Love’s Embrace


Spread your wings,
you will not falter,
Love is Here 
with open arms,
to lift you up
when you feel 
to believe in you
and cheer you 

Here are angels 
with you always,
your loved ones 
see the steps 
you take,
your journey may 
be yours to walk,
but help is Here 
with decisions 
you make.

Never alone,
Love is always 
with you,
you sense and know 
that this is True,
be held,
be cradled in 
Love’s embrace,
forever connected
is This Love 
to You!

Here Is Love


In between the 
seasons changing,
Here is Love.
In between the 
space you imagine
is always Love.

Love is every breath 
you take,
Love is the rhythm 
that your heart 
beyond the body,
between every-thing,
yes, Here is Love.

Simplify the busy 
welcome Love.
Bring your focus 
to your heart,
hello Love.

Be it transition
or steady stream,
Love is with you 
and in every-thing,
never alone,
Love holds you
You Are so Loved!

A Greater View


Life can be a game
of cat and mouse,
what do you chase 
or wish to find,
when you let go
of what you strive for,
do not often gifts 
show up in time?

Yes, intention brings 
you focus,
but do stay open 
to the greater view,
while you are working 
out the details,
are you not helped 
by the All of You?

Take a breath and 
sense expansion,
you are part of 
a connected web,
when you are open 
to receive,
is there not help,
are you not led?

Be aware of where 
may be obscuring
your greater view,
all possibility is
You Are All of This,
believe in You!

A Sense of Strength


Sense your Strength.

The ego is strong,
but True Strength 
does not come from 
stories told,
it needs no struggle 
to appear,
though when you 
need it,
Strength is Here.

Is Strength not linked 
to acceptance,
there is no-thing 
that can keep you 
Strength is Love 
in every moment,
Strength is your foundation
steady and sound.

Strength need not 
but draw from Lion’s 
majestic poise and 
presence Here,
let Strength be a 
guiding force,
coming from your
passion and not 
from fear.

Sense This Strength – 
it is what becomes 
You Are Strength 
from a billion Lights,
be lifted up in this
powerful vibration,
Strength reminds you – 
You Are Divine!

A Loving Answer


From the human perspective
you may ask why,
wishing to understand 
the cause, effect,
is it not tempting 
to look back,
in order to predict 
what has not happened

Here is a simpler,
natural process,
though it may not 
make complete sense
to you,
accept, allow this 
present moment,
let Love’s forgiveness 
wash over you.

With no judgment,
guilt or blame,
Love flows freely
without, within,
there is release 
in this surrender – 
Love assures 
there is nothing 
to forgive.

Soak up now 
this loving promise,
sense your heart 
complete and whole,
here is the answer 
you have been asking,
You Are Loved so!



Love is your foundation.
And Love supports you.

You may have added 
on more layers,
different floors upon
which to walk,
these are temporary 
structures – 
it is Love that 
supports you.

You may not see 
the Whole of You
as walls and rooms
you may construct,
you need no limits 
to define you – 
it is Love that 
supports you.

You may wish to add
nice window treatments,
you may decorate 
to create and play,
but even as you
remodel – 
it is Love that 
supports you.

It is Love that
welcomes you
and Here is Home 
within your heart,
walk with confidence
upon Love’s foundation,
it is infinitely Love 
that supports you.

Always For You


Love holds a Light 
always for you.

When you are tired,
weary from 
holding up yourself 
in this linear world,
forever glowing,
Love holds a Light 
always for you.

Take this prayer 
into your heart,
Here is where 
you always 
know you are forever 
safe and held,
Love holds a Light 
always for you.

Release your struggle,
your worry, 
your fears,
My arms are wide,
let Me carry you – 
there is no-thing 
that comes between Us,
Love holds a Light 
always for you.

Say this with Me,
precious child,
believe and know 
that This is True,
I Am This Light 
eternally burning,
Love holds a Light 
always for you.

Dear Body


Do not Love and 
help you be fearless?

Are you not 
in the Truth 
of Love?

Your body may 
bring up fear to 
tell you, 
I am ready to 
release what is 
coming up.

With your Strength 
and True Light 
you are opening doors 
to experience 
All of Love.

Yes, you are more 
than the body,
but body is a 
communicative instrument,
let Love be a 
patient partner,
listening to and loving 
All of This.

Fear may come up 
as your past 
but Love and Gratitude 
are the curriculum 
embrace the body,
wrap with Love 
so gently,
assure All of You 
that You are Loved 
so dear. 

Imagine, Love


Imagine Love.

And in This moment – 
are you not 

You may think 
Love is but 
a dream,
but as all 
is not as
it seems,
sense the power,
Strength and 
as you imagine 
your Self to Be.

Yes, you may walk
in a world of 
if you do this 
then this comes 
why not expand 
this loving moment
and imagine Love 
in its limitlessness.

You have made up 
many stories,
your mind is powerful 
in its grasp,
let imagination 
free your mind 
and help you 
embrace this 
loving task.

Imagine Love –
yes, you can 
do this,
as You Are Love,
it flows through you,
awaken and see 
all That You Are,
imagine and know
This Love 
is You!