A Breath of Light

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Let Love
fill in,
what looks

You Are Love’s
eternal flashlight –
switch on,
and start.

Do not forget
your own
light, dear,
it builds from
inside out.

this Life Force
is what Love
is about.

Let Love
fill in
this moment,
receive this
to show you

All Light
and Love,
your spark,
is Holy You,
in this moment,

Unfolding Love

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Let spring remind you
there is always
after a time
of still,
are you not amazed,
when fresh sprouts
flex their
free will?

This resurrection
of life
from winter’s sleep
never ceases
to amaze,
do you not relate
to this cyclical
are you not anew
each and every

Are not seasons
a sacred spiral,
do you not learn
each time you go
what new growth
are you to nurture,
what is unfolding
from the limitless

Let spring remind you
of the mystery,
what in this season
may arise,
tend lovingly
to the Garden of You,
Love’s beautiful creation,
a glorious sight!


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Do not begrudge the ego.

As you live in time
and space,
ego maneuvers in this
comparative place,
yes, ego brings up
many questions to
and does it not want
the answers fast?

But from your Higher
Perspective view,
intuition, knowledge,
is able to get through,
do not answers to
questions asked,
do these not appear
to you, at last?

Yes, you may awaken
from your sleep,
does your soul not
whisper to you, softly,
when ego takes center
is it not hard to hear
other parts in this

Do not judge when you
feel out of sorts,
here is healing for parts
that are sore,
shine Love’s Light on
programming of past,
transform, transmute
joyfully with Love,
as you dance.

You may balance
with every breath,
a walk, the stillness,
is your soulful friend,
your soul never tires
to remind you that,
Here I Am,
yes, You,
are That!

Gently Cradled

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Were do you feel safe?

There are myriad scenarios
that you play out
to feel this way,
it may exhaust you
until at some point,
you may say,
I cannot care today!

Your ego is happy
to take this over,
but does it not
turn on all alarms,
it goes in overdrive
to tell you –
there are so many
things to warn.

Yet when you return
to this present moment,
yes, there may be a
time to take care,
but are you not also
safe with You this
breathing in This
sacred air?

You Are safe in your
and four walls are not
what we speak of,
beneath the perception
of fear,
is an endless fountain
of Eternal Love.

When you let go of
shedding layers you thought
protected you,
do you not find yourself
gently cradled,
in the Love that
is Always Here
with you.

Be safe in your awareness
that is always Here
to remind you,
You Are safe and Home,
sacred Child of Love,
You Are so Loved
as Love Is You!

A Virtual Be-ing

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Do you know how
expansive you are?

One single place
or any space
cannot contain
the All of You,
as you are connected,
One Web of energy,
Love flows through
every one of

You may see
physical distance,
but is this not
helping you to
beyond your
proximity of
are not these
experiences here
to teach?

You are a creator,
when one door closes,
might you open to
so much more,
you dreamed of
special keys that
might unlock
what you are looking

But might you open
to your Essence,
that is neither
here or there,
you always are
a virtual Be-ing,
for You exist
truly Everywhere.

Expand with Love,
the technology of
the infrastructure
is You in space,
Love connects you
to this Web of Love,
your heart,
your soul
is This
Loving Place.

Let Go to You

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Let go –
to You.

You hang on to
your identity,
your beliefs that
you have woven
though amazing,
this is not your
truest nature,
why not
let go –
to You.

You need not
reach for the
or depend on
another to
show you what
to do,
why not open
the curtain that
may hide you
and joyously
let go –
to You.

Yes, Faith may
help you with
your willingness
to open up
to your greater
all that you seek
is hiding in plain sight,
with eyes wide open,
let go –
to You.

You may wish
to Trust before
you try this,
but You Are already
what your soul knows –
your heart,
your soul,
Love always holds you,
and with
let go –
to You!

A Perfect Blend

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With change does fear
not look to fill
in spaces,
that your mind
thinks should work
a certain way,
as the mind seeks
to organize perceived
does fear not wish
to turn your attention
its way?

Yes, friction is an
here is space
that wishes to be
dear one, may Love
help you to remember,
every space of You
is lovingly filled up.

No matter what
is happening
around you,
yes, thank your mind
for working details out,
but you do not
walk alone in
these endeavors,
human and soul
are always blended

Let your breath
return you to
let soul awareness
surround you with
your blended Self
rejoices in this
the Whole of You,
always together,

A Sacred Opening

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As you adjust
to many new things,
is there not comfort
in the smallest things,
what captures your eye,
what makes your heart sing,
when all things are new,
does not the familiar
comfort bring?

Have you noticed the sky
with clouds that form
and disappear,
the fog and rain lift
to show you all
is clear,
a bird in flight,
soaring, calling,
I am Here,
your beloved pets
who know that yes,
you need them near.

Through any change,
do you not sense
you are the same,
yes, externally,
your human self
plays in life’s game,
in changing times,
do sacred openings
not appear,
to show you Love
is forever constant
and always Here!

Still Waters

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Might you dive deep,
still waters are
this is your Home
as well, you see,
You Are Here
throughout the
you play and
explore Here
when you sleep.

Peace may feel elusive
but it is constant,
always Here to comfort
Peace is a State of Be-ing
that flows with you,
throughout your human day
whether you Be or do.

Let Peace take you
by the hand,
reach out and ask Peace
to show you how,
receive and float
upon peaceful waters,
supported and held
always with Love!

Be All In

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Be all in.

It may be fear
at first
that pushes you
out of your
comfort zone,
as the very things
you thought were
now seem to have
a mind of
their own.

As human you may
be very resistant
to constant change
or something new,
but with acceptance
and allowance,
are you not
ingenious in
creating anew?

Be all in,
even if first
tentative steps you
the dam has already
broken free,
you have a choice
that you can make.

Be the shift you
your soul is with
you all the way,
yes, fear may be part
of this experience,
as human and soul
dance throughout
this play.

As you rise above
stormy clouds,
may you breathe in
the reverent air,
Be the choice for
Love Eternal,
Be all in
your experience