A Refreshing Release


Take a look at 
repeating patterns,
might you need 
to refresh some 
bring your awareness 
to your reactions,
or to old paradigms 
that need replaced.

You are evolving, 
creating, expanding,
finding patterns you 
no longer need,
thank them for their 
past expressions,
as you release,
asking Love to lead.

Build your awareness,
ask Love to show you,
what is asking to 
be seen,
as you weave Love 
throughout your story,
might there be changes
to your script,
each scene.

The Essence of You 
is possibility,
and in this world you 
constantly grow,
expand your self,
be open to change,
create and evolve,
Being the Love you know!

Love’s Gathering


Welcome, welcome 
All you Love,
be it a holiday 
or anytime,
through your hands 
your loved ones 
help you,
through your heart
they intertwine.

As time unfolds
memories are 
but as Eternity
you All still create,
welcome, welcome
experiences together,
may your hearts 
bring through
Love’s sacred Strength.

Welcome Love
anytime or day,
let Gratitude remind
what you know,
sense Love eternally
surrounding, dear one,
welcome, welcome 
Love’s gathering 
of Home.




You are innately 
Strength and Courage,
as human this may 
be hard to see,
but you as soul
know this well,
This Vision helps 
you to see differently.

The world revolves around
much judgment,
comparing this,
contrasting that,
your heart knows 
the beat of Love
so changeless,
You Are All of This,
rejoice in that.

May Love remind you,
precious child,
You Are a creation 
of Love so pure,
when you need a break
from your earthly story,
know Love surrounds
to comfort, reassure.

You know these Truths 
at a deeper level,
may you continue 
on your journey,
You Are This Love,
always, forever,
Love says, my dear,
with Love you belong.

Strong and Deep


There is a vibration 
strong and deep,
Here is your foundation,
forever yours to keep,
no matter what transpires
in the earthly air,
This Vibration of Love 
is always there.

Yes, your human heart 
gets bruised,
may crack,
but This loving Vibration
always has your back,
you may not wish
for all that you feel,
but your Eternal Heart 
is whole and healed.

Listen to Love’s hum,
yes Love is Here,
loved ones and angels
are always near,
may you sense This,
be you awake or asleep,
your Vibration of Love 
is strong and deep.

Love, Eternal


You may wish to 
place a bubble 
around all you Love,
to protect,
your heart connection 
is All of This,
Love is eternal,
Love stays.

Experiences in life 
may bring up fear,
you may feel small
with no control,
remember innately 
You Are Strength 
and Courage,
Love is infinite, 
Love stays.

You cannot lose 
what is forever connected,
your souls dance Here 
and in this life,
you wish to know 
the next page in 
your story,
know Love is Here,
Love stays.

You need not hold 
all others together,
may Love be the glue,
the healing balm,
Be This Love that
is You, shining,
Be-ing Love eternal,
Love is Here,

You Are Home


You Are Home 
with the Love 
that You Are.

You may feel lost 
when one you love,
feels far away,
back Home,
above –
but You Are Home 
with the Love 
that You Are.

There may be spaces
that were filled,
with experiences,
Love that wholly
fulfilled –
know You Are Home
with the Love 
that You Are.

You ask this question –
who are you now,
you wish to discover this,
to find out how – 
remember You Are Home
with the Love
that You Are.

This is not selfish,
this yearning to Be,
discovering the You 
Love wishes you to see –
always You Are Home
with the Love
that You Are.

Loved ones and guides 
delight with you,
as you take This Path 
that leads you to You –
dear one,
You Are Home always
with the Love
that You Are.



Your path unfolds,
you know the way,
your Voice within
knows what to say,
open all windows 
of possibility,
your tender Strength 
sets yourself free.

Be the balance of 
gentle and strong,
Here in This Truth 
is where you belong,
loved ones and guides 
love to meet you Here,
as you discover there is
nothing to fear. 

Lean in to you,
be not afraid,
your soul’s foundation 
has the groundwork laid,
walk with confidence,
head held high,
your Essence radiates
with your beautiful Light!

Love’s Embrace

10/18/22  from 10/18/20

Spread your wings,
you will not falter,
Love is Here 
with open arms,
to lift you up
when you feel 
to believe in you
and cheer you 

Here are angels 
with you always,
your loved ones 
see the steps 
you take,
your journey may 
be yours to walk,
but help is Here 
with decisions 
you make.

Never alone,
Love is always 
with you,
you sense and know 
that this is True,
be held,
be cradled in 
Love’s embrace,
forever connected
is This Love 
to You!



Be fearless today.

Lean into your power 
your soul knows 
what to do,
with this trust
in you, believing – 
Be fearless today.

This is not tied in
to outcomes,
this is seeing you 
as Whole,
feel the lightness 
of this perspective – 
Be fearless today.

This is a natural 
State of Be-ing,
your soul knows
this very well,
set old beliefs off
to the side –
Be fearless today.

What do you carry 
that is not yours,
You Are One 
with All That Is,
identify with 
Who You Are –
as You Are fearless,

You know This Truth
in This now moment,
Be This with every 
step you take,
light and free,
are you not dancing –
with your fearless Self

This Gift


Be grateful for your 
Strength and Courage,
have they not been 
with you through all,
they have held your hand
through darkness,
sometimes helping to 
erect a wall.

Now with eyes that 
see more clearly,
you see the Light 
was always there,
you thought you needed
some protection,
Strength and Courage 
helped with care.

You have always had 
this power,
it is within you 
Love and Joy are 
always with you,
as you now walk 
so fearlessly.

Bathe in This Light 
of pure awareness,
receive This Gift that 
blesses you,
You Are Love’s gift 
as your True Be-ing,
Love’s holy Light 
shines within you!