to find,
Love Is Everywhere?

Sense the magnificent
expansiveness –
You Are Everywhere
All of This!

A Loving Space

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Do you need to make
room for Love?

Love is Always,
it does not run
and hide,
but with mind-chatter,
noisy clatter,
it may feel so
tucked inside.

Tuning into Love
is multi-layered
as you can experience
it in many ways,
might you choose Love
in this loving moment,
then add another
throughout your day.

Love is not something new
you bring in,
like a stranger to your
Love is familiar,
Love knows you,
and is this not
the Love you Know?

You may think you
need to add space,
to let Love expand
and grow,
but as Love is Ever-present,
might you embrace
Love when you let go?

Gratitude and Humility
will bring you balance,
adding Grace and Ease
to your life,
Peace and Love will
lead you gently,
helping All of You

There is no need to make
more room,
Love is ubiquitous
in its scope,
Love is in every room
you are,
let Love show you the
Peace, Joy and Strength
you know!


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Surrendering to Love
is Be-ing the Love
in You.

No pre-conditions
come before this,
as You Are Love
through and through,
once you see through
layers that are transparent,
is not Love always Here
with You?

You may resist at times
to give up
what you think
defines you now,
but surrendering to Love,
helps you move beyond
the why or how.

Surrendering to Love
is Be-ing the Love
that flows through you,
let Love take your
guiding you always
with Love to You.


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You wish for things
to happen
in an expected type of way,
sometimes you may will it
into existence,
by what you do
or say.

But might you let
your wishes and
your will
be guided by the
Light you are
made of,
might you let go
and surrender
to the Guiding Light
of Love?

Have Faith that Love
will guide you,
have Trust that
Love knows where
to go,
it may look different
than what you picture,
but believe until
you Know.

Ask Love to fill in
the gaps
you may have thought
were yours to fill –
All Is Well in
service to Love,
when you let Love
lead your free will.

Let Love be your
let Love lead
the way,
let go of expectation
and outcome,
Be amazed where
Love takes you today!