Faith and Grace

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8/10/22  from: 1/20/19

Yes, there are times
you feel uncertain,
you dig your heels
into the ground,
if you cannot see
all of the outcomes,
you may wish to skip
what is coming around,
but does not Faith
arrive to lift you,
is there not Grace
beneath your wings,
has Love not brought
you Here,
so very capable
of amazing things?

Accept the next steps
that move you forward,
wherever that may be,
Love walks with you
every step,
Love is beckoning you
to believe,
with Faith come possibilities,
with Grace, do you not allow
yourself to Be
an instrument of Source,
playing your song
so joyfully?

Let Faith move you
ever forward,
and with Grace
may you humbly
is this not Love’s
perfect balance,
human and soul

Let Faith give you
let Grace allow
you to Be,
with Humility
may you surrender,
and with Love
set yourself free!

Courageous Awareness


Remember Who You Are,
step out of the role
that you play here,
don’t believe all of 
the stories that ego
wishes for you 
to hear.

Question often what 
is not aligned 
with your eternal
and shining soul,
when you feel knocked
off balance,
what does your soul 
wish you to know?

Do not pile on more 
ego loves to set 
that up,
when you are open 
to what arises,
might you add
more Love to 
fill you up?

Sense your Strength 
in your awareness,
sit with Courage 
and behold,
your innate Power 
is Here assuring,
All is Well with You,
beloved soul!



Marvel at the stars 
and what you think
you cannot see,
you are part of 
the Whole,
including distant 

So much of it familiar,
Be fascinated by it
This is You,
marvel at your Self,
you are anything 
but small.

Yes, here, you are 
but this is not 
your only role,
may this perspective 
help you sense
what your soul 
already knows.

Embrace the bigger 
flowing freely 
like star dust,
You Are All
That is One,

Photo credit: James Webb Space Telescope/NASA

A Path of Peace


You look for balance 
on your path,
what voices should 
I listen to?
Your intellect knows 
all the details,
at times emotions get 
the best of you.

Through the cloud cover
of life,
there is another Voice 
my dear,
turn to your Light –
always present to help,
making things clear.

Decisions can be 
when expectation 
is attached,
might you sense your
path of Peace,
letting each step lead
you to the next.

Let go of the world 
upon your shoulders,
trust in your Self 
that is sure and clear,
Love is Here,
supportive, helping,
loved beyond measure 
are you always, dear!


Your Sacred Self


Return to Home,
you have never 
may your human 
be more aware 
of This.

Your soul,
your connection 
contains all you need,
trust in This now,
You Are where 
Love leads.

Experiences here
may be unique 
to each,
but as One Mind,
does not Love
infinitely reach?

Look closely,
dive down 
to the Essence 
of Love,
it resides in Everything,
be it below 
or above. 

Reach out,
tune in,
to your Sacred Self,
Here in This Home,
your soul sings 
All Is Well!

This Strength


Beyond This Strength,
this Strength is You,
whatever you are 
walking through,
you may wish for an
outcome not yet seen,
but with the Eyes of 
the Soul,
you see Everything.

Trust spirit,
know Love will 
see you through,
you are never alone
working out what 
to do,
You as Soul know
Grace and ease,
from this perspective,
is Here not Peace?

May Gratitude help 
you align,
in This present moment,
Love is by your side,
your angels, guides 
and loved ones, too,
honor your Strength,
this Strength of You.

Behold This Love,
this Love is You,
the human journey 
is only part of you,
in your Wholeness,
you are complete,
so cherished,
so Loved,
through Eternity!

Loving Support


Are you not part of 
something greater,
that your eyes 
may not see,
yes, you play roles
in this life,
but you are woven 
in Eternity.

There may be moments
you experience
that have you asking 
the question why,
you may not know 
the role you play 
is a small slice 
in a greater pie.

You need not take 
for all that happens 
around you,
other life journeys 
are unfolding – 
you do the best that 
you can do.

Trust spirit,
talking daily,
to your soul 
who understands,
being human in 
this life can feel 
like a stranger 
in a strange land.

May you sense 
Love and support
that is always Here 
for you,
beyond the role 
that you play,
dear one,
is All of Love 
that so Loves you!

Eternally, Love


Eternally, Love.

When the world appears 
to be imploding,
when you are weary 
with what you see,
find hope in the blocks
used in rebuilding,
a strong foundation –
eternally, Love.

Ego takes pressure and 
loves to share it,
yes it may help to 
get things done,
but you are tapped into 
a forever fuel,
always available – 
eternally, Love.

Check the source that 
propels you,
what are you feeding 
in your day to day,
align and balance,
let Source help you,
reminding You Are 
eternally, Love.

Believe that Peace 
has never left you,
during turmoil
or quiet times,
Peace is Reality,
this is your True Home,
breathe and receive – 
eternally, Love.

Your Beautiful Soul


Love helps you find 
your way, dear one,
when the path is 
steep and rough,
may angelic arms 
and loved ones
help you when you 
say, enough.

You have what you 
need within you,
though sometimes you
may have doubt,
Love reminds you of 
your Strength
and believes in you 
as you work things out.

Trust can be a slippery 
as the external has 
shifts and change,
but dear one,
Love trusts in you,
your heart and soul 
are One and the same.

Love lifts you up 
when you are weary,
go to your heart 
to embrace this hope,
bask in the Love 
of your beloveds,
believe and trust 
in your beautiful soul!

Allowing Trust


You may not see 
with your own eyes,
what is working behind
the scenes,
this is the challenge 
of accept, allow,
trusting as human 
to what a next step

Your linear constructs
are limited,
and may not show the 
big picture here,
but you as consciousness,
part of the Whole,
are participating fully,
indeed, Everywhere.

You as human may wish 
to control time,
but even time has 
no power Here,
your Strength,
your Courage,
comes from Love eternal,
set your intentions,
then trust in You,
my dear.

Experiences unfold,
may you Be in Peace,
seeing and sensing with 
your heart in Truth,
accept, allow,
knowing All is Well,
and trusting Love
is forever Here with You!