Strength exudes from 
your true Be-ing,
you are stronger 
than you know,
Strength is the Courage
to dig deeply,
to let feelings 
and emotions flow.

Your heart may feel 
sometimes battered,
overwhelmed by what 
this world brings,
hand All to Love 
to be reminded,
remembering Love 
survives everything.

Strength is not to overlook
or leave the parts of you 
that feel vulnerable,
let Strength invite what 
comes up to be honored,
reassuring that you 
are part of the Whole.

With Strength may you 
find your Courage,
to love completely 
all parts of you,
with Strength,
is this not where 
Peace lives,
Love connects,
Love weaves the 
Whole of You!

With Love


Relax the story,
release the past,
where are you Now,
Here is Love.

With tangled web,
loosen the knots,
with willingness,
Here is Love.

With no confusion,
heart speaks with 
receive its blessing,
Here is Love.

With eyes that mirror 
your soul to you,
create new pathways,
Here is Love.

Embrace this moment,
You Are this Now,
always, eternal,
Here is Love.

Love, Strength and Peace


Be you Peace,
is it your 
or are you not 
Peace at your
Peace is always 
at the ready,
you need not do 
anything more.

Be you Strength,
you need not 
find it,
Strength resides 
always with you,
you stand firmly on
Love’s foundation,
Strength is the Flow 
of Love through you.

Be you Love,
you are connected,
unified with All 
you see,
embrace All parts 
of you to know –
the Whole of You 
knows Love,
and Peace.

Fellow Hearts


You need not judge 
another’s journey,
are these not fingers 
pointing back at you?
Include yourself 
in Love’s forgiveness,
Love is always 
Here with You.

Resist the urge 
to take a side,
defensiveness is but 
a clue,
when you feel you 
are justified,
ask Love to clear 
a path for you.

with your fellow 
they beat as One 
with Love’s eternal 
with compassion,
Love’s healing Light,
may you remember 
All Are One 
with You!



Open up,
take a step,
is it not your 
that may be 
All That You Are 
is always within 
why not swing open 
perceived closed 

Feel the inertia, 
Love’s forward 
does it not joyfully 
beckon to you?
You may stall,
wish for more time,
Love patiently awaits,
always believing 
in you.

This forward movement 
is not of time,
it does not exist
in a singular place,
what we speak of 
is a State of Be-ing,
in Love’s 
sacred space.

Open to your heart,
walk with Love,
release all doubt
that obscures your
feel Love’s inertia,
Love leads this dance
in celebration 
of you!

The Rhythm of Love


Find your rhythm,
your vibration,
that connects you 
to your Peace,
this flow lifts you,
moves you forward,
there is no struggle 
with grace and ease.

Do not despair if 
there are moments,
when you bump up 
into walls,
you may need to 
find another way 
to circumvent a 

Tune into your higher 
that is always by 
your side,
is it not ego that 
often chooses 
the most rocky 
and bumpy ride.

But underneath all 
of the noise,
Love hums a beat,
a familiar tune,
join in with this 
loving rhythm,
that is ready to 
accompany you.

Let the wellspring 
of Love lift you,
as you move within 
Love’s sweet flow,
join with the beat 
of Love’s vibration,
you are in harmony
with your soul!

Ask Love


Reach deep,
ask Love.

The hand of Love is 
always with you,
as you need,
with surrender 
to propel you,
reach deep,
ask Love.

What does another 
need today,
to ease worry or
to lift the clouds,
let Love’s Light 
shine brightly through
reach deep,
ask Love.

What does your self 
wish to behold,
Love’s Peace is Here,
ready to unfold,
beyond reaction,
creating anew,
reach deep,
ask Love.

Let this day 
be a teacher to 
as sure as the sky
above clouds is blue,
Love speaks softly
always to you – 
deep within,
answer with Love.

Be Amazing

For 5/27/21 – a message from 2019


Rise up to any challenge,
is that not an opportunity
to grow,
when you are comfortable
do you not gravitate
to what you already know?

Think of the push and pull
of growth
as loving hands
reaching out to you,
will they not lift
you up
and help you see
another side of you?

Be willing to stretch yourself,
it may be a little,
it may be a lot,
but do you not often
surprise yourself –
it may not be as
hard as you thought.

And if you travel
in a direction,
that you wish to change
partway through,
you can alter your course
to realign with what
speaks to you.

With Gratitude and
might you let a challenge
help you to see,
you are always creating
with Love that
lovingly pushes you
to Be Amazing!

The Light


You Are the Light.

Streaming through clouds 
or rain,
or a beautiful spring day 
from beginning to end,
like the sun’s rays that
find a way – 
You Are the Light.

You may not know 
where your Light goes,
does it not touch 
another’s soul,
Be a beacon
also for you – 
You Are the Light.

When you are frustrated 
with cause and effect,
or events that have not 
happened yet,
in this present 
You Are Love’s gift – 
You Are the Light.

When you are lost 
or feel alone,
Love’s Light is 
with you – now,
at Home,
as your Light shines,
Love sees you, dear – 
You Are the Light.

Your spark is Love’s 
eternal Strength,
Courage helps you 
to find your way,
see Love’s Light shine 
brightly in you – 
You Are forever
Love’s shining Light.



It is easy to judge,
what is friction,
what is flow,
awareness builds with
these vibrations,
you may wish one to stay,
the other go.

But on a path to 
does friction not reveal
what lies beneath,
what programming still 
is running,
that you thought 
had been released?

Do not judge your Self
for showing you,
more layers to be 
look below the story
what core beliefs bubble
up to heal?

Is not healing 
the exposing
of what fear has 
you believe,
hand this over 
to Love’s Light,
Light dispels shadows 
ego thinks it needs.

Let friction be an 
for what no longer 
needs to hide,
Love is wholly your 
True Nature,
see the Whole of You 
with Love’s healing Light!