You, Eternally


Hope can help you
take a step.

Faith brings you 
Strength – 
where you are.

Trust reassures that 
All Is Well.

Love is eternally 
with you Now.

As human,
these may feel like
separate things,
but you as soul 
are complete and

Let your soul connect 
these all with Peace,
as you Surrender
to what you know.

Hope, Faith and Trust 
help you to see,
Surrender, Love and Peace 
is You, Eternally.

Love’s Reality


You are connected, 
you are loved,
you hear “within”,
you wonder “above”,
there is no place 
you cannot Be –
You Are One 
with All,
You Are 
as Me.

Human experiences 
may have you confused,
where is the Love 
in some of what 
you do,
beyond choices made,
what is Real and True,
you walk this journey,
but always return to You.

From your human thought
you of course ask why,
searching within your soul,
to the heavens and sky,
beyond what you may see,
Here is You and Me,
We Are One Love,
as Love’s Reality.

You are connected,
You Are so Loved,
you are within
what you seek above,
this unbreakable bond 
is strong enough to hold,
lighting the way to show,
that You Are always

This Faith of You


A leap of Faith
is not a great distance,
do you not exist 
on both sides you 
Is your heart not 
already the bridge
to what you know 
beyond what you 

You need not make 
this leap any harder,
it is something you 
can do with ease,
you are already 
completely connected,
let this wash over you 
and bring you Peace.

Any chasm you see 
is from human eyes,
your self believes 
struggle is the way 
to go,
but are you not 
lifted by angel wings,
supported by loved ones
who Love you so.

Yes, Faith may appear 
as a leap to you,
for you as human 
wish to know 
what is True,
my dear,
your Soul sees 
your wholeness united,
the hand you reach for 
is the Eternal Hand 
of You!

Love’s Possibility


Stretch yourself
beyond your 
see how your soul 
responds with ease,
even when lessons 
appear not to your
might reasons be 
beyond what you 
can see.

Possibility lives in 
always remember 
you are a creative 
be aware when you
are saying “no” –
might saying “yes”
help you reset 
your course?

The ego is quick 
to shut down
what it fears,
the status-quo 
is where its 
comfort is,
allow your soul 
to speak to your
Heart of Joy,
as an infinite Be-ing,
are you not 
All of This?

This need not be 
a call to change 
the world,
though the world 
changes through 
your Vision of Truth,
be all that is possible
with your courageous 
heart – 
the manifestation 
of Love that shines 
eternally through You!

Love’s Transformation


Let love soften 
all places 
where you have 
stored and stashed 
do you not trip 
on them quite often,
even as you search 
for some relief.

Do not let blocks 
of guilt or shame
cover you up
or quiet your voice,
they are here for
you to climb up,
to stand tall with 
each loving choice.

Embrace your inner 
who has worked hard 
for far too long,
might you suggest
another purpose – 
finding Love’s connections
instead of right or wrong?

Let Love transform 
what comes up,
asking for Love 
or to be seen,
with tenderness,
Love enfolds you
with everlasting Peace!

Holy, Whole


Love heals.

Love heals as 
there is no-thing
to be healed.

Love carries with it
One vibration,
that resonates 
with infinite 
notes –
You Are in harmony
with Love’s Song,
Love knows this

Is not forgiveness 
Love’s super power,
but not as a wrong
turned into right –
Love exists Here 
all along,
with no-thing 
to forgive,
All is holy,

Shower yourself 
with Love’s forgiveness,
see your perfection 
in Love’s healing Truth,
Love sees You 
as You Are,
Holy One,
magnificent You!

Love’s Eternal Light


Breathe in the air 
of Love that 
surrounds you,
let Love lighten up 
your load,
as you release 
what may feel heavy,
does not a lightened 
path unfold?

As human,
yes, you may walk
a path,
feeling emotion heavy 
with sadness and grief,
as soul you carry 
Love’s Eternal Light,
that brings you hope 
and much-needed

Know that the angels 
and your loved ones,
also shine Love’s 
Light for you,
together always,
Love continues,
a co-creative experience
for the All of You.

May you be lifted 
with the wonder 
and the promise 
Eternal Love brings
to you,
feel This Truth
in your knowing heart,
Love is All There Is,
forever shining 
in You!

I Love You


Give All to Me,
Love says gently,
when ire rises and 
you cannot see,
I love you through 
all of your layers,
join Me to find 
where is the Peace.

There will be times 
in the world of chaos,
when you feel shaken 
to your core,
but my dear your 
core is stable,
a place for respite,
a calmer shore.

No matter a story 
that is played out,
with actors, yes, that
you wish to change,
re-member Love is 
what unites you,
even as your ego 
wishes to place blame.

Do not fight the emotion
that rises up,
but do not stop with 
ego’s justified air,
keep diving deep to 
your True Source,
is there not a different 
perspective there?

Beyond perception,
beyond defenses,
beyond beliefs
that wish to be right,
Here is the Peace 
beyond the story,
Here is the Love 
that has no need 
to fight.

Give All to Me,
Love says with arms
that soothe and 
enfold All of You,
I Am strong enough 
to hold this space,
You Are so Loved
I Love You!

Love’s Exploration


You may feel something 
is insurmountable,
but have you not 
risen before,
from your vantage point 
of looking up,
an obstacle may seem 
tall to you upon the floor.

But take a look at 
the bigger picture,
taking in with Vision
what you see with 
wider eyes,
you may not understand
all that your are seeing,
but from the soul’s 
you need not ask why.

What you think may 
be an obstacle,
may be a route to 
freedom not yet 
when you embark 
upon an exploration,
is not the point to explore,
as curious, you roam.

Pull from your Strength,
your Courage is always 
joining you always 
on adventures, too,
keep your True Focus
on the map of your
all experience brings 
you always back Home
to You!

Love Is Strength


Love is Strength.

Yes, your mettle 
has been tested,
but do not always 
you rise?
Has not your Courage 
at times surprised you – 
Love is Strength.

At this precipice 
of possibility,
yes, the unknown 
may bring up fear,
you always have 
another choice – 
Love is Strength.

Let Love be the 
foundation you 
build on,
you are rooted 
in mother earth,
your eternal branches 
are nourished by 
the stars – 
Love is Strength.

expand your mind,
say yes to you,
Love’s Eternal Child,
Love is Peace 
and with Gratitude –
know Love is Strength
so are You!