Lane of Love

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Stay in the lane
of Love,
can you not travel far
this way,
your speed can
you need not drive
a certain way,
when you veer off
of the course,
do you not find
your way back on,
this road that you
are traveling,
is it not where you

You can travel
different places,
you can change the
exploration is
there is much
for you to see,
even when the road
gets bumpy,
or obstacles get in
the way,
stay in the
Lane of Love,
let it show you
the loving way.

And when you are
in the flow,
does not your lane
feel it expands,
no longer do you feel
or worrying about
future plans,
might you find that
you can travel,
across any landscape
that may arise,
does not Love make
anything possible,
might you no longer
but fly?

When you stay in
the Lane of Love,
remember it has
no boundaries Here,
the world can be
your oyster,
many pearls await
you, dear,
let your inner
Lane of Love,
direct you lovingly
on your way,
enjoy the journey,
or change direction,
let Love light up
your road,

You Are

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You Are.

Can you resist
the urge
to fill in
the blank,
to identify with
an external link,
of something you
wish to be,
to achieve,
might you begin
with the Truth –
that You Are,
I Am?

You need not
go get it,
“it” is not beyond
your grasp,
when you think
you are separate,
hoping to come together
at last,
might we allay
your fears
and put your mind
at ease,
You Are,
Be You,
Be free.

Yes, your story
helps you to experience
that run deep,
can you keep diving
and take a look
at beliefs,
do not let your beliefs
define who you are,
You Are,
a shining star.

Dust off what you
do not need,
clear out what does
not serve,
your shining self
will show you
the way
keep tuning,
keep resonating,
with Love’s constant
You Are,
the Love you
wish to Be.

Opportunity Rising

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Let opportunity rise.

When you get weary
of the down and
when it feels you
have lost your way,
when expectations
have a different
let opportunity rise.

Are you not
in this present
is there not Light
ready to shine
through you,
might something
be ready to step
a foot forward,
let opportunity rise.

Is there not Peace
in an authentic
as you discover truly
Who You Are,
when you shine
your Light
of Love
for All to see,
do you not see
You clearly,
letting opportunity rise?

From the ashes
is not Phoenix
does not Love endure
through Eternity,
there is no stopping
Love’s powerful momentum,
is not every moment
a loving opportunity?

See Love in any
and all places,
there is Light
in every corner
when you see,
that Love cannot
be covered up
or hidden,
in every moment
Be Love’s opportunity.

With Grace and Ease

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Ease into what
what invites,
what you move
try on some
different things,
when you see
from a different
might you see
what makes your
soul sing?

Change it up,
change your routine,
change your mind –
let your soul,
show you the direction
to go,
try not to label
good or bad,
simply adjust
to what feels best,
acting upon what
your still, small voice

Do not think of
as road blocks,
might they show you
there is another
way around,
and upon this way,
might you then see
something new
to set you free,
a new perspective,
a new way
for you to Be?

There is Grace
even when you
have fallen,
there is ease,
when you find
your way back up,
your soul knows
your Divine Plan,
so simply Be You
again and again,
loving each moment
with Humility
and Gratitude.

With Grace and Ease,
then Strength and Courage
when those you need,
know throughout it all –
There Is Love.

Magnificent You

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Down into the earth
your roots take
feel your heart swell
full of Love’s magnificent
do you not draw Strength
from above,
also below,
as you anchor
and ground
into You?

And from this place
of Strength,
does Love not ignite,
giving you a chance
to see
what has come up
to fight,
but might Love not
the answer to what
you seek,
as you balance
Be-ing human
and beyond
the air that
you breathe?

Let Love hold you in
a most loving
let mother earth
remind you,
she is with you
in every space,
you are here
and You Are Here,
always part
of the Greater Whole,
a holy child of
You Are Loved
and You Are Loved, so.

From your roots
to beyond the sky,
You Are magnificent,
You –
let earth and sky
be your playground,
play with Love and Joy,
as Love Is You.


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Find Love.
Better yet,
let Love find

Let Love be the
that powers
when you resonate
with Love,
does not Love
come through,
when you think
that all is lost,
when situations
have you feeling
trust Love,
believe Love,
and let Love
find You.

Discover Love.
And yes,
let Love discover

Love is in the
and Love resides in
what is new,
you may have
a new path
to walk on,
but do not doubt
that Love is
within You,
things may look
completely different,
but as Love
is Who You Are,
let new discoveries
show you Love’s
as you let Love
discover You.

Be Love.
And let Love
Be You.

Be connected
with all you cherish,
Love is never,
ever through.
You are always
in Love’s embrace –
let Love,
Be Love
as Love Is

One Voice

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I am traveling early, so here is a message from February, 2017


You have a voice.

And is not your voice
a vibration,
that wells up
inside of you –
as air is expelled
through the
vibrating vocal cords
to be released –
can your voice
now be heard?

And is not your voice
not only vibration
of the physical body
that helps you
create sound –
what meaning
do you encode
into the vibration
of your voice?

Does not your mind,
your thoughts,
give rise to
what you wish
to say –
does your voice
not transmit
what originates here?

And does not
your voice transmit
of how a message
through vibration
is to be delivered?

You have a voice.

You are a powerful
transmitter of vibration.
These vibrations transmit
that are energy –
that mix with other
messages –
what vibrational soup
do you wish to be
surrounded by?

What if your voice
conveyed the Love
that originates in
your heart,
from a Higher Source –
would not these vibrations
be encoded with Love?

Would not the energy
from your voice,
transmitting a loving signal,
mix in with other energies?
Would not a loving vibration,
originating from Love,
transform and transmute
other wavelengths
around it?

You have a voice.

Can you be a powerful
transmitter of Love?
As you speak from
your heart –
from the Love
That Is You –
can you open up
your Voice
to the Truth
of Who You Are?

Give the Love
inside of you
a voice to share
for all to hear:

I Am Love.
You Are Love.
We speak with
One Voice.