Be curious,
be open,
believe with 
the eyes of 
the soul.

Yes, trust in the universe,
but remember,
dear one, 
All of the Universe 
is in You.

do you hear 
the still, small
that speaks so 
within you?

This is You,
This is Love,
all you search,
will always lead 
you gently,
back to You.

Be Love,
Be You,
in this Truth 
of Who You Are,
believe the Love 
of All That Is – 
is Home with You.

Beyond Time


Time pressure.

As time sets limits,
do not limits push 
back on time?

Might this be the 
ego’s way
to keep you still 
on a time-line?

As you are 
there is no space 
that can hold you,
your mind may argue
in time and space,
but One Mind knows 
the limitless You.

Let all possibility 
be your playground,
question your mind’s 
made up rules,
simplify your thoughts
to focus
on One Truth that 
Love is You.

Be you hurried or 
be you patient,
know where you are 
is a place to Be,
as infinite,
All Is Well 
You Are Free!

Home With You


Here is Peace,
precious child,
even when far 
do you roam,
where is Peace,
you ask gently,
my dear,
always with you,

Home is Here,
with you child,
you are held 
always so close,
you may yearn 
for this awareness,
though your soul 
already knows.

Allow the nudging 
and the tugging 
of your heart 
so you may see,
Here is kindness, 
may you give 
as you receive.

Here is Love,
sacred child,
release all judgments 
that cloud your view,
in your eternal 
the Peace of Love 
is Home 
with you.

A Grateful Invitation


Might you with spaces 
throughout the day,
fill them up with 
may they expand,
pushing away,
what may not resonate
with Truth.

As you are a powerful 
may Gratitude be 
the material you use,
the foundation you 
walk on,
clear all filters 
as you let Love 
breathe you. 

Spring cleaning need not
be a one-time thing,
be aware of the moment
you are presently in,
invite Gratitude 
with Love to help you,
as you embrace 
your Truth as Love

Love, Eternal


Is not the ebb and flow
of life,
much like the rhythm 
of your breath,
you draw in what 
sustains you,
letting Love transform
what you may need 
help with.

Be in this Cycle 
of Love,
it is Eternal and
so are You,
in the ritual of life you see
openings and closings,
but Love’s Eternal flame 
burns forever in 

May Love open up 
so you may see what 
your soul knows,
there is no end to 
Love’s sweet promise,
Love is forever
and You Are Loved so.

What you thought lost 
is eternally found,
you are connected always 
in this Truth,
Love is infinite, 
All you Love 
are always 
with you.


All In


Love is not a matter 
of degree,
Love is always 
all in.

When you are this 
Presence of Love,
does not the all
of you
shine within?

It is not you 
as separate Love,
it is the cumulation 
of All Above,
welcome Home,
weary traveler,
Be all in.

You may observe 
your life story,
this is true,
might you see where 
Love is woven 
through and through.

Let Love be the 
thread you use,
to outline connections 
that flow through you,
let Love fill all 
of your spaces 
in all you do.

Be all in 
with Love,
as Love is 
within you,
radiate your
beautiful light,
Glorious You!

The Whole of You


See You.

You are the 
bright, shiny 
of your soul.

Yes, life may throw 
much at you,
but it need not 
always stick,
look beyond what 
you hold onto,
see the Whole 
of You.

You need not swim 
so hard upstream,
follow the current 
of your soul,
let go of struggle 
and release,
Be the Whole 
of You.

Embrace the cycle 
of Love’s pure gifts,
what you give 
may you receive,
with Gratitude for 
Who You Are,
Love the Whole 
of You.

See the perfection 
of You
as Love,
Blessed Be,
You Are 
Wholly Love.

Over the Rainbow


Somewhere over the rainbow 
is Here.

Meet Here where your
loved ones dear
are as excited as you 
to find,
they see you 
as you are aware,
of this rainbow bridge 
beyond time.

A bit of willingness,
an open heart knows 
this is True,
your soul is familiar 
with this journey,
it is a journey 
back to You.

You need no fairy dust,
but please let your 
have some fun,
it is Here that 
two worlds meet,
for in Reality,
are they not One?

Somewhere is 
you are eternally 
with loved ones dear,
when you long for 
over the rainbow,
know that Love 
is always 
with You,

All You Know


You are created,
You Are Creation,
you are creating,

You are Loved,
You Are Love,
you are all aspects 
of Love,

Your mind is quick 
to place judgments,
perceived on others, 
reflecting back to 
as Creator,
as Love,
release all burdens,
see the Truth of

Forgive ye child 
of Love,
you have not
left your 
sacred Home.

In this perfect,
eternal moment,
let Peace
and Love be All
you know. 

As Love Eternal,
no time can 
hold you,
release all 
past and what 
may come.

As Creation,
As Love,
As Forgiveness,
Welcome Home!



Find your balance,
but tip the scales 
toward Love.

As Love has no 
opposite and 
can never weigh 
you down,
when you are feeling
lighten your steps
walk with Love.

Your balance point 
is not precarious,
Love’s sweet spot 
is larger still,
know with confidence,
You Are This,
follow your heart 
move with Love.

You may infinitely 
any point that 
may feel stuck,
there is no-thing 
that stands between
perfectly aligned,
You Are Love!