A Deeper Path


Clear a path for Love.

In your preparations 
for life,
do you not gather all
you think you need,
with heavy burden
there may be struggle,
life’s ups and downs may 
make you feel fatigued.

There is lightness 
in surrender,
it does not mean 
you are giving up,
when shifting focus 
to your spirit,
does not I
then shift to

You need not do all
on your own,
is that not when fear
may arise,
ego tries to keep 
you safe 
by keeping you small 
and clouding your eyes.

You ask for help,
but remember – 
help may not appear 
as you expect,
sometimes in the greater 
picture of life,
the specifics may look different
than what you get.

Clear a deeper path 
for Love,
Love flows beneath,
beyond the life 
you see,
Love is the bedrock 
that supports you,
you are safe and protected,

Do not miracles occur 
when you allow Love
to flow through you?
Walk your path,
bridging spirit and life,
Here is Peace,
as Love lovingly
breathes You!


Love’s Perspective


It may feel like a 
leap of faith
to jump into the loving
Arms of Love,
it may appear 
as hard to do,
much like to touch 
the stars above.

Your ego mind 
may put up walls
that make it hard 
to know This Truth,
yes, ego wishes you 
to believe
in ego’s limited 
point of view.

My dear, you are 
the stars you wish on,
All Light shines 
inside of You,
you are created 
as Love’s wonder,
there is no-thing 
you need to do.

Your Self knows This 
Truth you search for,
you need not change 
ego’s mind,
from your Wholeness, 
Love’s perspective,
This Truth is Here 
and beyond time.

Look with Eyes that
have True Vision,
Here is Love as 
Who You Are,
with ease and Grace
there is no struggle,
You Are Peace,
Love’s shining star!

A Release to Peace


There is Peace 
in the Lightness,
though you may 
be used to heaviness
you need not carry 
life-time burdens,
with Love, are you 
not able to clear 
the air?

Self reflection,
letting go of layers
that run deep,
allow your Light 
to dispel shadows,
with Breath of Love,
are you not Peace?

Sense the excitement 
of your soul,
Be-ing Love is your 
purpose Here,
with Strength and Courage
always with you,
Love’s sacred expression
is forever You, dear!

A Peaceful Connection


Activate your heart 
with intention,
are you not plugged 
into this Source?
Might this be the power 
that brings you Peace,
sensing Love’s connection
guiding you on your course.

In life, at times you may
drift astray,
when your moorings 
have come loose,
know that your heart is
your forever anchor,
ready to rebalance 
and realign you.

Check in with your 
heart and soul,
you have the tools 
always to know,
no matter where you 
walk in life,
you are always Home 
within your soul!

True Vision


Vision – 
is to see with 
the Eyes of Love.

Yes, this is easier 
when looking at the
greening spread 
of spring,
or when a day 
is flowing and 
you are not 
in need of a 

But on the days 
that tax you,
when you feel 
you have given 
your all,
might you surrender 
with Faith to Love,
to see with Vision 
that cuts through 
the fog.

And in this sweet surrender,
know you are surrounded
with loving care,
let angels,
and loved ones,
bring sweet comfort 
to nerves frayed 
and bare.

Keep looking with your
True Vision,
in Gratitude may you 
see so clear,
in every moment, 
Love is with you,
as the Truth of You,
Love is always Here!



Let Love bring you 
into focus,
when you are scattered,
feeling lost,
Love is the lens that 
you can look through,
to see the Real You,
no matter what.

Things may change some 
all around you,
this may be voluntary 
or not what you would 
no matter where 
you walk upon 
your journey,
your very Essence 
carries the Whole 
of You.

Let Love allow your 
eyes to focus
on what your heart 
reminds you always of,
dear one, within you,
you have All you need,
may you see clearly
with focused Eyes of Love.

The Miracle of Gratitude



When you feel stuck,
seeing many a 
closed door,
how do you 
this space?

What can transmute,

When fear throws 
out barriers,
how do you 
get through –
first know 
You know
the way.

The impossible 
wholly possible, 

Shift your awareness,
be willing to trust,
you need not do this
on your own.

Surrender to Love,
feel Love’s energy 

Grateful You Are
as Love blesses
behold the 
of Gratitude!

As Love, With Grace


As human,
do you not 
gather what you 
so you may feel 
you are in 

Be it objects 
or expectations,
do you not hold 
not wanting to 
let go?

Might you loosen 
your grip and 
shift your focus
away from a separated
in the broader perspective
of Love,
are not angel wings 
surrounding you?

You are held and 
oh so Loved,
there is no place 
where you may fall,
let your breath 
remind you gently,
your life force 
is strong enough 
for it all.

As Love,
let fear dissolve,
your Light dispels
what you do not
with Grace,
may you sense 
this comfort,
knowing Love 
is Here,
with You,

Healed Always


You are whole
and complete,
healed always 
as Love.

The body is very 
requiring attention,
this is true,
care for this temporary
but know it is not 
the Real You.

With tenderness 
and great care,
give all the Love 
that you can,
but the barometer 
of Truth,
comes from your 
everlasting I Am.

Yes, you compare with
your body,
your ego loves to 
keep score,
how does it feel,
how does it look – 
do I need to do 

You have relationship 
with your body,
on earth this is one
way to see,
perfection is not in 
this vessel,
perfection is the Whole
state of Thee.

Might you perceive healing
as washing
your self with Love,
and as you are 
All of This,
are you not the vision 
that you dream of?

To heal is to know
there is nothing 
to forgive,
receive Love’s 
Eternal Blessing,
Beloved child
of All That Is!

With Love


You bump up against
decisions you need 
to make,
the details swirl into
there is clarity 
with Love.

It need not be 
so complicated,
a choice is always 
for you to release,
your list to-do 
need not add to 
a story,
there is simplicity 
with Love.

Allow your emotions 
to wash gently through
cleansing tears honor 
your human path,
when analyzing takes 
you in circles,
there is inertia flowing,
with Love.

You may experience 
rough spots or friction,
resistance is the ego’s
accept this invitation 
to receive,
there is allowance
with Love.

Love shines its Light 
with clarity,
Love is simple in 
its task,
your soul is aligned
with this Truth,
Here You Are always,
with Love.