Strength and Peace

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You may at times
feel there is friction,
between human
and soul,
might this be your
protective ego,
not really wanting
to let go.

Might you observe
beyond any judgment
and work together
as a team,
when All of You
is onboard together,
are you not able to
create what you
may dream?

Let experiences bubble up
to inform you,
that Love is needed
the healing balm of Love
is powerful,
is it not able to allay
any fears?

With Gratitude might you
opportunities that come
your way,
what may feel sharp
can always be made smoother,
when Love can have
its say.

As human you may
need reminding,
that Love is in
every space with
yet, as a soul you
all Strength and
Peace reside
in You.

A Voice of Love

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Accept and allow
all aspects
of you
and might you
sense with every
the Love that is
always flowing

Find your rhythm
with the breath,
even when there
may be stops
or starts,
have Faith in
and Trust
your very essence,
as you speak directly
from your heart.

Connect with the
Rhythm of Love,
is that not always
the message clear –
your voice is strong
with the Breath of
share the Love
in You,
as Love is spoken


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Listen to a new day
as you turn another
with intention
are you not able
to change your role
upon the stage.

Be patient as all
parts of you
adjust to something
but as you travel
on Wings of Love,
is there not anything
you cannot do?

Do not let your past
dictate what is
happening now,
the future patiently
waits for clues
to work out all
the “how”s,
it is in this present
where your Strength
and Knowing reside,
You Are the
Master of You,
on Wings of Love
may you fly!

Clear Vision

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Get to know
All of You.

In this linear world,
yes, you can go back
to what has happened
in the past,
situations, experiences,
have made impressions
on you that last.

But is not your Strength
in this moment
and while your journey
has brought you Here,
you are not only
the integration of
this lifetime,
You Are a soul
with vision clear.

So get to know
the Whole of You
and do not limit
what you see –
with clear vision
might you see
beyond any walls
you think there
may be.

Allow your soul
to introduce you
to the You
you are getting
to know,
get to know
All of You,
believe and listen
to your soul.

Keep pushing beyond
your comfortable boundaries,
rise above any walls
that you may see,
there is a purpose
to this journey,
let Love lift you
and set you free!

I Love You

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The pesky parts
of you that
show up,
that you would
rather not think
are they not asking
for your blessing,
are they not reaching
out for Love?

You may think
that it is others,
who may look
with a critical eye,
but do you not
critique yourself,
often asking yourself

Might you try a
different approach
to the little child inside
who wants to please,
might you send Love
to All of You,
and tell your little one,
yes, You I see.

With this unconditional Love,
might you find
freedom’s Flow,
in this stream of Love
that builds you up,
do you not find
the Courage
to let go?

Might you change
the critical eye
to One who sees
the Truth in You –
You Are beautiful
as You Are,
You Are Loved
I Love You.


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Create anew.

When a path
that feels familiar,
takes you down
a road in fear,
know you have
the Power within you
to create new.

Like switching out
old clothes that
no longer express
Who You Are,
might you match
your outside with
your inside,
and create anew.

You may need to
acknowledge awareness
of the old
as it meets the
with Gratitude
and Love
may you move forward
as you create anew.

Will not the familiar
look quite different,
when you see with
the Eyes of Love,
remember You
and with Love always
create anew
with the Power of Love.


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Be grateful
for every opportunity
that comes to you
so you may see,
when fear arises
do you not have tools
to move beyond it

With Humility,
might you serve
beyond yourself
for the greater good,
with Joy do you not
the Love you give
is what you are

There are cycles
that keep spiraling,
letting you experience
it all,
you can create a
different outcome
when you choose
a different route
to walk.

With Gratitude
in your heart,
embracing what shows
up for you each day,
Humility and
will always show
you a loving way.

Have Faith that Love
is always with you,
with Grace
does not Love show
you the way,
you have all the answers
you are seeking,
you have all the Strength
within you always.