Return to You

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Where do you wish
to go today?

If you need a break,
where would you
go play,
if only in your
can you not visualize
a place,
that makes you smile,
that is a calming space,
does not your body
to where you go
in your mind,
when you wish to sense
what peaceful place
do you wish to find?

And how do you feel
when you are in
your peaceful place –
what is it about
a beach,
a mountain tall,
a forest’s calming space,
what is peaceful about
a creek,
or an ocean’s rhythmic
that helps you center
where you are,
feeling comfort all

Is it not when you are
with You –
be it physically there
or in your mind,
do you not have the
of all of nature
within You,
is it not You
that resonates
with the beauty
of All That Is –
when you are unclear
of Who You Are,
do you not find You
even in the stars?

What draws your attention
when you seek to
find Peace,
come back to you,
return to nature,
find beauty in any
the beauty that you
is all around
and within you now –
You Are Here,
You Are Present,
You Are Peace
and You Are Love.

The Presence of Love

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I am traveling early today. Here is a message from today’s date in 2016.


The presence of love
can lift you up
and bring light to shine
in the dusty corners
of a darkened room.

The presence of love
can help you reach
out your hands
to those who need
a loving touch.

The presence of love
opens the gates
to those unseen
so that you know
we are always near.

The presence of love
begins in your heart,
filling you up,
connecting you –
to All That Is.

Open your heart.
Shine your light.
Share this love.
Feel the touch of Spirit –
as You Are
the Presence of Love.

Love Is

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Love is there
before the story,
Love is here
when you think
it ends,
Love Is Everywhere
and in between –
Love Is.

You need not go
somewhere to find it,
Love need not come
to find you,
go to your heart
and you will
feel it –
Love Is.

You have all you need
to sense it,
the Love from all
that you
hold close,
so deep within is
where you
find it –
Love Is.

It may take another
to help you know it,
to light the spark
in what Is You,
do not despair
when you cannot
see them,
they are always so
close to you,
Love connects
with Light that
binds you,
always together
you will always Be,
Love’s Light will
never falter –
Love Is.

Love Is You,
You Are Love,
before and after
in Eternal Light.
Love Is
and Always –
There Is Love.

The Grace of Love

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When stories clash,
when tempers flare,
when to the surface
old wounds appear,
are these not opportunities
to take advantage of,
to receive the Grace
of healing Love?

And with that Grace
can you not imbue,
the Strength and Courage
that makes up You,
with no strings
can you surrender to
the healing balm,
that you can spread, too –
with Humility,
opening to Gratitude,
might you behold
the healing Power of Love?

Might you ask
to set drama aside,
though it appears
so you can see another
what do you need
to create a healing space –
yes, healing comes
with Love’s tender
loving Grace.

Let Love show you,
let Love guide you,
then let Love
be beside you.
Love soothes.
Love heals.
Love smooths
what is rough
to feel.

Breathe it in,
send it out.
Let Love Be
within and without.
With Grace,
can you give and receive,
letting Love show you
how to Be.
The healing balm
of Love
knows what to do,
when you release
and let Love heal You.

With Strength and Courage,
with Humility,
with Grace,
Love Is you,
Love Is me,
Love Is Everywhere,
Love Is We.
Spread it out
to everyone –
the Power of Love
is its Healing Balm.

The Colors of Love

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The bright blue sky
is big enough
for the sun,
as well as for
the clouds
that fill up,
so that rain
can come falling down,
is there not a cycle
to releasing
what builds up
to then let go,
are not drops of rain,
part of the cycle, too,
and when the sun
comes out,
might a rainbow
link the two?

The bright blue sky
is always there
behind the clouds,
and when nighttime
is sky not a palette
for the stars?

Is not the space
you call a sky
always there
through day or night,
much like You,
your Soul,
your Essence,
always You
in the dark or Light –
can you not fill
your sky
with the brightest
of Lights,
even as sometimes
there are clouds,
that filter the Light,
but is not the sky
so beautiful
before and after
a storm,
when the air is crisp
and clear,
when sometimes a
rainbow forms?

Are not the colors
of a rainbow
always there,
even if you cannot see,
does it not sometimes
take rain
to bring them out,
to see all of their
as Love is your essence,
are not these colors
always within You –
as you know Light
as you know rain,
does not Love know
what to do –
move with the cycles
that beat with the
Rhythm of Life.
You Are sun.
You Are the stars.
You Are morning,
You Are night.

The bright beautiful
Sky of Love
is the canvas
for You to Be.
Be Light.
Be Love.
Be every color.
Be Free.

A Morning Song

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When morning comes
on a brand new day,
you have all you need
to start the day,
as birds begin to sing
their morning songs,
you can either listen
or sing along,
let their morning song
resonate with you,
Love is everywhere
like the morning dew,
there is no morning
that will start without you,
let break of dawn
sing its morning song
to you.

You may not hear
Love’s morning song,
but in your heart,
is where the notes
you can breathe in
the song you carry there,
breathing out,
affirming you are here,
you have the Rhythm of Love
in your heart,
no matter when your
morning starts.

And will not Love
give you what you need,
as you ask,
what might you wish
to bring,
to add to the morning song,
as you hum or sing
your song,
let others hear you,
might they sing along,
does not Love rise like
the sun at dawn?

When morning comes
on this brand new day,
you have all you need
to start the day.
You Are Peace
that fills you up,
You Are Strength
when you need a lift up,
let Joy remind you
to dance,
with Courage might you
take a chance,
let Gratitude spend the day
with you,
with Humility, let Love
show you what to do,
start with your
Morning Song of Love –
let it last the whole day
through –
singing, “You Are Love
and Love Is You.”
Love Is Everywhere
and so are You.

A Miracle of Flight

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When you feel heavy,
tethered to the ground,
when the gravity
of the earth
weighs you down,
how light must a
butterfly be,
to flit and fly
almost joyfully,
does butterfly
not draw your
eyes near,
to join in its dance
here and there,
through the air?

And Butterfly has
a purpose
as it flies,
from flower to flower,
though its path
may seem erratic
to passersby,
but might its purpose
also be,
to remind you of
what can be –
to be Light,
to be free,
like Butterfly?

Yes, Butterfly has a
story to be told,
of change,
of transformation
to behold,
but does not Butterfly’s dance
in the flowers
give you the chance,
to soar on wings,
to fly with Joy,
to feel free?

Let the miracle
of Butterfly
help you to see,
who you think
is gone,
is in another phase
of their life
you may not see,
but when Butterfly appears,
is it not because
they are near,
wishing to remind you
All Is Well
as they fly free?

Does Butterfly
not remind you
that you are, too,
as free as Butterfly
appears to you –
though you feel
that you are here,
with your loved one
over there –
might Butterfly remind you
that All exist
in The Everywhere?

As caterpillar may not know,
that butterfly wings
are what will grow –
have Faith,
let Love
show you the
Miracle of Flight,
let Butterfly
turn up your Light.
Fly Free,
with Love,
fly free.