The Whole of You


Behold the Whole 
of You.

You in life are 
steeped in history,
with experiences and 
milestones, too,
might Love’s arms 
surround you gently,
loving completely 
the Whole of You.

You exist beyond 
your seeing,
do you not extend 
as the timeless You,
wrap all moments 
with loving care,
as you behold 
the Whole of You.

Accept and Love 
your past,
your present,
as your soul 
creates anew,
let Love show you 
Who You Are – 
behold and Love 
the Whole of You!

This Field


Like a field of 
that emerge from 
similar seeds,
are not your brothers 
and your sisters,
extensions of One 
creating continuously?

You observe behavior 
as your mind 
wishes to separate 
and categorize,
but does your heart
not wish to connect,
recognizing Love 
with your soul’s eyes?

Observe and marvel 
at the layers, colors,
that make up 
this field you see,
but remember you 
All are aspects of 
One Love emerging 
from one seed!

Ask Love


Reach deep,
ask Love.

The hand of Love is 
always with you,
as you need,
with surrender 
to propel you,
reach deep,
ask Love.

What does another 
need today,
to ease worry or
to lift the clouds,
let Love’s Light 
shine brightly through
reach deep,
ask Love.

What does your self 
wish to behold,
Love’s Peace is Here,
ready to unfold,
beyond reaction,
creating anew,
reach deep,
ask Love.

Let this day 
be a teacher to 
as sure as the sky
above clouds is blue,
Love speaks softly
always to you – 
deep within,
answer with Love.



Look with the open eyes
of a child,
what does your soul 
wish to see?
Does not This Moment 
of Love appear,
when all else but Love 
is released?

Let the innocence of
your heart receive
and bask in This Love 
for you,
Joy bubbles up and out,
your soul rejoices 
in This Love so True.

Be like a child 
with Love today,
see with the eyes
of your soul,
play and dance,
see the Joy in All – 
share This Love,
You Are All 
loved so!

Be Amazing

For 5/27/21 – a message from 2019


Rise up to any challenge,
is that not an opportunity
to grow,
when you are comfortable
do you not gravitate
to what you already know?

Think of the push and pull
of growth
as loving hands
reaching out to you,
will they not lift
you up
and help you see
another side of you?

Be willing to stretch yourself,
it may be a little,
it may be a lot,
but do you not often
surprise yourself –
it may not be as
hard as you thought.

And if you travel
in a direction,
that you wish to change
partway through,
you can alter your course
to realign with what
speaks to you.

With Gratitude and
might you let a challenge
help you to see,
you are always creating
with Love that
lovingly pushes you
to Be Amazing!

Together As Love


Let’s work together as Love.

Are you not part of a 
loving Team,
connected to angels, guides,
loved ones unseen,
are you not powerful as 
Love’s Life Force –
let’s work together 
as Love.

You need not do life
on your own,
You Are with your Team 
and always Home,
combining forces as 
soul to soul – 
let’s work together 
as Love.

Let Joy replace work 
as you feel this flow,
release any outcomes 
that you wish to know,
You and Me and We 
are a Force of One –
let us play together as 
a Force of Love.

Connect your heart,
your soul to Love’s 
eternal bond,
Home is Where You Are 
and always belong,
take Love’s hand and 
sense your eternal Team,
we always are together 
through the Grace of Love.

The Light


You Are the Light.

Streaming through clouds 
or rain,
or a beautiful spring day 
from beginning to end,
like the sun’s rays that
find a way – 
You Are the Light.

You may not know 
where your Light goes,
does it not touch 
another’s soul,
Be a beacon
also for you – 
You Are the Light.

When you are frustrated 
with cause and effect,
or events that have not 
happened yet,
in this present 
You Are Love’s gift – 
You Are the Light.

When you are lost 
or feel alone,
Love’s Light is 
with you – now,
at Home,
as your Light shines,
Love sees you, dear – 
You Are the Light.

Your spark is Love’s 
eternal Strength,
Courage helps you 
to find your way,
see Love’s Light shine 
brightly in you – 
You Are forever
Love’s shining Light.



It is easy to judge,
what is friction,
what is flow,
awareness builds with
these vibrations,
you may wish one to stay,
the other go.

But on a path to 
does friction not reveal
what lies beneath,
what programming still 
is running,
that you thought 
had been released?

Do not judge your Self
for showing you,
more layers to be 
look below the story
what core beliefs bubble
up to heal?

Is not healing 
the exposing
of what fear has 
you believe,
hand this over 
to Love’s Light,
Light dispels shadows 
ego thinks it needs.

Let friction be an 
for what no longer 
needs to hide,
Love is wholly your 
True Nature,
see the Whole of You 
with Love’s healing Light!



Let your heart 
lift the veil,
that sometimes blocks 
this simple Truth,
you are spirit,
with your loved ones 
always with you.

The human story 
with ups and downs,
feels like a roller coaster
glimpses of Peace,
strong and stable,
come to you when 
you connect inside.

Believe your Self
and those who 
Love you,
dear ones around you 
both here and there,
Love reassures,
I am always with 
I am One with 
and Everywhere.

There is no veil
when your heart 
the frequency,
that draws Love close,
meet All you Love 
in this Heart Space,
forever re-united,
soul to soul.