Where Courage Flows


There is tenderness 
in Strength,
is compassion not 
where Courage flows,
You Are This,
blended together,
as You Are Love,
are you not whole?

Relationships can knock
you off balance,
you work to get back 
on your feet,
do you not learn 
about You, dear one,
helping you discover 
You Are complete.

You need not work 
to change another,
give tenderness, 
as gifts to you,
your Love ripples 
from your Strength,
You as Courage 
accept and Love 

I See You


You are seen,
you are heard,
your words 
are very clear,
believe it true,
your loved ones 
and to your Light 
they draw so near.

Your human mind
may wonder, doubt,
why do I not hear
what they say,
my dear, we are 
closer than you 
within your thoughts 
and in your heart,

Love is the bridge 
eternally connecting,
always together,
believe This Truth,
there is no part of 
you that Love does 
not see,
Love embraces the 
Whole of You.

With this wonder,
go forward with 
the Strength and Courage
That is You,
Love walks beside you,
whispering gently,
I see your Light 
and so Love you!

Love’s Grace


Let Love pour out
from your heart,
know that This will 
never end,
and as Love is an 
infinite circle,
Love is Here,
always flowing in.

You may feel weary,
battered, bruised,
at times from life’s
but You as Spirit 
rise above,
reborn as Love 
answers your wish.

With Strength and Courage
at your side,
with your heart filling 
every empty space,
Love is You recognizing
your wholeness,
You Are Love’s

Love’s Answer


Love is the wish 
that you ask for,
Love is the answer 
you already received,
it may not look like
what you expected,
Love is omnipresent,
not temporary.

Place your Faith 
in the eternal,
This is You,
through and through,
you need not detach 
from this world
to be aware of Love’s
miracle as You.

Let Love open up 
your heart,
Be bold,
Be fearless 
with This Strength,
with no expectation 
about the outcome,
Be Love’s purpose 
throughout the day.

Fellow souls sense 
your vibration,
your Light joins with 
all fellow Lights,
in This Season of 
growth and promise,
Be Love’s answer,
beautiful Light!


This Place of Home


You may need wings 
sometimes to guide
but you know This Place
so well,
This is You,
your soul complete,
traveling with you
throughout your 

When you need respite
from this journey,
Here is Home 
where you forever
shift your perspective,
release from ego,
even a moment 
brings relief,
a sigh.

Here is your power,
feel it returning,
in life there are things
you cannot control,
but fear this not,
are there not angels
with you,
bringing to Light 
what you already 

Hand not your power 
over to the ego,
answers are not found
here at all,
your Peace,
your Strength
is Here within you, 
rise above the noise 
to hear your heart’s

Remember This,
Beloved child,
you know This Place 
of Home where you 
a breath away,
You Are This Peace,
You Are always Home,
even within this life!

Fearless and Free


Trust in Love.

And You as Love
means you may also
trust in you.

Align with Love 
as your intention,
surrender to This 
eternal flow.

Release the outcomes that
have you constricted,
say yes to Trust so
Peace you may know.

You Are the earth 
below you grounded,
You Are limitless as
sky and stars above.

Sense and align with
your True Nature,
fearless and free,
trusting in Love!

Threads of Love


Be Strength,
Be Courage,
Be at Home 
in your confidence,
spirit is Here 
to assist and 
help you,
is this not a 
forever dance?

You assist and help
here as well,
souls always connected
seek each other out,
This Tapestry of Love 
is forever growing,
these Threads of Love 
are what it’s all about.

You are needed,
you have purpose,
your heart beats 
to its own drum,
but All Love’s Rhythm
joins together,
to remind All are 
creating as One.

Be Gratitude,
with Humility,
these Essences flow
with Grace and ease,
your breath has 
All that you need,
breathing Love as Joy,
returns you to Peace!

Spring, Eternal


Take a break from 
past or future,
how much time do 
you spend there,
you create from 
this now moment,
breathe in Love’s 
infinite fresh air.

Clear the cobwebs 
of winter’s layers,
be inspired by 
lighter days,
You Are always this 
bright Light shining,
but in linear life,
sometimes you think
it fades.

Love sees You, 
strong and effervescent,
this is your most 
natural state,
and as human you are
ebb and flow,
ask what your body needs
to navigate.

Your own Light 
is the hope you 
might you see
your Self as We 
see You,
You Are eternal
spring-time blooming,
bask in the Light 
of This Magnificent

A Precious Present

3/04/23  from  3/05/21

Patience is the way 
of flower,
before each pedal 
gently unfolds,
do not roots spread 
out below it,
getting stronger, 
taking hold.

There is a rhythm 
to each season,
you need not speed 
transition up,
yes, the hope of what
lies before you,
may make you wish 
future hurries up.

Take a lesson from 
precious flower,
it is perfection from 
seed to bloom,
its journey is a cycle 
of growth,
each step as important 
as it is new.

Allow your journey 
to unfold,
you are perfection 
at every phase,
behold You in this 
precious present,
a creation of Love 
in every way!

Claiming Love


Listen to the rhythm 
of Love as it 
sings to you.

When you walk with 
the beat of Love,
there is no-thing 
you cannot do.

Claim it,
say it,
Be it –
your I Am
tells you this

Sense Love’s Power
in your Voice,
when you speak as
the Whole of You.

Love’s vibration
is the current,
let it Light this spark
in you.

Your Light shines
into forever,
remember, always,
Love is You!