Beyond Earth and Sky


Be the clouds,
be the breeze
that makes the 
leaves sing in 
the trees,
you are grounded 
in this earth,
with roots connected

You are the sun’s
first morning rays
that cut through 
a misty autumn
as clouds clear 
does not sky blue,
bring Peace and 
clarity to you?

Sense your Light
that connects you,
to this world 
and beyond, too,
there are infinite 
Lights that shine
here on earth 
and beyond time.

Love eternally honors 
as you bless All
who surround you,
as rising sun invites 
the dawn,
beyond earth and sky,
you rise as One.

Be You Love


Be you life,
Be you remembrance,
Be you eternal when
breath is gone,
hearts connected
weave a web,
that sustains,
supports with
Love’s sweet,
soft song.

Be you enfolded 
in angel wings,
in the ethereal
and here on earth,
Love is present 
and with you
bridging realms
united in 

Be You Home
in your loving 
walking as One
with All you Love
so dear,
sense Love’s presence
caress you gently,
Be You Love,



There is so much 
that you have 
but are you not 
what you know?
It may be hard
to accept
what is not seen,
but is in your 

You need not reach 
to grasp all this,
though the human mind
excels at trying hard,
it is a softer 
this subtle knowing
within your heart.

The quiet of Peace 
can get drowned out
from all the noise
bombarding you,
but to turn up 
this knowing,
might you first 
then tune in to 

Become acquainted with 
this knowing,
it flows much deeper 
than the world you 
let your Spark of Light 
your path to you,
to Love,
to Peace.

A Purpose of Being


You may accept the 
stress of time,
or give the go-ahead 
to push,
productivity is a 
perception that may
place you often in 
a rush.

In a life of so much
it feels good to cross 
things off your list,
but while in the throes 
of all the busy,
are there not some things 
you may miss?

You can be mindful 
as you are doing,
letting go of time
as tasks unfold,
embrace the in-between
as precious moments
and not the “down-time”
you have been told.

And as you expand 
your awareness,
do you not view All 
this or that then 
merge together,
beyond time you see
the Whole seamlessly.

When your Be-ing 
is your doing
and your doing is 
from your heart,
is this wholeness 
not satisfying,
serving the purpose 
of Who You Are!


A Loving Healing


Healing is Love,
Love is healing.

What Truth do you 
return to,
though in life it appears
a choice,
in This Truth there 
is no decision,
healing is Love.

You may get glimpses of
your wholeness,
the body is not the
focus Here,
but why not share 
in life’s expression,
healing is Love.

Healing is the question
in your search for 
what is True,
Love is the answer,
dear one,
healing is Love.

As Love’s gift
you are so cherished,
in this life you need
whole and complete
is your True Nature,
perfect in Oneness,
already healed 
as Love!

Love’s Possibility


Stand at the precipice 
of life,
breathe in this moment 
of Love’s Now,
all possibilities exist,
you need not figure 
out the how.

You are Love’s 
wholly purpose,
this may be different 
than what you see,
do not allow time 
to be a burden,
in any blink of the
your soul sees 

Be at Peace with 
your unfoldment,
go within when 
you feel without,
allow your soul to 
remind you gently,
You Are All Love’s 

Love’s Eternal Grace


There is a flow 
and Grace to 
much like a dance 
that invites you,
to join in this 
eternal connection,
an infinite flow of 
Love to you.

You are surrounded 
by This Grace,
it is wholly 
Who You Are,
a part of Love’s 
angelic dance,
with loved ones near
and never far.

Your human heart 
misses their presence,
but a graceful rhythm 
beats Love’s Truth,
together you are joined 
in this eternal dance,
All who you Love 
who Love you.

Love’s eternal Grace 
is everlasting,
take Love’s hand,
it is Here for you,
Be in Love’s flow with 
hearts always connected,
All who you Love 
dance always with You!

Here and Now


Welcome back to 
the present,
though in your mind
you journey far,
Love is Here 
in This Moment,
Here is where 
You always Are.

Ego loves to fret
or worry,
about past or future 
not yet here,
do you not tire 
of the rollercoaster rides
that reappear?

Step off in this moment,
breathe in awareness
Here and Now,
sense Love’s spark 
in you and allow 
your Light to expand –
as Love knows how.

In this precious moment
may you be filled 
with the Light of a 
thousand stars,
as you remember 
with your full heart,
Here as Love 
is Who You Are!

Every Step


Take my hand,
Love says gently,
I am forever 
by your side,
you have known this
in your heart,
while traveling life’s
sometimes bumpy ride.

You see now with 
greater clarity,
sometimes wondering
which is the dream,
are you not guided 
to the Truth,
following Love’s Light
with its eternal beam.

You are joined with Love,
dear child,
in your heart you 
sense this Truth,
We Are on this 
journey together,
guides and 
loved ones, too.

Breathe in the Peace 
you thought was 
Here at Home 
you are forever 
you have never
been alone,
Love walks with you 
every step of the 




In a season of 
the harvest,
do you not gather 
and put away,
as light dims you 
may turn inward,
bracing for the 
cooler air.

May the crispness 
of a blue sky,
clear without the 
summer haze,
remind that underneath 
life’s surface,
a brilliant Light shows 
you the way.

Is life not a series 
of cycles,
that invite you 
to see,
any moment is a 
when you are One 
with clarity.

Gather Love’s bounty 
that is within you,
no matter what the 
season is,
your homecoming is
the remembrance,
with clarity,
You Are All 
of This!