This Light


Love is your root,
your foundation 
stand secured and  
anchored upon This,
let emotion,
experiences flow 
through you as 
you remember 
You Are This.

When weighed down
with life’s heaviness,
your Strength and Courage
are always at the fore,
let Love lift what 
you no longer need,
Love’s Light dispels
shadows from before.

See clearly now
with Light so
you may see,
Love is eternally Here
with you,
you may have thought 
you struggled alone,
but Love has always 
shined through You.

Stand with Love now,
secure and safe,
Love’s power forever 
flows through you,
accept This Truth 
and know,
Beloved One, 
This Shining Light
is You!



You may feel burdened,
feeling your back 
against a wall,
sometimes you believe
struggle is needed
to keep your head 
above it all.

Yes, this world has 
many experiences 
that ego loves to 
wrap with fear,
might you take a breath 
and remember,
you need not fight
to survive,
my dear!

Sometimes fear latches 
onto memories
that were developed 
at a young age,
might you shower 
younger you with Love,
giving Gratitude to 
who you are, today.

Embrace this opportunity 
to honor emotions
that run so deep,
shedding a tear,
holding you close,
may you release 
old thoughts that 
you keep.

Extend a loving hand
to any parts of you
that wishes to know –
All of You 
All of Love,
All is Well,
You Are Loved, so!



You need not limit
your self.
You Are limitless 

Fear the constrictor,
builds false ceilings,
saying, don’t expand 
or else –
you fill in quickly 
all scenerios,
what might happen 
if I fail?

Every mountain
has many paths,
some are narrow,
others wide,
is there not learning,
flexing, growing,
are you not changed
on the other side?

You may slip,
lose your footing,
you reach out,
Love’s hand is Here,
you remember,
you are not alone,
the path you seek
is Home, my dear.

Set no limits,
free your self,
walk with assuredness
of this Truth,
you are expanding 
your awareness,
but know limitless
is always You!

Be the Light


Be the Light
That You Are.

Move through 
weariness or 
no-thing can truly
weigh you down,
with awareness,
cut through thoughts 
that may have twisted
things around.

Accept your soul’s purpose
as intention,
receive Love’s guidance 
from above,
break down all 
problems or questions,
knowing the answer
is always Love.

Release beliefs 
buried so deep,
may they transform
into This Truth –
the Strength and Courage
you have longed for,
is forever Here 
as the Eternal You.

You Are the Light
you seek,
you shine bright 
as Love’s beautiful 
Love is All fellow 
Lights shining,
Be the Light 
That You Are!

A Loving Inventory


When bubbling emotions
come to the top,
you need not hide them 
or make them pop,
they may have messages
for you,
to look with clarity and 
see what is true.

As a child you do what
you need,
to make sense of what 
may feel scary,
now with discernment 
and your Truth as Love,
with clear eyes now,
what are you still 
scared of?

Old familiar patterns 
may still run through
the body that holds on
to what you used to do,
re-tune to what you 
with Gratitude,
what can you lovingly 
let go?

Do not fret when 
in the midst of this,
this loving inventory 
is a gift,
honor all phases life
may bring to you,
remembering always,
Love is All of You!



Be willing.

Lead with your 
what does it have 
to say?
Be Courage
as Strength,
Be willing,

Allow the day’s
accept each moment 
Be Gratitude
as Humility,
Be willing,

Love is with you
every step,
be it heavy or 
so light,
your willingness 
opens All doors,
say yes to Love,

Walk through this day 
with purpose,
with assuredness 
of This Truth,
Be Peace,
as Love,
Be willing,



When there are choices 
to be made,
you may assume one 
is wrong or right,
might different paths 
create experiences 
that usher in the 
same bright Light.

Do not put pressure 
on yourself,
be aware of constriction
when fear says –
what if you make the 
wrong choice,
my dear,
You Are beyond 
all of the details.

With Love as your 
with your heart 
as guiding Light,
as human you do 
your very best,
now release the judgment 
of what is “more right.”

In this world 
your future self
has all the means 
to make things work,
put your trust 
in You, my dear,
what is your Truth 
as plans unfurl?

In this moment 
find the Joy
that lights all paths 
that you may choose,
let Joy’s Light be 
your companion,
reminding all paths 
lead Home to You!



Fear is like fog,
it may distort
what is truly 
does not Light 
dissolve the mist,
so that you may see
what is true and clear.

May you discover 
what clouds your mind,
what beliefs you are ready
to let go,
you may wear these 
as familiar trappings
that once defined who 
you used to know.

Who Are You 
in your clearest Essence,
take a look with eyes 
that clearly see –
your True Light shines
ever so brightly,
illuminating You
with loving clarity.

A Return to Love


When you are in doubt,
or are not sure what 
next to do,
return to your heart
to sense your purpose
and know your Truth.

Let the details of 
the story
fall away as you 
to your Essence,
to your core,
to Who You Are
beyond this earth.

The road may split,
your path may take you 
on a detour with 
many curves,
Dear One,
you cannot be lost,
You Are always Home,
Love reassures.

Be-ing Love is your 
it may take on 
many roles,
return Home 
to your heart,
remember what 
you always know!



Gently set aside
what you no longer 
unwind, let go
of what you are
ready to release.
Upon this day,
you may have 
intentions set,
why not 
be brave and 
willing to forget?

Be comfortable
trying on the unknown,
there is great wonder
in saying, I don’t know.
Do not your guides,
sweet angels,
walk with you today,
may you allow each 
moment to unfold 
in its own way?

May your path 
be lined
with Light,
with Love,
your heart is the bridge
to All you seek,
you are gently birthed 
in each moment, Here,
may you know 
how sacred
and Loved 
You Are, my dear! 

Gently set aside 
what you no longer
follow your heart,
as Love’s creation, 
Blessed Be!